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Series 78

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Sean Fletcher.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Tue 2-Jan-18Roger Springthorpe33 - 91Jacob Coventry-Peters133
Wed 3-Jan-18Jacob Coventry-Peters84 - 74Shelagh Addis123
Thu 4-Jan-18Jacob Coventry-Peters70 - 29Anthony McLaughlin118
Fri 5-Jan-18Jacob Coventry-Peters98 - 26Wendy Almond135
Mon 15-Jan-18Jacob Coventry-Peters81 - 87Mary Bainbridge123
Tue 16-Jan-18Mary Bainbridge87 - 77Glen Burke123
Wed 17-Jan-18Mary Bainbridge91 - 53Graeme Dryburgh-Cook125
Thu 18-Jan-18Mary Bainbridge83 - 49Amit Amin135
Fri 19-Jan-18Mary Bainbridge71 - 90Chris Thorn175
Mon 22-Jan-18Chris Thorn108 - 47Terry Kelly135
Tue 23-Jan-18Chris Thorn88 - 60Todd Goodman119
Wed 24-Jan-18Chris Thorn83 - 58Ann Duckworth129
Thu 25-Jan-18Chris Thorn92 - 72Robin McConnell122
Fri 26-Jan-18Chris Thorn93 - 77Sam Prouse128
Mon 29-Jan-18Chris Thorn87 - 65Paul McGhee126
Tue 30-Jan-18Chris Thorn119 - 59Ryan Peteranna134
Wed 31-Jan-18Mandy Wilson61 - 80Louise Regan133
Thu 1-Feb-18Louise Regan64 - 78David Shipley133
Fri 2-Feb-18David Shipley79 - 48Lena Hamre123
Mon 5-Feb-18David Shipley47 - 78Phil Davies123
Tue 6-Feb-18Phil Davies96 - 28Simon Block122
Wed 7-Feb-18Phil Davies75 - 61Lisa Miller133
Thu 8-Feb-18Phil Davies98 - 86Alyn McFetridge124
Fri 9-Feb-18Phil Davies100 - 77John Owens133
Mon 12-Feb-18Phil Davies104 - 77Ben Jenkins126
Tue 13-Feb-18Phil Davies114 - 37Mike O'Connell147
Wed 14-Feb-18Phil Davies92 - 43Heather Blackley122
Thu 15-Feb-18Simon Baker72 - 48Tony Smith126
Fri 16-Feb-18Simon Baker35 - 86Becky Taberner124
Mon 19-Feb-18Becky Taberner80 - 64Robert Zara131
Tue 20-Feb-18Becky Taberner99 - 103Jill Thwaites120
Wed 21-Feb-18Jill Thwaites27 - 107Philip Aston151
Thu 22-Feb-18Philip Aston123 - 40Sylvia O'Brien154
Fri 23-Feb-18Philip Aston110 - 41John Eadie115
Mon 26-Feb-18Philip Aston94 - 75Mick Armstrong135
Tue 27-Feb-18Philip Aston116 - 49Derek Matthews137
Wed 28-Feb-18Philip Aston113 - 30Jenny Coote126
Thu 1-Mar-18Philip Aston97 - 121Zarte Siempre135
Fri 2-Mar-18Zarte Siempre111 - 64Keith Howkins124
Mon 5-Mar-18Zarte Siempre118 - 70Donal Casey124
Tue 6-Mar-18Zarte Siempre128 - 23Jonathan Stoneman132
Wed 7-Mar-18Zarte Siempre130 - 62Patrick Gray144
Thu 8-Mar-18Zarte Siempre130 - 39Dave Burch145
Fri 9-Mar-18Zarte Siempre118 - 29Steve Shingleton123
Mon 12-Mar-18Zarte Siempre111 - 65Anthony Jenkin125
Tue 13-Mar-18Patrick Murphy62 - 46Richard Anning131
Wed 14-Mar-18Patrick Murphy58 - 67Ted Anscomb124
Thu 15-Mar-18Ted Anscomb76 - 78Maria Frizelle134
Fri 16-Mar-18Maria Frizelle65 - 64John Dickinson144
Mon 19-Mar-18Maria Frizelle92 - 48James Barber126
Tue 20-Mar-18Maria Frizelle62 - 89Mohsin Shabir139
Wed 21-Mar-18Mohsin Shabir89 - 37Nicola Sibbick123
Thu 22-Mar-18Mohsin Shabir71 - 82Ed Morrison127
Fri 23-Mar-18Ed Morrison58 - 61Glen Jones123
Mon 26-Mar-18Glen Jones67 - 38Kathy Smith134
Tue 27-Mar-18Glen Jones55 - 80John Cole132
