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Series 79

Recappers for this series: James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 25-Jun-18Diane Cordery91 - 46Toby Young123
Tue 26-Jun-18Diane Cordery53 - 117Jodine Lawrence135
Wed 27-Jun-18Jodine Lawrence75 - 33Marty Dunlop117
Thu 28-Jun-18Jodine Lawrence82 - 66Derek Marner123
Mon 2-Jul-18Jodine Lawrence60 - 84Lewis Carson124
Tue 3-Jul-18Lewis Carson88 - 53Tom McDonald120
Wed 4-Jul-18Lewis Carson95 - 68Khana Kayembe144
Thu 5-Jul-18Lewis Carson91 - 41Joe Hawkes134
Mon 9-Jul-18Lewis Carson66 - 64Ciaran Thompson123
Tue 10-Jul-18Lewis Carson88 - 75Joe Roscow131
Wed 11-Jul-18Lewis Carson92 - 64James Bell131
Thu 12-Jul-18Lewis Carson61 - 66Sarah Harper120
Fri 13-Jul-18Sarah Harper81 - 59Philip Whitehead133
Mon 16-Jul-18Sarah Harper60 - 80John Mason123
Tue 17-Jul-18John Mason75 - 47Ellie Davidson127
Wed 18-Jul-18John Mason93 - 47Ian Adams142
Thu 19-Jul-18John Mason78 - 47Anne Marrs133
Fri 20-Jul-18John Mason72 - 100Bryan Harrison132
Mon 23-Jul-18Bryan Harrison94 - 61Joe Chan121
Tue 24-Jul-18Bryan Harrison69 - 54Liz Lear134
Wed 25-Jul-18Bryan Harrison79 - 82Bob Lunt133
Thu 26-Jul-18Bob Lunt78 - 58Chris Kilbride122
Fri 27-Jul-18Bob Lunt98 - 77Alex Eyre125
Mon 30-Jul-18Bob Lunt101 - 73Jonathan Greener121
Tue 31-Jul-18Bob Lunt91 - 42Myra Cope126
Wed 1-Aug-18Bob Lunt99 - 69Will Ferns129
Thu 2-Aug-18Bob Lunt97 - 76Emily Woodford124
Fri 3-Aug-18Bob Lunt80 - 104Matthew Bass135
Mon 6-Aug-18Matthew Bass64 - 94Eddie Glass123
Tue 7-Aug-18Eddie Glass74 - 66Jim Freeman144
Wed 8-Aug-18Eddie Glass72 - 56Sally King125
Thu 9-Aug-18Eddie Glass73 - 77Steve Rush124
Fri 10-Aug-18Steve Rush75 - 57James Billington135
Mon 13-Aug-18Steve Rush93 - 71Tim Danton147
Tue 14-Aug-18Steve Rush66 - 75Adam Rolston153
Wed 15-Aug-18Adam Rolston76 - 59Leonora Fleming121
Thu 16-Aug-18Adam Rolston94 - 60Jimmy Donnelly144
Fri 17-Aug-18Adam Rolston73 - 43Peter Dooley144
Mon 20-Aug-18Adam Rolston99 - 71Mike Grundy122
Tue 21-Aug-18Adam Rolston68 - 40Fiona O'Reilly135
Wed 22-Aug-18Adam Rolston76 - 75Paul Watkins124
Thu 23-Aug-18Adam Rolston89 - 39Craig Lumsden143
Mon 27-Aug-18Paul Beever77 - 98Tony Manwani136
Tue 28-Aug-18Tony Manwani105 - 58Pamela Threlfal136
Wed 29-Aug-18Tony Manwani99 - 62Joe Sinclair122
Thu 30-Aug-18Tony Manwani90 - 26Chris Davidson126
Fri 31-Aug-18Tony Manwani84 - 38Nick Fisk123
Mon 3-Sep-18Tony Manwani67 - 43Tom Kistell132
Tue 4-Sep-18Tony Manwani90 - 74Sam Klineberg121
Wed 5-Sep-18Tony Manwani82 - 73Duncan Hill120
Thu 6-Sep-18Dave Ashton95 - 68Joe Harris134
Fri 7-Sep-18Dave Ashton105 - 34Tricia Lea134
Mon 10-Sep-18Dave Ashton84 - 49Dan Martin125
Tue 11-Sep-18Dave Ashton82 - 62David O'Neill135
Wed 12-Sep-18Dave Ashton87 - 36Kim Wilson134
Thu 13-Sep-18Dave Ashton87 - 47Laura McDonald121
Mon 17-Sep-18Dave Ashton100 - 78Stephen Holford126
Tue 18-Sep-18Dave Ashton99 - 58Mark Garfield142
Wed 19-Sep-18Daniel Singleton63 - 86Greg Purling146
Thu 20-Sep-18Greg Purling47 - 57Robin Johnson132
Fri 21-Sep-18Robin Johnson86 - 66Chris Hague125
Mon 24-Sep-18Robin Johnson96 - 61Jack Healy126
Tue 25-Sep-18Robin Johnson99 - 24Danielle Watson123
