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Series 86

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Tracey Mills.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 20-Jun-22Steven Etherington84 - 50Andrew Western131
Tue 21-Jun-22Steven Etherington78 - 84Daren Barnes125
Wed 22-Jun-22Daren Barnes85 - 50Laurence Freeman135
Thu 23-Jun-22Daren Barnes94 - 68Paul Moore125
Fri 24-Jun-22Daren Barnes85 - 77June Knott134
Mon 27-Jun-22Daren Barnes99 - 94Graham Harrison132
Tue 28-Jun-22Daren Barnes103 - 57Martin Colbert121
Wed 29-Jun-22Daren Barnes82 - 67Richard Wagler121
Thu 30-Jun-22Daren Barnes87 - 64Chris Canham137
Fri 1-Jul-22Paul Harcourt79 - 34James Corbett143
Mon 4-Jul-22Paul Harcourt50 - 112Edward Byrne131
Tue 5-Jul-22Edward Byrne140 - 40Sarah Booth142
Wed 6-Jul-22Edward Byrne117 - 42Daniel Gittins125
Thu 7-Jul-22Edward Byrne115 - 33Mark Redmond121
Fri 8-Jul-22Edward Byrne115 - 51Lucy Gross131
Mon 11-Jul-22Edward Byrne104 - 56Anthony Wilson122
Tue 12-Jul-22Edward Byrne123 - 14James Wright132
Wed 13-Jul-22Edward Byrne143 - 58Matt Greer145
Thu 14-Jul-22Daemon Pink54 - 78Jo Bekircan142
Fri 15-Jul-22Jo Bekircan66 - 73Mike Cannon128
Mon 18-Jul-22Mike Cannon83 - 21Thomas McGonagle123
Tue 19-Jul-22Mike Cannon60 - 96Billy Whitehead145
Wed 20-Jul-22Billy Whitehead83 - 84Laura Hadfield145
Thu 21-Jul-22Laura Hadfield72 - 78Neil Lindsay134
Fri 22-Jul-22Neil Lindsay54 - 99Damian McEvoy124
Mon 25-Jul-22Damian McEvoy59 - 75Sue Telfer144
Tue 26-Jul-22Sue Telfer100 - 50Luke Richardson142
Wed 27-Jul-22Sue Telfer77 - 65Phil O'Driscoll127
Thu 28-Jul-22Sue Telfer103 - 51Steve Walker137
Fri 29-Jul-22Sue Telfer96 - 58Shazia Hassim144
Mon 1-Aug-22Sue Telfer84 - 124Quinn Bartlett156
Tue 2-Aug-22Quinn Bartlett106 - 49Thomas Ellington122
Wed 3-Aug-22Quinn Bartlett114 - 37Leome Francis146
Thu 4-Aug-22Quinn Bartlett102 - 57Shane Mooney144
Fri 5-Aug-22Quinn Bartlett93 - 74Orla Daly153
Mon 8-Aug-22Quinn Bartlett117 - 98Marina Curran134
Tue 9-Aug-22Quinn Bartlett104 - 24Jacqueline Aviolet135
Wed 10-Aug-22Quinn Bartlett86 - 82Mike Dobson122
Thu 11-Aug-22Clare Matthews37 - 54Simon Atkinson143
Fri 12-Aug-22Simon Atkinson72 - 78Naz Islam145
Mon 15-Aug-22Naz Islam87 - 61Daniel Hill153
Tue 16-Aug-22Naz Islam113 - 55Linda Devo154
Wed 17-Aug-22Naz Islam58 - 83Glenn Baird132
Thu 18-Aug-22Glenn Baird60 - 77Stephen Turnock135
Fri 19-Aug-22Stephen Turnock74 - 77Darrell Wilson124
Mon 22-Aug-22Darrell Wilson48 - 69Riki Murphy146
Tue 23-Aug-22Riki Murphy36 - 103John Aziz122
Wed 24-Aug-22John Aziz98 - 68Jite Ighorodje120
Thu 25-Aug-22John Aziz92 - 47Richard Goodman119
Fri 26-Aug-22John Aziz104 - 58Mark O'Brien141
Mon 29-Aug-22John Aziz110 - 83Eliza Wajid130
Tue 30-Aug-22John Aziz110 - 111Shad Chokdar137
Wed 31-Aug-22Shad Chokdar80 - 31Ian Fraser134
Thu 1-Sep-22Shad Chokdar57 - 109Jack Davies117
Fri 2-Sep-22Jack Davies54 - 78Daniel Bloom134
Mon 5-Sep-22Daniel Bloom87 - 63Kirsty Morris134
Tue 6-Sep-22Daniel Bloom97 - 32Jonathan Roebuck122
Wed 7-Sep-22Daniel Bloom76 - 78Joseph Bartram123
Thu 8-Sep-22Joseph Bartram71 - 31Adam Brown126
Fri 9-Sep-22Joseph Bartram82 - 47Rob Chapman155
Mon 12-Sep-22Joseph Bartram79 - 60Niall Waters134
Tue 13-Sep-22Joseph Bartram100 - 60Paula Carter125
Wed 14-Sep-22Joseph Bartram69 - 95Alan Young136
Thu 15-Sep-22Alan Young114 - 43Avnee Chouhan133
Fri 16-Sep-22Alan Young114 - 36Nigel Deans133
Tue 20-Sep-22Alan Young84 - 67Alex Ayling122
Wed 21-Sep-22Alan Young117 - 82Dawn MacPhie144
