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Series 49

Recappers for this series: Charlie Reams, David Williams, Jerry Humphries, Julian Fell, Kirk Bevins, Martin Gardner, Mike Brown, Ray Folwell.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 27-Jan-03Ian Burrows65 - 59Janet Rainford120
Tue 28-Jan-03Ian Burrows87 - 79Don Campbell-Wilson118
Wed 29-Jan-03Ian Burrows67 - 78Peter Cogar119
Thu 30-Jan-03Peter Cogar77 - 97Rosemary Dale127
Fri 31-Jan-03Rosemary Dale63 - 73Martin Gilbert118
Mon 3-Feb-03Martin Gilbert78 - 66Nic Hodgkinson119
Tue 4-Feb-03Martin Gilbert69 - 53Bertie McCully131
Wed 5-Feb-03Martin Gilbert54 - 94Paul Best122
Thu 6-Feb-03Paul Best52 - 70Christine Scott129
Fri 7-Feb-03Christine Scott92 - 90Saji Kamalananthan119
Mon 10-Feb-03Christine Scott75 - 58Fiona Walters138
Tue 11-Feb-03Christine Scott86 - 62John Glenny117
Wed 12-Feb-03Christine Scott52 - 81Russell Fleckney118
Thu 13-Feb-03Russell Fleckney86 - 97Ruth Hartley130
Fri 14-Feb-03Ruth Hartley101 - 49Nanette Swain130
Mon 17-Feb-03Ruth Hartley76 - 82John Marlowe120
Tue 18-Feb-03John Marlowe82 - 78Cliff Port121
Wed 19-Feb-03John Marlowe88 - 18Judy Smedley129
Thu 20-Feb-03John Marlowe81 - 85Isabel Wilson122
Fri 21-Feb-03Isabel Wilson66 - 87Roly Abbott139
Mon 24-Feb-03Roly Abbott66 - 75John Clarke132
Tue 25-Feb-03John Clarke96 - 77David Poyser115
Wed 26-Feb-03John Clarke80 - 63Norma Gill111
Thu 27-Feb-03John Clarke73 - 101Peter Jeffery120
Fri 28-Feb-03Peter Jeffery80 - 63Gill Cook118
Mon 3-Mar-03Peter Jeffery84 - 82Gordon Munn128
Tue 4-Mar-03Peter Jeffery79 - 70CJ de Mooi126
Wed 5-Mar-03Peter Jeffery67 - 74Keith Johnson122
Thu 6-Mar-03Keith Johnson81 - 37Alice Keaveney120
Fri 7-Mar-03Keith Johnson91 - 43Eileen Draycott119
Mon 10-Mar-03Keith Johnson71 - 89Andrew Tatham130
Tue 11-Mar-03Hilary Hopper43 - 35Liz Barber85
Wed 12-Mar-03Kate Ogilvie47 - 39Verity Joubert74
Thu 13-Mar-03Hilary Hopper32 - 54Kate Ogilvie83
Fri 14-Mar-03Andrew Tatham97 - 37Julian Duxbury121
Mon 17-Mar-03Andrew Tatham90 - 64Val Mills116
Tue 18-Mar-03Andrew Tatham90 - 68Billy Parkinson123
Wed 19-Mar-03Andrew Tatham69 - 61Lewis Bevan115
Thu 20-Mar-03Andrew Tatham62 - 67Beth Sutton119
Fri 21-Mar-03Beth Sutton92 - 53Simon Cussons127
Mon 24-Mar-03Beth Sutton103 - 88Keith Williams118
Tue 25-Mar-03Beth Sutton73 - 91Derek Pollard126
Wed 26-Mar-03Derek Pollard80 - 61Elena Bonetti118
Thu 27-Mar-03Derek Pollard101 - 76Janet Creamer128
Fri 28-Mar-03Derek Pollard70 - 85Carl Dyke117
Mon 31-Mar-03Carl Dyke69 - 53Mollie Wallis140
Tue 1-Apr-03Carl Dyke67 - 78Ian Buckley118
Wed 2-Apr-03Ian Buckley93 - 72Chris Canham116
Thu 3-Apr-03Ian Buckley80 - 43Bill Gibb119
Fri 4-Apr-03Ian Buckley93 - 66James Robinson118
Mon 7-Apr-03Ian Buckley90 - 62Matthew Crew118
Tue 8-Apr-03Ian Buckley74 - 87Andrea Maycock132
