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Series 54

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Anthony Endsor, Charlie Reams, Chris Philpot, Colin Swann, Conor Travers, Daniel Peake, Dave Coulthurst, Jim Bentley, Jude Peters, Louise Pettigrew, Mike Brown, Ross Allatt, Stuart Earl, Tim Fuller, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 31-Oct-05Helen Mathieson61 - 90Colin Wreford129
Tue 1-Nov-05Colin Wreford72 - 57Kelvin Turner118
Wed 2-Nov-05Colin Wreford66 - 86Arthur Mactier131
Thu 3-Nov-05Arthur Mactier95 - 58Resh Mohangee120
Fri 4-Nov-05Arthur Mactier82 - 89Maureen Sye123
Mon 7-Nov-05Maureen Sye84 - 55Ian Thomson131
Tue 8-Nov-05Maureen Sye82 - 60Julie Anne Thornley119
Wed 9-Nov-05Maureen Sye75 - 90Stuart Coxshall173
Thu 10-Nov-05Stuart Coxshall82 - 35Sylvia Taylor121
Fri 11-Nov-05Stuart Coxshall60 - 103Daniel Peake122
Mon 14-Nov-05Daniel Peake62 - 48Audrey Nicholson131
Tue 15-Nov-05Daniel Peake97 - 70Paul Raymond127
Wed 16-Nov-05Daniel Peake81 - 77Eric Hannington151
Thu 17-Nov-05Daniel Peake78 - 38Matthew Goulding120
Fri 18-Nov-05Daniel Peake84 - 68Cath Cheney119
Mon 21-Nov-05Daniel Peake70 - 78Ray Oakley122
Tue 22-Nov-05Ray Oakley79 - 68Sue Sheldon117
Wed 23-Nov-05Ray Oakley58 - 99Conor Travers117
Thu 24-Nov-05Conor Travers111 - 35John Archer134
Fri 25-Nov-05Conor Travers99 - 58Geoff Alderman122
Mon 28-Nov-05Conor Travers114 - 57Jane Capie131
Tue 29-Nov-05Conor Travers111 - 53Steven Whitaker128
Wed 30-Nov-05Conor Travers124 - 69Andrew Christley140
Thu 1-Dec-05Conor Travers115 - 53Judy Bursford124
Fri 2-Dec-05Conor Travers117 - 61Vicky Prime128
Mon 5-Dec-05Robin Sutherland91 - 96Rosemary Ilsley132
Tue 6-Dec-05Rosemary Ilsley87 - 98Clive Johnson117
Wed 7-Dec-05Clive Johnson107 - 44Eileen Norris121
Thu 8-Dec-05Clive Johnson75 - 74Brendan Duke119
Fri 9-Dec-05Clive Johnson83 - 62Alan Woodruff121
Mon 12-Dec-05Clive Johnson87 - 52Brian Burdett122
Tue 13-Dec-05Clive Johnson76 - 109Marie Hayden129
Wed 14-Dec-05Marie Hayden104 - 58Roy Davies118
Thu 15-Dec-05Marie Hayden98 - 82Lilian Blyth121
Fri 16-Dec-05Marie Hayden89 - 86Ian Pyefinch121
Mon 19-Dec-05Marie Hayden109 - 60Paul Johnson123
Tue 20-Dec-05Marie Hayden84 - 89Sue Alexander143
Wed 21-Dec-05Sue Alexander84 - 98Nick Rafferty119
Mon 2-Jan-06Nick Rafferty78 - 95John Josephs122
Tue 3-Jan-06John Josephs63 - 83Christine Armstrong133
Wed 4-Jan-06Christine Armstrong89 - 52Irene Lewis132
Thu 5-Jan-06Christine Armstrong92 - 60Mark House139
Fri 6-Jan-06Christine Armstrong91 - 65Robert Oldland137
Sat 7-Jan-06Christine Armstrong83 - 25Jean Garrod132
Mon 9-Jan-06Christine Armstrong93 - 53Alec Meadows120
