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Series 70

Recappers for this series: Andy McGurn, Anthony Endsor, Callum Todd, Ciaran McCarthy, Graeme Cole, Jack Worsley, James Robinson, Sean Fletcher.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 6-Jan-14Rod Chatfield51 - 77Bobby Banerjee132
Tue 7-Jan-14Bobby Banerjee86 - 68Katy Robinson125
Wed 8-Jan-14Bobby Banerjee94 - 11Danny Davey137
Thu 9-Jan-14Bobby Banerjee92 - 36John Godwin123
Fri 10-Jan-14Bobby Banerjee79 - 18Helen Keating161
Mon 13-Jan-14Bobby Banerjee104 - 41Ray Sykes122
Tue 14-Jan-14Bobby Banerjee65 - 95Ciarán Crawley134
Wed 15-Jan-14Ciarán Crawley98 - 46Sean Keefe125
Thu 16-Jan-14Ciarán Crawley95 - 74Sophie Handley130
Fri 17-Jan-14Ciarán Crawley82 - 94Jamie Halliwell133
Mon 20-Jan-14Jamie Halliwell82 - 62Claire McIver124
Tue 21-Jan-14Jamie Halliwell46 - 62Priscilla Munday122
Wed 22-Jan-14Priscilla Munday74 - 61Ian Williams134
Thu 23-Jan-14Priscilla Munday94 - 28Anthony Willis133
Fri 24-Jan-14Priscilla Munday101 - 40Sam Hodkin145
Mon 27-Jan-14Priscilla Munday88 - 73Josephine Hollis135
Tue 28-Jan-14Priscilla Munday84 - 47Daniel Steel112
Wed 29-Jan-14Priscilla Munday83 - 91Andy Gardner131
Thu 30-Jan-14Andy Gardner74 - 67Martin Howes130
Fri 31-Jan-14Andy Gardner97 - 78Gerry Beirne130
Mon 3-Feb-14Andy Gardner75 - 46Dave Barker118
Tue 4-Feb-14Andy Gardner79 - 46Becky Steed123
Wed 5-Feb-14Andy Gardner88 - 73Michael Cullen146
Thu 6-Feb-14Andy Gardner76 - 87Martin Hamill122
Fri 7-Feb-14Martin Hamill65 - 80Graeme Cheek142
Mon 10-Feb-14Graeme Cheek77 - 59Eoin Keegan127
Tue 11-Feb-14Graeme Cheek73 - 68Chris Murgatroyd123
Wed 12-Feb-14Graeme Cheek65 - 76Andrew Farr123
Thu 13-Feb-14Andrew Farr89 - 102Adrian Day127
Fri 14-Feb-14Adrian Day57 - 96Brett Davids123
Mon 17-Feb-14Brett Davids103 - 63Christopher Jones137
Tue 18-Feb-14Brett Davids93 - 51Jenny Bradley124
Wed 19-Feb-14Brett Davids65 - 76Andy Naylor146
Thu 20-Feb-14Andy Naylor104 - 19Douglas Horne132
Fri 21-Feb-14Andy Naylor98 - 68Johnny Hull134
Mon 24-Feb-14Andy Naylor109 - 32Elli Hanmer133
Tue 25-Feb-14Andy Naylor95 - 60Steve Jones130
Wed 26-Feb-14Andy Naylor104 - 60Jonathan Lee124
Thu 27-Feb-14Andy Naylor110 - 35Adrian Albon134
Fri 28-Feb-14Andy Naylor85 - 71Martin Thompson141
Mon 3-Mar-14Sean Connors82 - 68Bill Nicholson145
Tue 4-Mar-14Sean Connors76 - 63Sue Babb124
Wed 5-Mar-14Sean Connors60 - 62Jay Preller145
Thu 6-Mar-14Jay Preller65 - 90Joe Hammill133
Fri 7-Mar-14Joe Hammill84 - 55Paul Easton132
Mon 10-Mar-14Joe Hammill80 - 89Ruth Erwin146
Mon 17-Mar-14Ruth Erwin82 - 58Matt Styles134
Tue 18-Mar-14Ruth Erwin66 - 116Cliff Lee133
Wed 19-Mar-14Cliff Lee93 - 40Peter Johnson117
Thu 20-Mar-14Cliff Lee84 - 64Tom Dixon126
Fri 21-Mar-14Cliff Lee86 - 30James Topps120
