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Series 82

Recappers for this series: James Laverty, James Robinson, Tom S.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Thu 2-Jan-20Luke Johnson-Davies143 - 51Gagan Singh Gill145
Fri 3-Jan-20Luke Johnson-Davies131 - 23Nathan Nicholson135
Mon 6-Jan-20Luke Johnson-Davies126 - 36Carole Bramwell139
Tue 7-Jan-20Tom Cole67 - 31Harry Naulls137
Wed 8-Jan-20Tom Cole67 - 70Duncan Cordy123
Thu 9-Jan-20Duncan Cordy54 - 94Josh Waddell124
Fri 10-Jan-20Josh Waddell91 - 66Simon Strange144
Mon 13-Jan-20Josh Waddell78 - 6Tara Abachi135
Tue 14-Jan-20Josh Waddell60 - 92Shaun Hunt128
Wed 15-Jan-20Shaun Hunt67 - 79John Lillis147
Thu 16-Jan-20John Lillis46 - 98Paul Hindess145
Fri 17-Jan-20Paul Hindess97 - 72Pauline Nicholson143
Mon 20-Jan-20Paul Hindess88 - 97Dave Chapple144
Tue 21-Jan-20Dave Chapple83 - 54Liz Mills145
Wed 22-Jan-20Dave Chapple71 - 83Nick MacCarthy-Morrogh125
Thu 23-Jan-20Nick MacCarthy-Morrogh87 - 69Nathan Piper133
Fri 24-Jan-20Nick MacCarthy-Morrogh107 - 27Issa Khalifeh137
Mon 27-Jan-20Nick MacCarthy-Morrogh57 - 61Thomas Leeming127
Tue 28-Jan-20Thomas Leeming90 - 66Ben Macintyre135
Wed 29-Jan-20Thomas Leeming64 - 102Veronica Brown150
Thu 30-Jan-20Veronica Brown78 - 72Brian O'Connor126
Fri 31-Jan-20Veronica Brown64 - 86John Barlow155
Mon 3-Feb-20John Barlow86 - 44Matt Johnson124
Tue 4-Feb-20John Barlow90 - 56Craig Macauley123
Wed 5-Feb-20John Barlow99 - 55Alan Byers123
Thu 6-Feb-20John Barlow60 - 108Ian Volante122
Fri 7-Feb-20Ian Volante117 - 54Maria Chandler134
Mon 10-Feb-20Ian Volante119 - 66Josh Parmley146
Tue 11-Feb-20Ian Volante101 - 30Angharad Smith123
Wed 12-Feb-20Ian Volante90 - 28Jack Austin134
Thu 13-Feb-20Ian Volante96 - 47Michael Haycock131
Fri 14-Feb-20Ian Volante93 - 38Robbie Walden131
Mon 17-Feb-20Ian Volante102 - 60Paul Silcock124
Tue 18-Feb-20Tony Lloyd57 - 81Steve Collins145
Wed 19-Feb-20Steve Collins57 - 104Ryan Styles124
Thu 20-Feb-20Ryan Styles120 - 57Barbara Danks138
Fri 21-Feb-20Ryan Styles98 - 44Charlie Delaney126
Mon 24-Feb-20Ryan Styles74 - 42Julian Hawthorne162
Tue 25-Feb-20Ryan Styles100 - 36Andy Hey144
Wed 26-Feb-20Ryan Styles96 - 77John Robinson132
Thu 27-Feb-20Ryan Styles128 - 76Paul Varlaam146
Fri 28-Feb-20Ryan Styles100 - 56Trish Lodge124
Mon 2-Mar-20Evadne Fisher45 - 86Tim Scott128
Tue 3-Mar-20Tim Scott67 - 86Iain Campbell126
Wed 4-Mar-20Iain Campbell85 - 59Nick Leader134
Thu 5-Mar-20Iain Campbell85 - 70Emily Reason145
Fri 6-Mar-20Iain Campbell88 - 35Stuart Williamson122
Mon 9-Mar-20Iain Campbell75 - 78Steve Agace121
Tue 10-Mar-20Steve Agace86 - 64Ann Rose121
Wed 11-Mar-20Steve Agace77 - 48Abbie Pritchard123
Thu 12-Mar-20Steve Agace46 - 99Phil Hulme124
Fri 13-Mar-20Phil Hulme97 - 59Chris Langfield140
Mon 16-Mar-20Phil Hulme95 - 49Sanjiv Rana124
Tue 17-Mar-20Phil Hulme99 - 87Liam Donohue122
Wed 18-Mar-20Phil Hulme85 - 67Barry French122
Thu 19-Mar-20Phil Hulme97 - 42Paul Barber136
Fri 20-Mar-20Phil Hulme96 - 39Thomas Fairfield122
Mon 23-Mar-20Phil Hulme121 - 54Ewan Sturrock146
Wed 25-Mar-20Mike Nevins72 - 67George Beach126
