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Series 7

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Robert Baxter.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 14-Oct-85Clive Freedman49 - 40James Baillie
Tue 15-Oct-85Clive Freedman52 - 31Paul Darnley
Wed 16-Oct-85Clive Freedman36 - 6Jill Payne
Thu 17-Oct-85Clive Freedman48 - 29David Braines
Fri 18-Oct-85Clive Freedman55 - 37Steve Drinkwater
Mon 21-Oct-85Clive Freedman46 - 40Michael Rowlands
Tue 22-Oct-85Clive Freedman67 - 19Joan Bebbington
Wed 23-Oct-85Clive Freedman56 - 38Andrew Thomson
Thu 24-Oct-85Peter Collier35 - 35Dennis Allen
Fri 25-Oct-85Dennis Allen40 - 55Peter Collier
Mon 28-Oct-85Peter Collier29 - 47Jean Fish
Tue 29-Oct-85Jean Fish46 - 43Phil Wall
Wed 30-Oct-85Jean Fish59 - 43Pauline West
Thu 31-Oct-85Jean Fish34 - 54Michael Spencer
Fri 1-Nov-85Michael Spencer16 - 66Ian Bebbington
Mon 4-Nov-85Ian Bebbington52 - 31Ken Brown
Tue 5-Nov-85Ian Bebbington59 - 18Michael McCormack
Wed 6-Nov-85Ian Bebbington41 - 52Marion Johnstone
Thu 7-Nov-85Marion Johnstone57 - 29Graham Green
Fri 8-Nov-85Marion Johnstone36 - 45Cliff Loy
Mon 11-Nov-85Cliff Loy30 - 49Susan Wallace
Tue 12-Nov-85Susan Wallace36 - 57Tim O'Kane
Wed 13-Nov-85Tim O'Kane35 - 35Enid Fordham
Thu 14-Nov-85Tim O'Kane55 - 38Enid Fordham
Fri 15-Nov-85Tim O'Kane57 - 29Margaret Reid
Tue 19-Nov-85Tim O'Kane63 - 46Robert Bosher
Wed 20-Nov-85Tim O'Kane43 - 50Tim Davies
Thu 21-Nov-85Tim Davies50 - 34Honey Russell
Fri 22-Nov-85Tim Davies44 - 44Arthur Boden
Sat 23-Nov-85Arthur Boden44 - 31Tim Davies
Mon 25-Nov-85Arthur Boden15 - 49Patricia Mendes Da Costa
Tue 26-Nov-85Robert Coton48 - 42Patricia Mendes Da Costa
Wed 27-Nov-85Robert Coton70 - 31Cyril Annis
Thu 28-Nov-85Robert Coton45 - 25Philip Faulkner
Fri 29-Nov-85Robert Coton51 - 39John Hawker
Mon 2-Dec-85Robert Coton38 - 49Gary Franks
Tue 3-Dec-85Gary Franks55 - 13June Fawcett
Wed 4-Dec-85Gary Franks45 - 60Julian Hough
Thu 5-Dec-85Julian Hough58 - 36Philip Godfrey
Fri 6-Dec-85Julian Hough45 - 37Neil Stein
Mon 9-Dec-85Julian Hough54 - 27Leslie Pollitt72
Tue 10-Dec-85Julian Hough50 - 19Steve Holdsworth71
Wed 11-Dec-85Julian Hough62 - 17Bob Balmer70
Thu 12-Dec-85Clive Freedman63 - 19Gary Franks72
Fri 13-Dec-85Julian Hough63 - 34Tim Davies82
Mon 16-Dec-85Tim O'Kane54 - 57Jean Fish75
Tue 17-Dec-85Robert Coton53 - 65Ian Bebbington73
Wed 18-Dec-85Clive Freedman46 - 49Ian Bebbington70
Thu 19-Dec-85Jean Fish37 - 59Julian Hough73
Fri 20-Dec-85Ian Bebbington82 - 77Julian Hough127

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