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Series 53

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Barry Barron, Charlie Reams, Conor Travers, Dave Coulthurst, Gary Male, Jim Bentley, Jon O'Neill, Jude Peters, Martin Gardner, Mike Brown, Paul Howe, Ross Allatt, Stuart Earl, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Tue 4-Jan-05Fred Reynolds91 - 55Dawn Shephard118
Wed 5-Jan-05Fred Reynolds89 - 35Peter May142
Thu 6-Jan-05Fred Reynolds95 - 78Dave Urwin128
Fri 7-Jan-05Fred Reynolds90 - 65Terry Young122
Mon 10-Jan-05Fred Reynolds62 - 87Toni Ryan128
Tue 11-Jan-05Toni Ryan90 - 72Alex Menzies143
Wed 12-Jan-05Toni Ryan86 - 71James Iles130
Thu 13-Jan-05Toni Ryan95 - 40Rachel Mason132
Fri 14-Jan-05Toni Ryan69 - 81Brian Roles119
Mon 17-Jan-05Brian Roles80 - 68Stephen Paterson124
Tue 18-Jan-05Brian Roles60 - 51Pat Rawlings120
Wed 19-Jan-05Brian Roles72 - 59George Holmes122
Thu 20-Jan-05Brian Roles78 - 52Bob Stone160
Fri 21-Jan-05Brian Roles56 - 82Judith Young142
Mon 24-Jan-05Judith Young80 - 70Jan Clark121
Tue 25-Jan-05Judith Young92 - 53Ernie Aust142
Wed 26-Jan-05Judith Young71 - 55Eric Hunter118
Thu 27-Jan-05Judith Young90 - 49Vernon Young129
Fri 28-Jan-05Judith Young101 - 74Joy Walters131
Mon 31-Jan-05Judith Young95 - 49Dennis Poore121
Tue 1-Feb-05Judith Young96 - 66Enid Holmes151
Wed 2-Feb-05Geoff King56 - 98Sonia Cordas140
Thu 3-Feb-05Sonia Cordas79 - 85Nicky Lyons130
Fri 4-Feb-05Nicky Lyons68 - 72Peter Berridge123
Mon 7-Feb-05Peter Berridge68 - 96Frank Mulvey133
Tue 8-Feb-05Frank Mulvey90 - 41Maggie Insh136
Wed 9-Feb-05Frank Mulvey77 - 63Lee Burrows135
Thu 10-Feb-05Frank Mulvey72 - 55Bob Woods117
Fri 11-Feb-05Frank Mulvey133 - 86Kevin Warner153
Mon 14-Feb-05Margaret Roper64 - 62Lily MacIntosh120
Tue 15-Feb-05Margaret Roper56 - 68Rose Benson122
Wed 16-Feb-05Rose Benson58 - 96Gary Buxton130
Thu 17-Feb-05Gary Buxton58 - 106John Mayhew124
Fri 18-Feb-05John Mayhew102 - 76Pete Dance116
Mon 21-Feb-05John Mayhew91 - 48Jean MacLachlan135
Tue 22-Feb-05John Mayhew118 - 42Cliff Pettifor141
Wed 23-Feb-05John Mayhew99 - 63Gus Aaron122
Thu 24-Feb-05John Mayhew92 - 57Stuart Wright132
Fri 25-Feb-05John Mayhew93 - 54Hady Beecham131
Mon 28-Feb-05John Mayhew110 - 59Joe O'Brien118
Tue 1-Mar-05John Hardie65 - 108Chris Hunt128
Wed 2-Mar-05Chris Hunt103 - 59Margaret Goodlad126
Thu 3-Mar-05Chris Hunt113 - 37Dan Monaghan143
Fri 4-Mar-05Chris Hunt108 - 86Maire Williams144
Mon 7-Mar-05Chris Hunt106 - 91Jane Hoskyn122
Tue 8-Mar-05Chris Hunt96 - 54Gwilym Williams121
Wed 9-Mar-05Chris Hunt81 - 87Sue Drinkwater129
Thu 10-Mar-05Sue Drinkwater80 - 78Gordon Robson131
Fri 11-Mar-05Sue Drinkwater62 - 54Neil Kelly134
Mon 14-Mar-05Sue Drinkwater85 - 73Joss Clark126
Mon 21-Mar-05Sue Drinkwater71 - 85Tanmay Dixit119
Tue 22-Mar-05Tanmay Dixit95 - 59Isabel Fennemore132
Wed 23-Mar-05Tanmay Dixit82 - 87Mike Meakin123
Thu 24-Mar-05Mike Meakin87 - 77Jim Handley144
Tue 29-Mar-05Mike Meakin88 - 84Eric Harrison132
Wed 30-Mar-05Mike Meakin57 - 75Jillian Tidman121
Thu 31-Mar-05Jillian Tidman39 - 66Steve Smith128
Fri 1-Apr-05Steve Smith67 - 87Jon O'Neill143
