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Series 48

Recappers for this series: Andrew Feist, Andy Wilson, Ben Wilson, Charlie Reams, Chris Philpot, Howard Somerset, Innis Carson, James Robinson, Kirk Bevins, Matthew Hall, Mike Brown, Ryan Taylor, Simon Myers.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 1-Jul-02Julia Wilkinson122 - 62John Baker153
Tue 2-Jul-02Colin Richards71 - 108Grace Page133
Wed 3-Jul-02Grace Page100 - 74Margaret Goldsmith118
Thu 4-Jul-02Grace Page106 - 48Frazer Melton121
Fri 5-Jul-02Grace Page93 - 56Jean Tyler130
Mon 8-Jul-02Grace Page112 - 72Fiona Farquharson119
Tue 9-Jul-02Grace Page100 - 64Ralph Manterfield120
Wed 10-Jul-02Grace Page120 - 69Peter Gillman138
Thu 11-Jul-02Grace Page90 - 71Judy Ellicott122
Fri 12-Jul-02David Nickeas93 - 87David Watson136
Mon 15-Jul-02David Nickeas97 - 77Alice Walker116
Wed 17-Jul-02David Nickeas106 - 30Jason Ainsworth131
Thu 18-Jul-02David Nickeas104 - 24Julie Cocker114
Fri 19-Jul-02David Nickeas84 - 72Harry Mullen121
Mon 22-Jul-02David Nickeas90 - 62David Cooper151
Tue 23-Jul-02David Nickeas105 - 62Chris Girling149
Wed 24-Jul-02David Nickeas77 - 89Danny Hamilton120
Tue 30-Jul-02Danny Hamilton90 - 66Bob Aldridge120
Fri 2-Aug-02Danny Hamilton120 - 60Helen Innes132
Mon 5-Aug-02Danny Hamilton91 - 39Debbie Haycock117
Tue 6-Aug-02Danny Hamilton90 - 56Charles Donnelly122
Wed 7-Aug-02Danny Hamilton102 - 54Alec Anderson128
Tue 13-Aug-02Danny Hamilton85 - 43Helen Whiston117
Wed 14-Aug-02Danny Hamilton94 - 79Dominic Allen121
Thu 15-Aug-02John Lomax52 - 96Sassoon Messropian129
Fri 16-Aug-02Sassoon Messropian87 - 57Frank Carmichael120
Mon 19-Aug-02Sassoon Messropian58 - 87Paul McGeown138
Tue 20-Aug-02Paul McGeown53 - 100Martin Oliver120
Wed 21-Aug-02Martin Oliver100 - 53Dave Holcroft127
Tue 27-Aug-02Martin Oliver60 - 88Dorothy Bailey125
Wed 28-Aug-02Dorothy Bailey103 - 54Kristian Turner129
Thu 29-Aug-02Dorothy Bailey69 - 73Val Raddon127
Fri 30-Aug-02Val Raddon75 - 84Alex McKenzie133
Mon 2-Sep-02Alex McKenzie52 - 97Michael Clarke134
Tue 3-Sep-02Michael Clarke108 - 64Eleanor Gledhill130
Wed 4-Sep-02Michael Clarke87 - 86David Sykes140
Tue 10-Sep-02Michael Clarke86 - 89Priscilla Munday128
Wed 11-Sep-02Priscilla Munday78 - 82Bryan Thirkell118
Thu 12-Sep-02Bryan Thirkell72 - 96Tony Bearn120
Fri 13-Sep-02Tony Bearn76 - 56Neil Massey141
Mon 16-Sep-02Tony Bearn85 - 61Karen Tolfrey117
Tue 17-Sep-02Tony Bearn92 - 62Alec Gaw122
Wed 18-Sep-02Tony Bearn68 - 75Robert Lee131
Thu 19-Sep-02Robert Lee83 - 57Tony Poultney119
Fri 20-Sep-02Robert Lee80 - 63Mike Brown120
Mon 23-Sep-02Robert Lee91 - 101Dez Hussey141
Tue 24-Sep-02Dez Hussey82 - 88Roger Ordish118
Wed 25-Sep-02Roger Ordish66 - 74Joyce Dunkley124
Thu 26-Sep-02Joyce Dunkley41 - 112Mike Brown118
Fri 27-Sep-02Mike Brown112 - 76David Cottee143
Mon 30-Sep-02Mike Brown86 - 58Richard Merriman118
Tue 1-Oct-02Mike Brown91 - 83Simon Bell122
