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Series 60

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Allan Harmer, Ben Hunter, Charlie Reams, Chris Corby, Dinos Sfyris, Howard Somerset, Jon Corby, Joseph Bolas, Kai Laddiman, Mike Brown, Oliver Garner, Phil Reynolds.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 2-Feb-09Zoe Bowman83 - 73Andrew Hodges130
Tue 3-Feb-09Zoe Bowman57 - 98Lisa Thomson119
Wed 4-Feb-09Lisa Thomson77 - 62Ray Catley117
Thu 5-Feb-09Lisa Thomson67 - 62Anna Sarre129
Fri 6-Feb-09Lisa Thomson80 - 82Mike Spellar118
Mon 9-Feb-09Mike Spellar72 - 86Janet Scowcroft121
Tue 10-Feb-09Janet Scowcroft85 - 54Roy Daniels125
Wed 11-Feb-09Janet Scowcroft50 - 91Kate Richardson129
Thu 12-Feb-09Kate Richardson79 - 53Phil Baker120
Fri 13-Feb-09Kate Richardson84 - 83Audrey Lazenby116
Mon 16-Feb-09Kate Richardson54 - 92Neil Zussman117
Tue 17-Feb-09Neil Zussman92 - 37Kevin Pidduck119
Wed 18-Feb-09Neil Zussman111 - 94Anita Fairhurst118
Thu 19-Feb-09Neil Zussman86 - 76Simon Greening127
Fri 20-Feb-09Neil Zussman101 - 55Matthew (Matt) Meads115
Mon 23-Feb-09Neil Zussman108 - 87Heather Chidgey141
Tue 24-Feb-09Neil Zussman81 - 77Rick Warburton119
Wed 25-Feb-09Neil Zussman97 - 48Sheila Bix118
Thu 26-Feb-09Ann Abel82 - 80Brian Goulding119
Fri 27-Feb-09Ann Abel86 - 56Catherine Gillespie129
Mon 2-Mar-09Ann Abel54 - 127Kirk Bevins130
Tue 3-Mar-09Kirk Bevins97 - 67Fiona Shaw116
Wed 4-Mar-09Kirk Bevins126 - 47Ben Nicholas126
Thu 5-Mar-09Kirk Bevins130 - 55Peter Bennett150
Fri 6-Mar-09Kirk Bevins111 - 39Barrie Robinson120
Mon 9-Mar-09Kirk Bevins114 - 53Anne Adams121
Mon 16-Mar-09Kirk Bevins106 - 71Ian Payn131
Tue 17-Mar-09Kirk Bevins114 - 31Rosie Owen129
Wed 18-Mar-09Kezra Shakir33 - 93Stephen Porritt118
Thu 19-Mar-09Stephen Porritt80 - 67Jennie Foster128
Fri 20-Mar-09Stephen Porritt76 - 66Tony Robinson122
Mon 23-Mar-09Stephen Porritt86 - 88Cate Henderson118
Tue 24-Mar-09Cate Henderson93 - 52Sadhana Mehendale135
Wed 25-Mar-09Cate Henderson95 - 35Richard Gray129
Thu 26-Mar-09Cate Henderson103 - 55Gerald Conley131
Fri 27-Mar-09Cate Henderson99 - 63Helen Kerr132
Mon 30-Mar-09Cate Henderson90 - 58Aaron Higgs119
Tue 31-Mar-09Cate Henderson113 - 51Michael Bryant141
Wed 1-Apr-09Cate Henderson101 - 45Chantalle Edgley115
Thu 2-Apr-09Sandy Kell63 - 68Joe Caruana120
Fri 3-Apr-09Joe Caruana81 - 37Sue Keable119
Mon 6-Apr-09Joe Caruana73 - 75Fiona Chambers133
Tue 7-Apr-09Fiona Chambers83 - 56Andrew Mitchell119
Wed 8-Apr-09Fiona Chambers68 - 89Andrew Pearson133
Thu 9-Apr-09Andrew Pearson83 - 87Shane Roberts139
