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Series 62

Recappers for this series: Dinos Sfyris, Howard Somerset, James Robinson, Kai Laddiman, Mike Brown, Oliver Garner, Ryan Taylor.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 11-Jan-10Jan Parker83 - 70Robert Kennedy128
Tue 12-Jan-10Jan Parker72 - 84Oliver Garner116
Wed 13-Jan-10Oliver Garner105 - 22Troy Ramsey-Axelsson126
Thu 14-Jan-10Oliver Garner113 - 67Andy Hewitt129
Fri 15-Jan-10Oliver Garner114 - 67Garry Brough119
Mon 18-Jan-10Oliver Garner99 - 48Keith Bush129
Tue 19-Jan-10Oliver Garner115 - 48Wendy Trigg132
Wed 20-Jan-10Oliver Garner91 - 67Daphne Lord112
Thu 21-Jan-10Oliver Garner81 - 75Mark Goodliffe115
Fri 22-Jan-10Jagie Rai41 - 92Colin Grainger126
Mon 25-Jan-10Colin Grainger69 - 107James Rawson116
Tue 26-Jan-10James Rawson93 - 68Glenn Sheasby121
Wed 27-Jan-10James Rawson110 - 41Phil South116
Thu 28-Jan-10James Rawson100 - 90Toni Balestra129
Fri 29-Jan-10James Rawson76 - 81Howard Lovelady141
Mon 1-Feb-10Howard Lovelady68 - 84Norman Rudland131
Tue 2-Feb-10Norman Rudland68 - 82Mark Abbitt121
Wed 3-Feb-10Mark Abbitt49 - 101Jay Lopian127
Thu 4-Feb-10Jay Lopian85 - 61Rosina Bellerby123
Fri 5-Feb-10Jay Lopian81 - 79Phill Thorne130
Mon 8-Feb-10Jay Lopian84 - 97Craig Chittenden120
Tue 9-Feb-10Craig Chittenden92 - 46Alan Legg133
Wed 10-Feb-10Craig Chittenden98 - 26Keith Chatton130
Thu 11-Feb-10Craig Chittenden94 - 75Catherine Jackson119
Fri 12-Feb-10Craig Chittenden107 - 40Mark Gascoigne130
Mon 15-Feb-10Craig Chittenden99 - 45Angus Burns121
Tue 16-Feb-10Craig Chittenden75 - 81Christopher Smith116
Wed 17-Feb-10Christopher Smith72 - 92Heather Badcock142
Thu 18-Feb-10Heather Badcock82 - 54Stevie Wright122
Fri 19-Feb-10Heather Badcock93 - 77Irene Wilson123
Mon 22-Feb-10Heather Badcock86 - 89Barney Maunder-Taylor130
Tue 23-Feb-10Barney Maunder-Taylor70 - 82Adam Guest131
Wed 24-Feb-10Adam Guest55 - 89Clarke Carlisle115
Thu 25-Feb-10Clarke Carlisle101 - 78Alexander Johnston120
Fri 26-Feb-10Clarke Carlisle86 - 89Raheel Mirza151
Mon 1-Mar-10Raheel Mirza72 - 67Sarah Wilkinson119
Tue 2-Mar-10Raheel Mirza90 - 36Phil Peart119
Wed 3-Mar-10Raheel Mirza85 - 41Colin Davis133
Thu 4-Mar-10Raheel Mirza81 - 56Shakeel Aamer117
Fri 5-Mar-10Raheel Mirza89 - 94Jamie Ellwood123
Mon 8-Mar-10Jamie Ellwood68 - 93Kevin Davis125
Tue 9-Mar-10Kevin Davis96 - 41Stevan Ryan132
Wed 10-Mar-10Kevin Davis87 - 44Sam Denniss142
Thu 11-Mar-10Kevin Davis94 - 50Darryl Hall128
Fri 12-Mar-10Kevin Davis80 - 73Stuart Inglis129
Mon 22-Mar-10Kevin Davis66 - 71Dave Wilkinson114
Tue 23-Mar-10Dave Wilkinson88 - 72Charles Bockett-Pugh130
Wed 24-Mar-10Dave Wilkinson79 - 48Paul Archard122
Thu 25-Mar-10Dave Wilkinson83 - 59Anne Evans120
Fri 26-Mar-10Dave Wilkinson76 - 54Charlotte Godwyn133
Mon 29-Mar-10Dave Wilkinson75 - 69Jamie Bradbury117
Tue 30-Mar-10Dave Wilkinson80 - 73Anna Woodward118
