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Series 84

Recappers for this series: Andres Sanchez, Christy Cooper, James Robinson, Rhys Benjamin.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 28-Jun-21Steve Francom81 - 32Shelley Barnes130
Tue 29-Jun-21Steve Francom85 - 81Louise Roberts123
Wed 30-Jun-21Steve Francom80 - 37Jo Nice121
Thu 1-Jul-21Steve Francom77 - 79Daniel Crews126
Fri 2-Jul-21Daniel Crews65 - 64Roger Peak147
Mon 5-Jul-21Daniel Crews81 - 77Matthew Gilbert123
Tue 6-Jul-21Daniel Crews53 - 71Tracy Roberts124
Wed 7-Jul-21Tracy Roberts89 - 94Carlos Da Silva144
Thu 8-Jul-21Carlos Da Silva58 - 65Laura Savvas123
Fri 9-Jul-21Laura Savvas79 - 38Chris Anderson125
Mon 12-Jul-21Laura Savvas49 - 69Juliet Hedge138
Tue 13-Jul-21Juliet Hedge78 - 105Florence Cappleman-Lynes121
Wed 14-Jul-21Florence Cappleman-Lynes98 - 46Charlie Higgins125
Thu 15-Jul-21Florence Cappleman-Lynes93 - 64Asad Riaz136
Mon 19-Jul-21Florence Cappleman-Lynes117 - 56Sue Sursham135
Tue 20-Jul-21Florence Cappleman-Lynes116 - 57Sarah Hobhouse124
Wed 21-Jul-21Florence Cappleman-Lynes102 - 88Jonathan Walne134
Thu 22-Jul-21Florence Cappleman-Lynes105 - 54Richard Waudby121
Fri 23-Jul-21Florence Cappleman-Lynes124 - 73Matt Horn136
Mon 26-Jul-21Andy McConnell87 - 77Dan Lewis144
Tue 27-Jul-21Andy McConnell87 - 81Tom Roebuck122
Wed 28-Jul-21Andy McConnell74 - 67Ian Andrews124
Thu 29-Jul-21Andy McConnell93 - 62Jo Clark125
Fri 30-Jul-21Andy McConnell57 - 82Patrick Welsh136
Mon 2-Aug-21Patrick Welsh63 - 106Jason Dias146
Tue 3-Aug-21Jason Dias84 - 39Laura Barclay134
Wed 4-Aug-21Jason Dias104 - 40Brigid Brennan131
Thu 5-Aug-21Jason Dias105 - 82Frank Kyne122
Fri 6-Aug-21Jason Dias74 - 81Matt Gould126
Mon 9-Aug-21Matt Gould86 - 55Phil Palmer133
Tue 10-Aug-21Matt Gould76 - 68Catherine Williams122
Wed 11-Aug-21Matt Gould70 - 65Rik Bradley158
Thu 12-Aug-21Matt Gould97 - 46Jason Bird133
Fri 13-Aug-21Matt Gould101 - 59Jimmy Downing157
Mon 16-Aug-21Matt Gould80 - 77Roy Gerrish145
Tue 17-Aug-21Matt Gould89 - 62Jean Dullea145
Wed 18-Aug-21Nick Smith55 - 96Jeremy Slaney133
Thu 19-Aug-21Jeremy Slaney91 - 54Steve Jackson124
Fri 20-Aug-21Jeremy Slaney95 - 56Shireen Ahmed135
Mon 23-Aug-21Jeremy Slaney88 - 73Ian Rich136
Tue 24-Aug-21Jeremy Slaney110 - 19Anna Sanders149
Wed 25-Aug-21Jeremy Slaney93 - 46Andrea Price124
Thu 26-Aug-21Jeremy Slaney73 - 61David King132
Fri 27-Aug-21Jeremy Slaney95 - 48Lisa Horan135
Mon 30-Aug-21Steve Gamble90 - 77Suja Mani148
Tue 31-Aug-21Steve Gamble106 - 52Tony Cross131
Wed 1-Sep-21Steve Gamble54 - 72Kevin Wenn125
Thu 2-Sep-21Kevin Wenn79 - 61Donna Bell134
Fri 3-Sep-21Kevin Wenn64 - 81John Edwards124
Mon 6-Sep-21John Edwards91 - 68Liam Thom126
Tue 7-Sep-21John Edwards78 - 90Adele Hannigan157
Wed 8-Sep-21Adele Hannigan78 - 65Gary Knightley122
Thu 9-Sep-21Adele Hannigan93 - 23Andrew Brown136
Fri 10-Sep-21Jodine Lawrence81 - 61Samuel Williams122
Mon 13-Sep-21Adele Hannigan63 - 78Jodine Lawrence136
Tue 14-Sep-21Jodine Lawrence60 - 102Mike Lee132
Wed 15-Sep-21Mike Lee107 - 42Amanda Vince145
Thu 16-Sep-21Mike Lee71 - 95Ryan Sutton155
Fri 17-Sep-21Ryan Sutton110 - 31Jo Leverett153
Mon 20-Sep-21Ryan Sutton101 - 55Chris Roust126
Tue 21-Sep-21Ryan Sutton116 - 51Allan Jackson156
Wed 22-Sep-21Ryan Sutton80 - 109Steven Grady127
Thu 23-Sep-21Steven Grady80 - 90Daaniyal Ali126