Thu 26-Mar-20Mike Nevins67 - 83Faye Montgomery124
Fri 27-Mar-20Faye Montgomery91 - 62Simon Archer133
Mon 30-Mar-20Faye Montgomery109 - 77Dave Priestley145
Tue 31-Mar-20Faye Montgomery76 - 85Andy Hinds132
Wed 1-Apr-20Andy Hinds86 - 95Daniel Krigers136
Thu 2-Apr-20Daniel Krigers79 - 43John Heckford149
Fri 3-Apr-20Daniel Krigers64 - 95Sean McCarthy143
Mon 6-Apr-20Sean McCarthy78 - 84Danny McMackin142
Tue 7-Apr-20Danny McMackin82 - 61Matt Smith135
Wed 8-Apr-20Danny McMackin93 - 50Sue Wilkes122
Thu 9-Apr-20Danny McMackin60 - 74Declan Yeomans-Hill141
Fri 10-Apr-20Declan Yeomans-Hill100 - 49Jane Holt145
Mon 13-Apr-20Declan Yeomans-Hill66 - 96Gemma Geoghegan134
Tue 14-Apr-20Gemma Geoghegan84 - 70Paul Boniface135
Wed 15-Apr-20Gemma Geoghegan77 - 45Andrew Shaw136
Thu 16-Apr-20Gemma Geoghagan67 - 73Jez Noble135
Fri 17-Apr-20Jez Noble90 - 75Giuseppe Grilli124
Mon 20-Apr-20Jez Noble95 - 70John Doherty123
Tue 21-Apr-20Jez Noble71 - 83Hussain Mulla126
Wed 22-Apr-20Hussain Mulla83 - 107David Kempshall123
Thu 23-Apr-20David Kempshall90 - 71Linda Vijeh145
Fri 24-Apr-20David Kempshall75 - 56Steve Moorhouse165
Mon 27-Apr-20David Kempshall89 - 76Andy Hewitt135
Tue 28-Apr-20David Kempshall75 - 64Lee Price133
Wed 29-Apr-20David Kempshall115 - 30'Pax' Paxton135
Thu 30-Apr-20David Kempshall64 - 53James Sealey133
Fri 1-May-20David Kempshall117 - 54Dick Jones158
Mon 10-Aug-20Liam Gouldson72 - 90Brendan Russell-Cooper119
Tue 11-Aug-20Brendan Russell-Cooper68 - 62Junaid Saleem129
Wed 12-Aug-20Brendan Russell-Cooper82 - 59Tony Hayhurst133
Thu 13-Aug-20Brendan Russell-Cooper67 - 65Matt Clawson144
Fri 14-Aug-20Brendan Russell-Cooper93 - 87Olivia Askam135
Mon 17-Aug-20Brendan Russell-Cooper61 - 91Paul Westwood122
Tue 18-Aug-20Paul Westwood50 - 74Ian Kay116
Wed 19-Aug-20Ian Kay73 - 82Jonny Eccles124
Thu 20-Aug-20Jonny Eccles60 - 74Sian Keys133
Fri 21-Aug-20Sian Keys65 - 95David Fisher122
Mon 24-Aug-20David Fisher54 - 90Pete Reynolds135
Tue 25-Aug-20Pete Reynolds115 - 70John Esam122
Wed 26-Aug-20Pete Reynolds33 - 114Sam Cappleman-Lynes132
Thu 27-Aug-20Sam Cappleman-Lynes117 - 5Bernie Kingston131
Fri 28-Aug-20Sam Cappleman-Lynes124 - 12Phil Savage133
Mon 31-Aug-20Sam Cappleman-Lynes121 - 17Matt Duffy128
Tue 1-Sep-20Sam Cappleman-Lynes123 - 17Malcolm Slee134
Wed 2-Sep-20Sam Cappleman-Lynes110 - 42Mike Spencer122
Thu 3-Sep-20Sam Cappleman-Lynes111 - 40Jay Brown125
Fri 4-Sep-20Sam Cappleman-Lynes119 - 37Anthony Podmore140
Mon 7-Sep-20Matt Harvey62 - 63Vicky Gibson153
Tue 8-Sep-20Vicky Gibson34 - 105Connor Wigley140
Wed 9-Sep-20Connor Wigley36 - 86Archana Desurkar175
Thu 10-Sep-20Archana Desurkar91 - 89Mike Sutton132
Fri 11-Sep-20Archana Desurkar67 - 86Rhyl Jones125
Mon 14-Sep-20Rhyl Jones42 - 71James Marsters123
Tue 15-Sep-20James Marsters67 - 75Chris Ryan134
Wed 16-Sep-20Chris Ryan57 - 59Shaun Finch134
Thu 17-Sep-20Shaun Finch49 - 80Richard Ellis120
Fri 18-Sep-20Richard Ellis86 - 90Shane Roberts131
Mon 21-Sep-20Shane Roberts70 - 87Des Cooper132
Tue 22-Sep-20Des Cooper91 - 60Faye Matthewman121
Wed 23-Sep-20Des Cooper83 - 54John Hinson133
Thu 24-Sep-20Des Cooper101 - 70Mark Elliott133
