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Series 55

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Charlie Reams, Chris Philpot, Dave Coulthurst, Howard Somerset, James Robinson, Jim Bentley, Joseph Bolas, Mike Brown, Stuart Earl, Tim Fuller, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 19-Jun-06Tony Warren79 - 45Jill Todd139
Tue 20-Jun-06Tony Warren108 - 92Danny Shears134
Wed 21-Jun-06Don Leith32 - 104Graham Dugdale133
Thu 22-Jun-06Graham Dugdale112 - 43Stella Crane130
Fri 23-Jun-06Graham Dugdale90 - 101Alan O'Donnell139
Mon 26-Jun-06Alan O'Donnell73 - 102Marion Lang142
Tue 27-Jun-06Marion Lang90 - 78Don Beesley119
Wed 28-Jun-06Marion Lang61 - 91Andrew Balsdon115
Thu 29-Jun-06Andrew Balsdon84 - 58Shelagh Peachey127
Fri 30-Jun-06Andrew Balsdon49 - 98Phil Watson121
Mon 3-Jul-06Phil Watson98 - 62Carlos de Silva120
Tue 4-Jul-06Phil Watson56 - 55Barry Grice142
Wed 5-Jul-06Phil Watson95 - 50Sheila Ireland120
Thu 6-Jul-06Phil Watson63 - 52Paul Collings128
Fri 7-Jul-06Phil Watson87 - 37Carole Johnson120
Mon 10-Jul-06Phil Watson77 - 79June Bloxham116
Tue 11-Jul-06June Bloxham60 - 81Stuart Dowey141
Wed 12-Jul-06Stuart Dowey95 - 90Phil Watkins120
Thu 13-Jul-06Stuart Dowey67 - 73Paul King127
Fri 14-Jul-06Paul King33 - 90Frank Jablonski130
Mon 17-Jul-06Frank Jablonski90 - 46Kate Bassett120
Tue 18-Jul-06Frank Jablonski42 - 73Ken Jenkins123
Wed 19-Jul-06Ken Jenkins65 - 46Michael McCarthy120
Thu 20-Jul-06Ken Jenkins64 - 61Alan Adams121
Fri 21-Jul-06Ken Jenkins49 - 73Jean Braithwaite136
Mon 24-Jul-06Jean Braithwaite74 - 75Scott Davenport139
Tue 25-Jul-06Scott Davenport73 - 81Beelal Saab121
Wed 26-Jul-06Beelal Saab70 - 76Joy Longworth152
Thu 27-Jul-06Joy Longworth95 - 41Stewart Holdsworth139
Fri 28-Jul-06Joy Longworth69 - 54Peter Ryan130
Mon 31-Jul-06Joy Longworth87 - 51John Howells120
Tue 1-Aug-06Joy Longworth108 - 33Gerry Lucas129
Wed 2-Aug-06Joy Longworth93 - 69George Yates-Mercer132
Thu 3-Aug-06Joy Longworth95 - 70Steve Johnson119
Fri 4-Aug-06Joy Longworth76 - 83Andrew Laycock120
Mon 7-Aug-06Andrew Laycock98 - 33Omair Azam131
Tue 8-Aug-06Andrew Laycock83 - 78Graham Faulks119
Wed 9-Aug-06Andrew Laycock78 - 62Samuel Lynch132
Thu 10-Aug-06Andrew Laycock91 - 78Sam Jacobs126
Fri 11-Aug-06Andrew Laycock73 - 98Simon Born118
Mon 14-Aug-06Simon Born94 - 60Anne Brock135
Tue 15-Aug-06Simon Born98 - 51Geoffrey Jarvis115
Wed 16-Aug-06Simon Born67 - 74Godfrey Jackson142
Thu 17-Aug-06Godfrey Jackson75 - 78Rosemary Emanuel119
Fri 18-Aug-06Rosemary Emanuel100 - 58Jonni Pablo120
Mon 21-Aug-06Rosemary Emanuel91 - 64Dave Price-Williams126
Tue 22-Aug-06Rosemary Emanuel91 - 72Berni Shand130
Wed 23-Aug-06Rosemary Emanuel75 - 80Margaret Hunter119
Thu 24-Aug-06Margaret Hunter53 - 63Carolyn Kennedy121
Fri 25-Aug-06Carolyn Kennedy46 - 117Ian Hilton141
Mon 28-Aug-06Ian Hilton90 - 70Marcus Toulmin-Rothe118
Tue 29-Aug-06Ian Hilton107 - 74David Andrew Wood120
Wed 30-Aug-06Ian Hilton86 - 74Joy Williams143
Thu 31-Aug-06Ian Hilton81 - 87Sheri Evans137
Fri 1-Sep-06Sheri Evans114 - 63Ralph "Wilf" Burton123
Mon 4-Sep-06Sheri Evans83 - 76Paul Bassett134
Tue 5-Sep-06Sheri Evans89 - 65Elizabeth Smith120
Wed 6-Sep-06Sheri Evans85 - 70Pete Metcalfe128
Thu 7-Sep-06Sheri Evans93 - 98Sarah Duncan142
Fri 8-Sep-06Sarah Duncan82 - 46Jean Bode114
Mon 11-Sep-06Sarah Duncan67 - 116Richard Brittain143
Tue 12-Sep-06Richard Brittain94 - 83Claudia McQue132
Wed 13-Sep-06Richard Brittain95 - 77Gil-Ad Schwartz123
Thu 14-Sep-06Richard Brittain105 - 68Ali Ashman142
Fri 15-Sep-06Richard Brittain100 - 82Henry Smith119
