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Series 72

Recappers for this series: Andy McGurn, Anthony Endsor, James Laverty, James Robinson, Jen Steadman, Tracey Mills.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 5-Jan-15Andy Noden106 - 57Peter Wilson131
Tue 6-Jan-15Andy Noden94 - 59Martyn Brookes120
Wed 7-Jan-15Andy Noden113 - 36Ruth Bland123
Thu 8-Jan-15Andy Noden82 - 34Michael Smith125
Fri 9-Jan-15Andy Noden110 - 48Basia Foster135
Mon 12-Jan-15Andy Noden93 - 32Doron Garfunkel121
Tue 13-Jan-15Andy Noden118 - 39Mark Beynon121
Wed 14-Jan-15Andy Watts41 - 72Josephine Sinclair123
Thu 15-Jan-15Josephine Sinclair75 - 24John Taylor132
Fri 16-Jan-15Josephine Sinclair82 - 92Neil Stephenson132
Mon 19-Jan-15Neil Stephenson89 - 49Adèle Venner132
Tue 20-Jan-15Neil Stephenson107 - 74Ben Hocking123
Wed 21-Jan-15Neil Stephenson83 - 104Tracey Mills133
Thu 22-Jan-15Tracey Mills101 - 25Sean Chenery142
Fri 23-Jan-15Tracey Mills97 - 37Keith Taylor121
Mon 26-Jan-15Tracey Mills109 - 59Mickie Wynne-Davies146
Tue 27-Jan-15Tracey Mills107 - 69Gary Coroner121
Wed 28-Jan-15Tracey Mills116 - 58Daniel Rhymer127
Thu 29-Jan-15Tracey Mills98 - 77Martin McConachie119
Fri 30-Jan-15Tracey Mills104 - 6Wendy Cooke122
Mon 2-Feb-15Rod Stainsby67 - 71Shaun Gill133
Tue 3-Feb-15Shaun Gill86 - 54Vikram Kalsi141
Wed 4-Feb-15Shaun Gill80 - 70Mark Brighty132
Thu 5-Feb-15Shaun Gill74 - 61Tess Gustard122
Fri 6-Feb-15Shaun Gill63 - 91Nick Briggs131
Mon 9-Feb-15Nick Briggs84 - 98Kevin Steede117
Tue 10-Feb-15Kevin Steede101 - 59Alice Hugill125
Wed 11-Feb-15Kevin Steede89 - 47Sheila Watkinson121
Thu 12-Feb-15Kevin Steede108 - 41Terry Stapleton125
Fri 13-Feb-15Kevin Steede104 - 57Gus Aaron129
Mon 16-Feb-15Kevin Steede104 - 76Mick Cockcroft124
Tue 17-Feb-15Kevin Steede85 - 80Lois Pattison118
Wed 18-Feb-15Kevin Steede103 - 95Lee Worth120
Thu 19-Feb-15Andy Lambert79 - 64Lou Marriott131
Fri 20-Feb-15Andy Lambert82 - 72James Mathers120
Mon 23-Feb-15Andy Lambert94 - 84Ben Jenkins125
Tue 24-Feb-15Andy Lambert88 - 94Jordan Barker120
Wed 25-Feb-15Jordan Barker103 - 71Sue Keepe140
Thu 26-Feb-15Jordan Barker72 - 63Matt Hill122
Fri 27-Feb-15Jordan Barker92 - 59Simon Bates132
Mon 2-Mar-15Jordan Barker87 - 23Mark Mulholland135
Tue 3-Mar-15Jordan Barker82 - 54Brian Craig124
Wed 4-Mar-15Jordan Barker104 - 58Alex Williamson132
Thu 5-Mar-15Jordan Barker79 - 62Debbie Jones122
Fri 6-Mar-15Mark Sutcliffe77 - 53Sebastian Macnair-Smith122
Mon 9-Mar-15Mark Sutcliffe44 - 82Chris Dromey132
Mon 16-Mar-15Chris Dromey90 - 38Graham French135
Tue 17-Mar-15Chris Dromey85 - 104Charlene Rose131
