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Series 51

Recappers for this series: Barry Barron, Dave Coulthurst, Gary Male, Jim Bentley, Jude Peters, Martin Gardner, Mike Brown, Paul Howe, Paul Thomson, Stuart Earl, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 5-Jan-04Steve Graston115 - 67Mal Myers129
Tue 6-Jan-04Steve Graston96 - 42Hossain Zadeh118
Wed 7-Jan-04Steve Graston80 - 94Gail Wood117
Thu 8-Jan-04Gail Wood64 - 93Margaret Murphy129
Fri 9-Jan-04Margaret Murphy85 - 74Kay Heat120
Mon 12-Jan-04Margaret Murphy88 - 26Peter Ernest133
Tue 13-Jan-04Margaret Murphy80 - 89Jean Bridge132
Wed 14-Jan-04Jean Bridge89 - 70Dermott MacHugh125
Thu 15-Jan-04Jean Bridge78 - 83Dennis Shepherd142
Fri 16-Jan-04Dennis Shepherd59 - 65Evelyn Schofield123
Mon 19-Jan-04Evelyn Schofield87 - 26Tom Jamieson129
Tue 20-Jan-04Evelyn Schofield67 - 57Samantha Cooper119
Wed 21-Jan-04Evelyn Schofield91 - 64John Delaney153
Thu 22-Jan-04Evelyn Schofield64 - 96Eric Wright132
Fri 23-Jan-04Eric Wright78 - 70Julie Cope129
Mon 26-Jan-04Eric Wright123 - 66Jonathan de Souza151
Tue 27-Jan-04Eric Wright69 - 73Chris Brown121
Wed 28-Jan-04Chris Brown89 - 82Jill Ramsay141
Thu 29-Jan-04Chris Brown93 - 75Norman MacKenzie142
Fri 30-Jan-04Chris Brown70 - 80Adrian Daniel131
Mon 2-Feb-04Adrian Daniel56 - 85Ariane Sherine122
Tue 3-Feb-04Ariane Sherine91 - 60Chris Philpot131
Wed 4-Feb-04Ariane Sherine61 - 64Paul Habershon129
Thu 5-Feb-04Paul Habershon42 - 94Sue Babb130
Fri 6-Feb-04Sue Babb61 - 95Richard Pay121
Mon 9-Feb-04Richard Pay105 - 51Andy Cowie123
Tue 10-Feb-04Richard Pay70 - 62Cathy Doyle139
Wed 11-Feb-04Richard Pay90 - 69Kirk Bevins111
Thu 12-Feb-04Richard Pay102 - 74Sue Booton132
Fri 13-Feb-04Richard Pay89 - 82Peter Thompson122
Mon 16-Feb-04Richard Pay79 - 77Claire Whitaker130
Tue 17-Feb-04Richard Pay102 - 72David Gordon123
Wed 18-Feb-04John Haywood71 - 66Tony Bridge120
Thu 19-Feb-04John Haywood54 - 92Victoria Thompson129
Fri 20-Feb-04Victoria Thompson78 - 87Philip Aelberry130
Mon 23-Feb-04Philip Aelberry45 - 115Stewart Holden129
Tue 24-Feb-04Stewart Holden108 - 21Fiona Scott119
Wed 25-Feb-04Stewart Holden94 - 52Matt Dent131
Thu 26-Feb-04Stewart Holden113 - 31Pamela Moffat128
Fri 27-Feb-04Stewart Holden116 - 35Mike Collins131
Mon 1-Mar-04Stewart Holden108 - 84Mo Janson132
Tue 2-Mar-04Stewart Holden137 - 68Anna Briggs139
Wed 3-Mar-04Stewart Holden79 - 73Martin Rigby116
Thu 4-Mar-04Krista Simpson73 - 87Ben Phillips131
Fri 5-Mar-04Ben Phillips63 - 81Jon Jacobs134
Mon 8-Mar-04Jon Jacobs87 - 59Simon Macaulay131
Tue 9-Mar-04Jon Jacobs83 - 80Sue Picken118
Wed 10-Mar-04Jon Jacobs77 - 93Steve Hyde152
Thu 11-Mar-04Steve Hyde97 - 72Anna Daws120
Fri 12-Mar-04Steve Hyde92 - 93Andy Page119
Mon 22-Mar-04Andy Page106 - 33Sandra Moore124
Tue 23-Mar-04Andy Page74 - 92Gary Male122
Wed 24-Mar-04Gary Male104 - 50Paul Kennedy122
Thu 25-Mar-04Gary Male92 - 66Chris Gentry141
Fri 26-Mar-04Gary Male84 - 54Anne Course129
Mon 29-Mar-04Gary Male84 - 83Laurence Scott122