Mon 18-Sep-06Richard Brittain96 - 62Jim Foster122
Tue 19-Sep-06Richard Brittain98 - 31Anne Devlin117
Wed 20-Sep-06Richard Brittain116 - 66Paul Manning140
Thu 21-Sep-06Ian Mellor91 - 52Kavita Dixit129
Fri 22-Sep-06Ian Mellor63 - 72Gordon Dimmack113
Mon 25-Sep-06Gordon Dimmack80 - 68Sabrina Verjee139
Tue 26-Sep-06Gordon Dimmack51 - 66Andrew Blades133
Wed 27-Sep-06Andrew Blades88 - 61Joanna Randall123
Thu 28-Sep-06Andrew Blades76 - 67Nick Price131
Fri 29-Sep-06Andrew Blades77 - 59Angela Madigan117
Mon 2-Oct-06Andrew Blades88 - 27Jill Tucker132
Tue 3-Oct-06Andrew Blades93 - 54Vincent Harris129
Wed 4-Oct-06Andrew Blades87 - 36Annabel Coles120
Thu 5-Oct-06Andrew Blades75 - 102Stu Horsey122
Fri 6-Oct-06Stu Horsey105 - 58Les Taylor130
Mon 9-Oct-06Stu Horsey76 - 53Simon Thomas119
Tue 10-Oct-06Stu Horsey86 - 74Michael Wallace117
Wed 11-Oct-06Stu Horsey89 - 56Luxmy Gopal126
Thu 12-Oct-06Stu Horsey101 - 32David Price150
Fri 13-Oct-06Stu Horsey90 - 81Suzanne Mims129
Mon 16-Oct-06Stu Horsey83 - 68Tom Rosoman140
Tue 17-Oct-06Helen Moir44 - 77Juliet Worthington120
Wed 18-Oct-06Juliet Worthington74 - 83Christine Rodley139
Thu 19-Oct-06Chris Rodley96 - 50Spencer Smith118
Fri 20-Oct-06Christine Rodley103 - 58Alastair Ives142
Mon 23-Oct-06Chris Rodley88 - 67Bob Couper142
Tue 24-Oct-06Christine Rodley74 - 76Maurice Brown120
Wed 25-Oct-06Maurice Brown77 - 71John Hartley120
Thu 26-Oct-06Maurice Brown87 - 84Sue Sanders144
Fri 27-Oct-06Maurice Brown60 - 39Kevin Olding118
Mon 30-Oct-06Maurice Brown56 - 75David Lettington130
Tue 31-Oct-06David Lettington85 - 58Patricia Louw122
Wed 1-Nov-06David Lettington66 - 55Rebecca Cripps121
Thu 2-Nov-06David Lettington68 - 108Richard Woodward126
Fri 3-Nov-06Richard Woodward62 - 76Steven Briers127
Mon 6-Nov-06Steven Briers136 - 41Dean Rowley142
Tue 7-Nov-06Steven Briers106 - 56Vicky Hubble124
Wed 8-Nov-06Steven Briers116 - 68Carl Gregory134
Thu 9-Nov-06Steven Briers108 - 59Glenda Fullard119
Fri 10-Nov-06Steven Briers110 - 93Dan Ward141
Mon 13-Nov-06Steven Briers92 - 53Jennifer Brown129
Tue 14-Nov-06Steven Briers99 - 55Sue Pascoe127
Wed 15-Nov-06Phil Matthams96 - 86Christine Smith123
Thu 16-Nov-06Phil Matthams41 - 113Bernie Corrigan122
Fri 17-Nov-06Bernie Corrigan77 - 94Thomas Nixon133
Mon 20-Nov-06Thomas Nixon83 - 63Richard Haring136
Tue 21-Nov-06Thomas Nixon101 - 56Florence Forbes123
Wed 22-Nov-06Thomas Nixon71 - 88Chris McHenry122
Thu 23-Nov-06Chris McHenry81 - 77Judy Gill128
Fri 24-Nov-06Chris McHenry74 - 73Stuart Moody118
Mon 27-Nov-06Chris McHenry79 - 77David Langer121
Tue 28-Nov-06Chris McHenry81 - 75Brendan Henderson131
Wed 29-Nov-06Chris McHenry79 - 71Steve Lilley117
Thu 30-Nov-06Chris McHenry62 - 54Nicky Bray118
Fri 1-Dec-06Chris McHenry99 - 50Jay Hayter133
Mon 4-Dec-06Jane Anderton77 - 82Robin Brown143
Tue 5-Dec-06Robin Brown100 - 37Keith Shergold130
Wed 6-Dec-06Robin Brown95 - 64Terry Corbett126
Thu 7-Dec-06Robin Brown92 - 77Gary Evans120
Fri 8-Dec-06Robin Brown89 - 94Anita Freeland119
Mon 11-Dec-06Anita Freeland98 - 59Evan Rattray119
Tue 12-Dec-06Anita Freeland107 - 36Tom Henry128
Wed 13-Dec-06Anita Freeland76 - 65Rich McDowell122
Thu 14-Dec-06Steven Briers72 - 82Phil Watson138
Fri 15-Dec-06Andrew Blades52 - 96Richard Brittain154
Mon 18-Dec-06Stu Horsey76 - 69Joy Longworth119
Tue 19-Dec-06Chris McHenry37 - 75Tony Warren126
Wed 20-Dec-06Phil Watson82 - 85Tony Warren120
Thu 21-Dec-06Richard Brittain83 - 75Stu Horsey119
Fri 22-Dec-06Tony Warren60 - 103Richard Brittain118

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