Thu 22-Sep-22Alan Young108 - 53Ian Gough146
Fri 23-Sep-22Alan Young84 - 72Natalie Curran143
Sat 24-Sep-22Alan Young90 - 45Calvin Jones127
Mon 26-Sep-22Mike Oliver58 - 120Tom Stevenson136
Tue 27-Sep-22Tom Stevenson120 - 61Sean Mowat135
Wed 28-Sep-22Tom Stevenson119 - 10Sara Woolridge124
Thu 29-Sep-22Tom Stevenson154 - 28Lauren Bowley154
Fri 30-Sep-22Tom Stevenson117 - 39Andy Keeble145
Mon 3-Oct-22Tom Stevenson117 - 37Steve Robinson122
Tue 4-Oct-22Tom Stevenson129 - 57David Clerkin135
Wed 5-Oct-22Tom Stevenson124 - 41Ben Timi Nuga139
Thu 6-Oct-22Peter Bowden56 - 89Bill Franklin155
Fri 7-Oct-22Bill Franklin60 - 90James Bradley124
Mon 10-Oct-22James Bradley56 - 89Amit Vadera130
Tue 11-Oct-22Amit Vadera75 - 82Mike Toms155
Wed 12-Oct-22Mike Toms96 - 60Jo Langham137
Thu 13-Oct-22Mike Toms76 - 24Geoff Hoare136
Fri 14-Oct-22Mike Toms89 - 60Charlotte Frears125
Mon 17-Oct-22Mike Toms73 - 82Ian Payne141
Tue 18-Oct-22Ian Payne60 - 66Christy Cooper123
Wed 19-Oct-22Christy Cooper87 - 51David Reeves136
Thu 20-Oct-22Christy Cooper80 - 63Boden Smith132
Fri 21-Oct-22Christy Cooper64 - 66Lewis Castling-Morey134
Mon 24-Oct-22Lewis Castling-Morey87 - 77Alex Cooke124
Tue 25-Oct-22Lewis Castling-Morey86 - 57Louise Campbell154
Wed 26-Oct-22Lewis Castling-Morey74 - 44Mitch Nunes134
Thu 27-Oct-22Lewis Castling-Morey80 - 72Jordan Thornhill124
Fri 28-Oct-22Lewis Castling-Morey79 - 73Josh Coyston124
Mon 31-Oct-22Lewis Castling-Morey94 - 33Richard Tull118
Tue 1-Nov-22Lewis Castling-Morey60 - 77Fi Hamilton156
Wed 2-Nov-22Fi Hamilton60 - 74Heather Beadnell143
Thu 3-Nov-22Heather Beadnell74 - 55Barrie Atkinson123
Fri 4-Nov-22Heather Beadnell82 - 86Rob O'Hanrahan132
Mon 7-Nov-22Rob O'Hanrahan71 - 99Neil Mackay125
Tue 8-Nov-22Neil Mackay95 - 99Samantha Baker141
Wed 9-Nov-22Samantha Baker88 - 93Joe Dobinson125
Thu 10-Nov-22Joe Dobinson116 - 23Richard Waldron133
Fri 11-Nov-22Joe Dobinson107 - 80Adam Fleetwood122
Mon 14-Nov-22Joe Dobinson99 - 82Neil McCall135
Tue 15-Nov-22Joe Dobinson81 - 63Rahul Leal128
Wed 16-Nov-22Joe Dobinson95 - 62Andy Alden134
Thu 17-Nov-22Joe Dobinson88 - 70Michael Nicholson126
Fri 18-Nov-22Joe Dobinson115 - 46Sunita Lakhanpaul140
Mon 21-Nov-22Neil Brooks100 - 75Bethany Sheppard133
Tue 22-Nov-22Neil Brooks85 - 66Craig Hamilton143
Wed 23-Nov-22Neil Brooks88 - 55David Ellison133
Thu 24-Nov-22Neil Brooks45 - 88Bobby James125
Fri 25-Nov-22Bobby James81 - 92Claire Watkins127
Mon 28-Nov-22Claire Watkins91 - 40Nikki Frank136
Tue 29-Nov-22Claire Watkins108 - 63Kristine Mohan137
Wed 30-Nov-22Claire Watkins56 - 86Rick Singh124
Thu 1-Dec-22Rick Singh91 - 75Richard Stevens146
Fri 2-Dec-22Rick Singh78 - 55Brian Theobald127
Mon 5-Dec-22Rick Singh78 - 68Craig Harvey130
Tue 6-Dec-22Rick Singh71 - 18Erma Dyall124
Wed 7-Dec-22Rick Singh75 - 49Caroline Wood130
Thu 8-Dec-22Rick Singh78 - 86Peter Burke136
Fri 9-Dec-22Peter Burke108 - 40Sam Manojlovic126
Mon 12-Dec-22Peter Burke112 - 56Chris Diamond136
Tue 13-Dec-22Peter Burke82 - 64Ruth Agnew153
Wed 14-Dec-22Peter Burke84 - 52Jon Crooks120
Thu 15-Dec-22Tom Stevenson121 - 44Lewis Castling-Morey125
Fri 16-Dec-22Edward Byrne105 - 34Steven Etherington133
Mon 19-Dec-22Quinn Bartlett108 - 73Daren Barnes134
Tue 20-Dec-22Alan Young83 - 99Joe Dobinson151
Wed 21-Dec-22Tom Stevenson129 - 95Joe Dobinson135
Thu 22-Dec-22Edward Byrne107 - 73Quinn Bartlett121
Fri 23-Dec-22Tom Stevenson116 - 91Edward Byrne145
Fri 14-Jul-23Daemon Pink54 - 78Jo Bekircan142

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