Fri 10-Apr-09Shane Roberts92 - 57Keith Butcher123
Mon 13-Apr-09Shane Roberts105 - 56Clare Sudbery122
Tue 14-Apr-09Shane Roberts86 - 85Bob Savage119
Wed 15-Apr-09Shane Roberts102 - 39Beth Elkins123
Thu 16-Apr-09Shane Roberts101 - 47Stephen Parkes132
Fri 17-Apr-09Shane Roberts90 - 80George Robertson128
Mon 20-Apr-09Shane Roberts103 - 59Ramsay Nashef118
Tue 21-Apr-09Karyn Cooke71 - 105James Robinson129
Wed 22-Apr-09James Robinson91 - 74Louise Bambury133
Thu 23-Apr-09James Robinson86 - 87Patrick McCurdie121
Fri 24-Apr-09Patrick McCurdie65 - 74Julie Russell114
Mon 27-Apr-09Julie Russell104 - 67Dominic Colley131
Tue 28-Apr-09Julie Russell94 - 31David Affleck118
Wed 29-Apr-09Julie Russell84 - 134Hamish Williamson152
Thu 30-Apr-09Hamish Williamson74 - 68Heather Bolam119
Fri 1-May-09Hamish Williamson65 - 60John Marsom119
Mon 4-May-09Hamish Williamson88 - 55Linda Lofthouse128
Tue 5-May-09Hamish Williamson54 - 58Bob Stevenson116
Wed 6-May-09Bob Stevenson76 - 79Chrissie Buckley140
Thu 7-May-09Chrissie Buckley69 - 81Paul Casimir120
Fri 8-May-09Paul Casimir86 - 70Leslie Smith113
Mon 11-May-09Paul Casimir84 - 115Jimmy Gough118
Tue 12-May-09Jimmy Gough106 - 78Dave Sorensen138
Wed 13-May-09Jimmy Gough96 - 84Tony Hurst121
Thu 14-May-09Jimmy Gough113 - 53Sue Morgan119
Fri 15-May-09Jimmy Gough116 - 53Peter Tarrant137
Mon 18-May-09Jimmy Gough86 - 58Gerry Buckley143
Tue 19-May-09Jimmy Gough72 - 62Kerr Nairn120
Wed 20-May-09Jimmy Gough78 - 38Tony Larlham117
Thu 21-May-09Mabel Weston51 - 47Gary Beaty131
Fri 22-May-09Mabel Weston46 - 88James Doohan150
Mon 25-May-09James Doohan88 - 50Anne Loveday121
Tue 26-May-09James Doohan89 - 79Jack Morgan115
Wed 27-May-09James Doohan70 - 51Nick Patrick130
Thu 28-May-09James Doohan91 - 48Michael Calder123
Fri 29-May-09James Doohan101 - 60Margaret Oliver121
Mon 1-Jun-09James Doohan91 - 70Rob Thomas117
Tue 2-Jun-09James Doohan84 - 77Angela Nayar121
Wed 3-Jun-09Ian Sinclair28 - 103Chris Kirby142
Thu 4-Jun-09Chris Kirby99 - 47Hans Farley120
Fri 5-Jun-09Chris Kirby69 - 82Jacqueline Baker116
Mon 8-Jun-09Jacqueline Baker97 - 60Sean Toland119
Tue 9-Jun-09Jacqueline Baker74 - 59Jasvir Singh118
Wed 10-Jun-09Jacqueline Baker84 - 56Desi Corcoran126
Thu 11-Jun-09Kirk Bevins115 - 90Julie Russell117
Fri 12-Jun-09Cate Henderson74 - 100Hamish Williamson137
Mon 15-Jun-09James Doohan74 - 83Jimmy Gough127
Tue 16-Jun-09Shane Roberts35 - 82Neil Zussman115
Wed 17-Jun-09Kirk Bevins98 - 88Neil Zussman128
Thu 18-Jun-09Hamish Williamson58 - 88Jimmy Gough164
Fri 19-Jun-09Jimmy Gough59 - 102Kirk Bevins115

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