Fri 25-Sep-20Des Cooper65 - 93Chris Johnston124
Mon 28-Sep-20Chris Johnston100 - 48Joe Bond148
Tue 29-Sep-20Chris Johnston86 - 87Jeremy Ankers146
Wed 30-Sep-20Jeremy Ankers98 - 74Ed Jenkins133
Thu 1-Oct-20Jeremy Ankers114 - 55Simon Totten140
Fri 2-Oct-20Jeremy Ankers84 - 74Luke Chapman131
Mon 5-Oct-20Jeremy Ankers59 - 84Ben Moss124
Tue 6-Oct-20Ben Moss86 - 59Jeremy Fry132
Wed 7-Oct-20Ben Moss81 - 85Dave O'Donnell122
Thu 8-Oct-20Dave O'Donnell104 - 77John Burnett133
Fri 9-Oct-20Dave O'Donnell115 - 72Ian Lowry146
Mon 12-Oct-20Dave O'Donnell106 - 72Conor Jeffery125
Tue 13-Oct-20Dave O'Donnell114 - 70Lazloe Boden145
Wed 14-Oct-20Dave O'Donnell78 - 87Sam Blanning125
Thu 15-Oct-20Sam Blanning91 - 68Ken Ricketts121
Fri 16-Oct-20Sam Blanning88 - 39Liz Tilley121
Mon 19-Oct-20Sam Blanning71 - 72James Town124
Tue 20-Oct-20James Town67 - 95Scott Vickers122
Wed 21-Oct-20Scott Vickers97 - 69Paul Hernon139
Thu 22-Oct-20Scott Vickers65 - 62Liam Coffey135
Fri 23-Oct-20Scott Vickers88 - 70Kevin Kelly144
Mon 26-Oct-20Scott Vickers75 - 84Damien Doughty123
Tue 27-Oct-20Damien Doughty87 - 69Chris Diggons146
Wed 28-Oct-20Damien Doughty111 - 83Jack McFadyen137
Thu 29-Oct-20Damien Doughty97 - 64Andy Lyon142
Fri 30-Oct-20Damien Doughty90 - 45Jim Filgate125
Mon 2-Nov-20Damien Doughty89 - 83Paul Jacobs144
Tue 3-Nov-20Damien Doughty91 - 65Debbie Taylor122
Wed 4-Nov-20Damien Doughty109 - 51Peter Palmer132
Thu 5-Nov-20Lindzee Macaulay53 - 88Rebecca Harraway134
Fri 6-Nov-20Rebecca Harraway56 - 85Andy Bruno126
Mon 9-Nov-20Andy Bruno97 - 39Dan Witherington150
Tue 10-Nov-20Andy Bruno89 - 68Ashanthi de Silva126
Wed 11-Nov-20Andy Bruno88 - 77Keir Halcomb132
Thu 12-Nov-20Andy Bruno65 - 55Jacqueline Reynolds121
Fri 13-Nov-20Andy Bruno57 - 102Martyn Simpson123
Mon 16-Nov-20Martyn Simpson106 - 42Jonathan Partlin134
Tue 17-Nov-20Martyn Simpson110 - 69Kevin Hackett134
Wed 18-Nov-20Martyn Simpson118 - 46Michael Grahamslaw146
Thu 19-Nov-20Martyn Simpson132 - 63Gaz Lang156
Fri 20-Nov-20Martyn Simpson131 - 60Craig Thomas152
Mon 23-Nov-20Martyn Simpson95 - 104Leo Smith138
Tue 24-Nov-20Leo Smith105 - 70Jonnie Masterson121
Wed 25-Nov-20Leo Smith126 - 40Steve Whatmore146
Thu 26-Nov-20Leo Smith114 - 81Isabella Roper134
Fri 27-Nov-20Leo Smith107 - 51Amaar Iqbal154
Mon 30-Nov-20Leo Smith102 - 61Joe Timmins124
Tue 1-Dec-20Leo Smith115 - 84Liam Coles124
Wed 2-Dec-20Leo Smith96 - 93Nicola Newton125
Thu 3-Dec-20Craig Melson28 - 94Mike Corcoran123
Fri 4-Dec-20Mike Corcoran78 - 98Daniel Jonathan164
Mon 7-Dec-20Daniel Jonathan105 - 58Joey Marks121
Tue 8-Dec-20Daniel Jonathan79 - 72Tim White135
Wed 9-Dec-20Daniel Jonathan76 - 61Nick Jameson134
Thu 10-Dec-20Luke Johnson-Davies136 - 89David Kempshall136
Fri 11-Dec-20Sam Cappleman-Lynes121 - 71Damien Doughty133
Mon 14-Dec-20Leo Smith91 - 80Phil Hulme123
Tue 15-Dec-20Ian Volante82 - 76Ryan Styles119
Wed 16-Dec-20Luke Johnson-Davies112 - 65Ian Volante135
Thu 17-Dec-20Sam Cappleman-Lynes124 - 83Leo Smith157
Fri 18-Dec-20Luke Johnson-Davies112 - 95Sam Cappleman-Lynes135

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