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Series 66

Recappers for this series: David Barnard, Eoin Monaghan, Graeme Cole, Jack Worsley, James Robinson, Kieran Bray, Liam Tiernan, Thomas Carey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 9-Jan-12Jack Worsley105 - 54Brian Tuohy127
Tue 10-Jan-12Jack Worsley110 - 44Catherine Green150
Wed 11-Jan-12Jack Worsley103 - 67Barry Williams140
Thu 12-Jan-12Jack Worsley100 - 51Marcia Wells122
Fri 13-Jan-12Jack Worsley107 - 50Abi Maher130
Mon 16-Jan-12Jack Worsley105 - 73Stewart Macpherson120
Tue 17-Jan-12Jack Worsley85 - 51Alan Paterson120
Wed 18-Jan-12Mark Murphy98 - 34Nick Evans121
Thu 19-Jan-12Mark Murphy86 - 41Darren Coogan121
Fri 20-Jan-12Mark Murphy67 - 57Terry Moore115
Mon 23-Jan-12Mark Murphy76 - 42Cameron McClurg117
Tue 24-Jan-12Mark Murphy83 - 73Robert Coyne118
Wed 25-Jan-12Mark Murphy54 - 101Sri Gutta142
Thu 26-Jan-12Sri Gutta97 - 24David Airey132
Fri 27-Jan-12Sri Gutta61 - 68Susan Hughes117
Mon 30-Jan-12Susan Hughes55 - 81Neil Hewitt117
Tue 31-Jan-12Neil Hewitt74 - 40Esther Carpenter127
Wed 1-Feb-12Neil Hewitt75 - 62Bryn Keast123
Thu 2-Feb-12Neil Hewitt74 - 79Jocelyn Menyhart119
Fri 3-Feb-12Jocelyn Menyhart99 - 76Chris Reed119
Mon 6-Feb-12Jocelyn Menyhart61 - 67Victoria James127
Tue 7-Feb-12Victoria James90 - 59Diana Reeves121
Wed 8-Feb-12Victoria James97 - 81Aliraza Alimohamed118
Thu 9-Feb-12Victoria James92 - 65Katie Daniels118
Fri 10-Feb-12Victoria James76 - 72Dave Judge121
Mon 13-Feb-12Victoria James94 - 59Ed Barker127
Tue 14-Feb-12Victoria James51 - 69Chris Rose114
Wed 15-Feb-12Chris Rose66 - 96Chris Butler131
Thu 16-Feb-12Chris Butler93 - 73Matthew Conway119
Fri 17-Feb-12Chris Butler98 - 74Stewart Reynolds118
Mon 20-Feb-12Chris Butler75 - 101Peter Lee123
Tue 21-Feb-12Peter Lee84 - 49Gareth Munson117
Wed 22-Feb-12Peter Lee99 - 28Chris Stokes119
Thu 23-Feb-12Peter Lee78 - 71Niall Seymour116
Fri 24-Feb-12Peter Lee120 - 64Kieran Bray141
Mon 27-Feb-12Peter Lee118 - 93Stephen Seniot150
Tue 28-Feb-12Peter Lee96 - 77Ryan Carlsen123
Wed 29-Feb-12Peter Lee105 - 15James Belshaw115
Thu 1-Mar-12Sam Rowell62 - 98Anthony White126
Fri 2-Mar-12Anthony White54 - 87Ben Rollett129
Mon 5-Mar-12Ben Rollett84 - 63Andy Russell132
Tue 6-Mar-12Ben Rollett75 - 93Michael Taiwo131
Wed 7-Mar-12Michael Taiwo80 - 46David Coombs126
Thu 8-Mar-12Michael Taiwo73 - 79Gerri Kostrzewa118
Mon 19-Mar-12Gerri Kostrzewa80 - 64Natalie Willbe121
Tue 20-Mar-12Gerri Kostrzewa60 - 88Rajhoo Carooppunnen133
Wed 21-Mar-12Rajhoo Carooppunnen85 - 47Colin Lovell118
Thu 22-Mar-12Rajhoo Carooppunnen69 - 81Mick O'Brien141
Fri 23-Mar-12Mick O'Brien81 - 80Rob Mackay140
Mon 26-Mar-12Mick O'Brien61 - 62Wendy Gabriel124
Tue 27-Mar-12Wendy Gabriel51 - 84Alison Shipman128
Wed 28-Mar-12Alison Shipman85 - 45David Smith138
Thu 29-Mar-12Alison Shipman87 - 42Lise Christie117
Fri 30-Mar-12Alison Shipman90 - 79Peter Durnell142
Mon 2-Apr-12Alison Shipman73 - 94John Bird139
Tue 3-Apr-12John Bird71 - 50Tintin Napier120
Wed 4-Apr-12John Bird91 - 40Rob Galloway133
Thu 5-Apr-12John Bird58 - 105Rob Gibney127
