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Series 61

Recappers for this series: Allan Harmer, Charlie Reams, Chris Corby, Chris Philpot, Dinos Sfyris, Howard Somerset, James Robinson, Jon Corby, Kai Laddiman, Mike Brown, Oliver Garner, Phil Reynolds.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 22-Jun-09Jacqueline Baker112 - 50Kate Black152
Tue 23-Jun-09Jacqueline Baker67 - 87Nilesh Patel118
Wed 24-Jun-09Nilesh Patel 61 - 66Clive Brooker117
Thu 25-Jun-09Clive Brooker68 - 106Innis Carson132
Fri 26-Jun-09Innis Carson115 - 57Martyn Brewer121
Mon 29-Jun-09Innis Carson111 - 61Duncan MacPhail119
Tue 30-Jun-09Innis Carson108 - 43Trudi Harding121
Wed 1-Jul-09Innis Carson102 - 43Allan Barnes139
Thu 2-Jul-09Innis Carson94 - 47Mike Moran127
Fri 3-Jul-09Innis Carson115 - 70Danny Marsh129
Mon 6-Jul-09Innis Carson110 - 67Chris Bergman123
Tue 7-Jul-09Anne Hughes87 - 49Joe Banin117
Wed 8-Jul-09Anne Hughes56 - 89Micheal Harris120
Thu 9-Jul-09Michael Harris101 - 133Andrew Hulme155
Fri 10-Jul-09Andrew Hulme116 - 52Eileen Broadhead132
Mon 13-Jul-09Andrew Hulme111 - 21Gordon Armour127
Tue 14-Jul-09Andrew Hulme119 - 48Steven Davenport139
Wed 15-Jul-09Andrew Hulme101 - 50Jonathan Good121
Thu 16-Jul-09Andrew Hulme104 - 19Barbara Speak121
Fri 17-Jul-09Andrew Hulme118 - 64Vicky Smith.139
Mon 20-Jul-09Andrew Hulme128 - 52Mike Olive144
Tue 21-Jul-09Paul Varlaam72 - 71Yvonne Battelle133
Wed 22-Jul-09Paul Varlaam87 - 82Carol Warren128
Thu 23-Jul-09Paul Varlaam89 - 70Vic Aboudara131
Fri 24-Jul-09Paul Varlaam74 - 58Beryl Johnston133
Mon 24-Aug-09Paul Varlaam94 - 34Richard Savaker117
Tue 25-Aug-09Paul Varlaam67 - 95Ed Rossiter107
Wed 26-Aug-09Ed Rossiter93 - 77Adam Haward129
Thu 27-Aug-09Ed Rossiter96 - 84Yvette Reeves122
Fri 28-Aug-09Ed Rossiter79 - 106Chris Davies133
Mon 31-Aug-09Chris Davies95 - 46Matt Shepherd121
Tue 1-Sep-09Chris Davies110 - 35Julie Lane114
Wed 2-Sep-09Chris Davies113 - 37MIchael Jocelyn121
Thu 3-Sep-09Chris Davies139 - 89Ross Mackenzie143
Fri 4-Sep-09Chris Davies121 - 57Jonathan Seal128
Mon 7-Sep-09Chris Davies103 - 42Marcus Bearpark129
Tue 8-Sep-09Chris Davies105 - 53John Smoker121
Wed 9-Sep-09Ken Mackenzie77 - 86Bob De Caux119
Thu 10-Sep-09Bob De Caux84 - 61Christopher Harris128
Fri 11-Sep-09Bob De Caux88 - 60Alex Richards151
Mon 14-Sep-09Bob De Caux85 - 66Lorraine Brookfield143
Tue 15-Sep-09Bob De Caux83 - 41Simon Porter115
Wed 16-Sep-09Bob De Caux79 - 91Jeffrey Burgin133
Thu 17-Sep-09Jeffrey Burgin80 - 63Phil Reed125
Fri 18-Sep-09Jeffrey Burgin93 - 86Darren Carter137
Mon 21-Sep-09Jeffrey Burgin91 - 75Russell Langdown130
Tue 22-Sep-09Jeffrey Burgin75 - 74Mhairi Cameron120
Wed 23-Sep-09Jeffrey Burgin95 - 47Martin Edwards140
Thu 24-Sep-09Jeffrey Burgin87 - 44Laura Leach141
Fri 25-Sep-09Jeffrey Burgin73 - 55Richard Moody122
Mon 28-Sep-09Tricia Finn83 - 39Jackie Dowdy123
Tue 29-Sep-09Tricia Finn57 - 81George Raison129
