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Series 73

Recappers for this series: Andy McGurn, Anthony Endsor, Giles Hutchings, Jack Worsley, James Robinson, Jen Steadman, Johnny Canuck, Mark Mills, Sean Fletcher, Thomas Carey, Tracey Mills.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 15-Jun-15James Judge68 - 78Rhys Benjamin124
Mon 22-Jun-15Rhys Benjamin92 - 63Michael Stokes131
Tue 23-Jun-15Rhys Benjamin81 - 53Maxine Jones123
Wed 24-Jun-15Rhys Benjamin78 - 59Abby Foulkes118
Thu 25-Jun-15Rhys Benjamin89 - 65Olly Hall120
Fri 26-Jun-15Rhys Benjamin76 - 98Pat Lonergan144
Mon 29-Jun-15Pat Lonergan74 - 69Rob Maxwell134
Tue 30-Jun-15Pat Lonergan86 - 55Andrew Nicholson135
Wed 1-Jul-15Pat Lonergan67 - 64Kunal Saujani141
Thu 2-Jul-15Pat Lonergan83 - 93Judy Bursford121
Fri 3-Jul-15Judy Bursford78 - 61Tim Batchelor123
Mon 6-Jul-15Judy Bursford83 - 25Phil Lane134
Tue 7-Jul-15Judy Bursford84 - 82Rachel Hurst135
Wed 8-Jul-15Judy Bursford67 - 49Ken Bainbridge120
Mon 13-Jul-15Judy Bursford70 - 62James Macpherson131
Tue 14-Jul-15Judy Bursford69 - 55David Bowen133
Wed 15-Jul-15Judy Bursford59 - 118Liam Moloney135
Thu 16-Jul-15Liam Moloney104 - 44Gloria Schofield156
Fri 17-Jul-15Liam Moloney111 - 31Karl Forman134
Mon 20-Jul-15Liam Moloney121 - 58Craig Glennie123
Tue 21-Jul-15Liam Moloney103 - 73Dave Noble134
Wed 22-Jul-15Liam Moloney111 - 70Jyoti Madlani125
Thu 23-Jul-15Liam Moloney77 - 98Stephen Briggs124
Fri 24-Jul-15Stephen Briggs103 - 44Sam Fuller131
Mon 27-Jul-15Stephen Briggs127 - 51Tom Pitt-Brooke144
Mon 3-Aug-15Stephen Briggs98 - 67Chris Wreaves132
Tue 4-Aug-15Stephen Briggs116 - 55Euan Crabb134
Wed 5-Aug-15Stephen Briggs106 - 51Kadi Batra122
Thu 6-Aug-15Stephen Briggs110 - 48Grant Weaver119
Fri 7-Aug-15Stephen Briggs125 - 56Nigel Bridge129
Mon 10-Aug-15Nathan Pace72 - 22Andrew Cooper121
Tue 11-Aug-15Nathan Pace74 - 89Barbara Lucioni131
Wed 12-Aug-15Barbara Lucioni50 - 89Kevin Breeze119
Thu 13-Aug-15Kevin Breeze89 - 67David Bathurst132
Fri 14-Aug-15Kevin Breeze89 - 45Bill Hurst129
Mon 17-Aug-15Kevin Breeze74 - 62Mike Tapia118
Tue 18-Aug-15Kevin Breeze72 - 82Chris Roy120
Mon 24-Aug-15Chris Roy30 - 100Jonathan Wynn136
Tue 25-Aug-15Jonathan Wynn107 - 46Mark Ainsley123
Wed 26-Aug-15Jonathan Wynn111 - 55Steve Heeney124
Thu 27-Aug-15Jonathan Wynn119 - 49Will Irvine122
Fri 28-Aug-15Jonathan Wynn112 - 79Daniel Morris132
Mon 31-Aug-15Jonathan Wynn131 - 55Paul Curtayne134
Tue 1-Sep-15Jonathan Wynn113 - 65David Vernon134
Wed 2-Sep-15Jonathan Wynn129 - 33Hannah Short132
Thu 3-Sep-15Martyn Shenton50 - 87Matty Artell130
Fri 4-Sep-15Matty Artell90 - 40Daniel Hodgetts123
Mon 7-Sep-15Matty Artell100 - 60Paula Lewis134
Tue 8-Sep-15Matty Artell96 - 87Jonathan Joyce120
Wed 9-Sep-15Matty Artell101 - 41David Crafter125
Mon 14-Sep-15Matty Artell67 - 82Wayne McSorley134
Tue 15-Sep-15Wayne McSorley82 - 52Renita David119
Wed 16-Sep-15Wayne McSorley62 - 79Colin White136
Thu 17-Sep-15Colin White47 - 120Thomas Carey132
Fri 18-Sep-15Thomas Carey122 - 25Billy Richardson135
Mon 21-Sep-15Thomas Carey118 - 52Alwyn Davies129
Tue 22-Sep-15Tom Carey109 - 100Adam Curran131
Wed 23-Sep-15Thomas Carey116 - 37Mary Fox121
