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Series 71

Recappers for this series: Andy McGurn, Anthony Endsor, Callum Todd, Giles Hutchings, Jack Worsley, James Laverty, James Robinson, Jen Steadman, Jordan F, Sean Fletcher.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 30-Jun-14James Wall68 - 33Tricia Blatherwick133
Tue 1-Jul-14James Wall68 - 73Sue Melling142
Wed 2-Jul-14Sue Melling39 - 69Rob Jennings121
Thu 3-Jul-14Rob Jennings41 - 37Denise O'Neill120
Fri 4-Jul-14Rob Jennings55 - 63Neil Rigby119
Mon 7-Jul-14Neil Rigby62 - 79Tim Gregory122
Tue 8-Jul-14Tim Gregory62 - 49Lewis Henderson123
Wed 9-Jul-14Tim Gregory30 - 91Ian Linton118
Mon 14-Jul-14Ian Linton105 - 57Katie Bould129
Tue 15-Jul-14Ian Linton92 - 102Damen Bramwell133
Wed 16-Jul-14Damen Bramwell79 - 113James Penny133
Thu 17-Jul-14James Penny84 - 78Vicki White119
Fri 18-Jul-14James Penny106 - 58Daniel Hurley134
Mon 21-Jul-14James Penny49 - 109Jason Turner124
Tue 22-Jul-14Jason Turner116 - 36Ben Wardropper124
Wed 23-Jul-14Jason Turner82 - 100Tricia Pay123
Thu 24-Jul-14Tricia Pay119 - 51David Parsons134
Fri 25-Jul-14Tricia Pay109 - 80Tom Read122
Mon 28-Jul-14Tricia Pay101 - 98Duncan McGregor133
Mon 4-Aug-14Tricia Pay110 - 50Kiattisak Thepsuriya129
Tue 5-Aug-14Tricia Pay106 - 69Darren Measor131
Wed 6-Aug-14Tricia Pay116 - 43Bob Ireland121
Thu 7-Aug-14Tricia Pay96 - 58Dave Nicholson122
Fri 8-Aug-14Mark Davies102 - 52Amy Trueman122
Mon 11-Aug-14Mark Davies111 - 75Julia Hayward141
Tue 12-Aug-14Mark Davies107 - 73John Cook121
Wed 13-Aug-14Mark Davies101 - 50Robbie Davies118
Thu 14-Aug-14Mark Davies85 - 66Bill Linton132
Fri 15-Aug-14Mark Davies137 - 76Keith Myers-Sleight145
Mon 18-Aug-14Mark Davies103 - 47Stella Beaumont130
Tue 19-Aug-14Mark Davies98 - 86Simon Bryan121
Mon 25-Aug-14Russ Thornton79 - 72Douglas Legg133
Tue 26-Aug-14Russ Thornton80 - 86David Stanford133
Wed 27-Aug-14David Stanford75 - 63Lynne Campbell135
Thu 28-Aug-14David Stanford80 - 74Callum Pickering131
Fri 29-Aug-14David Stanford89 - 52Joe Clarke132
Mon 1-Sep-14David Stanford85 - 83Steve Hagger124
Tue 2-Sep-14David Stanford81 - 28Sara Thompson122
Wed 3-Sep-14David Stanford81 - 33Natassja Stiles129
Thu 4-Sep-14David Stanford47 - 75Szelong Ng129
Fri 5-Sep-14Szelong Ng52 - 68Paul Bradley134
Mon 8-Sep-14Paul Bradley40 - 129Jamie Ilett-Jones143
Wed 10-Sep-14Farhan Ahmed99 - 59Aly Spencer125
Mon 15-Sep-14Farhan Ahmed121 - 45Michele Lennox123
Wed 17-Sep-14Paul Worsley96 - 73Colm Byrne130
Thu 18-Sep-14Paul Worsley87 - 62David Morgans132
Fri 19-Sep-14Paul Worsley108 - 90Kieran O'Driscoll120
Mon 22-Sep-14Paul Worsley93 - 45Paul Barton139
Wed 24-Sep-14Paul Worsley70 - 76Michael McDowell121