Mon 4-Apr-05Jon O'Neill96 - 72Peter Wallis120
Tue 5-Apr-05Jon O'Neill106 - 54William Moore141
Wed 6-Apr-05Jon O'Neill102 - 46Ola Odutola124
Thu 7-Apr-05Jon O'Neill101 - 61Gill Johns134
Fri 8-Apr-05Jon O'Neill104 - 64Phil Squires119
Mon 11-Apr-05Jon O'Neill114 - 43Theresa Turrell132
Tue 12-Apr-05Jon O'Neill94 - 58Gary McEnaney118
Wed 13-Apr-05Peter Danks75 - 76Mansoor Ditta131
Thu 14-Apr-05Mansoor Ditta70 - 87Ross Allatt144
Fri 15-Apr-05Ross Allatt100 - 50Eunice Stride124
Mon 18-Apr-05Ross Allatt110 - 74Mike Brailsford150
Tue 19-Apr-05Ross Allatt83 - 80David Hutton141
Wed 20-Apr-05Ross Allatt95 - 50Janet Mattingley120
Thu 21-Apr-05Ross Allatt81 - 54Wayne Porter130
Fri 22-Apr-05Ross Allatt86 - 60Thomas Leeming119
Mon 25-Apr-05Ross Allatt98 - 67John Caddick118
Tue 26-Apr-05Jenny Scudamore83 - 86David Ryan116
Wed 27-Apr-05David Ryan91 - 102Kieran Coppinger142
Thu 28-Apr-05Kieran Coppinger101 - 85Ian Laming122
Fri 29-Apr-05Kieran Coppinger92 - 75Gerry Montague122
Tue 3-May-05Kieran Coppinger72 - 82Sally Bassinder 127
Wed 4-May-05Sally Bassinder 93 - 72Len Cazaly128
Thu 5-May-05Sally Bassinder 84 - 90Bob Beckett120
Fri 6-May-05Bob Beckett73 - 84Michael Edwards129
Mon 9-May-05Michael Edwards79 - 71Jim Anderson115
Tue 10-May-05Michael Edwards84 - 85Rick Hughes150
Wed 11-May-05Rick Hughes63 - 79Caroline Ambrose120
Thu 12-May-05Caroline Ambrose73 - 115John Brackstone132
Fri 13-May-05John Brackstone81 - 48Richard Ellis113
Mon 16-May-05John Brackstone103 - 68Mark Leopold154
Tue 17-May-05John Brackstone101 - 75Raymond Quirk140
Wed 18-May-05John Brackstone98 - 72Christine Skeer120
Thu 19-May-05John Brackstone110 - 68Ken Ryder133
Fri 20-May-05John Brackstone119 - 35Joanna Alladyce124
Mon 23-May-05John Brackstone95 - 44Frank Cowsill131
Tue 24-May-05Anna Hillis67 - 92Dominic Marsh133
Wed 25-May-05Dominic Marsh73 - 102Anthony Endsor143
Tue 31-May-05Anthony Endsor65 - 66Amy McMaster144
Wed 1-Jun-05Amy McMaster108 - 66Daljit Gharial123
Thu 2-Jun-05Amy McMaster58 - 92Richard Heald132
Fri 3-Jun-05Richard Heald115 - 36Michael Chidwick136
Mon 6-Jun-05Richard Heald93 - 58Anne Hardy116
Tue 7-Jun-05Richard Heald104 - 58Ross Gibson116
Wed 8-Jun-05Richard Heald89 - 73Beryl Lawford120
Thu 9-Jun-05Richard Heald104 - 57Karen Pearson118
Fri 10-Jun-05Richard Heald102 - 57Alan Hicks117
Mon 13-Jun-05Richard Heald96 - 84Paul Lyne116
Tue 14-Jun-05Magda Greensmith90 - 74William Sutherland132
Wed 15-Jun-05Magda Greensmith64 - 80Rod Barry132
Thu 16-Jun-05Rod Barry90 - 52Joe Penn116
Fri 17-Jun-05Rod Barry64 - 84Jon Pitt143
Mon 20-Jun-05John Pitt100 - 44Harry Smith131
Tue 21-Jun-05John Pitt70 - 88Helen Mathieson121
Wed 22-Jun-05Helen Mathieson88 - 82Leslie Ritchings130
Thu 23-Jun-05John Brackstone75 - 58Fred Reynolds126
Fri 24-Jun-05Chris Hunt73 - 97John Mayhew120
Tue 28-Jun-05Judith Young74 - 90Jon O'Neill121
Wed 29-Jun-05Richard Heald100 - 90Ross Allatt117
Thu 30-Jun-05Richard Heald75 - 89John Brackstone119
Thu 30-Jun-05John Mayhew89 - 88Jon O'Neill117
Fri 1-Jul-05John Mayhew86 - 76John Brackstone143

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