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Series 57

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Charlie Reams, Dave Coulthurst, David O'Donnell, Howard Somerset, Jim Bentley, Joseph Bolas, Mike Brown, Stuart Earl, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 25-Jun-07James Hurrell107 - 60Stella McKenzie139
Tue 26-Jun-07James Hurrell93 - 54Philip Makepeace116
Wed 27-Jun-07James Hurrell115 - 47Avis Lockwood141
Thu 28-Jun-07Gary Booker49 - 95Patrick McCann132
Fri 29-Jun-07Patrick McCann60 - 75Gary Cook141
Mon 2-Jul-07Gary Cook57 - 83Julie Davies131
Tue 3-Jul-07Julie Davies51 - 88Kath Lambert121
Wed 4-Jul-07Kath Lambert76 - 43Geoffrey Green132
Thu 5-Jul-07Kath Lambert56 - 78John Allen112
Fri 6-Jul-07John Allen75 - 91Alan Gray140
Mon 9-Jul-07Alan Gray111 - 40Philip Knowles155
Tue 10-Jul-07Alan Gray79 - 84Mike Priestley119
Wed 11-Jul-07Mike Priestley94 - 43Tammy Cooper117
Thu 12-Jul-07Mike Priestley80 - 75John Berkley130
Fri 13-Jul-07Mike Priestley56 - 97David Edwards118
Mon 16-Jul-07David Edwards72 - 66Margaret Read122
Tue 17-Jul-07David Edwards85 - 81Toni Whiting120
Wed 18-Jul-07David Edwards88 - 72Lesley Schiavone119
Thu 19-Jul-07David Edwards83 - 76Boyd Drummond121
Fri 20-Jul-07David Edwards88 - 66Helen Ward144
Mon 23-Jul-07David Edwards113 - 72John Anderson119
Tue 24-Jul-07David Edwards111 - 96Roy Gerrish131
Wed 25-Jul-07Rory Miller53 - 81Mikey Lear132
Thu 26-Jul-07Mikey Lear83 - 65Peter Duggal131
Fri 27-Jul-07Mikey Lear84 - 67William Hinton119
Mon 30-Jul-07Mikey Lear88 - 79Marta Hall120
Mon 6-Aug-07Mikey Lear89 - 56Clive Gray129
Tue 7-Aug-07Mikey Lear86 - 52Tracey Shepherd129
Wed 8-Aug-07Mikey Lear99 - 43Tom Megahy144
Thu 9-Aug-07Mikey Lear70 - 97Martin May114
Fri 10-Aug-07Martin May90 - 81Gina McDowell131
Mon 13-Aug-07Martin May104 - 68Patrick Durnall118
Tue 14-Aug-07Martin May101 - 79Amanda Vickery131
Wed 15-Aug-07Martin May73 - 77Steve Baines117
Thu 16-Aug-07Steve Baines93 - 71Neil Wood134
Fri 17-Aug-07Steve Baines115 - 32Jane Hocking130
Mon 20-Aug-07Steve Baines89 - 74Alex Morrison132
Tue 21-Aug-07Steve Baines90 - 65Celia Harris119
Wed 22-Aug-07Steve Baines109 - 83Margaret Say127
Thu 23-Aug-07Steve Baines99 - 55Charlie Shaw118
Fri 24-Aug-07Steve Baines86 - 93Grant Woods132
Mon 27-Aug-07Grant Woods79 - 96Jeffrey Hansford133
Tue 28-Aug-07Jeffrey Hansford107 - 65Dave Grant119
Wed 29-Aug-07Jeffrey Hansford127 - 70Alex Burrows137
Thu 30-Aug-07Jeffrey Hansford96 - 53Vikki Gardner120
Fri 31-Aug-07Jeffrey Hansford97 - 72Terry Rattle130
Mon 3-Sep-07Jeffrey Hansford99 - 55Barbara Hinton140
Tue 4-Sep-07Jeffrey Hansford100 - 41Ian121
Wed 5-Sep-07Jeffrey Hansford96 - 37Anne Brooke118
Thu 6-Sep-07Barney Barnes78 - 73Peter Northrop133
Fri 7-Sep-07Barney Barnes50 - 68Gay Black119
Mon 10-Sep-07Gay Black83 - 78Peter Smith138
Tue 11-Sep-07Gay Black65 - 81Natalie Underwood130
Wed 12-Sep-07Natalie Underwood72 - 47Danny Baker120
Thu 13-Sep-07Natalie Underwood81 - 105Sam Butcher130
Fri 14-Sep-07Sam Butcher102 - 65Sian Serafinski120
Mon 17-Sep-07Sam Butcher80 - 88David Von Geyer151
Tue 18-Sep-07David Von Geyer97 - 55Tony Goodman124
Wed 19-Sep-07David Von Geyer92 - 66Luisa Jones132
Thu 20-Sep-07David Von Geyer96 - 53Elizabeth Geear119
Fri 21-Sep-07David Von Geyer72 - 50Mark Hollingsworth119
