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Series 63

Recappers for this series: Ben Hunter, Dinos Sfyris, James Robinson, Mike Brown, Oliver Garner, Ryan Taylor.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 21-Jun-10Scott Gillies87 - 67Kevin Quinn130
Tue 22-Jun-10Scott Gillies122 - 26Judith Hunt133
Wed 23-Jun-10Scott Gillies102 - 50Helen Ingelbrecht131
Thu 24-Jun-10Chris Longden78 - 68Jean Tierney122
Fri 25-Jun-10Chris Longden80 - 82Annie Hawes110
Mon 28-Jun-10Annie Hawes75 - 77Olive Collis129
Tue 29-Jun-10Olive Collis75 - 90Ben Cooke130
Wed 30-Jun-10Ben Cooke63 - 84Ryan Loughborough126
Thu 1-Jul-10Ryan Loughborough77 - 74Jonathan Wynn132
Fri 2-Jul-10Ryan Loughborough97 - 75Ali Kelly117
Mon 5-Jul-10Ryan Loughborough90 - 52Samantha Rhodes130
Tue 6-Jul-10Ryan Loughborough81 - 63Lee Prince117
Wed 7-Jul-10Ryan Loughborough75 - 51Jill Cartwright115
Thu 8-Jul-10Ryan Loughborough50 - 64Doug Elkins116
Fri 9-Jul-10Doug Elkins69 - 83Chris Barrow117
Mon 12-Jul-10Chris Barrow103 - 61Mark Oliver128
Tue 13-Jul-10Chris Barrow72 - 92Richard Harris130
Wed 14-Jul-10Richard Harris95 - 49Chloe Stone114
Thu 15-Jul-10Richard Harris75 - 44Ian Murphy121
Fri 16-Jul-10Richard Harris91 - 65Pete Burrows114
Mon 19-Jul-10Richard Harris96 - 57Sarah Ludgate121
Tue 20-Jul-10Richard Harris86 - 87David O'Flanagan129
Wed 21-Jul-10David O'Flanagan101 - 86Denise Hitchcock127
Thu 22-Jul-10David O'Flanagan65 - 90Tom Rowell116
Fri 23-Jul-10Tom Rowell97 - 63Dave Gawthrope120
Mon 9-Aug-10Tom Rowell91 - 64Paddy O'Connor119
Tue 10-Aug-10Tom Rowell104 - 58Margaret Alldritt119
Wed 11-Aug-10Tom Rowell92 - 88Andrew Mossford128
Thu 12-Aug-10Tom Rowell104 - 52Matt Thorpe115
Fri 13-Aug-10Tom Rowell109 - 57Joan Wright120
Mon 23-Aug-10Tom Rowell87 - 74Jean Miles128
Tue 24-Aug-10Matt Cecil65 - 86Peter Godwin129
Wed 25-Aug-10Peter Godwin78 - 73Bruce Lambert123
Thu 26-Aug-10Peter Godwin94 - 67Tom Newman118
Fri 27-Aug-10Peter Godwin90 - 54David Lewis120
Mon 30-Aug-10Peter Godwin98 - 75Jen Kain118
Tue 31-Aug-10Peter Godwin110 - 43David King123
Wed 1-Sep-10Peter Godwin102 - 38Mick Egan154
Thu 2-Sep-10Peter Godwin47 - 63Lee Palmer120
Fri 3-Sep-10Lee Palmer52 - 112Daniel Pati132
Mon 6-Sep-10Daniel Pati127 - 59Barry Hughes129
Tue 7-Sep-10Daniel Pati95 - 50Fran Clark121
Wed 8-Sep-10Daniel Pati98 - 73Ben Ponniah132
Thu 9-Sep-10Daniel Pati105 - 42Alan Egan128
Fri 10-Sep-10Daniel Pati97 - 60Stephen Crawford124
Mon 13-Sep-10Daniel Pati113 - 20Brenda Bagust121
Tue 14-Sep-10Daniel Pati93 - 62George Meixner121
Wed 15-Sep-10David Rayner40 - 108Eoin Monaghan119
Thu 16-Sep-10Eoin Monaghan105 - 66John Shaw128
Fri 17-Sep-10Eoin Monaghan115 - 44Pauline Wedell131
Mon 20-Sep-10Eoin Monaghan121 - 35Dave Rudd130
Tue 21-Sep-10Eoin Monaghan100 - 16Clive Myers125
Wed 22-Sep-10Eoin Monaghan120 - 60Les Morrell129
Thu 23-Sep-10Eoin Monaghan116 - 61Angela Monk133
Sun 26-Sep-10Eoin Monaghan113 - 32Pete Hawksworth136
Mon 27-Sep-10Conor McCaughey45 - 61Heather Driver118
