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Series 50

Recappers for this series: Charlie Reams, Clive Brooker, Emma, Jim Bentley, Kirk Bevins, Martin Gardner, Mike Brown, Paul Thomson, Stuart Earl, Veronica Purdey.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 30-Jun-03Alan Stevens65 - 98Stephen Grant140
Tue 1-Jul-03Stephen Grant89 - 79Clive Smith128
Wed 2-Jul-03Stephen Grant59 - 75Lilian Bland120
Thu 3-Jul-03Lilian Bland94 - 84Shelley Heywood120
Fri 4-Jul-03Lilian Bland64 - 94Ian Smith119
Mon 7-Jul-03Ian Smith87 - 75Simon Robson131
Tue 8-Jul-03Ian Smith99 - 85Jenny Fenn123
Wed 9-Jul-03Ian Smith65 - 88Nick Peel131
Thu 10-Jul-03Nick Peel95 - 68Kevin Murphy132
Fri 11-Jul-03Nick Peel90 - 82Maureen Miles122
Mon 14-Jul-03Nick Peel91 - 62Liz Scott121
Tue 15-Jul-03Nick Peel54 - 64Jim Cantle129
Wed 16-Jul-03Jim Cantle75 - 71Robin Garstone118
Thu 17-Jul-03Jim Cantle83 - 60Anne Pagett141
Fri 18-Jul-03Jim Cantle81 - 72Martin Cresdee118
Mon 21-Jul-03Jim Cantle81 - 95Chris Cummins128
Tue 22-Jul-03Chris Cummins105 - 47May Fullegar140
Wed 23-Jul-03Chris Cummins103 - 69Graham Tonkin118
Tue 29-Jul-03Chris Cummins108 - 38Andrea Needham131
Wed 30-Jul-03Chris Cummins117 - 32Ron Squire132
Tue 5-Aug-03Chris Cummins91 - 63June Knott128
Wed 6-Aug-03Chris Cummins123 - 32Richard Redman140
Fri 8-Aug-03Chris Cummins116 - 65Peter Twydell132
Mon 11-Aug-03Colin Askew92 - 70David Toll119
Tue 12-Aug-03Colin Askew79 - 121Nick Smith131
Wed 13-Aug-03Nick Smith97 - 58Janet Baker119
Tue 19-Aug-03Nick Smith58 - 83Brian McKeon119
Wed 20-Aug-03Brian McKeon93 - 51Reg Harding119
Tue 26-Aug-03Brian McKeon96 - 88Pat Seymour120
Wed 27-Aug-03Brian McKeon95 - 65Maggi Mathiesen131
Thu 28-Aug-03Brian McKeon70 - 79Jim Bentley115
Fri 29-Aug-03Jim Bentley101 - 51Alison Ross125
Mon 1-Sep-03Jim Bentley90 - 89Stuart Lightfoot120
Mon 15-Sep-03Jim Bentley112 - 62Richard Francis125
Tue 16-Sep-03Jim Bentley82 - 66Diana Smith130
Wed 17-Sep-03Jim Bentley83 - 79David Moore121
Thu 18-Sep-03Jim Bentley96 - 51Ruth Edmonds130
Fri 19-Sep-03Jim Bentley113 - 51Irvine Henderson119
Mon 22-Sep-03Geoff Trinick71 - 65Eric McDonald141
Tue 23-Sep-03Geoff Trinick72 - 69John Britton133
Wed 24-Sep-03Geoff Trinick43 - 77Bonnie White119
Thu 25-Sep-03Bonnie White94 - 55Matt Blason119
Fri 26-Sep-03Bonnie White73 - 56Janet Chambers143
Mon 29-Sep-03Bonnie White95 - 75Peter Watkins130
Tue 30-Sep-03Bonnie White75 - 78Scott Bowman126
Wed 1-Oct-03Scott Bowman102 - 76Kerry Copland135
Thu 2-Oct-03Scott Bowman78 - 96Jim Critchley137
Fri 3-Oct-03Jim Critchley60 - 84Philip Whitnall130
Mon 6-Oct-03Philip Whitnall93 - 61David Burke154
Tue 7-Oct-03Philip Whitnall71 - 68Susan Mulkeen117
