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Series 85

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Tracey Mills.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 3-Jan-22Kim Coltman40 - 81Niclas Want157
Tue 4-Jan-22Niclas Want76 - 99Adrian Fletcher143
Wed 5-Jan-22Adrian Fletcher109 - 12Ali Williams125
Thu 6-Jan-22Adrian Fletcher90 - 46Jonathan Sandhu132
Fri 7-Jan-22Adrian Fletcher95 - 72Ted Coutts118
Mon 10-Jan-22Adrian Fletcher90 - 66Ben Isted132
Tue 11-Jan-22Adrian Fletcher84 - 54Nasir Minhas135
Wed 12-Jan-22Adrian Fletcher89 - 80Patrick Rowson135
Thu 13-Jan-22Adrian Fletcher111 - 101David Wevill139
Fri 14-Jan-22Gary Hughes73 - 75Dan Hall125
Mon 17-Jan-22Dan Hall87 - 53Chris Magill134
Tue 18-Jan-22Dan Hall93 - 27Debbie Breese145
Wed 19-Jan-22Dan Hall74 - 73Darren Tomkins131
Thu 20-Jan-22Dan Hall108 - 27David November147
Fri 21-Jan-22Dan Hall74 - 71Zeeshan Kisat132
Mon 24-Jan-22Dan Hall103 - 78Jamie Morgan137
Tue 25-Jan-22Dan Hall97 - 34Ayshmit Sethi123
Wed 26-Jan-22Paddy Drought73 - 83Crispin Salfarlie152
Thu 27-Jan-22Crispin Salfarlie41 - 140Dan Byrom153
Fri 28-Jan-22Dan Byrom123 - 74Dave Root133
Mon 31-Jan-22Dan Byrom117 - 54Joe Slade150
Tue 1-Feb-22Dan Byrom121 - 50Heather Marsh134
Wed 2-Feb-22Dan Byrom140 - 59Stuart Fenwick143
Thu 3-Feb-22Dan Byrom108 - 87Gabriel Thallon125
Fri 4-Feb-22Dan Byrom114 - 32David Moseby129
Mon 7-Feb-22Dan Byrom104 - 40Iain Andrews146
Tue 8-Feb-22Jakir Hussain41 - 93Catriona Devaney120
Wed 9-Feb-22Catriona Devaney89 - 66Alex Morton142
Thu 10-Feb-22Catriona Devaney67 - 66Callum Roberts123
Fri 11-Feb-22Catriona Devaney90 - 61Mark Curtis146
Mon 14-Feb-22Catriona Devaney103 - 93Peter Allan136
Tue 15-Feb-22Catriona Devaney71 - 76Jacob Kearney125
Wed 16-Feb-22Jacob Kearney83 - 62Keith Hennigan144
Thu 17-Feb-22Jacob Kearney93 - 84James Wainwright143
Fri 18-Feb-22Jacob Kearney79 - 74Justin Griffith133
Mon 21-Feb-22Jacob Kearney66 - 69Caelyn O'Reilly124
Tue 22-Feb-22Caelyn O'Reilly88 - 90Robbie Oliver129
Wed 23-Feb-22Robbie Oliver84 - 74Chris Porter131
Thu 24-Feb-22Robbie Oliver82 - 97Andrew Hamblen125
Fri 25-Feb-22Andrew Hamblen79 - 59Judy Lewis143
Mon 28-Feb-22Andrew Hamblen82 - 63Danny Kelly134
Tue 1-Mar-22Andrew Hamblen44 - 66Eric McPhail123
Wed 2-Mar-22Eric McPhail88 - 39Gary Janaway137
Thu 3-Mar-22Eric McPhail58 - 89Mark Barrow134
Fri 4-Mar-22Mark Barrow54 - 73Jas Manoor123
Mon 7-Mar-22Jas Manoor88 - 83Christine Kirkham137
Tue 8-Mar-22Jas Manoor99 - 76Andrea Bailey144
Wed 9-Mar-22Jas Manoor57 - 79Alan Breckenridge136
Thu 10-Mar-22Alan Breckenridge76 - 105Steve Hyde133
Fri 11-Mar-22Steve Hyde100 - 53Ben Keysell126
Mon 14-Mar-22Steve Hyde102 - 69Robbie Pender134
Tue 15-Mar-22Steve Hyde89 - 67Jim Athey132
Wed 16-Mar-22Steve Hyde111 - 52Shay Deeny135
Thu 17-Mar-22Steve Hyde91 - 68Ben McNally142
Fri 18-Mar-22Steve Hyde87 - 58Rohan Gupta144
Mon 21-Mar-22Steve Hyde121 - 58Tom Grundy126
Tue 22-Mar-22Danny Hearn61 - 65Joel Pitt137
Wed 23-Mar-22Joel Pitt61 - 65Rob O'Halloran137
Thu 24-Mar-22Joel Pitt53 - 92Jenny Woodiwiss135