Tue 10-Jan-06Christine Armstrong86 - 55Laura McDonald122
Wed 11-Jan-06Christine Armstrong76 - 82Douglas Clark119
Thu 12-Jan-06Douglas Clark71 - 76Mark Blackwell141
Fri 13-Jan-06Mark Blackwell59 - 83Ray Waddington131
Sat 14-Jan-06Ray Waddington78 - 63Caroline Langley124
Mon 16-Jan-06Ray Waddington74 - 106Keith Maynard129
Tue 17-Jan-06Keith Maynard94 - 40Barbara Orshyre133
Wed 18-Jan-06Keith Maynard110 - 66John Ashley130
Thu 19-Jan-06Keith Maynard86 - 53Tony Amos111
Fri 20-Jan-06Keith Maynard94 - 42Elizabeth Mitchell132
Sat 21-Jan-06Keith Maynard88 - 48Andy Garner127
Mon 23-Jan-06Keith Maynard105 - 52Robert Biggins141
Tue 24-Jan-06Keith Maynard102 - 49Geraldine Ellis133
Wed 25-Jan-06Michael Bowden93 - 85Gary Walton117
Thu 26-Jan-06Michael Bowden93 - 84Sheila Rudge137
Fri 27-Jan-06Michael Bowden91 - 32Brian Oliver123
Sat 28-Jan-06Michael Bowden73 - 64Christine Grant142
Mon 30-Jan-06Michael Bowden94 - 71David Collier134
Tue 31-Jan-06Michael Bowden97 - 63Linda Morton127
Wed 1-Feb-06Michael Bowden92 - 56Joan Soothill128
Thu 2-Feb-06Michael Bowden106 - 59Ben Bell121
Fri 3-Feb-06Stephanie Perks47 - 89Keith Reading126
Sat 4-Feb-06Keith Reading83 - 102Paul Howe123
Mon 6-Feb-06Paul Howe109 - 72Judith Shade133
Tue 7-Feb-06Paul Howe95 - 77Darren Wilkes126
Wed 8-Feb-06Paul Howe93 - 56Alison Campbell130
Thu 9-Feb-06Paul Howe105 - 49Terry Reilly118
Fri 10-Feb-06Paul Howe107 - 61Michael Jones122
Sat 11-Feb-06Paul Howe113 - 42Alan Patient122
Mon 13-Feb-06Paul Howe91 - 47Clare Hughes121
Tue 14-Feb-06Andrew Gedney95 - 68Susan Yaffe130
Wed 15-Feb-06Andrew Gedney87 - 96Alexia McCluskey119
Thu 16-Feb-06Alexia McCluskey87 - 57Joe Randall134
Fri 17-Feb-06Alexia McCluskey55 - 109Matthew Shore119
Sat 18-Feb-06Matthew Shore116 - 29Brian Wilson143
Mon 20-Feb-06Matthew Shore115 - 35Greg Bell138
Tue 21-Feb-06Matthew Shore98 - 60Susan Stones123
Wed 22-Feb-06Matthew Shore103 - 59David McDougall124
Thu 23-Feb-06Matthew Shore88 - 65Heather Phillips129
Fri 24-Feb-06Matthew Shore95 - 51Roger Walker119
Sat 25-Feb-06Matthew Shore126 - 55Inderjit Bedi139
Mon 27-Feb-06Will Cantrell58 - 82Kate May119
Tue 28-Feb-06Kate May85 - 67Sarah Devlin133
Wed 1-Mar-06Kate May86 - 43Harry Cohen118
Thu 2-Mar-06Kate May96 - 50Andy Watson121
Fri 3-Mar-06Kate May53 - 72Tony Foran126
Sat 4-Mar-06Tony Foran95 - 59Paul Johnston129
Mon 6-Mar-06Tony Foran90 - 64Yvette Campbell128
Tue 7-Mar-06Tony Foran65 - 76Brian Hart122
Wed 8-Mar-06Brian Hart61 - 97Ian Graham119
Thu 9-Mar-06Ian Graham81 - 63Bernadette Keaton118
Fri 10-Mar-06Ian Graham87 - 47Dave Welsh117
Sat 11-Mar-06Ian Graham97 - 48Anna Southgate123
Mon 13-Mar-06Ian Graham108 - 34Bernie Smith138
