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Series 69

Recappers for this series: Andy Platt, Anthony Endsor, Graeme Cole, Jack Worsley, James Robinson, James Roper, Kieran Bray.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 1-Jul-13Glen Webb115 - 73Kevin Safford126
Wed 3-Jul-13Steve Grimble84 - 77Erin O'Reilly135
Thu 4-Jul-13Steve Grimble77 - 76Kaz Ali120
Fri 5-Jul-13Steve Grimble71 - 81Dan Skelton121
Mon 8-Jul-13Dan Skelton38 - 84June Glasspell121
Tue 9-Jul-13June Glasspell88 - 57Tom Stoddart124
Wed 10-Jul-13June Glasspell87 - 81Jessamine O'Connor120
Thu 11-Jul-13June Glasspell77 - 60Alan Ottowell133
Fri 12-Jul-13June Glasspell100 - 53Mark Gower144
Mon 15-Jul-13June Glasspell55 - 69Margaret Lawless133
Tue 16-Jul-13Margaret Lawless77 - 54Richard Kilworth132
Wed 17-Jul-13Margaret Lawless67 - 10Gen Baker121
Thu 18-Jul-13Margaret Lawless84 - 76Niall Breen133
Fri 19-Jul-13Margaret Lawless62 - 85Rory Coleman154
Mon 22-Jul-13Rory Coleman98 - 35Cherry Ann Grant120
Tue 23-Jul-13Rory Coleman81 - 79Graham Harrison134
Wed 24-Jul-13Rory Coleman76 - 118Zarte Siempre130
Thu 25-Jul-13Zarte Siempre114 - 34Ian Talbot127
Fri 26-Jul-13Zarte Siempre103 - 49Brenda Widger123
Mon 29-Jul-13Zarte Siempre137 - 41Michelle Furnell143
Mon 5-Aug-13Zarte Siempre103 - 26Sam Wheeler124
Tue 6-Aug-13Zarte Siempre81 - 120Dylan Taylor121
Wed 7-Aug-13Dylan Taylor124 - 30David Howard146
Thu 8-Aug-13Dylan Taylor121 - 67Tony Izzard132
Fri 9-Aug-13Dylan Taylor113 - 47Dominic James122
Mon 12-Aug-13Dylan Taylor122 - 55Mark O'Regan135
Tue 13-Aug-13Dylan Taylor129 - 22Leone Mitchell143
Wed 14-Aug-13Dylan Taylor124 - 27Mike Thompson126
Thu 15-Aug-13Dylan Taylor121 - 17Russ Millhouse125
Fri 16-Aug-13Steve Saunders76 - 102Gemma Church123
Mon 19-Aug-13Gemma Church78 - 55Jan Woolnough122
Tue 20-Aug-13Gemma Church78 - 28Karl Pryor124
Mon 26-Aug-13Gemma Church86 - 70Jake Mason134
Tue 27-Aug-13Gemma Church101 - 75Scott Coyle134
Wed 28-Aug-13Gemma Church95 - 36Amar Sangha134
Thu 29-Aug-13Gemma Church62 - 78Peter Etherington131
Fri 30-Aug-13Peter Etherington52 - 104Jen Steadman121
Mon 2-Sep-13Jen Steadman112 - 19Derek Knowles120
Tue 3-Sep-13Jen Steadman118 - 41David Robinson121
Wed 4-Sep-13Jen Steadman130 - 49Ian Toulson132
Thu 5-Sep-13Jen Steadman117 - 62Ray Tate120
Fri 6-Sep-13Jen Steadman126 - 36Helen Betts131
Mon 9-Sep-13Jen Steadman126 - 55Ned French147
Tue 10-Sep-13Jen Steadman119 - 82Ross Lander131
Wed 11-Sep-13Natalie Corriette84 - 49Sam Felda120
Thu 12-Sep-13Natalie Corriette84 - 56Stephen Hiley118
Fri 13-Sep-13Natalie Corriette57 - 106Alex Fish124
Mon 16-Sep-13Alex Fish98 - 80Michael Douglas131
Tue 17-Sep-13Alex Fish96 - 77Rick Palmer135
Wed 18-Sep-13Alex Fish112 - 59Uday Patel142
Thu 19-Sep-13Alex Fish96 - 62Suzannah Hemmings130
Fri 20-Sep-13Alex Fish93 - 56Mike Fenn123
Mon 23-Sep-13Alex Fish103 - 68Roy Smith124
Tue 24-Sep-13Alex Fish94 - 65Michael Richards142
Wed 25-Sep-13Taz Bhuta56 - 70Ritch Greenwood117
Thu 26-Sep-13Ritch Greenwood80 - 66Andy Sheppard129
Fri 27-Sep-13Ritch Greenwood58 - 70Callum Todd125