Wed 8-Oct-03Philip Whitnall100 - 53Peter Leabourne129
Thu 9-Oct-03Philip Whitnall95 - 75Gill Jolly133
Fri 10-Oct-03Philip Whitnall49 - 97Ayoola Erinle128
Mon 13-Oct-03Ayoola Erinle73 - 66Heather Burger142
Tue 14-Oct-03Ayoola Erinle56 - 73Paul Trow124
Wed 15-Oct-03Paul Trow90 - 78Mike Adcock127
Thu 16-Oct-03Paul Trow78 - 82Bob Selby142
Fri 17-Oct-03Bob Selby63 - 61Rajesh Kasur122
Mon 20-Oct-03Bob Selby89 - 73Geoff Buck121
Tue 21-Oct-03Bob Selby84 - 96Gail Richman120
Wed 22-Oct-03Gail Richman65 - 82Eamonn Timmins121
Thu 23-Oct-03Eamonn Timmins95 - 74Carolyn Lysons132
Fri 24-Oct-03Eamonn Timmins99 - 59Stuart Black131
Mon 27-Oct-03Eamonn Timmins95 - 66Mary Holgate121
Tue 28-Oct-03Eamonn Timmins70 - 105Stuart Solomons164
Wed 29-Oct-03Stuart Solomons96 - 31Barry Gray122
Thu 30-Oct-03Stuart Solomons104 - 34Sheila Bearfield141
Fri 31-Oct-03Stuart Solomons117 - 25Sue Heard129
Mon 3-Nov-03Stuart Solomons97 - 78Ajaz Iqbal125
Tue 4-Nov-03Stuart Solomons99 - 73Tricia Cooper132
Wed 5-Nov-03Stuart Solomons86 - 54Alex Fish120
Thu 6-Nov-03Stuart Solomons92 - 76Bob Brock120
Fri 7-Nov-03Simon Chapman84 - 69Margaret Swafield120
Mon 10-Nov-03Simon Chapman85 - 78Philip Milne119
Tue 11-Nov-03Simon Chapman47 - 83Mark Pavey119
Wed 12-Nov-03Mark Pavey100 - 36Sheila Travers123
Thu 13-Nov-03Mark Pavey92 - 70Gareth Johnson132
Fri 14-Nov-03Mark Pavey68 - 83Stuart Earl121
Mon 17-Nov-03Stuart Earl112 - 63Josie Tapp140
Tue 18-Nov-03Stuart Earl98 - 90Paul Skingsley119
Wed 19-Nov-03Stuart Earl98 - 85Jason Reed121
Thu 20-Nov-03Stuart Earl107 - 53Helen O'Rourke134
Fri 21-Nov-03Stuart Earl85 - 69Neil Green120
Mon 24-Nov-03Stuart Earl111 - 64Peter Deakin120
Tue 25-Nov-03Stuart Earl113 - 35Barbara Bradford127
Wed 26-Nov-03Jane Chand49 - 108Adam Laws118
Thu 27-Nov-03Adam Laws89 - 86John Charleston-Stokes121
Fri 28-Nov-03Adam Laws92 - 54Rebecca Pasha119
Mon 1-Dec-03Adam Laws83 - 72Dudley Turner118
Tue 2-Dec-03Adam Laws93 - 57Kevin Chandler121
Wed 3-Dec-03Adam Laws123 - 38Bob Gardiner125
Thu 4-Dec-03Adam Laws89 - 90Lynda House137
Fri 5-Dec-03Lynda House70 - 56Brian Bottomley142
Mon 8-Dec-03Linda House78 - 95Steve Graston140
Tue 9-Dec-03Steve Graston95 - 59Carol Bestwick120
Wed 10-Dec-03Steve Graston105 - 20Robin Barnett153
Thu 11-Dec-03Brian McKeon58 - 107Chris Cummins120
Fri 12-Dec-03Stuart Earl87 - 88Eamonn Timmins117
Mon 15-Dec-03Stuart Solomons87 - 69Philip Whitnall118
Tue 16-Dec-03Jim Bentley78 - 88Adam Laws118
Wed 17-Dec-03Adam Laws59 - 97Chris Cummins111
Thu 18-Dec-03Eamonn Timmins96 - 85Stuart Solomons121
Fri 19-Dec-03Chris Cummins122 - 86Eamonn Timmins133

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