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Series 58

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Ben Pugh, Charlie Reams, Dave Coulthurst, David O'Donnell, Dinos Sfyris, Emma, Howard Somerset, Jason Cullen, Jim Bentley, Jon Corby, Joseph Bolas, Matthew Coates, Stuart Earl, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Wed 2-Jan-08Jason Cullen64 - 110Gayle Smith138
Thu 3-Jan-08Gayle Smith108 - 26Lester Ashton130
Fri 4-Jan-08Gayle Smith73 - 94Grant Watson131
Mon 7-Jan-08Grant Watson94 - 64Philip Thornton135
Tue 8-Jan-08Grant Watson70 - 87Michael MacDonald-Cooper121
Wed 9-Jan-08Michael MacDonald-Cooper92 - 65John Brewster118
Thu 10-Jan-08Michael MacDonald-Cooper84 - 73Karyn Cook116
Fri 11-Jan-08Michael MacDonald-Cooper126 - 29Stewart Scott148
Mon 14-Jan-08Michael MacDonald-Cooper96 - 49Jason Meek130
Tue 15-Jan-08Michael MacDonald-Cooper103 - 88William Bailey121
Wed 16-Jan-08Michael MacDonald-Cooper100 - 41Howard Salinger119
Thu 17-Jan-08Michael MacDonald-Cooper92 - 85Garvin Loughrin119
Fri 18-Jan-08Nick Brannan75 - 94Rachel Allenby122
Mon 21-Jan-08Rachel Allenby50 - 82Marjorie Hillman140
Tue 22-Jan-08Marjorie Hillman73 - 69Aidan Wheatley128
Wed 23-Jan-08Marjorie Hillman100 - 46David Reed112
Thu 24-Jan-08Marjorie Hillman54 - 110David O'Donnell120
Fri 25-Jan-08David O'Donnell97 - 49Brian Kay130
Mon 28-Jan-08David O'Donnell92 - 62Martin Smith119
Tue 29-Jan-08David O'Donnell117 - 45Bill Barrack121
Wed 30-Jan-08David O'Donnell111 - 13Hazel Wheeler124
Thu 31-Jan-08David O'Donnell114 - 44Rick Ruegg131
Fri 1-Feb-08David O'Donnell122 - 62Ian Browning128
Mon 4-Feb-08David O'Donnell117 - 48Steve Jepp120
Tue 5-Feb-08Ian Lamb79 - 69Sarah Flynn133
Wed 6-Feb-08Ian Lamb114 - 49Beryl Ogley131
Thu 7-Feb-08Ian Lamb77 - 80Nichola Sullings150
Fri 8-Feb-08Nicola Sullings60 - 88Tim Reypert153
Mon 11-Feb-08Tim Reypert94 - 64Michael Quinn118
Tue 12-Feb-08Tim Reypert100 - 37Ian Scott115
Wed 13-Feb-08Tim Reypert101 - 36Sylvana Casey127
Thu 14-Feb-08Tim Reypert89 - 50Keith Wilcock133
Fri 15-Feb-08Tim Reypert96 - 27Jon Bryan113
Mon 18-Feb-08Tim Reypert92 - 69Ros Rochester119
Tue 19-Feb-08Tim Reypert113 - 40Jennie Ferris133
Wed 20-Feb-08Brian Morley64 - 58Mike Simons131
Thu 21-Feb-08Brian Morley53 - 69Barbara Fletcher118
Fri 22-Feb-08Barbara Fletcher90 - 42Ronnie Clark120
Mon 25-Feb-08Barbara Fletcher61 - 77Nick Chamberlain123
Tue 26-Feb-08Nick Chamberlain61 - 58Jean Simpson116
Wed 27-Feb-08Nick Chamberlain71 - 79Barry Smith119
Thu 28-Feb-08Barry Smith80 - 75Nikki Cooper129
Fri 29-Feb-08Barry Smith84 - 52Karen Butcher121
Mon 3-Mar-08Barry Smith75 - 63Vic Goodall128
Tue 4-Mar-08Barry Smith79 - 49Mary Ridout130
Wed 5-Mar-08Barry Smith83 - 53Anne Hellier123
Thu 6-Mar-08Barry Smith109 - 55Helen Sadler118
Fri 7-Mar-08Barry Smith59 - 70Bob O'Keefe122
Mon 10-Mar-08Bob O'Keefe80 - 52Richard Coombs131
Mon 17-Mar-08Bob O'Keefe62 - 94Joe Denniss120
Tue 18-Mar-08Joe Deniss54 - 90Andrew Swale131
Wed 19-Mar-08Andrew Swale96 - 106Tony Durrant126
Thu 20-Mar-08Tony Durrant98 - 73Keith Brown141
Fri 21-Mar-08Tony Durrant98 - 70Colin Beck128
Mon 24-Mar-08Tony Durrant87 - 110Richard Priest131