Tue 30-Mar-04Gary Male90 - 60Nick Allies119
Wed 31-Mar-04Gary Male112 - 36Lorna Griffiths143
Thu 1-Apr-04Gary Male92 - 87Greg Bryce129
Fri 2-Apr-04John Jeffrey86 - 43John D Hall135
Mon 5-Apr-04John Jeffrey81 - 72James Nunan129
Tue 6-Apr-04John Jeffrey85 - 68Anne Callender133
Wed 7-Apr-04John Jeffrey86 - 69Leon Lewis134
Thu 8-Apr-04John Jeffrey96 - 55Dwain Tudor119
Fri 9-Apr-04John Jeffrey85 - 66Colin Jacobs130
Mon 12-Apr-04John Jeffrey107 - 51Hilary Halter123
Tue 13-Apr-04John Jeffrey67 - 74Sean Jessop118
Wed 14-Apr-04Sean Jessop88 - 83Andrew Kirkham130
Thu 15-Apr-04Sean Jessop72 - 79Nicole Hutchens131
Fri 16-Apr-04Nicole Hutchens92 - 71Dennis McGarry129
Mon 19-Apr-04Nicole Hutchens102 - 71Matt Baker130
Tue 20-Apr-04Nicole Hutchens94 - 68David Minor127
Wed 21-Apr-04Nicole Hutchens77 - 97Nik von Uexkull129
Thu 22-Apr-04Nik von Uexkull71 - 66Helen Waterson121
Fri 23-Apr-04Nik von Uexkull89 - 70Keith Wade120
Mon 26-Apr-04Nik von Uexkull95 - 61Tricia Anderson127
Tue 27-Apr-04Nik von Uexkull114 - 56David Harlow133
Wed 28-Apr-04Nik von Uexkull100 - 68John Britton138
Thu 29-Apr-04Nik von Uexkull78 - 37Gillian Beal131
Fri 30-Apr-04Nik von Uexkull105 - 67Conor Owens130
Mon 3-May-04Anju Keetharuth71 - 94Del Smith124
Tue 4-May-04Del Smith79 - 61Judy Mugleston119
Wed 5-May-04Del Smith58 - 104Sweyn Kirkness123
Thu 6-May-04Sweyn Kirkness96 - 49Marcus Alder124
Fri 7-May-04Sweyn Kirkness84 - 65Marilyn Spicer123
Mon 10-May-04Sweyn Kirkness103 - 66Ian Fellows121
Tue 11-May-04Sweyn Kirkness92 - 52Sue Clifford110
Wed 12-May-04Sweyn Kirkness122 - 52James Carragher131
Thu 13-May-04Sweyn Kirkness88 - 83Luke Boynton119
Fri 14-May-04Sweyn Kirkness76 - 47Brian Mills121
Mon 17-May-04Chris White93 - 104Laura Taylor153
Tue 18-May-04Laura Taylor66 - 70Margaret Goodman125
Wed 19-May-04Margaret Goodman72 - 100Julian Durlacher129
Tue 25-May-04Julian Durlacher70 - 83Celia Rogers123
Wed 26-May-04Celia Rogers37 - 103Ben Walden123
Thu 27-May-04Ben Walden101 - 84Anna Perry132
Fri 28-May-04Ben Walden83 - 91Jeff Clayton118
Mon 31-May-04Jeff Clayton85 - 65Yvonne McKeon142
Tue 1-Jun-04Jeff Clayton52 - 75Richard Hunter128
Wed 2-Jun-04Richard Hunter90 - 66Nadeem Roshan122
Thu 3-Jun-04Richard Hunter78 - 75Nobby Richardson130
Fri 4-Jun-04Richard Hunter77 - 89Mark Hannon121
Mon 7-Jun-04Mark Hannon71 - 50Martyn Washbourne123
Tue 8-Jun-04Mark Hannon95 - 102David Thirlwall130
Wed 9-Jun-04David Thirlwall95 - 52Jane Coulon134
Tue 15-Jun-04David Thirlwall77 - 67Eric Robinson131
Wed 16-Jun-04David Thirlwall88 - 55David Phelan129
Thu 17-Jun-04Stewart Holden110 - 105Nicole Hutchens124
Fri 18-Jun-04Sweyn Kirkness64 - 78Steve Graston112
Mon 21-Jun-04John Jeffrey71 - 79Gary Male122
Tue 22-Jun-04Nik von Uexkull80 - 85Richard Pay123
Wed 23-Jun-04Richard Pay60 - 93Stewart Holden124
Thu 24-Jun-04Steve Graston100 - 83Gary Male129
Fri 25-Jun-04Steve Graston81 - 104Stewart Holden118

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