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Series 64

Recappers for this series: Innis Carson, James Bradley, James Hall, James Robinson, Joseph Krol, Liam Tiernan, Marcus Hares, Mike Brown, Oliver Garner, Robert Baxter, Ryan Taylor, Thomas Carey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 10-Jan-11Mike Pickering77 - 58Karen Conduit136
Tue 11-Jan-11Mike Pickering70 - 80Gavin Cooksley116
Wed 12-Jan-11Gavin Cooksley51 - 106Adam Gillard116
Thu 13-Jan-11Adam Gillard105 - 36Fran Dyson129
Fri 14-Jan-11Adam Gillard126 - 70Ray Li129
Mon 17-Jan-11Adam Gillard113 - 65Andy Turner116
Tue 18-Jan-11Adam Gillard110 - 74Liz Prior131
Wed 19-Jan-11Adam Gillard116 - 32Cheryl Cutler151
Thu 20-Jan-11Adam Gillard102 - 75Adam Manning131
Fri 21-Jan-11Adam Gillard125 - 23Mavis Riley141
Mon 24-Jan-11Ken Alden90 - 47Dave Roome151
Tue 25-Jan-11Ken Alden54 - 91Jamie Humphries137
Wed 26-Jan-11Jamie Humphries78 - 59Steven Thorpe129
Thu 27-Jan-11Jamie Humphries83 - 89Jody Sparrow126
Fri 28-Jan-11Jody Sparrow96 - 42Paolo Barone111
Mon 31-Jan-11Jody Sparrow66 - 89Dave Dyer128
Tue 1-Feb-11Dave Dyer108 - 29Thom Archer123
Wed 2-Feb-11Dave Dyer83 - 115Edward McCullagh132
Thu 3-Feb-11Edward McCullagh97 - 28David Clerkin119
Fri 4-Feb-11Edward McCullagh120 - 45Judy Baynes130
Mon 7-Feb-11Edward McCullagh108 - 24Paul Walsh117
Tue 8-Feb-11Edward McCullagh118 - 38Harold Sanditen119
Wed 9-Feb-11Edward McCullagh106 - 76Andrew Mossford116
Thu 10-Feb-11Edward McCullagh121 - 27Lalitha Thyagarajan127
Fri 11-Feb-11Edward McCullagh111 - 40Terry O'Hanlon119
Mon 14-Feb-11Dennis Shannon73 - 81Andy Campbell127
Tue 15-Feb-11Andy Campbell87 - 86Matthew Barrett119
Wed 16-Feb-11Andy Campbell65 - 89Mark Jones122
Thu 17-Feb-11Mark Jones62 - 69Ned Pendleton141
Fri 18-Feb-11Ned Pendleton70 - 48Colin Cox116
Mon 21-Feb-11Ned Pendleton70 - 63Andy Johnson119
Tue 22-Feb-11Ned Pendleton92 - 59Greg Bowler128
Wed 23-Feb-11Ned Pendleton91 - 83John Cornforth122
Thu 24-Feb-11Ned Pendleton89 - 66Dan McColm118
Fri 25-Feb-11Ned Pendleton91 - 57Jon Edmondson120
Mon 28-Feb-11Ned Pendleton92 - 54Emmet Masterson131
Tue 1-Mar-11Nick Adigu-Burke87 - 77Raghd Rostom127
Wed 2-Mar-11Nick Adigu-Burke57 - 60Michelle Nevitt118
Thu 3-Mar-11Michelle Nevitt86 - 83James Sturman134
Fri 4-Mar-11Michelle Nevitt77 - 70Dave Roberts125
Mon 7-Mar-11Michelle Nevitt89 - 69Craig Laurenson116
Tue 8-Mar-11Michelle Nevitt54 - 94Andy McGurn121
Wed 9-Mar-11Andy McGurn64 - 58Adam Fleetwood120
Thu 10-Mar-11Andy McGurn110 - 56Pam Hill120
Fri 11-Mar-11Andy McGurn76 - 47Michael Hastings117
Mon 21-Mar-11Andy McGurn94 - 87James Hall119
Tue 22-Mar-11Andy McGurn82 - 52Emily Finnan129
