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Series 52

Recappers for this series: Barry Barron, Charlie Reams, Dave Coulthurst, Jim Bentley, Julian Fell, Mike Brown, Paul Thomson, Stuart Earl, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 28-Jun-04David Thirlwall96 - 89Martin McGuinness135
Tue 29-Jun-04David Thirlwall80 - 69Susan Goldsmith134
Wed 30-Jun-04David Thirlwall86 - 48Jim Mitchell138
Thu 1-Jul-04David Thirlwall80 - 74Graham Andrews133
Fri 2-Jul-04Angela Jones52 - 50Steve Dawes140
Mon 5-Jul-04Angela Jones98 - 74Simon Down123
Tue 6-Jul-04Angela Jones64 - 79Malcolm Major141
Wed 7-Jul-04Malcolm Major86 - 46Susan Over119
Thu 8-Jul-04Malcolm Major114 - 65Elspeth Fox144
Fri 9-Jul-04Malcolm Major69 - 87Ian Laird119
Mon 12-Jul-04Ian Laird81 - 66Taz Poole143
Tue 13-Jul-04Ian Laird99 - 84Neil Pallister140
Wed 14-Jul-04Ian Laird75 - 112Margaret Winning120
Thu 15-Jul-04Margaret Winning65 - 72Ian McLennan131
Fri 16-Jul-04Ian McLennan73 - 85Jon Stitcher150
Mon 19-Jul-04Jon Stitcher80 - 79Dora Stavrinos133
Tue 20-Jul-04Jon Stitcher88 - 79Norman Haikney120
Wed 21-Jul-04Jon Stitcher73 - 110Jack Welsby132
Tue 27-Jul-04Jack Welsby105 - 51Mary Parke121
Wed 28-Jul-04Jack Welsby102 - 42Eddie McNamee118
Tue 3-Aug-04Jack Welsby101 - 55Carol Kemp120
Wed 4-Aug-04Jack Welsby96 - 86Joseph Bolas141
Thu 5-Aug-04Jack Welsby112 - 72Stewart Smeed133
Fri 6-Aug-04Jack Welsby108 - 51Mandy Combes126
Mon 9-Aug-04Jack Welsby97 - 73Alan Cusack129
Tue 10-Aug-04Khalid Mahmood79 - 73Penny Scudamore142
Wed 11-Aug-04Khalid Mahmood74 - 77Bob Mathieson127
Tue 17-Aug-04Bob Mathieson75 - 79Marcus Alderton121
Wed 18-Aug-04Marcus Alderton82 - 49Kay Yuille129
Tue 24-Aug-04Marcus Alderton42 - 107Roy Thearle131
Wed 25-Aug-04Roy Thearle101 - 46Betty Madill141
Thu 26-Aug-04Roy Thearle109 - 44John Welch132
Fri 27-Aug-04Roy Thearle89 - 36Ivy Howard133
Tue 31-Aug-04Roy Thearle83 - 96Paul Gallen124
Wed 1-Sep-04Paul Gallen117 - 49Harry Brunt135
Thu 2-Sep-04Paul Gallen103 - 77Claire Marsden140
Fri 3-Sep-04Paul Gallen103 - 82Ray Jones121
Mon 6-Sep-04Paul Gallen117 - 35Jean Tully123
Tue 7-Sep-04Paul Gallen106 - 57Ed Pritchard121
Wed 8-Sep-04Paul Gallen83 - 39Stephen Todd117
Thu 9-Sep-04Paul Gallen121 - 47Mo Yusuf128
Fri 10-Sep-04Christina Wood69 - 79Barbara Matthewman122
Mon 13-Sep-04Barbara Matthewman45 - 107Neil Newcombe123
Tue 14-Sep-04Neil Newcombe84 - 74Trevor Smythe127
Wed 15-Sep-04Neil Newcombe60 - 90Mike Hannam130
Thu 16-Sep-04Mike Hannam79 - 54Diana Evans121
Fri 17-Sep-04Mike Hannam103 - 58Eve Morgan131
Mon 20-Sep-04Mike Hannam89 - 66Martin Markey141
Tue 21-Sep-04Mike Hannam64 - 87Robert Harris117
Wed 22-Sep-04Robert Harris85 - 82Fairley Ramsey118
Thu 23-Sep-04Robert Harris77 - 76Chris Stephen134
Fri 24-Sep-04Robert Harris99 - 42David Coster119
Mon 27-Sep-04Robert Harris79 - 97John Gray123
Tue 28-Sep-04John Gray110 - 76Pat Williams123