Tue 28-Sep-10Heather Driver93 - 80Emma Looney131
Wed 29-Sep-10Heather Driver70 - 64Nik Mackintosh121
Thu 30-Sep-10Heather Driver77 - 49Martha Stevenson124
Fri 1-Oct-10Heather Driver60 - 89Michael Chadwick122
Mon 4-Oct-10Michael Chadwick93 - 74Phill Thorne129
Tue 5-Oct-10Michael Chadwick87 - 68Ben Warth137
Wed 6-Oct-10Michael Chadwick111 - 75Jude Bell132
Thu 7-Oct-10Michael Chadwick78 - 59Elle Chilton-Knight143
Fri 8-Oct-10Michael Chadwick116 - 59Sandra Lehane143
Mon 11-Oct-10Michael Chadwick88 - 49Alan Byers115
Tue 12-Oct-10Michael Chadwick44 - 47Andrew Greenway131
Wed 13-Oct-10Andrew Greenway66 - 114Jack Hurst124
Thu 14-Oct-10Jack Hurst120 - 57Ailsa Jensen136
Fri 15-Oct-10Jack Hurst112 - 46David Smith115
Mon 18-Oct-10Jack Hurst122 - 44Charlie Clarke141
Tue 19-Oct-10Jack Hurst120 - 56Phil Bishop131
Wed 20-Oct-10Jack Hurst115 - 29Joseph Bartram119
Thu 21-Oct-10Jack Hurst133 - 65Alex Curran134
Fri 22-Oct-10Jack Hurst110 - 49Jonathan Welti131
Mon 25-Oct-10Jane Bates80 - 84Claire Casey131
Tue 26-Oct-10Claire Casey73 - 82Stevie Field141
Wed 27-Oct-10Stevie Field91 - 80Julian Joss130
Thu 28-Oct-10Stevie Field75 - 96Steve Turvey123
Fri 29-Oct-10Steve Turvey100 - 58Stephen Troop134
Mon 1-Nov-10Steve Turvey62 - 87Marcus Hares128
Tue 2-Nov-10Marcus Hares116 - 40James Bradley131
Wed 3-Nov-10Marcus Hares97 - 45Aron Brown120
Thu 4-Nov-10Marcus Hares103 - 60David Hilton117
Fri 5-Nov-10Marcus Hares113 - 80Oliver Moore131
Mon 8-Nov-10Marcus Hares103 - 16Ryan Curtis120
Tue 9-Nov-10Marcus Hares111 - 62Graeme Manning139
Wed 10-Nov-10Marcus Hares104 - 48Jamie Ashington131
Thu 11-Nov-10Nicky Miller89 - 43Bernice Mitchell142
Fri 12-Nov-10Nicky Miller95 - 38Margaret Regan130
Mon 15-Nov-10Nicky Miller74 - 67Rebekah Larner142
Tue 16-Nov-10Nicky Miller65 - 98Niall Young130
Wed 17-Nov-10Niall Young79 - 47Mary Green119
Thu 18-Nov-10Niall Young90 - 60Katy Fairlamb141
Fri 19-Nov-10Niall Young89 - 49Janet Dodsworth116
Mon 22-Nov-10Niall Young87 - 73Stuart Smith121
Tue 23-Nov-10Niall Young98 - 71Rochelle Watkins128
Wed 24-Nov-10Niall Young97 - 83Mark Bannister128
Thu 25-Nov-10Niall Young88 - 92Greg Hayhurst120
Fri 26-Nov-10Greg Hayhurst85 - 77Kate Spencer140
Mon 29-Nov-10Greg Hayhurst96 - 44Damian Colton118
Tue 30-Nov-10Greg Hayhurst88 - 64Alasdair Redmond114
Wed 1-Dec-10Greg Hayhurst108 - 32Pam Garrod119
Thu 2-Dec-10Greg Hayhurst71 - 87Denise Smith120
Fri 3-Dec-10Denise Smith54 - 46Adam Bevan111
Sat 4-Dec-10Scott Gillies90 - 92Marcus Hares114
Mon 6-Dec-10Denise Smith89 - 79Stephen Parnell114
Tue 7-Dec-10Denise Smith76 - 86Mike Pickering127
Wed 8-Dec-10Mike Pickering95 - 87Katy Hadfield132
Thu 9-Dec-10Jack Hurst108 - 40Peter Godwin114
Fri 10-Dec-10Eoin Monaghan127 - 45Niall Young130
Mon 13-Dec-10Daniel Pati92 - 67Tom Rowell123
Wed 15-Dec-10Marcus Hares80 - 109Jack Hurst118
Thu 16-Dec-10Eoin Monaghan108 - 77Daniel Pati122
Fri 17-Dec-10Jack Hurst113 - 85Eoin Monaghan114

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