Fri 6-Apr-12Rob Gibney93 - 47Jason Atkinson129
Mon 9-Apr-12Rob Gibney94 - 52Kevin Banyard120
Tue 10-Apr-12Rob Gibney101 - 49Spencer Taylor144
Wed 11-Apr-12Rob Gibney93 - 94Nathan Steggles130
Thu 12-Apr-12Nathan Steggles73 - 52Pouvanen Vee119
Fri 13-Apr-12Nathan Steggles69 - 52Mick McGuigan123
Mon 16-Apr-12Nathan Steggles73 - 80Hilary White129
Tue 17-Apr-12Hilary White89 - 60Steve Middleton119
Wed 18-Apr-12Hilary White68 - 77Matt Heal124
Thu 19-Apr-12Matt Heal65 - 64Oliver Nazer131
Fri 20-Apr-12Matt Heal66 - 67Monica Sutcliffe141
Mon 23-Apr-12Monica Sutcliffe61 - 80Megan Jephson127
Tue 24-Apr-12Megan Jephson89 - 77Jonathan Green128
Wed 25-Apr-12Megan Jephson81 - 85Kerry-Anne Alcock118
Thu 26-Apr-12Kerry-Anne Alcock75 - 76Nick Hall126
Fri 27-Apr-12Nick Hall95 - 61Danny Morton128
Mon 30-Apr-12Nick Hall92 - 67Clare Chisholm120
Tue 1-May-12Nick Hall87 - 40Fiona Owen131
Wed 2-May-12Nick Hall73 - 60Mike Alsford127
Thu 3-May-12Nick Hall96 - 58Luke Spencer129
Fri 4-May-12Nick Hall69 - 71Catherine Johnson123
Mon 7-May-12Catherine Johnson52 - 69George Anderson137
Tue 8-May-12George Anderson69 - 43Noel Treanor118
Wed 9-May-12George Anderson96 - 70John Riordan117
Thu 10-May-12George Anderson62 - 80Craig Lingard118
Fri 11-May-12Craig Lingard77 - 69Howard Gill114
Mon 14-May-12Craig Lingard92 - 36Luke Cottis120
Tue 15-May-12Craig Lingard39 - 56George Hills118
Wed 16-May-12George Hills43 - 88Stuart Wright118
Thu 17-May-12Stuart Wright111 - 79Jamie Ainge127
Fri 18-May-12Stuart Wright84 - 80Brenda Wrigglesworth118
Mon 21-May-12Stuart Wright71 - 72Tony Ackland121
Tue 22-May-12Tony Ackland71 - 78Glenn Clements150
Wed 23-May-12Glenn Clements80 - 47Elliot Barker126
Thu 24-May-12Glenn Clements63 - 74Suzi Purcell131
Fri 25-May-12Suzi Purcell106 - 89Jamie Lock131
Mon 28-May-12Suzi Purcell91 - 45Mark Green122
Tue 29-May-12Suzi Purcell93 - 51Nicole Sharples139
Wed 30-May-12Suzi Purcell76 - 40Elaine Rhodes132
Thu 31-May-12Suzi Purcell98 - 36Paul Magson120
Fri 1-Jun-12Suzi Purcell84 - 70Ryszard Trzeciak120
Mon 4-Jun-12Suzi Purcell67 - 63Matthew Walker131
Tue 5-Jun-12Ben Nicholson59 - 27Alex Rayment118
Wed 6-Jun-12Ben Nicholson87 - 64Peter Webb121
Thu 7-Jun-12Ben Nicholson59 - 44Colin Matty118
Fri 8-Jun-12Ben Nicholson80 - 67Stephen Cameron133
Mon 11-Jun-12Ben Nicholson43 - 110Jonathan Rawlinson117
Tue 12-Jun-12Jonathan Rawlinson107 - 71Robin Gardner118
Wed 13-Jun-12Jonathan Rawlinson120 - 31Stewart Calver128
Thu 14-Jun-12Jonathan Rawlinson119 - 24Max Eyre128
Fri 15-Jun-12Jonathan Rawlinson104 - 49Barry Page128
Mon 18-Jun-12Jonathan Rawlinson96 - 26Gavin Dare128
Tue 19-Jun-12Jonathan Rawlinson93 - 69James Kelk115
Wed 20-Jun-12Jonathan Rawlinson101 - 34Ceris Phillips120
Thu 21-Jun-12Rob Gibney77 - 101Jonathan Rawlinson120
Fri 22-Jun-12Mark Murphy52 - 75Jack Worsley113
Mon 25-Jun-12Victoria James73 - 80Peter Lee120
Tue 26-Jun-12Nick Hall86 - 80Suzi Purcell138
Wed 27-Jun-12Nick Hall54 - 108Jonathan Rawlinson130
Thu 28-Jun-12Peter Lee88 - 91Jack Worsley119
Fri 29-Jun-12Jack Worsley80 - 70Jonathan Rawlinson117

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