Wed 29-Sep-04John Gray94 - 56Piers Drew-Wilkinson131
Thu 30-Sep-04John Gray106 - 24Martin Clemett132
Fri 1-Oct-04John Gray93 - 53Roland Allanach118
Mon 4-Oct-04John Gray90 - 73Felicity Geddes133
Tue 5-Oct-04John Gray89 - 31Les Holmes118
Wed 6-Oct-04John Gray78 - 66Dave Soper130
Thu 7-Oct-04Mark Danks86 - 59Donald Moffatt118
Fri 8-Oct-04Mark Danks93 - 60Jean Gilson131
Mon 11-Oct-04Mark Danks76 - 86Andrew Dodd128
Tue 12-Oct-04Andrew Dodd70 - 58Kevin Ashby138
Wed 13-Oct-04Andrew Dodd47 - 70Carol Joy119
Thu 14-Oct-04Carol Joy44 - 90John Hunt121
Fri 15-Oct-04John Hunt79 - 69Graham Brown122
Mon 18-Oct-04John Hunt108 - 61Peter Gerosa132
Tue 19-Oct-04John Hunt106 - 51Renee Dunbar126
Wed 20-Oct-04John Hunt80 - 73John Cox119
Thu 21-Oct-04John Hunt111 - 56Jennie Masters130
Fri 22-Oct-04John Hunt117 - 36Arif Walla129
Mon 25-Oct-04John Hunt97 - 78Angela Wingrove121
Tue 26-Oct-04Paul Suter83 - 50David Vernet 122
Wed 27-Oct-04Paul Suter72 - 79Rita Willmott119
Thu 28-Oct-04Rita Willmott85 - 79Irene Dunn129
Fri 29-Oct-04Rita Willmott90 - 47Andrew Edgington130
Mon 1-Nov-04Rita Willmott88 - 63Brian Ardron134
Tue 2-Nov-04Rita Willmott109 - 83Janet Carpenter123
Wed 3-Nov-04Rita Willmott78 - 79Steven Moir142
Thu 4-Nov-04Steven Moir91 - 87David Morgans119
Fri 5-Nov-04Steven Moir111 - 68Martin Jones140
Mon 8-Nov-04Steven Moir99 - 54Misha Stapleton132
Tue 9-Nov-04Steven Moir106 - 77David Payne124
Wed 10-Nov-04Steven Moir84 - 65Catherine Delaney123
Thu 11-Nov-04Steven Moir102 - 69Jim Whelan123
Fri 12-Nov-04Steven Moir91 - 66Paul Warrilow121
Mon 15-Nov-04Margaret Boyle46 - 92Mark Tournoff121
Tue 16-Nov-04Mark Tournoff105 - 71Brian Pulman122
Wed 17-Nov-04Mark Tournoff111 - 60Ronnie Boyd141
Thu 18-Nov-04Mark Tournoff101 - 68Samantha Latham129
Fri 19-Nov-04Mark Tournoff117 - 75John Crockett120
Mon 22-Nov-04Mark Tournoff95 - 44Alan Gordon119
Tue 23-Nov-04Mark Tournoff79 - 46Keith Jones141
Wed 24-Nov-04Mark Tournoff109 - 42Diane Crews136
Thu 25-Nov-04Brian Lightfoot56 - 94Judith Armstrong122
Fri 26-Nov-04Judith Armstrong86 - 74Alex Lacey119
Mon 29-Nov-04Judith Armstrong98 - 42Chris Marsh132
Tue 30-Nov-04Judith Armstrong85 - 82Andrew Byrne117
Wed 1-Dec-04Judith Armstrong84 - 52Jackie Ward131
Thu 2-Dec-04Judith Armstrong59 - 101Tim Charlton122
Fri 3-Dec-04Tim Charlton82 - 97Ben Tamplin133
Mon 6-Dec-04Ben Tamplin94 - 53Julie Pettinger142
Tue 7-Dec-04Ben Tamplin83 - 92Fred Reynolds119
Wed 8-Dec-04Fred Reynolds80 - 68James Hill132
Thu 9-Dec-04Rita Willmott61 - 92Paul Gallen125
Fri 10-Dec-04David Thirlwall58 - 93Jack Welsby116
Mon 13-Dec-04John Gray73 - 138Mark Tournoff141
Tue 14-Dec-04John Hunt85 - 67Steven Moir121
Wed 15-Dec-04Paul Gallen108 - 47John Hunt130
Thu 16-Dec-04Jack Welsby73 - 88Mark Tournoff126
Fri 17-Dec-04Mark Tournoff92 - 89Paul Gallen119

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