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Series 59

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Allan Harmer, Charlie Reams, Colin Swann, Dave Coulthurst, Dinos Sfyris, Howard Somerset, Jacob Sutton, Jim Bentley, Jon Corby, Joseph Bolas, Julian Fell, Kai Laddiman, Mike Brown.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 23-Jun-08Tony Gilgun62 - 54Daniel Spiller121
Tue 24-Jun-08Tony Gilgun82 - 46Arthur Frost139
Wed 25-Jun-08Tony Gilgun56 - 100Lee Simmonds132
Thu 26-Jun-08Lee Simmonds91 - 69Brian Gregory131
Fri 27-Jun-08Lee Simmonds87 - 71John Hurst133
Mon 30-Jun-08Lee Simmonds61 - 71Neil Mackenzie112
Tue 1-Jul-08Neil Mackenzie104 - 80Shirley Lye138
Wed 2-Jul-08Neil Mackenzie72 - 69Ken Dunbar128
Thu 3-Jul-08Neil Mackenzie104 - 59Emlyn Lewis125
Fri 4-Jul-08Neil Mackenzie63 - 39Chris Morgan119
Mon 7-Jul-08Neil Mackenzie66 - 80Katy Turner129
Tue 8-Jul-08Katy Turner84 - 99Patricia Jamieson128
Wed 9-Jul-08Patricia Jamieson82 - 72Peter Holt121
Thu 10-Jul-08Patricia Jamieson84 - 59Angus Shaw122
Fri 11-Jul-08Patricia Jamieson67 - 75Pat Hicks119
Mon 14-Jul-08Pat Hicks72 - 75Peter Young121
Tue 15-Jul-08Peter Young68 - 59Michael Evans122
Wed 16-Jul-08Peter Young53 - 58Bev Jones132
Thu 17-Jul-08Bev Jones30 - 77Chris Davies118
Fri 18-Jul-08Chris Davies60 - 90Margaret Taroni133
Mon 21-Jul-08Margarent Taroni61 - 77Frank Larkin130
Tue 22-Jul-08Frank Larkin65 - 68Alastair Kinnon121
Wed 23-Jul-08Alastair Kinnon71 - 53Nick Locock133
Thu 24-Jul-08Alastair Kinnon80 - 94Samira Mohamed130
Fri 25-Jul-08Samira Mohamed109 - 43Stephen Collins150
Mon 25-Aug-08Samira Mohamed54 - 62Jeremy Miles120
Tue 26-Aug-08Jeremy Miles66 - 93Alex Horne120
Wed 27-Aug-08Alex Horne88 - 84Maralyn Badham122
Thu 28-Aug-08Alex Horne95 - 61Jonny Clarkson121
Fri 29-Aug-08Alex Horne66 - 80Tom White142
Mon 1-Sep-08Tom White85 - 70June Harvey127
Tue 2-Sep-08Tom White61 - 101Debbi Flack132
Wed 3-Sep-08Debbi Flack92 - 68Peter O'Hare119
Thu 4-Sep-08Debbi Flack84 - 64Alastair Wilkin137
Fri 5-Sep-08Debbi Flack74 - 72Declan Lyons115
Mon 8-Sep-08Debbi Flack97 - 64Alasdair Duguid127
Tue 9-Sep-08Debbi Flack77 - 50Kay Landsburgh120
Wed 10-Sep-08Debbi Flack75 - 107Mike Lambert140
Thu 11-Sep-08Mike Lambert75 - 41Paul Norton121
Fri 12-Sep-08Mike Lambert65 - 89Suzanne Perkins111
Mon 15-Sep-08Suzanne Perkins71 - 83Tony Welby128
Tue 16-Sep-08Tony Welby44 - 83Denise McHale127
Wed 17-Sep-08Denise McHale81 - 93Ian Fearon119
Thu 18-Sep-08Ian Fearon67 - 85Sarah Knapper118
Fri 19-Sep-08Sarah Knapper76 - 82Julie Rees118
Mon 22-Sep-08Julie Rees42 - 100Junaid Mubeen144
Tue 23-Sep-08Junaid Mubeen92 - 79Hazel Jones129
Wed 24-Sep-08Junaid Mubeen121 - 67David Williams134
Thu 25-Sep-08Junaid Mubeen106 - 49Darren Stibbs117
Fri 26-Sep-08Junaid Mubeen106 - 72Tony McCreadie139