Wed 23-Mar-11Andy McGurn96 - 83Peter McLoughlin126
Thu 24-Mar-11Andy McGurn86 - 56John Maddox149
Fri 25-Mar-11Rhonda Holden68 - 43Jan Noone130
Mon 28-Mar-11Rhonda Holden68 - 71Len Bryon119
Tue 29-Mar-11Len Bryon53 - 93Mark Gavin130
Wed 30-Mar-11Mark Gavin74 - 83Andrew McNamara115
Thu 31-Mar-11Andrew McNamara70 - 52Frank Beechey123
Fri 1-Apr-11Andrew McNamara80 - 75Martin O'Loughlin120
Mon 4-Apr-11Andrew McNamara89 - 53William Davies118
Tue 5-Apr-11Andrew McNamara74 - 30Gary Sprake119
Wed 6-Apr-11Andrew McNamara70 - 75Colin Young119
Thu 7-Apr-11Colin Young68 - 72Graham Hill119
Fri 8-Apr-11Graham Hill95 - 83Paula Shallcross129
Mon 11-Apr-11Graham Hill79 - 43David Bailey139
Tue 12-Apr-11Graham Hill87 - 69Thyba Ali126
Wed 13-Apr-11Graham Hill102 - 27Jack Walker119
Thu 14-Apr-11Graham Hill73 - 68Emma Foster127
Fri 15-Apr-11Graham Hill69 - 86Mary Adie118
Mon 18-Apr-11Mary Adie95 - 95Barbara Grice120
Tue 19-Apr-11Mary Adie85 - 45Aidan Casey118
Wed 20-Apr-11Mary Adie86 - 40Anne Senneck121
Thu 21-Apr-11Mary Adie88 - 60James Timpson116
Fri 22-Apr-11Mary Adie58 - 65Chris Childs121
Mon 25-Apr-11Chris Childs60 - 73Adrian Turner126
Tue 26-Apr-11Adrian Turner57 - 108Scott Robson128
Wed 27-Apr-11Scott Robson89 - 55Jenny Reynolds127
Thu 28-Apr-11Scott Robson55 - 68Roger Edwards121
Fri 29-Apr-11Roger Edwards78 - 69Mathew Pickering120
Mon 2-May-11Roger Edwards104 - 66Kevin Drury132
Tue 3-May-11Roger Edwards66 - 86Joe Jenkinson141
Wed 4-May-11Joe Jenkinson67 - 69Jennifer Strachan127
Thu 5-May-11Jennifer Strachan42 - 95Tony Atkins145
Fri 6-May-11Tony Atkins91 - 74Jordan Humphries135
Mon 9-May-11Tony Atkins71 - 81Cliff Barnes116
Tue 10-May-11Cliff Barnes56 - 94Tom Barnes128
Wed 11-May-11Tom Barnes110 - 43Rebecca Harraway117
Thu 12-May-11Tom Barnes123 - 28Stuart Pecksen141
Fri 13-May-11Tom Barnes89 - 60Tracy Morris118
Mon 16-May-11Tom Barnes119 - 7Christine Buffrey129
Tue 17-May-11Tom Barnes105 - 73Sarah Martin127
Wed 18-May-11Tom Barnes86 - 44Brian Gale126
Thu 19-May-11Tom Barnes96 - 42Liz Dey138
Fri 20-May-11Tom Bolland58 - 82Liam Herringshaw127
Mon 23-May-11Liam Herringshaw82 - 57Jamie Atkins127
Tue 24-May-11Liam Herringshaw70 - 65Gary Kenwright140
Wed 25-May-11Liam Herringshaw97 - 64Tom Beaumont120
Thu 26-May-11Michelle Nevitt76 - 117Adam Gillard129
Fri 27-May-11Edward McCullagh101 - 36Andrew McNamara119
Mon 30-May-11Tom Barnes73 - 83Mary Adie128
Tue 31-May-11Ned Pendleton89 - 99Andy McGurn118
Wed 1-Jun-11Adam Gillard108 - 52Andy McGurn133
Thu 2-Jun-11Edward McCullagh120 - 41Mary Adie131
Fri 3-Jun-11Adam Gillard94 - 113Edward McCullagh127

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