Mon 24-Mar-14Cliff Lee101 - 54Gerry Wrathall135
Tue 25-Mar-14Cliff Lee69 - 74Martin Ashmeade142
Wed 26-Mar-14Martin Ashmeade68 - 72Jonathan Worrall130
Thu 27-Mar-14Jonathan Worrall63 - 95Peter Cross123
Fri 28-Mar-14Peter Cross76 - 80Ann Robinson124
Mon 31-Mar-14Ann Robinson73 - 67Trevor Grundy145
Tue 1-Apr-14Ann Robinson94 - 70Addam Merali-Hosiene122
Wed 2-Apr-14Ann Robinson111 - 50Jack Hurlock135
Mon 7-Apr-14Ann Robinson71 - 92Bobby Johnson125
Tue 8-Apr-14Bobby Johnson87 - 60Cathy Doyle122
Wed 9-Apr-14Bobby Johnson85 - 69Peter Littleton131
Thu 10-Apr-14Bobby Johnson96 - 115Mark Murray145
Fri 11-Apr-14Mark Murray108 - 42Chris Newbury120
Mon 14-Apr-14Mark Murray120 - 104Ciaran McCarthy137
Tue 15-Apr-14Mark Murray100 - 26Jim Sales132
Wed 16-Apr-14Mark Murray115 - 48David Jameson135
Thu 17-Apr-14Mark Murray112 - 95Peter Steggle123
Fri 18-Apr-14Mark Murray122 - 86Mike Wilson133
Mon 21-Apr-14Mark Murray110 - 69Simon Pinder133
Tue 22-Apr-14Phil Whitman49 - 71Julie Devine147
Wed 23-Apr-14Julie Devine43 - 85Ben Clark118
Thu 24-Apr-14Ben Clark74 - 80Neil Green137
Mon 28-Apr-14Neil Green97 - 44Glyn Linder125
Tue 29-Apr-14Neil Green85 - 70Martyn Southwick124
Wed 30-Apr-14Neil Green89 - 69Anne Shallcross133
Thu 1-May-14Neil Green111 - 38Gary Warland122
Fri 2-May-14Neil Green103 - 81Stuart McQuitty124
Mon 5-May-14Neil Green90 - 100Sean Fletcher126
Tue 6-May-14Sean Fletcher91 - 69Dave Freeman122
Mon 12-May-14Sean Fletcher100 - 81Edward Kenny141
Tue 13-May-14Sean Fletcher101 - 78Aaron Price118
Mon 19-May-14Sean Fletcher72 - 69Dan Fenna131
Tue 20-May-14Sean Fletcher86 - 49Tony Stares119
Wed 21-May-14Sean Fletcher93 - 100Samir Pilica131
Thu 22-May-14Samir Pilica92 - 39Sam Smith132
Fri 23-May-14Samir Pilica95 - 73Harold Blythe121
Mon 26-May-14Samir Pilica120 - 53Simon Gillam133
Tue 27-May-14Samir Pilica104 - 37Andrew Sullivan131
Wed 28-May-14Samir Pilica104 - 43Peter Lidstone123
Thu 29-May-14Samir Pilica78 - 51Steve Parrett134
Fri 30-May-14Samir Pilica108 - 65Brian Boonham123
Mon 2-Jun-14Roy Taylor85 - 59Carrie Short134
Tue 3-Jun-14Roy Taylor84 - 51Ian Simpson121
Wed 4-Jun-14Roy Taylor97 - 65Pad Scanlon123
Thu 5-Jun-14Roy Taylor81 - 65Penny Storey130
Mon 9-Jun-14Roy Taylor85 - 65Dan Bridgwater121
Tue 10-Jun-14Roy Taylor48 - 82James Wall119
Wed 11-Jun-14James Wall90 - 75Richard Dillon136
Thu 12-Jun-14James Wall89 - 80Geoff Shaw123
Fri 13-Jun-14Mark Murray95 - 63Andy Gardner120
Mon 16-Jun-14Samir Pilica119 - 44Priscilla Munday143
Mon 23-Jun-14Andy Naylor86 - 70Bobby Banerjee125
Tue 24-Jun-14Neil Green84 - 55Sean Fletcher125
Wed 25-Jun-14Mark Murray89 - 64Neil Green134
Thu 26-Jun-14Samir Pilica79 - 96Andy Naylor130
Fri 27-Jun-14Mark Murray105 - 70Andy Naylor137

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