Wed 31-Mar-10Dave Wilkinson66 - 79Barry Watson122
Thu 1-Apr-10Barry Watson95 - 64Rodney Carbery140
Fri 2-Apr-10Barry Watson79 - 87Peter Zyss122
Mon 5-Apr-10Peter Zyss100 - 90Steve Tamplin119
Tue 6-Apr-10Peter Zyss81 - 47Hamish Ewan122
Wed 7-Apr-10Peter Zyss87 - 79Daniel Stevanato117
Thu 8-Apr-10Peter Zyss65 - 60Brian Kuhl132
Fri 9-Apr-10Peter Zyss55 - 38Andrew Pullan115
Mon 12-Apr-10Peter Zyss83 - 78Ned Walker116
Tue 13-Apr-10Peter Zyss69 - 83Claudia Tyson119
Wed 14-Apr-10Claudia Tyson80 - 66Andy Bosworth119
Thu 15-Apr-10Claudia Tyson87 - 78Cecelia Pipe131
Fri 16-Apr-10Claudia Tyson69 - 65Bill Langton115
Mon 19-Apr-10Claudia Tyson86 - 81Carol Rudland119
Tue 20-Apr-10Claudia Tyson87 - 47Steve Pothecary117
Wed 21-Apr-10Claudia Tyson53 - 60Chris Jones112
Thu 22-Apr-10Chris Jones63 - 81Nicki Sellars119
Fri 23-Apr-10Nicki Sellars90 - 78Phil Reynolds118
Mon 26-Apr-10Nicki Sellars85 - 60Brian McAulay122
Tue 27-Apr-10Nicki Sellars86 - 78Annette Sutton119
Wed 28-Apr-10Nicki Sellars76 - 52David Tidd118
Thu 29-Apr-10Nicki Sellars68 - 64Alan Hibbert121
Fri 30-Apr-10Nicki Sellars73 - 76Lee Graham129
Mon 3-May-10Lee Graham86 - 51Nick Singh121
Tue 4-May-10Lee Graham82 - 52Chris Bell115
Wed 5-May-10Lee Graham94 - 24Steve Lock116
Thu 6-May-10Lee Graham94 - 55Rob Chapman118
Fri 7-May-10Lee Graham109 - 70John Williams126
Mon 10-May-10Lee Graham86 - 90Gwen Robinson116
Tue 11-May-10Gwen Robinson51 - 85Paul Stevenson120
Wed 12-May-10Paul Stevenson84 - 81Derrick Awcock118
Thu 13-May-10Paul Stevenson78 - 84Steve Wilson138
Fri 14-May-10Steve Wilson89 - 92Danny Pledger129
Mon 17-May-10Danny Pledger85 - 55Steven King128
Tue 18-May-10Danny Pledger74 - 53Sam Carpenter118
Wed 19-May-10Danny Pledger76 - 51Paul Sweetman120
Thu 20-May-10Danny Pledger96 - 64Derek Metson118
Fri 21-May-10Danny Pledger65 - 53Elaine Baig130
Mon 24-May-10Danny Pledger77 - 64Peter Joint118
Tue 25-May-10Danny Pledger70 - 54Gaynor Edwards119
Wed 26-May-10Brendan Chadwick52 - 67James Saker121
Thu 27-May-10James Saker59 - 82Dominic Travers128
Fri 28-May-10Dominic Travers98 - 56Robert Johnson117
Mon 31-May-10Dominic Travers96 - 50Marjorie Knight134
Tue 1-Jun-10Dominic Travers84 - 72William Dixon119
Wed 2-Jun-10Dominic Travers84 - 79Ian Pratt121
Thu 3-Jun-10Dominic Travers71 - 108Scott Gillies120
Fri 4-Jun-10Scott Gillies91 - 52John Carr139
Mon 7-Jun-10Scott Gillies99 - 39Derek Wilson120
Tue 8-Jun-10Scott Gillies95 - 57Leanne Morgan132
Wed 9-Jun-10Scott Gillies106 - 47Fran Speight130
Thu 10-Jun-10Claudia Tyson75 - 123Oliver Garner138
Fri 11-Jun-10Danny Pledger60 - 100Nicki Sellars124
Mon 14-Jun-10Lee Graham79 - 67Dave Wilkinson119
Tue 15-Jun-10Peter Zyss76 - 98Craig Chittenden142
Wed 16-Jun-10Oliver Garner105 - 69Craig Chittenden120
Thu 17-Jun-10Lee Graham51 - 89Nicki Sellars118
Fri 18-Jun-10Nicki Sellars62 - 107Oliver Garner120

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