Mon 29-Sep-08Junaid Mubeen94 - 55Gerard Doyle122
Tue 30-Sep-08Junaid Mubeen74 - 62Jonathn Gilligan117
Wed 1-Oct-08Junaid Mubeen97 - 27Margaret Batters122
Thu 2-Oct-08Kai Laddiman93 - 64James Bruce120
Fri 3-Oct-08Kai Laddiman95 - 86Jeff Francis118
Mon 6-Oct-08Kai Laddiman95 - 61Bill Franklin120
Tue 7-Oct-08Kai Laddiman91 - 68Don Walker121
Wed 8-Oct-08Kai Laddiman89 - 56Alex Gaywood125
Thu 9-Oct-08Kai Laddiman97 - 56Zachary Stephenson133
Fri 10-Oct-08Kai Laddiman91 - 59Hardev Raikmo120
Mon 13-Oct-08Kai Laddiman105 - 55Richard Pascoe132
Tue 14-Oct-08Sue Staples67 - 83John McCarthy120
Wed 15-Oct-08John McCarthy69 - 114Charlie Reams128
Thu 16-Oct-08Charlie Reams126 - 31Darren Edwards142
Fri 17-Oct-08Charlie Reams92 - 54David Wylie112
Mon 20-Oct-08Charlie Reams106 - 60Kathleen Carroll123
Tue 21-Oct-08Charlie Reams115 - 88Allan Harmer128
Wed 22-Oct-08Charlie Reams92 - 51Paul Blake121
Thu 23-Oct-08Charlie Reams102 - 79Anne Jenkin131
Fri 24-Oct-08Charlie Reams73 - 52John Eva132
Mon 27-Oct-08Scott Jones94 - 81Stephen Dixon141
Tue 28-Oct-08Scott Jones72 - 74Lynne Owens119
Wed 29-Oct-08Lynn Owens86 - 50Phredd Warren120
Thu 30-Oct-08Lynne Owens80 - 86Dan O'Hara 132
Fri 31-Oct-08Dan O'Hara 39 - 79Andy Crompton 128
Mon 3-Nov-08Andy Crompton 81 - 55Sylvia Fountain130
Tue 4-Nov-08Andy Crompton 92 - 109Martin Bishop127
Wed 5-Nov-08Martin Bishop115 - 54Alice Donald121
Thu 6-Nov-08Martin Bishop92 - 56Daniel Searle116
Fri 7-Nov-08Martin Bishop94 - 67Thomas Cappleman121
Mon 10-Nov-08Martin Bishop95 - 68Lesley Wootton120
Tue 11-Nov-08Martin Bishop111 - 43Caro Ness121
Wed 12-Nov-08Martin Bishop110 - 61Campbell Norris121
Thu 13-Nov-08Martin Bishop83 - 59June Walden125
Fri 14-Nov-08Peter Oliver80 - 74Gary Preston120
Mon 17-Nov-08Peter Oliver64 - 66Mark Redhead121
Tue 18-Nov-08Mark Redhead85 - 64Paula Rogers121
Wed 19-Nov-08Mark Redhead58 - 73John Matthews130
Thu 20-Nov-08John Matthews83 - 73Jennifer Philippart121
Fri 21-Nov-08John Matthews85 - 83Lee Hesketh118
Mon 24-Nov-08John Matthews80 - 85Hilary Batchelor128
Tue 25-Nov-08Hilary Batchelor66 - 81Steve Elcock132
Wed 26-Nov-08Steve Elcock81 - 73Daryl Hawes139
Thu 27-Nov-08Steve Elcock65 - 91Denis Kaye137
Fri 28-Nov-08Denis Kaye92 - 91Colin Westacott130
Mon 1-Dec-08Denis Kaye88 - 68Kim Holding119
Tue 2-Dec-08Denis Kaye60 - 76Lynne Cavanagh129
Wed 3-Dec-08Lynn Cavanagh72 - 79Zoe Bowman127
Thu 4-Dec-08Charlie Reams82 - 69Patricia Jamieson124
Fri 5-Dec-08Martin Bishop112 - 64Lee Simmonds117
Mon 8-Dec-08Neil Mackenzie57 - 124Junaid Mubeen127
Tue 9-Dec-08Kai Laddiman82 - 73Debbi Flack132
Wed 10-Dec-08Kai Laddiman70 - 99Charlie Reams133
Thu 11-Dec-08Junaid Mubeen96 - 56Martin Bishop114
Fri 12-Dec-08Charlie Reams88 - 84Junaid Mubeen118

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