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Series 67

Recappers for this series: Graeme Cole, Jack Worsley, James Robinson, Jordan F, Kieran Bray, Thomas Carey, Tony Atkins.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 2-Jul-12Carol Coley76 - 63Alex Forster120
Tue 3-Jul-12Carol Coley53 - 91Baljeet Nijjhar119
Wed 4-Jul-12Baljeet Nijjhar89 - 60Richard Hillier124
Thu 5-Jul-12Baljeet Nijjhar75 - 72Tom Sharp128
Fri 6-Jul-12Baljeet Nijjhar83 - 105Paul James130
Mon 9-Jul-12Paul James106 - 81Andrew Koffman130
Tue 10-Jul-12Paul James100 - 42Dick King122
Wed 11-Jul-12Paul James99 - 49Tom Leslie129
Thu 12-Jul-12Paul James98 - 69Melanie Korepta125
Fri 13-Jul-12Paul James83 - 27Chris Barnett124
Mon 16-Jul-12Paul James110 - 66Phil Hopgood135
Tue 17-Jul-12Paul James93 - 64John McGinnes128
Wed 18-Jul-12Chris Marshall95 - 51Martin De Sousa122
Thu 19-Jul-12Chris Marshall86 - 69Philippa MacFarlane140
Fri 20-Jul-12Chris Marshall92 - 81Brian McGee121
Mon 23-Jul-12Chris Marshall98 - 61Adam Stevens131
Tue 24-Jul-12Chris Marshall73 - 70Simon Ricketts119
Wed 25-Jul-12Chris Marshall76 - 53Karl Kwiatkowski129
Thu 26-Jul-12Chris Marshall84 - 59Colin Murphy118
Fri 27-Jul-12Chris Marshall78 - 49Fergus Regan130
Mon 6-Aug-12Anthea Rata93 - 45Kevin Geoghegan144
Tue 7-Aug-12Anthea Rata87 - 96Grant Waters129
Wed 8-Aug-12Grant Waters86 - 53Tom Larner120
Thu 9-Aug-12Grant Waters105 - 41Joyce Benfield151
Fri 10-Aug-12Grant Waters95 - 33Colin Costello120
Mon 13-Aug-12Grant Waters100 - 42Neil Jenner121
Tue 14-Aug-12Grant Waters87 - 62Mark Eaden133
Wed 15-Aug-12Grant Waters83 - 45Calum Steel141
Thu 16-Aug-12Grant Waters70 - 83Andy Rossall125
Fri 17-Aug-12Andy Rossall91 - 72Matthew Burden133
Mon 17-Sep-12Andy Rossall90 - 97Liam Shaw128
Tue 18-Sep-12Liam Shaw88 - 39Tristam Burgess142
Wed 19-Sep-12Liam Shaw69 - 62Charlotte Estall122
Thu 20-Sep-12Liam Shaw96 - 58Louise Wilson122
Fri 21-Sep-12Liam Shaw99 - 75Colin McBeth128
Mon 24-Sep-12Liam Shaw104 - 78Natalie Taylor120
Tue 25-Sep-12Liam Shaw72 - 60Rosie Maclennan118
Wed 26-Sep-12Liam Shaw83 - 82Jessica Pratesi122
Thu 27-Sep-12Adam Flinn101 - 49Lesley Firth130
Mon 1-Oct-12Adam Flinn64 - 59Rick Fear132
Tue 2-Oct-12Adam Flinn74 - 36Matthew Howell120
Wed 3-Oct-12Adam Flinn64 - 91Tia Corkish119
Thu 4-Oct-12Tia Corkish89 - 54David Bratley131
Fri 5-Oct-12Tia Corkish66 - 55Nayomie Worth117
Mon 8-Oct-12Tia Corkish91 - 64Ryan Sword128
Tue 9-Oct-12Tia Corkish63 - 52Paul Smith135
Wed 10-Oct-12Tia Corkish87 - 44Joolz Stanton139