Tue 25-Mar-08Richard Priest91 - 75Gill Ford130
Wed 26-Mar-08Richard Priest109 - 59Angus McGregor135
Thu 27-Mar-08Richard Priest105 - 60Sandra Gray118
Fri 28-Mar-08Richard Priest101 - 25Matt Wate123
Mon 31-Mar-08Richard Priest98 - 20Richard Wilson120
Tue 1-Apr-08Richard Priest83 - 85Nigel Davies120
Wed 2-Apr-08Nigel Davies90 - 38Chris Smith116
Thu 3-Apr-08Nigel Davies93 - 65Mary Dickson119
Fri 4-Apr-08Nigel Davies73 - 91Matthew Coates118
Mon 7-Apr-08Matthew Coates105 - 42Susan Wilson140
Tue 8-Apr-08Matthew Coates106 - 37Richard James143
Wed 9-Apr-08Matthew Coates87 - 97David Sandbach126
Thu 10-Apr-08David Sandbach81 - 94Julie Gregory119
Fri 11-Apr-08Julie Gregory82 - 91Hugh Shand133
Mon 14-Apr-08Hugh Shand73 - 78Carole Algie130
Tue 15-Apr-08Carole Algie75 - 76Diana Coull123
Wed 16-Apr-08Diana Coull77 - 68Peter Davey128
Thu 17-Apr-08Diana Coull74 - 84Len Marshall130
Fri 18-Apr-08Len Marshall92 - 101Ben Hanks128
Mon 21-Apr-08Ben Hanks81 - 58John Morrell118
Tue 22-Apr-08Ben Hanks78 - 52Melinda Ehlert138
Wed 23-Apr-08Ben Hanks79 - 78David Collingham132
Thu 24-Apr-08Ben Hanks96 - 70Mervyn Ward131
Fri 25-Apr-08Ben Hanks79 - 40Harry Barnett128
Mon 28-Apr-08Ben Hanks66 - 71David Preedy126
Tue 29-Apr-08David Preedy65 - 72Ellen Hill119
Wed 30-Apr-08Ellen Hill62 - 90Allannah Steadman122
Thu 1-May-08Allannah Steadman71 - 98Peter Davies120
Fri 2-May-08Peter Davies103 - 37Andy Fawcett132
Mon 5-May-08Peter Davies96 - 49Mike Nelson143
Tue 6-May-08Peter Davies93 - 67Stephen Rooney116
Wed 7-May-08Peter Davies89 - 54Sue Stevenson149
Thu 8-May-08Peter Davies81 - 55David Dunnington120
Fri 9-May-08Peter Davies82 - 89Don Gill116
Mon 12-May-08Don Gill71 - 82Tony Betts144
Tue 13-May-08Tony Betts44 - 73Philippa Griffin117
Wed 14-May-08Philippa Griffin92 - 45Eunice Campbell118
Thu 15-May-08Philippa Griffin67 - 78Ross Watt120
Fri 16-May-08Ross Watt81 - 60Ben Simmons122
Mon 19-May-08Ross Watt61 - 85Carl Dundas119
Tue 20-May-08Carl Dundas76 - 65Nick Horton153
Wed 21-May-08Carl Dundas94 - 31Neil Mayland131
Thu 22-May-08Carl Dundas80 - 82Barbara Cleggett141
Fri 23-May-08Barbara Cleggett52 - 61Lee Bailey151
Mon 26-May-08Lee Bailey66 - 58Terry Godden122
Tue 27-May-08Lee Bailey39 - 124Jonathan Coles143
Wed 28-May-08Jonathan Coles79 - 36Connie Hird132
Thu 29-May-08Jonathan Coles87 - 59Kath Hollis124
Fri 30-May-08Jonathan Coles89 - 72Simon Jackson112
Mon 2-Jun-08Jonathan Coles96 - 32Kathy Craig128
Tue 3-Jun-08Jonathan Coles75 - 57Connie Watson119
Wed 4-Jun-08Janathan Coles97 - 76Alan Carling119
Thu 5-Jun-08Jonathan Coles99 - 41Charlie Picken128
Fri 6-Jun-08Neil Sneddon67 - 45Tim Marsh129
Mon 9-Jun-08Neil Sneddon83 - 57David Beale132
Tue 10-Jun-08Neil Sneddon89 - 56John Nuttall117
Wed 11-Jun-08Neil Sneddon65 - 86Tony Gilgun132
Thu 12-Jun-08David O'Donnell92 - 46Ben Hanks118
Fri 13-Jun-08Peter Davies83 - 67Micheal MacDonald-Cooper123
Mon 16-Jun-08Tim Reypert53 - 90Richard Priest116
Tue 17-Jun-08Jonathan Coles101 - 75Barry Smith129
Wed 18-Jun-08David O'Donnell95 - 82Jonathan Coles119
Thu 19-Jun-08Richard Priest100 - 70Peter Davies124
Fri 20-Jun-08David O'Donnell91 - 61Richard Priest115

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