Wed 9-Apr-03Andrea Maycock64 - 84David Wilson149
Thu 10-Apr-03David Wilson82 - 68Richard Sked120
Fri 11-Apr-03David Wilson104 - 32Mary Frankel133
Mon 14-Apr-03David Wilson113 - 40Peter Wreghitt144
Tue 15-Apr-03David Wilson97 - 73Marion Martin131
Wed 16-Apr-03David Wilson80 - 83Ric Morgan131
Thu 17-Apr-03Ric Morgan80 - 88Anne Beer128
Fri 18-Apr-03Anne Beer96 - 90Frank Blake121
Mon 21-Apr-03Anne Beer65 - 79Jan Rolnis130
Tue 22-Apr-03Jan Rolnis98 - 95Andrew Naylor122
Wed 23-Apr-03Jan Rolnis68 - 91Mike Wenble121
Thu 24-Apr-03Mike Wenble67 - 62Lyndon Sedgwick115
Fri 25-Apr-03Mike Wenble81 - 91Clive Rudd129
Mon 28-Apr-03Clive Rudd82 - 83Martin Ballhatchet133
Tue 29-Apr-03Martin Ballhatchet59 - 84Lesley Darlow127
Wed 30-Apr-03Lesley Darlow57 - 78Chris Roberts130
Thu 1-May-03Chris Roberts56 - 58Jim Stewart117
Fri 2-May-03Jim Stewart48 - 103John Davies128
Mon 5-May-03John Davies92 - 91Austin Shin132
Tue 6-May-03John Davies87 - 71Norma Sutherland140
Wed 7-May-03John Davies93 - 84Michael Perkins140
Thu 8-May-03John Davies94 - 59Paul Johnson119
Fri 9-May-03John Davies106 - 49Harry Simpson121
Mon 12-May-03John Davies88 - 53Gwenda Withnall129
Tue 13-May-03John Davies103 - 93Jerry Humphreys131
Wed 14-May-03Anthony Wilson81 - 107Martin Gardner121
Thu 15-May-03Martin Gardner72 - 44Pat Elkington116
Fri 16-May-03Martin Gardner88 - 35Bernard Gudgin118
Mon 19-May-03Martin Gardner101 - 64Richard Brooks128
Tue 20-May-03Martin Gardner101 - 47Gloria Crossley138
Wed 21-May-03Martin Gardner76 - 63Dave Mackenzie131
Tue 27-May-03Martin Gardner102 - 33John Carpenter120
Wed 28-May-03Martin Gardner99 - 66Tracy Murrell125
Thu 29-May-03Dave Walters56 - 54Ruth Bowes128
Fri 30-May-03Dave Walters80 - 78Peter Tarry130
Mon 2-Jun-03Dave Walters71 - 85Margaret Marshall116
Tue 3-Jun-03Margaret Marshall73 - 82Marjory Carnegie131
Wed 4-Jun-03Marjory Carnegie50 - 95Tony Steele118
Thu 5-Jun-03Tony Steele60 - 84Patricia Eagles141
Fri 6-Jun-03Patricia Eagles70 - 76Claire Cohan120
Mon 9-Jun-03Claire Cohan45 - 59Bob Wright137
Tue 10-Jun-03Bob Wright79 - 89Patrick Vowles124
Wed 11-Jun-03Patrick Vowles73 - 60Ian Atkinson130
Thu 12-Jun-03Patrick Vowles88 - 86Clive Jones130
Fri 13-Jun-03Patrick Vowles127 - 58Connie Piggott132
Mon 16-Jun-03Patrick Vowles82 - 88Alan Stevens119
Tue 17-Jun-03Alan Stevens67 - 59Steve Cann120
Wed 18-Jun-03Alan Stevens75 - 72Carol Ingham122
Thu 19-Jun-03John Davies105 - 76Christine Scott142
Fri 20-Jun-03Martin Gardner101 - 64Peter Jeffery122
Mon 23-Jun-03Patrick Vowles55 - 115David Wilson120
Tue 24-Jun-03Andrew Tatham100 - 56Ian Buckley119
Wed 25-Jun-03Andrew Tatham65 - 93John Davies117
Thu 26-Jun-03David Wilson98 - 86Martin Gardner123
Fri 27-Jun-03John Davies102 - 58David Wilson117

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