Wed 30-Sep-09George Raison88 - 73Beverley Jones118
Thu 1-Oct-09George Raison68 - 92Anthony Pinnell138
Fri 2-Oct-09Anthony Pinnell59 - 66David Kurdynowski130
Mon 5-Oct-09David Kurdynowski53 - 77Tony Leverton116
Tue 6-Oct-09Tony Leverton76 - 81Steve Wood131
Wed 7-Oct-09Steve Wood92 - 66Dave Meddings135
Thu 8-Oct-09Steve Wood90 - 70Joanne Finnery115
Fri 9-Oct-09Steve Wood89 - 67Paul Broadhead119
Mon 12-Oct-09Steve Wood84 - 73Peter Briere-Edney123
Tue 13-Oct-09Steve Wood64 - 58Colin Wilson129
Wed 14-Oct-09Steve Wood87 - 64Toby Chenery119
Thu 15-Oct-09Steve Wood88 - 51Robert Barnard127
Fri 16-Oct-09Mark Greenhalgh74 - 108John Drinkwater129
Mon 19-Oct-09John Drinkwater30 - 109Brian Selway133
Tue 20-Oct-09Brian Selway102 - 33Jack Knowles117
Wed 21-Oct-09Brian Selway63 - 58Cherry Barnett131
Thu 22-Oct-09Brian Selway94 - 45Nicola Houston123
Fri 23-Oct-09Brian Selway96 - 68Ray Pearson117
Mon 26-Oct-09Brian Selway95 - 54Krishan Neelendra117
Tue 27-Oct-09Brian Selway81 - 59Len Parker124
Wed 28-Oct-09Brian Selway106 - 41Nick Jones121
Thu 29-Oct-09John Dyer60 - 45Tim Curtis132
Fri 30-Oct-09John Dyer80 - 97Gordon Vaughan119
Mon 2-Nov-09Gordon Vaughan76 - 91Robert Brownlie132
Tue 3-Nov-09Robert Brownlie119 - 50Ramesh Patel129
Wed 4-Nov-09Robert Brownlie75 - 85Jeremy Baker120
Thu 5-Nov-09Jeremy Baker76 - 97Ryan Taylor128
Fri 6-Nov-09Ryan Taylor76 - 54Chris Civil116
Mon 9-Nov-09Ryan Taylor93 - 50Geoff Morris116
Tue 10-Nov-09Ryan Taylor106 - 104Lesley Hines148
Wed 11-Nov-09Ryan Taylor105 - 36David Woodward129
Thu 12-Nov-09Ryan Taylor123 - 68Martyn Simpson137
Fri 13-Nov-09Ryan Taylor89 - 76Lucy Bolton137
Mon 16-Nov-09Ryan Taylor103 - 51Ryan Vickers122
Tue 17-Nov-09Charlie Khoo98 - 57Andrew Herbertson127
Wed 18-Nov-09Charlie Khoo81 - 77Joanne Britton119
Thu 19-Nov-09Charlie Khoo75 - 37Anne Durham119
Fri 20-Nov-09Charlie Khoo97 - 83Elliott Mack120
Mon 23-Nov-09Charlie Khoo79 - 97Jennifer Bett121
Tue 24-Nov-09Jennifer Bett102 - 74Paul Parkin150
Wed 25-Nov-09Jennifer Bett81 - 76Sunil Parmar128
Thu 26-Nov-09Jennifer Bett52 - 89Graham Jones119
Fri 27-Nov-09Graham Jones86 - 58Tom Curran121
Mon 30-Nov-09Graham Jones66 - 84Tom Allerton129
Tue 1-Dec-09Tom Allerton78 - 62Adrian Coote120
Wed 2-Dec-09Tom Allerton95 - 65Ritchie Hoyle140
Thu 3-Dec-09Tom Allerton80 - 50Evan Gill120
Fri 4-Dec-09Tom Allerton88 - 94Jan Parker119
Mon 7-Dec-09Jan Parker86 - 79Adrian Lumb133
Tue 8-Dec-09Jan Parker91 - 67Andrew Pollock117
Wed 9-Dec-09Jan Parker74 - 63Gayle Knight125
Thu 10-Dec-09Andrew Hulme86 - 42Jacqueline Baker118
Fri 11-Dec-09Steve Wood61 - 108Chris Davies138
Mon 14-Dec-09Innis Carson111 - 70Jeffrey Burgin131
Tue 15-Dec-09Brian Selway71 - 91Ryan Taylor116
Wed 16-Dec-09Ryan Taylor48 - 95Andrew Hulme116
Thu 17-Dec-09Chris Davies102 - 97Innis Carson118
Fri 18-Dec-09Andrew Hulme86 - 117Chris Davies120

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