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Series 81

Recappers for this series: James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 1-Jul-19Imogen Gordon75 - 82Colin Beattie137
Tue 2-Jul-19Colin Beattie86 - 79Jamie Frier138
Wed 3-Jul-19Colin Beattie71 - 83Tom Silverlock132
Thu 4-Jul-19Tom Silverlock75 - 63Sam Digby125
Fri 5-Jul-19Tom Silverlock78 - 77Libby Fawcett124
Mon 8-Jul-19Tom Silverlock84 - 64Marwan Riach126
Tue 9-Jul-19Tom Silverlock80 - 73Trevor Coates127
Wed 10-Jul-19Tom Silverlock96 - 76Aaron Samuel126
Thu 11-Jul-19Tom Silverlock111 - 22Abby Ward155
Mon 15-Jul-19Tom Silverlock97 - 58Amy McClemont153
Tue 16-Jul-19James Haughton118 - 41Patrick Coombes158
Wed 17-Jul-19James Haughton103 - 50Darren Rampton120
Thu 18-Jul-19James Haughton133 - 31Sonia Elston156
Fri 19-Jul-19James Haughton125 - 20Ryan Williams144
Mon 22-Jul-19James Haughton134 - 30Iain Sime150
Tue 23-Jul-19James Haughton114 - 30Rob Payne143
Wed 24-Jul-19James Haughton118 - 51Katrina Bond133
Thu 25-Jul-19James Haughton113 - 16Frank Coma130
Fri 26-Jul-19Gail Farnworth48 - 73Philip Catton133
Mon 29-Jul-19Philip Catton40 - 93Corrina Attwood123
Tue 30-Jul-19Corrina Attwood77 - 66Norman Grieve134
Wed 31-Jul-19Corrina Attwood78 - 62Patrick Holland156
Thu 1-Aug-19Corrina Attwood80 - 70Caroline Raby121
Fri 2-Aug-19Corrina Attwood94 - 70Gary Coney137
Mon 5-Aug-19Corrina Attwood118 - 32Malcolm Laurie145
Tue 6-Aug-19Corrina Attwood73 - 49Paul Robinson131
Wed 7-Aug-19Corrina Attwood68 - 47Chris Evans136
Thu 8-Aug-19Tom Ross63 - 86Colin Greenwood127
Fri 9-Aug-19Colin Greenwood70 - 47Margaret Dickson138
Mon 12-Aug-19Colin Greenwood78 - 81Stephen Mellor134
Tue 13-Aug-19Stephen Mellor94 - 24Julie Didlick137
Wed 14-Aug-19Stephen Mellor87 - 78David Nixon142
Thu 15-Aug-19Stephen Mellor103 - 63Alan Taemur133
Fri 16-Aug-19Stephen Mellor100 - 54Martin Loader134
Mon 19-Aug-19Stephen Mellor80 - 89David Law123
Tue 20-Aug-19David Law95 - 77Nina Gunton133
Wed 21-Aug-19David Law85 - 12Robin Tomlinson124
Thu 22-Aug-19David Law84 - 79Martin Garrett156
Fri 23-Aug-19David Law96 - 35Max McCabe149
Mon 26-Aug-19David Law97 - 29Steven Sutton148
Tue 27-Aug-19David Law70 - 13Anne Luxon134
Wed 28-Aug-19David Law84 - 59Roy Anderson125
Thu 29-Aug-19Barbara Topping55 - 43Phil Hayman135
Fri 30-Aug-19Barbara Topping52 - 98Fiona King136
Mon 2-Sep-19Fiona King53 - 84Liam Bastick133
Tue 3-Sep-19Liam Bastick77 - 72Peter Tarry126
Wed 4-Sep-19Liam Bastick82 - 57James McLachlan134
Thu 5-Sep-19Liam Bastick84 - 68Ken Baines134
Fri 6-Sep-19Liam Bastick68 - 78Sarah Delap121
Mon 9-Sep-19Sarah Delap79 - 51Dave Beresford138
Tue 10-Sep-19Sarah Delap63 - 51Joanna Colley128
Wed 11-Sep-19Sarah Delap76 - 56Hattie Wright140
Thu 12-Sep-19Sarah Delap73 - 72Stuart Kilpatrick137
Fri 13-Sep-19Sarah Delap74 - 45Phil Mears135
Mon 16-Sep-19Sarah Delap74 - 84Matt Sykes126
Tue 17-Sep-19Matt Sykes65 - 100Andy Evans127
Wed 18-Sep-19Andy Evans83 - 73Gerry Gray145
Thu 19-Sep-19Andy Evans94 - 53Steve Taylor133
Fri 20-Sep-19Andy Evans114 - 61Bekki Peckett125
Mon 23-Sep-19Andy Evans80 - 58Abbie Arrowsmith118
Tue 24-Sep-19Andy Evans88 - 68Daniel Smith126
