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Series 68

Recappers for this series: Andy Platt, Conor Travers, Graeme Cole, Jack Worsley, James Robinson, Thomas Carey, Tom Hargreaves.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 4-Mar-13Rachael Moran117 - 63Zee Mitha128
Tue 5-Mar-13Rachael Moran83 - 95Philip Jarvis129
Wed 6-Mar-13Philip Jarvis84 - 24Anthony Josephson118
Thu 7-Mar-13Philip Jarvis76 - 81Sam McElhinney118
Fri 8-Mar-13Sam McElhinney82 - 61Juliette Bains120
Mon 11-Mar-13Sam McElhinney70 - 51Ian Dobkin120
Mon 18-Mar-13Sam McElhinney93 - 66Ricky Roberts135
Tue 19-Mar-13Sam McElhinney67 - 114Andy Platt127
Wed 20-Mar-13Andy Platt112 - 25John Wiseman149
Thu 21-Mar-13Andy Platt108 - 32Jacqui Kemp133
Fri 22-Mar-13Andy Platt109 - 7Carl Anderson115
Mon 25-Mar-13Andy Platt100 - 33Daniel Davies120
Tue 26-Mar-13Andy Platt116 - 80Alex Newton127
Wed 27-Mar-13Andy Platt120 - 29Josh Young131
Thu 28-Mar-13Andy Platt110 - 51Bob Windsor134
Fri 29-Mar-13Alan Pollard61 - 89Peter Fenton123
Mon 1-Apr-13Peter Fenton93 - 54Eric Uphoff131
Tue 2-Apr-13Peter Fenton80 - 97Jean Wright124
Wed 3-Apr-13Jean Wright54 - 129Giles Hutchings134
Mon 8-Apr-13Giles Hutchings119 - 19Mike Lee132
Tue 9-Apr-13Giles Hutchings120 - 57Zulfi Ebrahim121
Wed 10-Apr-13Giles Hutchings115 - 50Nick Courtnadge126
Thu 11-Apr-13Giles Hutchings120 - 65Mark Witney139
Fri 12-Apr-13Giles Hutchings130 - 82Alan Flanagan144
Mon 15-Apr-13Giles Hutchings121 - 62Rob Tuson131
Tue 16-Apr-13Giles Hutchings111 - 58Nick Holland133
Wed 17-Apr-13Victoria Woollaston63 - 76Dan Tibbles124
Thu 18-Apr-13Dan Tibbles68 - 82John Gardner120
Fri 19-Apr-13John Gardner54 - 85Jill Hayward119
Mon 22-Apr-13Jill Hayward87 - 72JJ Burrows118
Tue 23-Apr-13Jill Hayward104 - 63Pat Gardner126
Wed 24-Apr-13Jill Hayward98 - 102Eileen Taylor121
Thu 25-Apr-13Eileen Taylor88 - 75Paul Johnson133
Mon 29-Apr-13Eileen Taylor85 - 46Ron Boyman134
Tue 30-Apr-13Eileen Taylor99 - 67Morgan Nock124
Wed 1-May-13Eileen Taylor111 - 31Katie Burge123
Thu 2-May-13Eileen Taylor99 - 72Neil Budge132
Fri 3-May-13Eileen Taylor67 - 64Sam Lake133
Mon 6-May-13Eileen Taylor103 - 45Jake Elliott124
Tue 7-May-13Richard Izzard46 - 78Ian Burn118
Mon 13-May-13Ian Burn57 - 83Joe McGonigle125
Tue 14-May-13Joe McGonigle91 - 40Lynne Banks124
Mon 20-May-13Joe McGonigle93 - 67Mark Goldsmith145
Tue 21-May-13Joe McGonigle95 - 56Jonny Walker125
Wed 22-May-13Joe McGonigle78 - 49Mark Ivey134
Thu 23-May-13Joe McGonigle88 - 65Adam Beardwell134
Fri 24-May-13Joe McGonigle94 - 76Greg Pearce123
Mon 27-May-13Joe McGonigle94 - 40Rachael Bagot123
Tue 28-May-13Stuart Scholes78 - 73David Lockett127
Wed 29-May-13Stuart Scholes84 - 72Dave Fielding137
Thu 30-May-13Stuart Scholes58 - 88Chris Ball124
Mon 3-Jun-13Chris Ball95 - 47Mill Pritchard130
Tue 4-Jun-13Chris Ball84 - 57Vicky Greaves130
Wed 5-Jun-13Chris Ball91 - 125Glen Webb145
Thu 6-Jun-13Glen Webb91 - 58Mike Bailey136
Fri 7-Jun-13Glen Webb122 - 59Richard Vaughan143
Mon 10-Jun-13Glen Webb114 - 50Mike Stone131
Tue 11-Jun-13Glen Webb141 - 49Martin Wilsdon145
Wed 12-Jun-13Glen Webb109 - 48Mark Williams134
Thu 13-Jun-13Glen Webb128 - 52Anne Whitehead133
Fri 14-Jun-13Giles Hutchings109 - 86Peter Fenton134
Mon 17-Jun-13Andy Platt115 - 29Chris Ball123
Mon 24-Jun-13Eileen Taylor86 - 81Jill Hayward134
Tue 25-Jun-13Joe McGonigle108 - 83Sam McElhinney124
Wed 26-Jun-13Giles Hutchings106 - 38Joe McGonigle124
Thu 27-Jun-13Andy Platt120 - 65Eileen Taylor126
Fri 28-Jun-13Giles Hutchings95 - 86Andy Platt115

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