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Series 56

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Charlie Reams, Chris Philpot, Dave Coulthurst, Howard Somerset, Ian Volante, Jim Bentley, Jon Corby, Stuart Earl, Tim Fuller, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Tue 2-Jan-07Anita Freeland80 - 56Gill Glass132
Wed 3-Jan-07Anita Freeland103 - 45Pete Liggett120
Thu 4-Jan-07Anita Freeland101 - 93Paul Richards131
Fri 5-Jan-07Anita Freeland83 - 86Jon Young140
Mon 8-Jan-07Jon Young59 - 82Bradley Cates131
Tue 9-Jan-07Bradley Cates105 - 68Katie Gibbins119
Wed 10-Jan-07Bradley Cates83 - 72Adrian Lutman142
Thu 11-Jan-07Bradley Cates63 - 78Ian Volante117
Fri 12-Jan-07Ian Volante94 - 64Lee Collingham131
Mon 15-Jan-07Ian Volante102 - 93George Rhodes144
Tue 16-Jan-07Ian Volante79 - 91Amey Deshpande118
Wed 17-Jan-07Amey Deshpande86 - 75Mandy Bill120
Thu 18-Jan-07Amey Deshpande79 - 71Joe McCoy131
Fri 19-Jan-07Amey Deshpande80 - 66Mike Smith130
Mon 22-Jan-07Amey Deshpande98 - 75Mary Jennings138
Tue 23-Jan-07Amey Deshpande87 - 50Sylvia de Rozario131
Wed 24-Jan-07Amey Deshpande102 - 54Gareth Evans137
Thu 25-Jan-07Amey Deshpande95 - 47Oliver Brennan130
Fri 26-Jan-07Jonathan Rathbone33 - 84Leigh Brook115
Mon 29-Jan-07Leigh Brook67 - 86Martin May129
Tue 30-Jan-07Martin May95 - 84Daniel Giddings141
Wed 31-Jan-07Judith Mills48 - 87Mick Barnewell113
Thu 1-Feb-07Mike Barnewell77 - 58David Watson134
Fri 2-Feb-07Mick Barnewell78 - 85Paddy Izod133
Mon 5-Feb-07Paddy Izod94 - 63Eoin O'Connell118
Tue 6-Feb-07Paddy Izod71 - 62Margaret Lee134
Wed 7-Feb-07Paddy Izod79 - 82Vivienne Mead142
Thu 8-Feb-07Vivienne Mead95 - 69Clive McClelland128
Fri 9-Feb-07Vivienne Mead82 - 44Nick Gray132
Mon 12-Feb-07Vivienne Mead83 - 58Marie Pegg130
Tue 13-Feb-07Vivienne Mead76 - 57Will Howells132
Wed 14-Feb-07Vivienne Mead106 - 58Paul Daly132
Thu 15-Feb-07Vivienne Mead90 - 55Rosemary Macmullen116
Fri 16-Feb-07Vivienne Mead68 - 76Ganesh152
Mon 19-Feb-07Ganesh88 - 63Mildred French121
Tue 20-Feb-07Ganesh81 - 85David Tuddenham130
Wed 21-Feb-07David Tuddenham87 - 89Pauline Woodward128
Thu 22-Feb-07Pauline Woodward82 - 76Mike Swift130
Fri 23-Feb-07Pauline Woodward94 - 61Jan Rawlings129
Mon 26-Feb-07Pauline Woodward81 - 96Jean Webby130
Tue 27-Feb-07Jean Webby94 - 60Dorothy Wardle114
Wed 28-Feb-07Jean Webby98 - 71Serena Halpin118
Thu 1-Mar-07Jean Webby96 - 66Bob Mulholland145
Fri 2-Mar-07Jean Webby112 - 40Nicola Crowley119
Mon 5-Mar-07Jean Webby79 - 66Barbara Howe131
Tue 6-Mar-07Jean Webby87 - 45Richard Murrin129
Wed 7-Mar-07Jean Webby76 - 55Beryl Taylor127
Thu 8-Mar-07Elizabeth Anderson54 - 75Raj Kailasam130
Fri 9-Mar-07Raj Kailasam63 - 60Crispin Salfargie129
Mon 12-Mar-07Raj Kailasam85 - 79Janet Rauch122
Mon 19-Mar-07Raj Kailasam66 - 77Sara Kingdom132
Tue 20-Mar-07Sara Kingdom82 - 50Steve Gallazzi131
Wed 21-Mar-07Sarah Kingdom73 - 70Simon Donlan131
Thu 22-Mar-07Sara Kingdom69 - 83Judith Carn118
Fri 23-Mar-07Judith Carn94 - 64Neil Champs121
Mon 26-Mar-07Judith Carn81 - 95Sarah Milsom132
Tue 27-Mar-07Sarah Milsom77 - 67Brian Kent116
Wed 28-Mar-07Sarah Milsom64 - 79John Verlaque125