Wed 25-Sep-19Andy Evans112 - 50David Lee123
Thu 26-Sep-19Andy Evans89 - 74Geoff Pinney136
Fri 27-Sep-19Simon Garside47 - 82Pauline Creer140
Mon 30-Sep-19Pauline Creer45 - 107Paul Nixon154
Tue 1-Oct-19Paul Nixon93 - 48Harry Robinson122
Wed 2-Oct-19Paul Nixon107 - 44Dave Richardson129
Thu 3-Oct-19Paul Nixon126 - 45Martyn Willmore147
Fri 4-Oct-19Paul Nixon136 - 45Helen Millington167
Mon 7-Oct-19Paul Nixon109 - 32Peter Williams154
Tue 8-Oct-19Paul Nixon112 - 58Elliot Black135
Wed 9-Oct-19Paul Nixon103 - 30Lorraine Davis124
Thu 10-Oct-19Phil Galsworthy55 - 71Matt Rosenfeld139
Fri 11-Oct-19Matt Rosenfeld104 - 87Rob Phillips146
Mon 14-Oct-19Matt Rosenfeld67 - 82Pierse Walsh135
Tue 15-Oct-19Pierse Walsh75 - 67Phil O'Reilly156
Wed 16-Oct-19Pierse Walsh80 - 49Roqaya Ahmed145
Thu 17-Oct-19Pierse Walsh78 - 50Tony Norris130
Fri 18-Oct-19Pierse Walsh95 - 45Linda Southgate133
Mon 21-Oct-19Pierse Walsh77 - 82John Osmond148
Tue 22-Oct-19John Osmond68 - 65Vamsi Pratapa132
Wed 23-Oct-19John Osmond77 - 53Colin Mason146
Thu 24-Oct-19John Osmond109 - 24Ben Pooley143
Fri 25-Oct-19John Osmond119 - 22Ann Wagstaff135
Mon 28-Oct-19John Osmond78 - 44Catherine Oliver125
Tue 29-Oct-19John Osmond95 - 94Mike Woodberry164
Wed 30-Oct-19John Osmond83 - 62Toby Pleming125
Thu 31-Oct-19Sarah Buchanan57 - 54Russell Sullivan145
Fri 1-Nov-19Sarah Buchanan80 - 46Lawrence Chapman135
Mon 4-Nov-19Sarah Buchanan30 - 81Morgan Sauer119
Tue 5-Nov-19Morgan Sauer86 - 67Susie Fytche151
Wed 6-Nov-19Morgan Sauer102 - 67Kay Goodsell119
Thu 7-Nov-19Morgan Sauer115 - 53Conor Sherry136
Fri 8-Nov-19Morgan Sauer101 - 86Alfie Webb142
Mon 11-Nov-19Morgan Sauer93 - 24Kurtis Lipman144
Tue 12-Nov-19Morgan Sauer85 - 44Jake Spencer134
Wed 13-Nov-19Morgan Sauer112 - 69Lynne Scanlon125
Thu 14-Nov-19Ray Albrow68 - 109Paul Anderson133
Fri 15-Nov-19Paul Anderson110 - 41Jane Levingston137
Mon 18-Nov-19Paul Anderson111 - 93Ewen Alexander132
Tue 19-Nov-19Paul Anderson124 - 52Yvonne Wills155
Wed 20-Nov-19Paul Anderson95 - 61Nick Parden132
Thu 21-Nov-19Paul Anderson98 - 72Peter Rattle140
Fri 22-Nov-19Paul Anderson90 - 100Jamie Wing134
Mon 25-Nov-19Jamie Wing117 - 23Sharif Dougramaji126
Tue 26-Nov-19Jamie Wing114 - 53Greg Folgate135
Wed 27-Nov-19Jamie Wing120 - 62Peter Jackson147
Thu 28-Nov-19Jamie Wing118 - 68Alan Jones129
Fri 29-Nov-19Jamie Wing122 - 44Barbara Wylde132
Mon 2-Dec-19Jamie Wing96 - 53Joseph Bennett138
Tue 3-Dec-19Jamie Wing122 - 86Alex Stuart148
Wed 4-Dec-19Anthony Scott69 - 70Zach Hart135
Thu 5-Dec-19Zach Hart26 - 139Luke Johnson-Davies146
Fri 6-Dec-19Luke Johnson-Davies122 - 60Janice Collins144
Mon 9-Dec-19Luke Johnson-Davies113 - 58Jim Torpey143
Tue 10-Dec-19Luke Johnson-Davies124 - 28John Lawlor144
Wed 11-Dec-19Luke Johnson-Davies126 - 59Stephen Rooney133
Thu 12-Dec-19James Haughton147 - 60David Law166
Fri 13-Dec-19Jamie Wing121 - 78Tom Silverlock146
Mon 16-Dec-19Paul Nixon117 - 102John Osmond158
Tue 17-Dec-19Morgan Sauer78 - 77Andy Evans123
Wed 18-Dec-19James Haughton113 - 79Morgan Sauer131
Thu 19-Dec-19Jamie Wing91 - 77Paul Nixon125
Fri 20-Dec-19James Haughton110 - 95Jamie Wing125

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