Wed 2-Oct-02Mike Brown107 - 63Trish Staples131
Thu 3-Oct-02Mike Brown76 - 89Neil Evans131
Fri 4-Oct-02Neil Evans75 - 94Dave Cross117
Mon 7-Oct-02Dave Cross68 - 79Bryan Barnett117
Tue 8-Oct-02Bryan Barnett74 - 65Dave Blackman129
Wed 9-Oct-02Bryan Barnett99 - 89Graham Merrick123
Thu 10-Oct-02Bryan Barnett85 - 83Marie Quinn131
Fri 11-Oct-02Bryan Barnett70 - 89Mac Nulty116
Mon 14-Oct-02Mac Nulty63 - 82Paul Daymond118
Tue 15-Oct-02Paul Daymond91 - 92Kevin Neate130
Wed 16-Oct-02Julian Fell117 - 63Kevin Neate122
Thu 17-Oct-02Julian Fell117 - 57Russell Hutton120
Fri 18-Oct-02Julian Fell108 - 53Megan Stone117
Mon 21-Oct-02Julian Fell120 - 49Leo Pinches131
Tue 22-Oct-02Julian Fell104 - 61Tim Cape119
Wed 23-Oct-02Julian Fell111 - 54Jill Leatherbarrow140
Thu 24-Oct-02Julian Fell109 - 84June Mitchell118
Fri 25-Oct-02Julian Fell138 - 29Carl McDermott148
Mon 28-Oct-02Jackie Webster77 - 104Sheila Furse133
Tue 29-Oct-02Sheila Furse93 - 79Michael Laverton132
Wed 30-Oct-02Sheila Furse90 - 74Mike Dow136
Thu 31-Oct-02Sheila Furse70 - 68Lucy Guile129
Fri 1-Nov-02Sheila Furse62 - 113George Greenhough139
Mon 4-Nov-02George Greenhough104 - 45Alan Uytendhal118
Tue 5-Nov-02George Greenhough96 - 74Alex James119
Wed 6-Nov-02George Greenhough114 - 50Dave Thompson130
Thu 7-Nov-02George Greenhough103 - 33Ruth Criddle118
Fri 8-Nov-02George Greenhough102 - 66Geoffrey Short120
Mon 11-Nov-02George Greenhough86 - 63Rob Carr119
Tue 12-Nov-02George Greenhough99 - 37Will Lowther122
Wed 13-Nov-02Mary Sexton89 - 63Norman Goodale115
Thu 14-Nov-02Mary Sexton72 - 67Ronald Goodman121
Fri 15-Nov-02Mary Sexton91 - 97Campbell Laurie126
Mon 18-Nov-02Campbell Laurie62 - 71Ian Courcoux117
Tue 19-Nov-02Ian Courcoux107 - 42Mark Tucker118
Wed 20-Nov-02Ian Courcoux83 - 45Brian Southern145
Thu 21-Nov-02Ian Courcoux66 - 80Joe Zubaidi129
Fri 22-Nov-02Joe Zubaidi73 - 63Frankie Ayerst131
Mon 25-Nov-02Joe Zubaidi93 - 92Tony Slade145
Tue 26-Nov-02Joe Zubaidi89 - 74Michael Duhig119
Wed 27-Nov-02Joe Zubaidi74 - 64Brenda Slade122
Thu 28-Nov-02Joe Zubaidi88 - 72Damien Byrne117
Fri 29-Nov-02Joe Zubaidi81 - 56Jan Macdonald122
Mon 2-Dec-02Joe Zubaidi87 - 58Andrew Walton121
Tue 3-Dec-02Geoff Mills77 - 63Stephen Holden121
Wed 4-Dec-02Geoff Mills89 - 84Alison Hilton129
Thu 5-Dec-02Geoff Mills82 - 39Stan Grosvenor121
Fri 6-Dec-02Geoff Mills74 - 82Carl Moore132
Mon 9-Dec-02Carl Moore111 - 37Veronica Dalgarno131
Tue 10-Dec-02Carl Moore75 - 49Rob D'Agostino139
Wed 11-Dec-02Carl Moore73 - 111Ian Burrows129
Thu 12-Dec-02Julian Fell125 - 67Mike Brown141
Fri 13-Dec-02Grace Page92 - 88David Nickeas122
Mon 16-Dec-02George Greenhough86 - 94Joe Zubaidi121
Tue 17-Dec-02Julia Wilkinson70 - 105Danny Hamilton136
Wed 18-Dec-02Danny Hamilton77 - 146Julian Fell158
Thu 19-Dec-02Grace Page104 - 71Joe Zubaidi132
Fri 20-Dec-02Julian Fell112 - 88Grace Page132

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