Thu 25-Sep-14Michael McDowell73 - 52Elisabeth Jardine113
Mon 29-Sep-14Michael McDowell95 - 75Alan Chumbley134
Wed 1-Oct-14Michael McDowell52 - 91Paul Talmey121
Thu 2-Oct-14Paul Talmey69 - 72Ellen Baker123
Fri 3-Oct-14Ellen Baker77 - 71Sharif Nashashibi124
Mon 6-Oct-14Ellen Baker50 - 107Vicki Landriau133
Wed 8-Oct-14Gary Mehaffy70 - 113Dan McColm131
Thu 9-Oct-14Dan McColm92 - 70Ben Hodgson127
Fri 10-Oct-14Dan McColm112 - 37Daisy Stemple119
Mon 13-Oct-14Dan McColm116 - 47John Vivian128
Tue 14-Oct-14Dan McColm129 - 58Samantha Cooper131
Wed 15-Oct-14Dan McColm137 - 53Harry Jarrett139
Thu 16-Oct-14Dan McColm126 - 44Antony Aston130
Mon 20-Oct-14Dan McColm117 - 51Stephen Wieldon121
Wed 22-Oct-14Jonny Rye101 - 75Sally Wight119
Thu 23-Oct-14Jonny Rye92 - 102George Ford125
Fri 24-Oct-14George Ford114 - 68John Payne132
Mon 27-Oct-14George Ford101 - 61Ita Moynihan122
Wed 29-Oct-14George Ford95 - 25Stewart Fraser124
Thu 30-Oct-14George Ford107 - 56Jonathan Lee122
Fri 31-Oct-14George Ford112 - 32Sue Edgar124
Mon 3-Nov-14George Ford101 - 77Tom Pettinger118
Wed 5-Nov-14Gweni Sorokin48 - 65Jamie Jardine126
Thu 6-Nov-14Jamie Jardine51 - 118Laurence Killen134
Fri 7-Nov-14Laurence Killen85 - 76Caro Hunt124
Mon 10-Nov-14Laurence Killen98 - 53Steven Mallett130
Wed 12-Nov-14Laurence Killen79 - 61Alex Davies131
Thu 13-Nov-14Laurence Killen107 - 57Josephine Keane118
Mon 17-Nov-14Laurence Killen114 - 66Danny Davies119
Tue 18-Nov-14Laurence Killen97 - 78Robert Collie121
Wed 19-Nov-14Joey Mulligan29 - 60Malcolm Fletcher122
Thu 20-Nov-14Malcolm Fletcher74 - 93Edward Byrne135
Fri 21-Nov-14Edward Byrne73 - 88Andrew Avery120
Mon 24-Nov-14Andrew Avery75 - 82Rachel Evans128
Tue 25-Nov-14Rachel Evans70 - 66David Hooson120
Wed 26-Nov-14Rachel Evans65 - 107Antoinette Ryan157
Thu 27-Nov-14Antoinette Ryan120 - 33Tom Jordan134
Fri 28-Nov-14Antoinette Ryan103 - 28Kevin Duckworth123
Mon 1-Dec-14Antoinette Ryan104 - 79Emma Brown145
Tue 2-Dec-14Antoinette Ryan118 - 51Bob Currie157
Wed 3-Dec-14Antoinette Ryan104 - 68Justin Ray120
Thu 4-Dec-14Antoinette Ryan91 - 48Peter Douet124
Fri 5-Dec-14Antoinette Ryan112 - 54Matt Willock133
Mon 8-Dec-14Den McQuillan69 - 74Jacky Pinkney118
Tue 9-Dec-14Jacky Pinkney69 - 112Andy Noden130
Wed 10-Dec-14Dan McColm109 - 60Paul Worsley121
Thu 11-Dec-14Antoinette Ryan82 - 65David Stanford121
Mon 15-Dec-14Laurence Killen98 - 97Tricia Pay126
Tue 16-Dec-14Mark Davies78 - 90George Ford122
Wed 17-Dec-14Dan McColm123 - 77George Ford123
Thu 18-Dec-14Antoinette Ryan102 - 88Laurence Killen132
Fri 19-Dec-14Dan McColm117 - 87Antoinette Ryan129

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