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Series 74

Recappers for this series: Andy McGurn, Anthony Endsor, James Robinson, Johnny Canuck, Mark Mills, Sean Fletcher, Tim Down, Tracey Mills.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 25-Jan-16Tim Down78 - 68Nicholas Birks126
Tue 26-Jan-16Tim Down84 - 52Margaret Riches126
Wed 27-Jan-16Tim Down104 - 37Paul Turgoose134
Thu 28-Jan-16Tim Down91 - 41Veronica Daniel134
Fri 29-Jan-16Tim Down92 - 34Benjamin Owen124
Mon 1-Feb-16Tim Down78 - 62David E Coote137
Tue 2-Feb-16Tim Down105 - 61Colin Tuite134
Wed 3-Feb-16Michael Lees100 - 70Chris Harding134
Thu 4-Feb-16Michael Lees77 - 80David Edgar136
Fri 5-Feb-16David Edgar60 - 31Steve Jacob134
Mon 8-Feb-16David Edgar88 - 47Robin Joynson142
Tue 9-Feb-16David Edgar92 - 56Anthony Nuttall136
Wed 10-Feb-16David Edgar62 - 71Jack Creswell124
Thu 11-Feb-16Jack Creswell90 - 44Damien Weston134
Fri 12-Feb-16Jack Creswell74 - 21Jamie Dunn111
Mon 15-Feb-16Jack Creswell49 - 90David Armstrong121
Tue 16-Feb-16David Armstrong84 - 70Gareth Pugh136
Wed 17-Feb-16David Armstrong83 - 50Natalie Helme120
Thu 18-Feb-16David Armstrong32 - 122Paul Erdunast137
Fri 19-Feb-16Paul Erdunast127 - 46Stuart Moore132
Mon 22-Feb-16Paul Erdunast130 - 73Ben Dali135
Tue 23-Feb-16Paul Erdunast113 - 15Julie Hall132
Wed 24-Feb-16Paul Erdunast106 - 40Luke Bates124
Thu 25-Feb-16Paul Erdunast118 - 48Philip Allen144
Fri 26-Feb-16Paul Erdunast98 - 20Colin Mills118
Mon 29-Feb-16Paul Erdunast111 - 26Dave Higgins134
Tue 1-Mar-16Anthony Williams56 - 78Alexander Assim137
Wed 2-Mar-16Alexander Assim50 - 106Paul Craib133
Thu 3-Mar-16Paul Craib89 - 40Andy Moore136
Fri 4-Mar-16Paul Craib93 - 50Liz Micglinczy144
Mon 7-Mar-16Paul Craib54 - 75James Hogan137
Tue 8-Mar-16James Hogan59 - 98Conrad Teixeira131
Wed 9-Mar-16Conrad Teixeira88 - 64Jack Witts123
Thu 10-Mar-16Conrad Teixeira116 - 70Angus Eady131
Fri 11-Mar-16Conrad Teixeira116 - 35Erica Barnes144
Mon 14-Mar-16Conrad Teixeira95 - 65Mark Swayland135
Mon 21-Mar-16Conrad Teixeira87 - 67Andrew Goddard142
Tue 22-Mar-16Conrad Teixeira82 - 55Paul Bloom140
Wed 23-Mar-16Conrad Teixeira124 - 79Graham Lazenby134
Thu 24-Mar-16Sam Johnson62 - 67Sean Cooke123
Mon 28-Mar-16Sean Cooke82 - 52Andy Reynolds125
Tue 29-Mar-16Sean Cooke124 - 75Heather Armstrong147
Wed 30-Mar-16Sean Cooke103 - 31Priya Lyall141
Thu 31-Mar-16Sean Cooke102 - 83Pip Honour125
Fri 1-Apr-16Sean Cooke63 - 66John Parke129
Mon 4-Apr-16John Parke64 - 66Steve Heywood143
Tue 5-Apr-16Steve Heywood70 - 80Hugo Newell127
Wed 6-Apr-16Hugo Newell43 - 70Tom Coward133
Mon 11-Apr-16Tom Coward72 - 71Pete Grierson122
Tue 12-Apr-16Tom Coward55 - 117Ann Dibben153
Wed 13-Apr-16Ann Dibben107 - 45Ashton Gardner133
Thu 14-Apr-16Ann Dibben99 - 33John Billitteri124
Fri 15-Apr-16Ann Dibben118 - 60Paul Lonsdale132
Mon 18-Apr-16Ann Dibben102 - 54Ben Manuell129
Tue 19-Apr-16Ann Dibben112 - 63Neville Spiers124
Wed 20-Apr-16Ann Dibben101 - 37Sean Taylor130
Thu 21-Apr-16Ann Dibben128 - 28Nick Ferguson145
Fri 22-Apr-16Jon Hinchliffe93 - 103Dave Costello157
Mon 25-Apr-16Dave Costello90 - 74Briony Hunter133
Tue 26-Apr-16Dave Costello90 - 70Ken Steed133
Wed 27-Apr-16Dave Costello83 - 50Martin Ripley123
Thu 28-Apr-16Dave Costello90 - 39Sam Crompton126
Fri 29-Apr-16Dave Costello101 - 54Elliot Hooper125
Mon 2-May-16Dave Costello74 - 62Pippa Weigh112
Tue 3-May-16Dave Costello92 - 58Thomas Wade125
Mon 9-May-16Tony Lock90 - 47Jamie Lomas120
Tue 10-May-16Tony Lock85 - 78Lee Williams131
Mon 16-May-16Tony Lock86 - 68Andy Breckenridge134
Tue 17-May-16Tony Lock81 - 78Ian Newman132
Wed 18-May-16Tony Lock42 - 129Robin McKay143
Thu 19-May-16Robin McKay102 - 54Kevin Dixon140
Fri 20-May-16Robin McKay107 - 52Mel Mills123
Mon 23-May-16Robin McKay111 - 40Si Prendergast146
Tue 24-May-16Robin McKay112 - 8Struan Charters166
Wed 25-May-16Robin McKay109 - 49Jack Goodall134
Thu 26-May-16Robin McKay107 - 23Jason Vincent145
Fri 27-May-16Robin McKay111 - 44Aden Brooks122
Mon 30-May-16Matthew MacCabe61 - 31John Butler127
Tue 31-May-16Matthew MacCabe87 - 102Alasdair Haines136
Wed 1-Jun-16Alasdair Haines83 - 93Jonny Peppiatt146
Thu 2-Jun-16Jonny Peppiatt96 - 71Chris Lowry157
Mon 6-Jun-16Jonny Peppiatt80 - 70Peter Davies136
Tue 7-Jun-16Jonny Peppiatt65 - 94Ollie Heath133
Wed 8-Jun-16Ollie Heath85 - 65John Cullen123
Thu 9-Jun-16Ollie Heath74 - 104Norm Ahmad133
Fri 10-Jun-16Paul Erdunast114 - 34Tony Lock132
Mon 13-Jun-16Robin McKay107 - 72Sean Cooke132
Mon 20-Jun-16Ann Dibben107 - 106Tim Down127
Tue 21-Jun-16Conrad Teixeira85 - 75Dave Costello152
Wed 22-Jun-16Paul Erdunast118 - 91Conrad Teixeira122
Thu 23-Jun-16Robin McKay112 - 113Ann Dibben144
Fri 24-Jun-16Paul Erdunast116 - 105Ann Dibben135

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