Sat 18-Mar-06Ian Graham77 - 82Ian Alexander116
Mon 20-Mar-06Ian Alexander100 - 33Barry Buckingham134
Tue 21-Mar-06Ian Alexander102 - 52Linda Hinton150
Wed 22-Mar-06Ian Alexander80 - 77Robert Cleary131
Thu 23-Mar-06Ian Alexander78 - 101Sheila Henderson120
Fri 24-Mar-06Sheila Henderson68 - 70Paul Henry123
Sat 25-Mar-06Paul Henry70 - 48Viv Gardner121
Mon 27-Mar-06Paul Henry60 - 99Keith Broadbent126
Tue 28-Mar-06Keith Broadbent91 - 74Ken Coney133
Wed 29-Mar-06Keith Broadbent88 - 72Beryl Jump131
Thu 30-Mar-06Keith Broadbent95 - 101Dan Webster127
Fri 31-Mar-06Dan Webster72 - 90Ella O'Donnell121
Sat 1-Apr-06Ella O'Donnell92 - 87Rae Durrant130
Mon 3-Apr-06Ella O'Donnell77 - 84David Kyte140
Tue 4-Apr-06David Kyte63 - 84Kate Strong121
Wed 5-Apr-06Kate Strong29 - 86Heather Culpin119
Thu 6-Apr-06Heather Culpin106 - 83Steven Kidner138
Fri 7-Apr-06Heather Culpin79 - 55Morag Chaney127
Sat 8-Apr-06Heather Culpin92 - 75Peter Hunt119
Mon 10-Apr-06Heather Culpin77 - 80Carole Bramwell120
Tue 11-Apr-06Carole Bramwell95 - 35David Frost122
Wed 12-Apr-06Carole Bramwell83 - 41Len Chubb127
Thu 13-Apr-06Carole Bramwell83 - 77Johanna Scott131
Fri 14-Apr-06Carole Bramwell96 - 63Phil Batty132
Mon 17-Apr-06Carole Bramwell66 - 84Tony Downing148
Tue 18-Apr-06Tony Downing66 - 40Pat Ridley122
Wed 19-Apr-06Tony Downing74 - 65Andy Nisbet120
Thu 20-Apr-06Tony Downing73 - 45Lyn Syvier128
Fri 21-Apr-06Tony Downing56 - 69Trevor Hancock131
Mon 24-Apr-06Trevor Hancock64 - 74Jan Gates125
Tue 25-Apr-06Jan Gates90 - 76Pauline Billing 130
Wed 26-Apr-06Jan Gates86 - 85Julie Cameron140
Thu 27-Apr-06Jan Gates69 - 83Helen Shutler144
Fri 28-Apr-06Helen Shutler42 - 110Jon Corby134
Mon 1-May-06Jon Corby95 - 65Margaret Hillman121
Tue 2-May-06Jon Corby109 - 51Andy Willetts116
Wed 3-May-06Jon Corby97 - 82Jack Welsh123
Thu 4-May-06Jon Corby118 - 47Carol Parker131
Fri 5-May-06Jon Corby128 - 61Chris Bailiffe141
Mon 8-May-06Jon Corby102 - 44Len Oakes131
Tue 9-May-06Jon Corby97 - 51Terry Norman126
Wed 10-May-06Tony Warren88 - 55Jenny Turner130
Thu 11-May-06Tony Warren100 - 47Sheila Goodwin144
Fri 12-May-06Tony Warren96 - 58Sophi Harrison124
Mon 15-May-06Tony Warren71 - 64Michael Gordon138
Tue 16-May-06Tony Warren98 - 86Richard Green140
Wed 17-May-06Tony Warren72 - 58Richard Knight122
Thu 18-May-06Daniel Peake38 - 107Conor Travers130
Fri 19-May-06Christine Armstrong66 - 77Jon Corby128
Mon 22-May-06Michael Bowden69 - 88Matthew Shore113
Tue 23-May-06Keith Maynard49 - 118Paul Howe134
Wed 24-May-06Conor Travers124 - 100Paul Howe130
Thu 25-May-06Jon Corby78 - 94Matthew Shore122
Fri 26-May-06Conor Travers98 - 83Matthew Shore118

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