Mon 24-Sep-07David Von Geyer98 - 81Eunan MacIntyre131
Tue 25-Sep-07David Von Geyer88 - 69Sheila Storey116
Wed 26-Sep-07David Von Geyer93 - 85Geoff Thomas118
Thu 27-Sep-07Bill Hammond50 - 85David Marsh120
Fri 28-Sep-07David Marsh66 - 87Matthew Green129
Mon 1-Oct-07Matthew Green84 - 52Shirley Wederell130
Tue 2-Oct-07Matthew Green89 - 54Robin Haggett 140
Wed 3-Oct-07Matthew Green93 - 64David Hughes119
Thu 4-Oct-07Matthew Green63 - 95Michael Howe119
Fri 5-Oct-07Michael Howe62 - 95Terry Mullin121
Mon 8-Oct-07Terry Mullin73 - 78John Scott118
Tue 9-Oct-07John Scott83 - 63Trevor Jennings142
Wed 10-Oct-07John Scott59 - 39Andrew Bowling118
Thu 11-Oct-07John Scott57 - 99Dinos Spheris121
Fri 12-Oct-07Konstadinos Sfyris86 - 42Georgina Parkinson115
Mon 15-Oct-07Konstadinos Sfyris87 - 48Marianne Rowntree122
Tue 16-Oct-07Konstadinos Sfyris76 - 78Dorian Liddel120
Wed 17-Oct-07Dorian Lidell77 - 61Jeff Whitaker127
Thu 18-Oct-07Dorian Lidell98 - 51Craig Nicoll139
Fri 19-Oct-07Dorian Lidell69 - 48Darren Mace130
Mon 22-Oct-07Dorian Lidell61 - 75Baz Hunt118
Tue 23-Oct-07Baz Hunt48 - 108Craig Beevers121
Wed 24-Oct-07Craig Beevers109 - 24Thomas Baldwin120
Thu 25-Oct-07Craig Beevers103 - 33Chris Bibby119
Fri 26-Oct-07Craig Beevers128 - 36Peter Watts134
Mon 29-Oct-07Craig Beevers104 - 70Martin Larter121
Tue 30-Oct-07Craig Beevers118 - 71Stuart Hamilton120
Wed 31-Oct-07Craig Beevers120 - 57Allan Millington121
Thu 1-Nov-07Craig Beevers117 - 40Shemina Kirby129
Fri 2-Nov-07Chris Wills58 - 69Conor Travers110
Mon 5-Nov-07John Proctor60 - 97Judy Kimber131
Tue 6-Nov-07Judy Kimber77 - 60Rex Clegg130
Wed 7-Nov-07Judy Kimber91 - 48Fiona Booth123
Thu 8-Nov-07Judy Kimber50 - 75Pat Stork129
Fri 9-Nov-07Pat Stork95 - 58Christopher Wild123
Mon 12-Nov-07Pat Stork100 - 80Stewart Jonstone119
Tue 13-Nov-07Pat Stork55 - 100Martin Sears152
Wed 14-Nov-07Martin Sears61 - 60Rick Dady140
Thu 15-Nov-07Martin Sears62 - 96Terry Newnham143
Fri 16-Nov-07Terry Newnham65 - 75Carl Dundas120
Mon 19-Nov-07Carl Dundas60 - 79Pauline Huggins123
Tue 20-Nov-07Pauline Huggins74 - 78Gary Tennant121
Wed 21-Nov-07Gary Tennant77 - 94James Roberts129
Thu 22-Nov-07James Roberts76 - 43Duncan Merrill131
Fri 23-Nov-07James Roberts93 - 64Madeleine Glew131
Mon 26-Nov-07James Roberts108 - 53Sandra Pilson118
Tue 27-Nov-07James Roberts100 - 51Richard Collins119
Wed 28-Nov-07James Roberts93 - 60Karen O'Donnell136
Thu 29-Nov-07James Roberts82 - 61John Boyle127
Fri 30-Nov-07James Roberts90 - 76Ian Sapiro121
Mon 3-Dec-07Bill McCann47 - 80Phil Dobbins130
Tue 4-Dec-07Phil Dobbins105 - 75Richard Balfour133
Wed 5-Dec-07Phil Dobbins67 - 77Lynn Collier141
Thu 6-Dec-07Lynn Collier38 - 74Nigel Fisher132
Fri 7-Dec-07Nigel Fisher54 - 101Jason Cullen119
Mon 10-Dec-07Jason Cullen77 - 63Stu Harkness122
Tue 11-Dec-07Jason Cullen91 - 63Colin Lawton115
Wed 12-Dec-07Jason Cullen88 - 78Helen Sinclair127
Thu 13-Dec-07Mikey Lear69 - 106Craig Beevers117
Fri 14-Dec-07Steve Baines100 - 83James Hurrell129
Mon 17-Dec-07Dave von Geyer77 - 86Jeffrey Hansford128
Tue 18-Dec-07David Edwards80 - 61James Roberts119
Wed 19-Dec-07David Edwards60 - 118Craig Beevers131
Thu 20-Dec-07Steve Baines66 - 81Jeffrey Hansford136
Fri 21-Dec-07Craig Beevers105 - 82Jeffrey Hansford118

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