Fri 25-Mar-22Jenny Woodiwiss41 - 59Laura Gurden162
Mon 28-Mar-22Laura Gurden74 - 59Paul Pemble136
Tue 29-Mar-22Laura Gurden71 - 46David Campbell134
Wed 30-Mar-22Laura Gurden64 - 83Andy Evans133
Thu 31-Mar-22Andy Evans99 - 79Joel Sawyer145
Fri 1-Apr-22Andy Evans91 - 43Sean Coltman126
Mon 4-Apr-22Andy Evans81 - 63Sheena Shah126
Tue 5-Apr-22Andy Evans78 - 70Matt Lawless123
Wed 6-Apr-22Andy Evans68 - 107Mike Canning136
Thu 7-Apr-22Mike Canning80 - 47David Buchanan124
Fri 8-Apr-22Mike Canning74 - 95Craig Fawcett142
Mon 11-Apr-22Craig Fawcett99 - 42Ian Moore146
Tue 12-Apr-22Craig Fawcett106 - 70Leigh Workman134
Wed 13-Apr-22Craig Fawcett87 - 51Mia Pullen125
Thu 14-Apr-22Craig Fawcett117 - 34Janet Overton134
Fri 15-Apr-22Craig Fawcett77 - 113Matt O'Connor144
Mon 18-Apr-22Matt O'Connor130 - 6Charlie Edwards133
Tue 19-Apr-22Matt O'Connor118 - 20Tom Parkin-Coates136
Wed 20-Apr-22Matt O'Connor120 - 6Anna Chandra125
Thu 21-Apr-22Matt O'Connor123 - 74Stewart Cairns137
Fri 22-Apr-22Matt O'Connor102 - 53Paul Merison142
Mon 25-Apr-22Matt O'Connor139 - 34James Campbell144
Tue 26-Apr-22Matt O'Connor104 - 78Liam Moss145
Wed 27-Apr-22Andy Davies35 - 105Ronan Mackrory126
Thu 28-Apr-22Ronan Mackrory105 - 54Mark Wycherley137
Fri 29-Apr-22Ronan Mackrory81 - 40Rick Warburton132
Mon 2-May-22Ronan Mackrory78 - 31Matt Yeoman132
Tue 3-May-22Ronan Mackrory72 - 69Tracey Tragen124
Wed 4-May-22Ronan Mackrory89 - 10Steve Allan121
Thu 5-May-22Ronan Mackrory103 - 78James Symonds146
Fri 6-May-22Ronan Mackrory105 - 52Bridget Hollman146
Mon 9-May-22Aaron Leigh84 - 72Jane Cowdry136
Tue 10-May-22Aaron Leigh98 - 50Ian Chambers137
Wed 11-May-22Aaron Leigh68 - 88Ryan Carlsen127
Thu 12-May-22Ryan Carlsen100 - 55Rob Blamires127
Fri 13-May-22Ryan Carlsen106 - 0Sarah Herbert147
Mon 16-May-22Ryan Carlsen93 - 49Tony Follett154
Tue 17-May-22Ryan Carlsen101 - 58Alex McKenzie136
Wed 18-May-22Ryan Carlsen99 - 46Ed Freshwater144
Thu 19-May-22Ryan Carlsen101 - 50Paul Thomson136
Fri 20-May-22Ryan Carlsen90 - 45William Kennedy124
Mon 23-May-22Ian Shorthouse87 - 84April Cronin126
Tue 24-May-22Ian Shorthouse90 - 32Mark Sowery136
Wed 25-May-22Ian Shorthouse78 - 57Andrew Buxton133
Thu 26-May-22Ian Stonehouse100 - 31Wayne Roberts135
Fri 27-May-22Ian Shorthouse90 - 24Joe Galuszka143
Mon 30-May-22Ian Shorthouse77 - 94Will Campion134
Tue 31-May-22Will Campion111 - 76Adam Stewart131
Wed 1-Jun-22Will Campion72 - 92Steven Etherington124
Thu 2-Jun-22Steven Etherington109 - 35Kieran Walsh146
Fri 3-Jun-22Steven Etherington102 - 63Andrew Nuttall133
Mon 6-Jun-22Steven Etherington85 - 70Nicholas Cooney143
Tue 7-Jun-22Steven Etherington95 - 69Richard Simpson134
Wed 8-Jun-22Steven Etherington88 - 57Player X-1
Thu 9-Jun-22Dan Byrom106 - 27Craig Fawcett124
Fri 10-Jun-22Matt O'Connor106 - 58Dan Hall125
Mon 13-Jun-22Steve Hyde106 - 83Ronan Mackrory146
Tue 14-Jun-22Ryan Carlsen92 - 63Adrian Fletcher123
Wed 15-Jun-22Dan Byrom97 - 94Ryan Carlsen120
Thu 16-Jun-22Matt O'Connor117 - 77Steve Hyde122
Fri 17-Jun-22Dan Byrom81 - 78Matt O'Connor136

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