Mon 30-Sep-13Callum Todd83 - 66Adam Dexter120
Tue 1-Oct-13Callum Todd79 - 55John Blaker121
Wed 2-Oct-13Callum Todd101 - 40Breda Sexton133
Thu 3-Oct-13Callum Todd103 - 74Ben Hendry122
Fri 4-Oct-13Callum Todd108 - 61Lucy Bryden133
Mon 7-Oct-13Callum Todd114 - 77Chris Allum123
Tue 8-Oct-13Callum Todd89 - 99Abdizirak Hirsi135
Wed 9-Oct-13Abdirizak Hirsi113 - 40Eric Emslie125
Thu 10-Oct-13Abdirizak Hirsi116 - 71Fiona Hanrahan133
Fri 11-Oct-13Abdirizak Hirsi99 - 40Michael Lillie120
Mon 14-Oct-13Abdirizak Hirsi86 - 62Brenda Ware126
Tue 15-Oct-13Abdirizak Hirsi107 - 119Mark Hartnett143
Wed 16-Oct-13Mark Hartnett93 - 52Edel Creely133
Thu 17-Oct-13Mark Hartnett92 - 55Dan McDonnell122
Fri 18-Oct-13Mark Hartnett101 - 111Bradley Cates131
Mon 21-Oct-13Bradley Cates100 - 74Sean Deloughry142
Tue 22-Oct-13Bradley Cates123 - 24Andrew Bryce125
Wed 23-Oct-13Bradley Cates109 - 61Kevin Bromboszcz121
Thu 24-Oct-13Bradley Cates118 - 64James Clarke147
Fri 25-Oct-13Bradley Cates99 - 59Margaret Thompson133
Mon 28-Oct-13Bradley Cates107 - 44Pat Burke123
Tue 29-Oct-13Bradley Cates95 - 64Tom Conlon123
Wed 30-Oct-13Anne James65 - 66Joe Branker133
Thu 31-Oct-13Joe Branker56 - 83Alan Young121
Fri 1-Nov-13Alan Young78 - 42Michael Dunne132
Mon 4-Nov-13Alan Young106 - 63Ian Kenny132
Tue 5-Nov-13Alan Young78 - 80Michael McLaughlin123
Wed 6-Nov-13Michael McLaughlin85 - 65Lee Ludlow117
Thu 7-Nov-13Michael McLaughlin34 - 84Sarah Taylor127
Fri 8-Nov-13Sarah Taylor104 - 77Anne Lambert146
Mon 11-Nov-13Sarah Taylor114 - 40Mandy Middleton131
Tue 12-Nov-13Sarah Taylor82 - 94Russell Secker133
Wed 13-Nov-13Russell Secker39 - 90Simon Whiteley122
Thu 14-Nov-13Simon Whiteley90 - 63Harveen Chugh130
Fri 15-Nov-13Simon Whiteley83 - 54Mike Botto119
Mon 18-Nov-13Simon Whiteley102 - 37Nick Moore120
Tue 19-Nov-13Simon Whiteley81 - 87Philip Creed130
Wed 20-Nov-13Philip Creed51 - 63June Madell134
Thu 21-Nov-13June Madell53 - 84Jonathan Liew131
Fri 22-Nov-13Jonathan Liew105 - 29Pam Skingle140
Mon 25-Nov-13Jonathan Liew96 - 54Sally Castle127
Tue 26-Nov-13Jonathan Liew100 - 69Alistair Clayton123
Wed 27-Nov-13Jonathan Liew68 - 66Robin Gray133
Thu 28-Nov-13Jonathan Liew120 - 68Richard Allan135
Fri 29-Nov-13Jonathan Liew90 - 49Tom Genge120
Mon 2-Dec-13Jonathan Liew91 - 71Tricia Lockhart125
Tue 3-Dec-13Tim Bluck37 - 79George Skinner122
Wed 4-Dec-13George Skinner49 - 68Bea Hill122
Thu 5-Dec-13Bea Hill80 - 90Rod Chatfield120
Fri 6-Dec-13Rod Chatfield95 - 29Jamie Marriott125
Mon 9-Dec-13Rod Chatfield82 - 72Rowena Martin122
Tue 10-Dec-13Rod Chatfield70 - 52Joe Miall123
Wed 11-Dec-13Rod Chatfield97 - 65Kevin Westlake131
Thu 12-Dec-13Dylan Taylor108 - 76Gemma Church118
Fri 13-Dec-13Jen Steadman105 - 108Callum Todd133
Mon 16-Dec-13Glen Webb107 - 45Jonathan Liew128
Tue 17-Dec-13Bradley Cates116 - 85Alex Fish126
Wed 18-Dec-13Dylan Taylor121 - 103Bradley Cates133
Thu 19-Dec-13Callum Todd107 - 82Glen Webb138
Fri 20-Dec-13Dylan Taylor116 - 126Callum Todd134

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