Fri 24-Sep-21Daaniyal Ali72 - 47Sam Balmforth130
Mon 27-Sep-21Daaniyal Ali91 - 62Kirsty Bowen135
Tue 28-Sep-21Daaniyal Ali121 - 41Siân Davies145
Wed 29-Sep-21Daaniyal Ali51 - 111Ahmed Mohamed126
Thu 30-Sep-21Ahmed Mohamed121 - 27Tom Lennon123
Fri 1-Oct-21Ahmed Mohamed107 - 27Mags Kelly123
Mon 4-Oct-21Ahmed Mohamed138 - 52Colin Wright144
Tue 5-Oct-21Ahmed Mohamed116 - 33Francis Maher125
Wed 6-Oct-21Ahmed Mohamed106 - 87Richard Williams121
Thu 7-Oct-21Ahmed Mohamed116 - 47Hugh Smithson-Wright132
Fri 8-Oct-21Ahmed Mohamed112 - 66Kerry Holden123
Mon 11-Oct-21Oliver Bisset51 - 86Matt Watts155
Tue 12-Oct-21Matt Watts54 - 83Adam Beach125
Wed 13-Oct-21Adam Beach60 - 103Rachael Montgomery141
Thu 14-Oct-21Rachael Montgomery100 - 48Stephanie Michas136
Fri 15-Oct-21Rachael Montgomery82 - 90Tamsin Macdonald Johnston145
Mon 18-Oct-21Tamsin Macdonald Johnston79 - 83Jasamrit Rahala133
Tue 19-Oct-21Jasamrit Rahala90 - 81Andrew Adams124
Wed 20-Oct-21Jasamrit Rahala115 - 66Adrian Lutman157
Thu 21-Oct-21Jasamrit Rahala90 - 39Chris Jefferies136
Fri 22-Oct-21Jasamrit Rahala84 - 69Kitty Wood135
Mon 25-Oct-21Jasamrit Rahala96 - 57Shaun Hall133
Tue 26-Oct-21Jasamrit Rahala100 - 79Meha Bhindi125
Wed 27-Oct-21Jasamrit Rahala69 - 75Mick Duthie144
Thu 28-Oct-21Mick Duthie66 - 81Edward Ratcliffe157
Fri 29-Oct-21Edward Ratcliffe87 - 59Thomas Joy145
Mon 1-Nov-21Edward Ratcliffe69 - 76Michael Purefoy140
Tue 2-Nov-21Michael Purefoy78 - 92Jamie Brown122
Wed 3-Nov-21Jamie Brown61 - 111Roddie Bell136
Thu 4-Nov-21Roddie Bell118 - 33Sean Jackson138
Fri 5-Nov-21Roddie Bell105 - 88Rajiv Kumar136
Mon 8-Nov-21Roddie Bell92 - 67Zoe McEvoy155
Tue 9-Nov-21Roddie Bell90 - 54Marigold Katsande136
Wed 10-Nov-21Roddie Bell59 - 85Graham Grant127
Thu 11-Nov-21Graham Grant113 - 26Mily Knoche135
Fri 12-Nov-21Graham Grant54 - 106Mark Lay125
Mon 15-Nov-21Mark Lay63 - 102Ali Keys136
Tue 16-Nov-21Ali Keys66 - 71Ben Caird136
Wed 17-Nov-21Ben Caird47 - 81Jack Millard155
Thu 18-Nov-21Jack Millard78 - 65Fiona England147
Fri 19-Nov-21Jack Millard96 - 48Rob O'Malley120
Mon 22-Nov-21Jack Millard88 - 85Dave Godbear125
Tue 23-Nov-21Jack Millard82 - 70Phil Sykes133
Wed 24-Nov-21Jack Millard53 - 148Stu Harkness153
Thu 25-Nov-21Stu Harkness104 - 38Matty Hurst147
Fri 26-Nov-21Stu Harkness96 - 46Chris Bickley133
Mon 29-Nov-21Stu Harkness107 - 63Olly Walker133
Tue 30-Nov-21Stu Harkness110 - 28Kate Sewell153
Wed 1-Dec-21Stu Harkness105 - 60Shane Corry124
Thu 2-Dec-21Stu Harkness116 - 45David Danskin136
Fri 3-Dec-21Stu Harkness100 - 53Sophie Wilcox139
Mon 6-Dec-21Paul Thomason67 - 107Janet Noe155
Tue 7-Dec-21Janet Noe98 - 37Matthew Currie144
Wed 8-Dec-21Janet Noe96 - 62Tom Bolland123
Thu 9-Dec-21Janet Noe68 - 48Richard Taylor119
Fri 10-Dec-21Janet Noe92 - 65Tony Bartlett122
Mon 13-Dec-21Janet Noe77 - 81Kim Coltman145
Tue 14-Dec-21Kim Coltman71 - 63Marshall Thomas123
Wed 15-Dec-21Ahmed Mohamed143 - 59Janet Noe154
Thu 16-Dec-21Stu Harkness112 - 82Roddie Bell137
Fri 17-Dec-21Florence Cappleman-Lynes121 - 62Jasamrit Rahala122
Mon 20-Dec-21Jeremy Slaney126 - 94Matt Gould143
Tue 21-Dec-21Ahmed Mohamed118 - 65Jeremy Slaney145
Wed 22-Dec-21Stu Harkness97 - 114Florence Cappleman-Lynes122
Thu 23-Dec-21Ahmed Mohamed114 - 77Florence Cappleman-Lynes125

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