Thu 24-Sep-15Thomas Carey119 - 80Brendan Duke130
Mon 28-Sep-15Thomas Carey109 - 41Chris Selman116
Tue 29-Sep-15Thomas Carey110 - 62Lee Nixon131
Wed 30-Sep-15Matt Le Tissier105 - 48Shaun Connolly-Flynn134
Thu 1-Oct-15Matt Le Tissier102 - 34Georgie Metters124
Fri 2-Oct-15Matt Le Tissier86 - 38David Pople127
Mon 5-Oct-15Matt Le Tissier51 - 102John Hardie133
Tue 6-Oct-15John Hardie109 - 48Ben Dempster134
Wed 7-Oct-15John Hardie104 - 32Kris Jack120
Thu 8-Oct-15John Hardie104 - 97James Rowan145
Mon 12-Oct-15John Hardie109 - 51Fiona Currie121
Wed 14-Oct-15John Hardie99 - 76Chris Barstow119
Thu 15-Oct-15John Hardie110 - 24David Cumming153
Fri 16-Oct-15Gareth Chapman90 - 48Naomi Powell126
Mon 19-Oct-15Gareth Chapman71 - 79Alex Skulnick122
Tue 20-Oct-15Alex Skulnick68 - 89Zac Goodman129
Wed 21-Oct-15Zac Goodman76 - 54Hayden McDonald132
Thu 22-Oct-15Zac Goodman82 - 67Paul Harley143
Fri 23-Oct-15Zac Goodman114 - 10Ross Lough133
Mon 26-Oct-15Zac Goodman79 - 38Francesca Kerr144
Tue 27-Oct-15Zac Goodman55 - 79Andrew Irvine133
Wed 28-Oct-15Andrew Irvine80 - 52Ishmael Kamran134
Thu 29-Oct-15Andrew Irvine63 - 90Hazel Drury135
Fri 30-Oct-15Hazel Drury87 - 43Nick Griggs132
Mon 2-Nov-15Hazel Drury74 - 69Gary Cocker130
Tue 3-Nov-15Hazel Drury109 - 48Matt Goulette122
Wed 4-Nov-15Hazel Drury79 - 88Anthony Poulton-Smith124
Thu 5-Nov-15Anthony Poulton-Smith52 - 89Keith Kan127
Fri 6-Nov-15Keith Kan75 - 38Luci Clarke133
Mon 9-Nov-15Keith Kan63 - 102Matthew Tassier141
Tue 10-Nov-15Matthew Tassier98 - 24Tam O'Hare124
Wed 11-Nov-15Matthew Tassier77 - 65Romaine Boothe131
Thu 12-Nov-15Matthew Tassier110 - 26Bob Lowe145
Fri 13-Nov-15Matthew Tassier120 - 26Eoin Jardine134
Mon 16-Nov-15Matthew Tassier103 - 57Sarah Bladon123
Tue 17-Nov-15Matthew Tassier114 - 48Chris Kiely133
Wed 18-Nov-15Matthew Tassier75 - 51Jim Anderson112
Thu 19-Nov-15Sam Morley70 - 91Margaret Fatih139
Fri 20-Nov-15Margaret Fatih69 - 67Graham Burgess142
Mon 23-Nov-15Margaret Fatih52 - 97James Richards132
Tue 24-Nov-15James Richards78 - 46Hassan Mumin131
Wed 25-Nov-15James Richards84 - 69David Tucker121
Thu 26-Nov-15James Richards100 - 52Anees Ikramullah140
Fri 27-Nov-15James Richards104 - 38Indika Sarathchandra131
Mon 30-Nov-15James Richards64 - 107Steven Fletcher135
Tue 1-Dec-15Steven Fletcher61 - 74Chris Betteridge126
Wed 2-Dec-15Chris Betteridge101 - 58Adam Ball130
Thu 3-Dec-15Chris Betteridge85 - 76Dave Singer123
Fri 4-Dec-15Chris Betteridge74 - 89Scott Babb137
Mon 7-Dec-15Scott Babb69 - 74Jane Kempton131
Tue 8-Dec-15Jane Kempton66 - 79Jamie Collyer120
Wed 9-Dec-15Jamie Collyer88 - 68Steve Bassett133
Thu 10-Dec-15Jamie Collyer94 - 67Menino Pereira133
Fri 11-Dec-15Jamie Collyer84 - 58James Gallagher123
Mon 14-Dec-15Jamie Collyer69 - 85Tim Down132
Tue 15-Dec-15Thomas Carey124 - 87Matty Artell136
Wed 16-Dec-15Jonathan Wynn90 - 84Liam Moloney122
Thu 17-Dec-15Stephen Briggs110 - 48Judy Bursford121
Fri 18-Dec-15John Hardie107 - 122Matthew Tassier146
Mon 21-Dec-15Thomas Carey94 - 104Matthew Tassier153
Tue 22-Dec-15Jonathan Wynn134 - 100Stephen Briggs157
Wed 23-Dec-15Jonathan Wynn98 - 94Matthew Tassier130

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