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Series 65

Recappers for this series: Jack Worsley, James Robinson, Liam Tiernan, Mike Brown, Robert Baxter, Ryan Taylor, Thomas Carey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 6-Jun-11Liam Herringshaw92 - 45David Brown114
Tue 7-Jun-11Liam Herringshaw93 - 112Graeme Cole132
Wed 8-Jun-11Graeme Cole105 - 49Steven Hatton126
Thu 9-Jun-11Graeme Cole99 - 57Aidan Turnbull119
Fri 10-Jun-11Graeme Cole92 - 57James Hall116
Mon 13-Jun-11Graeme Cole94 - 75Graham Moonie-Dalton124
Tue 14-Jun-11Graeme Cole125 - 19Mike Linnell129
Wed 15-Jun-11Graeme Cole91 - 41Justin Maelzer118
Thu 16-Jun-11Graeme Cole95 - 59Gary Hendricks116
Fri 17-Jun-11Matt Croy86 - 50Barrie Crawford117
Mon 20-Jun-11Matt Croy96 - 45Pete Snowdon119
Tue 21-Jun-11Matt Cory100 - 53Mark Worsfold119
Wed 22-Jun-11Matt Croy95 - 86Chris Hemingway129
Thu 23-Jun-11Matt Croy71 - 45Kevan Nijjar118
Fri 24-Jun-11Matt Croy90 - 91Andrew Halliburton114
Mon 27-Jun-11Andrew Halliburton90 - 77James Wilson116
Tue 28-Jun-11Andrew Halliburton95 - 70Magnus Mackereth129
Wed 29-Jun-11Andrew Halliburton100 - 92Barry Evans132
Thu 30-Jun-11Andrew Halliburton70 - 73Gareth Lee135
Fri 1-Jul-11Gareth Lee84 - 56Christopher Moriarty139
Mon 4-Jul-11Gareth Lee85 - 47Declan Hayes130
Tue 5-Jul-11Gareth Lee68 - 88John Symonds118
Wed 6-Jul-11John Symonds66 - 43Simon Garratt129
Thu 7-Jul-11John Symonds78 - 85Jon Elmer118
Fri 8-Jul-11Jon Elmer89 - 57Greg Scott113
Mon 11-Jul-11Jon Elmer86 - 46Jonathan Harrison121
Tue 12-Jul-11Jon Elmer89 - 94Mark Deeks124
Wed 13-Jul-11Mark Deeks114 - 73John Maguire120
Thu 14-Jul-11Mark Deeks104 - 58Joe Zender119
Fri 15-Jul-11Mark Deeks86 - 75Taymar Pitman128
Mon 18-Jul-11Mark Deeks102 - 51Sarah Axcell117
Tue 19-Jul-11Mark Deeks96 - 43Linda Muchmore121
Wed 20-Jul-11Mark Deeks102 - 54Shelley Worrall137
Thu 21-Jul-11Mark Deeks126 - 44Lesley Lewis132
Fri 22-Jul-11Peter Staniland76 - 64Shireen Ahmed118
Mon 22-Aug-11Peter Staniland85 - 71Andrea Wickham120
Tue 23-Aug-11Peter Staniland60 - 112Dave Taylor132
Wed 24-Aug-11Dave Taylor81 - 74Pat Bourne130
Thu 25-Aug-11Dave Taylor61 - 51Leo Croker138
Fri 26-Aug-11Dave Taylor81 - 65Tony Wilkins123
Mon 29-Aug-11Dave Taylor78 - 73Andy Wilson130
Tue 30-Aug-11Dave Taylor104 - 53Jill Kohn140
Wed 31-Aug-11Dave Taylor99 - 85Cillian McMulkin143
Thu 1-Sep-11Dave Taylor75 - 66Richard White129
Fri 2-Sep-11Martin Steel89 - 90Russell Tompkins130
Mon 5-Sep-11Russell Tompkins94 - 64Jaya Bhamidipati129
Tue 6-Sep-11Russell Tompkins79 - 96Carl Williams115
Wed 7-Sep-11Carl Williams72 - 63Jeff Probst121
Thu 8-Sep-11Carl Williams116 - 43Beth Tafat139
Fri 9-Sep-11Carl Williams84 - 57Stefan Clarke132
Mon 12-Sep-11Carl Williams62 - 59Campbell Ure115
Tue 13-Sep-11Carl Williams96 - 54Janet Beavis140
Wed 14-Sep-11Carl Williams94 - 45Peter Austin130
Thu 15-Sep-11Carl Williams88 - 85Jayshree Patel116
Fri 16-Sep-11Peter Metcalfe94 - 33Nick Theobald139
Mon 19-Sep-11Peter Metcalfe65 - 63Julie Harrington140
Tue 20-Sep-11Peter Metcalfe63 - 96Andy Royce142
Wed 21-Sep-11Andy Royce74 - 42Daniel Kirby-James122