Wed 28-Mar-18John Cole89 - 78Marjory Humphreys124
Thu 29-Mar-18John Cole87 - 58Riley Halson122
Fri 30-Mar-18John Cole69 - 75George Armstrong135
Mon 2-Apr-18George Armstrong78 - 68Noel Jongwe146
Tue 3-Apr-18George Armstrong104 - 89Michael Stephenson142
Wed 4-Apr-18George Armstrong95 - 69Danny Sarkissian119
Thu 5-Apr-18George Armstrong87 - 90Luke O'Neill148
Fri 6-Apr-18Luke O'Neill73 - 109Dougie Mackay131
Mon 9-Apr-18Dougie Mackay78 - 70Darren Newton131
Tue 10-Apr-18Dougie Mackay105 - 36Colin Broome122
Wed 11-Apr-18Dougie Mackay102 - 59Sarah Farley130
Thu 12-Apr-18Dougie Mackay78 - 58Simon Clayton123
Fri 13-Apr-18Dougie Mackay95 - 84Andy Christley133
Mon 16-Apr-18Dougie Mackay101 - 53Gary Tanner124
Tue 17-Apr-18Dougie Mackay91 - 93Mac Walker123
Wed 18-Apr-18Mac Walker87 - 80Masha Bell122
Thu 19-Apr-18Mac Walker109 - 69Amy Halloran123
Fri 20-Apr-18Mac Walker89 - 38Dan Wragg133
Mon 23-Apr-18Mac Walker69 - 90Jason Palmer132
Tue 24-Apr-18Jason Palmer84 - 61Gavin O'Leary156
Wed 25-Apr-18Jason Palmer95 - 24Maria Ryan119
Thu 26-Apr-18Jason Palmer104 - 115Toby McDonald135
Mon 30-Apr-18Toby McDonald108 - 68Maxim Hall123
Tue 1-May-18Toby McDonald121 - 32Colin Beckwith126
Wed 2-May-18Toby McDonald110 - 38Terry Monaghan134
Thu 3-May-18Toby McDonald111 - 10Alyssa Critchley125
Fri 4-May-18Toby McDonald109 - 53Nilesh Pandya124
Mon 7-May-18Toby McDonald104 - 71Simon Cluskey146
Tue 8-May-18Toby McDonald104 - 46Lee Padovani128
Wed 9-May-18Paul Harper97 - 28James Forrest123
Thu 10-May-18Paul Harper81 - 56Martyn Wingfield125
Fri 11-May-18Paul Harper92 - 59Faye Battye143
Mon 14-May-18Paul Harper77 - 75Curtis Thompson133
Tue 15-May-18Paul Harper104 - 16Dickie Bird124
Wed 16-May-18Paul Harper91 - 80Vincent Clark122
Thu 17-May-18Paul Harper90 - 69Matthew Silk132
Fri 18-May-18Paul Harper107 - 41Gerry Walsh136
Mon 21-May-18Steve Middle90 - 69Funmi Adewale121
Tue 22-May-18Steve Middle82 - 73Rosie Dale122
Wed 23-May-18Steve Middle95 - 58Terry Hyde122
Fri 25-May-18Steve Middle77 - 85Amy Benfield133
Mon 28-May-18Amy Benfield60 - 34Anthony O'Sullivan135
Tue 29-May-18Amy Benfield66 - 75Jan Pask137
Wed 30-May-18Jan Pask91 - 49Greg Hollis165
Thu 31-May-18Jan Pask94 - 56Claire Gratton135
Fri 1-Jun-18Jan Pask69 - 51David Sarin123
Mon 4-Jun-18Jan Pask66 - 58Joy Main123
Tue 5-Jun-18Jan Pask78 - 80Mick Purdie121
Wed 6-Jun-18Mick Purdie91 - 80Katrina Corbett142
Thu 7-Jun-18Mick Purdie81 - 75Chris Porter121
Fri 8-Jun-18Mick Purdie40 - 86Darren Findlay146
Mon 11-Jun-18Darren Findlay85 - 27Claire Conway134
Tue 12-Jun-18Darren Findlay80 - 57Steve Harris132
Wed 13-Jun-18Darren Findlay56 - 58Diane Cordery128
Thu 14-Jun-18Zarte Siempre124 - 19Jan Pask133
Fri 15-Jun-18Toby McDonald97 - 104Philip Aston123
Mon 18-Jun-18Chris Thorn68 - 97Dougie Mackay128
Tue 19-Jun-18Phil Davies81 - 69Paul Harper143
Wed 20-Jun-18Zarte Siempre112 - 88Phil Davies123
Thu 21-Jun-18Philip Aston98 - 76Dougie Mackay132
Fri 22-Jun-18Zarte Siempre128 - 118Philip Aston136

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