Wed 26-Sep-18Robin Johnson110 - 27Shannon Pocock136
Thu 27-Sep-18Robin Johnson91 - 50Molly Huxley131
Fri 28-Sep-18Robin Johnson94 - 82Colm Griffin132
Mon 1-Oct-18Robin Johnson112 - 67Matt Rynn144
Tue 2-Oct-18Jethro Colmer65 - 91Tealin Glenn144
Wed 3-Oct-18Tealin Glenn87 - 110Mike Daysley133
Thu 4-Oct-18Mike Daysley99 - 78Susan Stones116
Fri 5-Oct-18Mike Daysley96 - 74Eamonn Mullen126
Mon 8-Oct-18Mike Daysley108 - 62Debbie Berwick135
Tue 9-Oct-18Mike Daysley98 - 63Alex Harrison143
Wed 10-Oct-18Mike Daysley95 - 73Chris Allen123
Thu 11-Oct-18Mike Daysley79 - 73Lee Bettinson118
Fri 12-Oct-18Mike Daysley101 - 57Sarah Merrifield122
Mon 15-Oct-18Eddie Andersson68 - 79Andy Wedlake142
Tue 16-Oct-18Andy Wedlake75 - 77Paul Hollidge123
Wed 17-Oct-18Paul Hollidge52 - 96Martin May135
Thu 18-Oct-18Martin May117 - 52Chris Stableford124
Fri 19-Oct-18Martin May103 - 54Seamus Bradley134
Mon 22-Oct-18Martin May108 - 59Leanne Heath145
Tue 23-Oct-18Martin May101 - 15Vicki Griffiths120
Wed 24-Oct-18Martin May89 - 42Maria Michaels129
Thu 25-Oct-18Martin May108 - 67Alan Tubbert155
Fri 26-Oct-18Martin May117 - 49Dover Dubosarsky137
Mon 29-Oct-18Georgia Goulding85 - 24Heather Chisholm134
Tue 30-Oct-18Georgia Goulding68 - 89Chris Sturdy125
Wed 31-Oct-18Chris Sturdy84 - 65Michael Coulthread134
Thu 1-Nov-18Chris Sturdy85 - 49Alex Brundritt122
Fri 2-Nov-18Chris Sturdy98 - 55Tom Nearney124
Mon 5-Nov-18Chris Sturdy94 - 33Jane Burns121
Tue 6-Nov-18Chris Sturdy80 - 84Alan Duval130
Wed 7-Nov-18Alan Duval68 - 67Bethan Lycett122
Thu 8-Nov-18Alan Duval82 - 63Rich Murray119
Fri 9-Nov-18Alan Duval93 - 40Peter Wilkes121
Mon 12-Nov-18Alan Duval89 - 41Ian Kennedy132
Tue 13-Nov-18Alan Duval82 - 19Lisa Skidmore124
Wed 14-Nov-18Alan Duval87 - 64Jane Capie135
Thu 15-Nov-18Alan Duval89 - 62Lewis Jones133
Fri 16-Nov-18Rod Jermy39 - 63Paul Copeland135
Mon 19-Nov-18Paul Copeland72 - 65Ellie Sherwood131
Tue 20-Nov-18Paul Copeland64 - 80Andrew Jackson135
Wed 21-Nov-18Andrew Jackson98 - 50Chris Harlow124
Thu 22-Nov-18Andrew Jackson82 - 49Sam Warren131
Sat 24-Nov-18Andrew Jackson103 - 42Sue Booton124
Mon 26-Nov-18Andrew Jackson116 - 10Lewis Edgeley123
Tue 27-Nov-18Andrew Jackson97 - 33Abby Whatley125
Wed 28-Nov-18Andrew Jackson78 - 65Steve Rose119
Thu 29-Nov-18Andrew Jackson110 - 82Archie Crane141
Fri 30-Nov-18John Broderick60 - 72Julie Gray137
Mon 3-Dec-18Julie Gray80 - 60Pete Clark155
Tue 4-Dec-18Julie Gray46 - 88Mark Jeary130
Wed 5-Dec-18Mark Jeary77 - 67Amy Nott125
Thu 6-Dec-18Mark Jeary85 - 62Martin Storie125
Fri 7-Dec-18Mark Jeary85 - 110Brendan Whitehurst126
Mon 10-Dec-18Brendan Whitehurst96 - 59James Fenn133
Tue 11-Dec-18Brendan Whitehurst104 - 50Sam Reilly117
Wed 12-Dec-18Brendan Whitehurst92 - 83David Rutherford124
Thu 13-Dec-18Martin May115 - 86Bob Lunt141
Fri 14-Dec-18Mike Daysley104 - 58Adam Rolston125
Mon 17-Dec-18Andrew Jackson60 - 62Alan Duval131
Tue 18-Dec-18Dave Ashton79 - 114Tony Manwani129
Wed 19-Dec-18Martin May93 - 83Tony Manwani147
Thu 20-Dec-18Mike Daysley97 - 69Alan Duval122
Fri 21-Dec-18Martin May80 - 82Mike Daysley120

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