Thu 22-Sep-11Andy Royce62 - 56Jacqui Rowley120
Fri 23-Sep-11Andy Royce69 - 88Jayne Wisniewski141
Mon 26-Sep-11Jayne Wisniewski97 - 66Craig Anderson133
Tue 27-Sep-11Jayne Wisniewski102 - 76Ophelie Humphrey120
Wed 28-Sep-11Jayne Wisniewski72 - 65Sydney Martin116
Thu 29-Sep-11Jayne Wisniewski72 - 64Brian Poole120
Fri 30-Sep-11Jayne Wisniewski81 - 79Suzanne Osen118
Mon 3-Oct-11Jayne Wisniewski96 - 56Kate Bronsdon141
Tue 4-Oct-11Jayne Wisniewski97 - 48Anne Underwood114
Wed 5-Oct-11Chris Moore52 - 66Wayne Chadwick138
Thu 6-Oct-11Wayne Chadwick67 - 79Nikki Roberts119
Fri 7-Oct-11Nikki Roberts83 - 49June McGregor132
Mon 10-Oct-11Nikki Roberts75 - 68Rob Smith117
Tue 11-Oct-11Nikki Roberts100 - 44Jackie Kennedy118
Wed 12-Oct-11Nikki Roberts74 - 67Jonathon Kay118
Thu 13-Oct-11Nikki Roberts104 - 61Harry Santiuste132
Fri 14-Oct-11Nikki Roberts83 - 68Jack Gregson127
Mon 17-Oct-11Nikki Roberts57 - 95Anne Hurley142
Tue 18-Oct-11Anne Haley90 - 91Tom Brooks129
Wed 19-Oct-11Tom Brooks55 - 75Beryl Upshall122
Thu 20-Oct-11Beryl Upshall82 - 73Daniel Holmes115
Fri 21-Oct-11Beryl Upshall56 - 63Sam Weissman116
Mon 24-Oct-11Sam Weissman71 - 67Nabil Shah132
Tue 25-Oct-11Sam Weissman74 - 80David Butcher117
Wed 26-Oct-11David Butcher82 - 63Robert Linfoot144
Thu 27-Oct-11David Butcher82 - 79Mauro Pratesi122
Fri 28-Oct-11David Butcher87 - 56Kyle McGrory130
Mon 31-Oct-11David Butcher60 - 50Dawn Turner129
Tue 1-Nov-11David Butcher82 - 57John Cammies132
Wed 2-Nov-11David Butcher81 - 49Chris Allen141
Thu 3-Nov-11David Butcher66 - 72Clive Barham116
Fri 4-Nov-11Clive Barham98 - 62Barry Morris120
Mon 7-Nov-11Clive Barham74 - 69Adam Morgan122
Tue 8-Nov-11Clive Barham86 - 42Mark Peden131
Wed 9-Nov-11Clive Barham78 - 92Julie Davis141
Thu 10-Nov-11Julie Davis57 - 90Paul Keane127
Fri 11-Nov-11Paul Keane102 - 70Siobhan O'Shea128
Mon 14-Nov-11Paul Keane84 - 66Jack Presswell119
Tue 15-Nov-11Paul Keane73 - 36Claire Aizlewood116
Wed 16-Nov-11Paul Keane86 - 40Richard Noble119
Thu 17-Nov-11Paul Keane103 - 31Nigel Fox118
Fri 18-Nov-11Paul Keane102 - 53Jane Wrightson140
Mon 21-Nov-11Paul Keane104 - 73Clare Nitman129
Tue 22-Nov-11Alex Morton82 - 57Jamie Wainwright119
Wed 23-Nov-11Alex Morton89 - 65Julie Healey141
Thu 24-Nov-11Alex Morton59 - 77Dudley Lidiard118
Fri 25-Nov-11Dudley Lidiard75 - 93Kirsten Thompson118
Mon 28-Nov-11Kirsten Thompson81 - 31Matt Rose120
Tue 29-Nov-11Kirsten Thompson75 - 76Phyllis Styles120
Wed 30-Nov-11Phyllis Styles61 - 47Mark Robinson119
Thu 1-Dec-11Phyllis Styles95 - 71James Siddall130
Fri 2-Dec-11Phyllis Styles109 - 71Rachel Shirley117
Mon 5-Dec-11Phyllis Styles102 - 60Christina King117
Tue 6-Dec-11Phyllis Styles94 - 91Syed Bukhari130
Wed 7-Dec-11Phyllis Styles39 - 103Jack Worsley122
Thu 8-Dec-11David Butcher21 - 116Mark Deeks126
Fri 9-Dec-11Nikki Roberts61 - 113Graeme Cole129
Mon 12-Dec-11Paul Keane96 - 78Dave Taylor132
Tue 13-Dec-11Jayne Wisniewski64 - 98Carl Williams132
Wed 14-Dec-11Carl Williams95 - 81Mark Deeks119
Thu 15-Dec-11Graeme Cole96 - 71Paul Keane119
Fri 16-Dec-11Carl Williams95 - 105Graeme Cole125

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