Thu 29-Mar-07John Verlaque79 - 53Richard Shadbolt118
Fri 30-Mar-07John Verlaque79 - 85Shiela Booth143
Mon 2-Apr-07Sheila Booth61 - 100Cathy Cooper126
Tue 3-Apr-07Cathy Cooper79 - 71Tony King115
Wed 4-Apr-07Cathy Cooper74 - 62Ian MacKillop127
Thu 5-Apr-07Cathy Cooper71 - 84Kate McNulty122
Fri 6-Apr-07Kate McNulty56 - 88Chris Dufton139
Mon 9-Apr-07Chris Dufton74 - 75Norma Fisher120
Tue 10-Apr-07Norma Fisher50 - 89Robin Scott128
Wed 11-Apr-07Robin Scott81 - 54Kim Green105
Thu 12-Apr-07Robin Scott87 - 63Wayne Swan124
Fri 13-Apr-07Robin Scott86 - 63Wendy Woodward143
Mon 16-Apr-07Robin Scott76 - 82Pam Smith128
Tue 17-Apr-07Pam Smith70 - 67Michael Batty154
Wed 18-Apr-07Pam Smith79 - 61Jeff Lomax128
Thu 19-Apr-07Pam Smith98 - 74Tamsin Johnston124
Fri 20-Apr-07Pam Smith82 - 56Joe Burge119
Mon 23-Apr-07Pam Smith75 - 111Aaron Webber135
Tue 24-Apr-07Aaron Webber96 - 47Christina Dow132
Wed 25-Apr-07Aaron Webber93 - 40Richard Wakefield118
Thu 26-Apr-07Aaron Webber86 - 47Nina Walters127
Fri 27-Apr-07Aaron Webber98 - 45Ken Hudson116
Mon 30-Apr-07Aaron Webber104 - 51Dorothy Massey140
Tue 1-May-07Aaron Webber75 - 28David Butler127
Wed 2-May-07Aaron Webber110 - 39Bill Blades130
Thu 3-May-07Madeleine Hicks96 - 49Linda Jackson122
Fri 4-May-07Madeleine Hicks53 - 90Rob Waters133
Mon 7-May-07Rob Waters94 - 99Nick Wainwright124
Tue 8-May-07Nick Wainwright90 - 64Sue Faulkner131
Wed 9-May-07Nick Wainwright91 - 65Matthew Dixon139
Thu 10-May-07Nick Wainwright76 - 33David Senior122
Fri 11-May-07Nick Wainwright99 - 83Eileen Organ118
Mon 14-May-07Nick Wainwright99 - 46Michala Stabbins136
Tue 15-May-07Nick Wainwright91 - 88Michael Lord133
Wed 16-May-07Nick Wainwright81 - 58Helen Miller141
Thu 17-May-07Stuart Watts75 - 79Rob Bennie132
Fri 18-May-07Rob Bennie50 - 82Chris Walledge121
Mon 21-May-07Chris Walledge74 - 95Stewart Gordon142
Tue 22-May-07Stewart Gordon106 - 76Andrew Sweet131
Wed 23-May-07Stewart Gordon93 - 67Matt Watts122
Thu 24-May-07Stewart Gordon96 - 47Julie Gellatly146
Fri 25-May-07Stewart Gordon94 - 58Dave Fay120
Mon 28-May-07Stewart Gordon69 - 79Dundas Keating129
Tue 29-May-07Dundas Keating71 - 68Fliss Carlton131
Wed 30-May-07Dundas Keating99 - 83Darren Gleave132
Thu 31-May-07Dundas Keating88 - 54Pam Linington122
Fri 1-Jun-07Dundas Keating70 - 68Dave Tilley119
Mon 4-Jun-07Dundas Keating101 - 68Ian Hartley131
Tue 5-Jun-07Dundas Keating92 - 55Christine Hunt122
Wed 6-Jun-07Dundas Keating61 - 92John Holland132
Thu 7-Jun-07John Holland67 - 121James Hurrell141
Fri 8-Jun-07James Hurrell100 - 75Kathleen McAulay129
Mon 11-Jun-07James Hurrell113 - 48Phil Robertshaw120
Tue 12-Jun-07James Hurrell88 - 34Eileen Blackburn121
Wed 13-Jun-07James Hurrell101 - 60Peter Palfrey131
Thu 14-Jun-07Stewart Gordon81 - 85Aaron Webber129
Fri 15-Jun-07Dundas Keating58 - 84Jean Webby140
Mon 18-Jun-07Nick Wainwright104 - 74Vivienne Mead124
Tue 19-Jun-07Anita Freeland71 - 86Amey Deshpande126
Wed 20-Jun-07Anita Freeland97 - 86Aaron Webber125
Thu 21-Jun-07Jean Webby74 - 107Nick Wainwright134
Fri 22-Jun-07Nick Wainwright89 - 85Anita Freeland116

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