Wed 18-Mar-15Charlene Rose90 - 68Niven Padgett124
Thu 19-Mar-15Charlene Rose46 - 115Tom Cappleman123
Fri 20-Mar-15Tom Cappleman117 - 51Sharon Hagger123
Mon 23-Mar-15Tom Cappleman117 - 13Connor Moorst124
Tue 24-Mar-15Tom Cappleman135 - 23Jack Roberts144
Wed 25-Mar-15Tom Cappleman120 - 39Angela Hopson122
Thu 26-Mar-15Tom Cappleman109 - 53Mike Pilkington122
Fri 27-Mar-15Tom Cappleman105 - 16Paul Young128
Mon 30-Mar-15Tom Cappleman109 - 62Hamish Galloway125
Tue 31-Mar-15Graeme Parker31 - 99Kate Ritchie123
Wed 1-Apr-15Kate Ritchie82 - 77Gordon Taylor132
Thu 2-Apr-15Kate Ritchie77 - 99Gerry Tynan126
Mon 6-Apr-15Gerry Tynan119 - 91Mark Perrett132
Tue 7-Apr-15Gerry Tynan101 - 50Charlotte Robertson121
Wed 8-Apr-15Gerry Tynan91 - 27James Humpish121
Mon 13-Apr-15Gerry Tynan127 - 55Dean Anderson131
Tue 14-Apr-15Gerry Tynan119 - 39Nella Mathieson126
Wed 15-Apr-15Gerry Tynan103 - 46Ali Merali130
Thu 16-Apr-15Gerry Tynan108 - 52Anne Lewin134
Fri 17-Apr-15Stuart Langford30 - 66Gavin Woolnough116
Mon 20-Apr-15Gavin Woolnough80 - 54Andy Dent132
Tue 21-Apr-15Gavin Woolnough88 - 57Gareth Fisher132
Wed 22-Apr-15Gavin Woolnough80 - 77Mark O'Farrell124
Thu 23-Apr-15Gavin Woolnough78 - 59Joe Foxon118
Mon 27-Apr-15Gavin Woolnough62 - 78Simon Tomlinson126
Tue 28-Apr-15Simon Tomlinson83 - 71Craig Roe121
Wed 29-Apr-15Simon Tomlinson75 - 79Sue Picken122
Thu 30-Apr-15Sue Picken65 - 106Liam Thorne131
Fri 1-May-15Liam Thorne74 - 78Robert Baxter121
Mon 4-May-15Robert Baxter92 - 66Deirdre Sweetman115
Tue 5-May-15Robert Baxter57 - 105David Pooley130
Mon 11-May-15David Pooley80 - 66Erik Cornish131
Tue 12-May-15David Pooley104 - 55Eileen Noble118
Mon 18-May-15David Pooley81 - 82Len Hughes132
Tue 19-May-15Len Hughes49 - 84Steve Redfern129
Wed 20-May-15Steve Redfern85 - 69Patricia Hill118
Thu 21-May-15Steve Redfern72 - 60Mason Duke116
Fri 22-May-15Steve Redfern76 - 49Sam Steele129
Mon 25-May-15Steve Redfern83 - 70Gary Cohen125
Tue 26-May-15Steve Redfern99 - 36Jamie Smith120
Wed 27-May-15Steve Redfern85 - 70Ann-Marie Davies136
Thu 28-May-15Steve Redfern105 - 71Dan Bland131
Fri 29-May-15Patrick Thompson81 - 99James Judge134
Mon 1-Jun-15James Judge83 - 46Lisa Marquand119
Tue 2-Jun-15James Judge80 - 63Gerry Walker132
Wed 3-Jun-15Tom Cappleman98 - 40Gavin Woolnough124
Thu 4-Jun-15Gerry Tynan93 - 77Steve Redfern128
Mon 8-Jun-15Tracey Mills99 - 66Jordan Barker158
Tue 9-Jun-15Andy Noden94 - 99Kevin Steede124
Wed 10-Jun-15Tom Cappleman127 - 52Kevin Steede132
Thu 11-Jun-15Gerry Tynan89 - 101Tracey Mills124
Fri 12-Jun-15Tom Cappleman107 - 89Tracey Mills126

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