Thu 11-Oct-12Tia Corkish102 - 66Jodine Lawrence117
Fri 12-Oct-12Tia Corkish108 - 79Janet Chambers141
Mon 15-Oct-12Barry Mould54 - 100Rose Boyle120
Tue 16-Oct-12Rose Boyle89 - 44Gavin Sutton128
Wed 17-Oct-12Rose Boyle86 - 77Nick Turner126
Thu 18-Oct-12Rose Boyle86 - 70Dave Moore116
Fri 19-Oct-12Rose Boyle90 - 69Tom Moran127
Mon 22-Oct-12Rose Boyle89 - 60Alan Pattison120
Tue 23-Oct-12Rose Boyle73 - 71Sam Leek138
Wed 24-Oct-12Rose Boyle88 - 72Anna Sillito120
Thu 25-Oct-12Leke Kupoluyi55 - 79Dave Boyle129
Fri 26-Oct-12Dave Boyle65 - 73Amy Gilbert141
Mon 29-Oct-12Amy Gilbert111 - 34Nick Bonsall129
Tue 30-Oct-12Amy Gilbert65 - 88Lucy Grainge120
Wed 31-Oct-12Lucy Grainge83 - 65Ivor Sorokin121
Thu 1-Nov-12Lucy Grainge84 - 96Philip Jackson124
Fri 2-Nov-12Philip Jackson93 - 33Ron Highley125
Mon 5-Nov-12Philip Jackson90 - 60Adrian Summerfield116
Tue 6-Nov-12Philip Jackson89 - 73Derek Tucker133
Wed 7-Nov-12Philip Jackson65 - 114Heather Styles138
Thu 8-Nov-12Heather Styles89 - 67Rhondda McCracken132
Fri 9-Nov-12Heather Styles98 - 56Keith Walton139
Mon 12-Nov-12Heather Styles87 - 65Tracy Turner129
Tue 13-Nov-12Heather Styles82 - 73Alma Cox118
Wed 14-Nov-12Heather Styles89 - 49Max Plaice119
Thu 15-Nov-12Heather Styles88 - 20Stuart Gillespie120
Mon 19-Nov-12Heather Styles90 - 57Mike Winnerham132
Tue 20-Nov-12Susan Holden69 - 94David Barnard128
Wed 21-Nov-12David Barnard87 - 54Snigdha Tiruvuru129
Thu 22-Nov-12David Barnard111 - 70Arthur Sharpe123
Fri 23-Nov-12David Barnard100 - 55Chris Tracey119
Mon 26-Nov-12David Barnard107 - 22Stella Nanziri-Mbuggu128
Tue 27-Nov-12David Barnard92 - 69Ian Williams116
Wed 28-Nov-12David Barnard91 - 39Michael Henning128
Thu 29-Nov-12David Barnard89 - 55Virginia Arena140
Fri 30-Nov-12Terry Redfern55 - 82Sohail Virdi121
Mon 3-Dec-12Sohail Virdi97 - 66Duncan Conway122
Tue 4-Dec-12Sohail Virdi91 - 81Ken Gibson128
Wed 5-Dec-12Sohail Virdi85 - 82Cerianne Lovell120
Thu 6-Dec-12Sohail Virdi84 - 73Chris Broadway130
Fri 7-Dec-12Sohail Virdi76 - 82Rachael Moran131
Mon 10-Dec-12Rachael Moran78 - 69Leigh Workman131
Tue 11-Dec-12Rachael Moran78 - 74Robert Wilson116
Wed 12-Dec-12Grant Waters75 - 103Paul James116
Thu 13-Dec-12Chris Marshall63 - 108David Barnard132
Mon 17-Dec-12Tia Corkish65 - 100Heather Styles119
Tue 18-Dec-12Rose Boyle90 - 83Liam Shaw127
Wed 19-Dec-12Rose Boyle91 - 95Paul James116
Thu 20-Dec-12Heather Styles91 - 81David Barnard117
Fri 21-Dec-12Heather Styles51 - 106Paul James118

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