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Series 47

Recappers for this series: Andrew Feist, Ben Wilson, Charlie Reams, Innis Carson, James Robinson, Kevin Thurlow, Lesley Hines, Mike Brown, Ryan Taylor, Tom Hargreaves.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Wed 26-Dec-01Terance Carey67 - 110Tom Hargreaves129
Thu 27-Dec-01Tom Hargreaves111 - 73Terry McHugh120
Fri 28-Dec-01Tom Hargreaves110 - 64Alan Wright120
Mon 31-Dec-01Tom Hargreaves106 - 83Lindy Moffat134
Tue 1-Jan-02Tom Hargreaves103 - 92Elfie Winterton121
Wed 2-Jan-02Tom Hargreaves101 - 44Terry Thomas123
Thu 3-Jan-02Tom Hargreaves111 - 82Carol Merchant142
Fri 4-Jan-02Tom Hargreaves98 - 50Janet Bernstein120
Mon 7-Jan-02Daniel Leonard46 - 101Shubeer Chaudhuri120
Tue 8-Jan-02Shubeer Chaudhuri57 - 81Hazel Khan129
Wed 9-Jan-02Hazel Khan69 - 88Jeremy Slaney123
Thu 10-Jan-02Jeremy Slaney74 - 43Pat Collins123
Fri 11-Jan-02Jeremy Slaney81 - 77Tracey Mills137
Mon 14-Jan-02Jeremy Slaney66 - 107Chris Wills153
Tue 15-Jan-02Chris Wills118 - 44Floraidh Campbell127
Wed 16-Jan-02Chris Wills103 - 68Jeff Baines123
Thu 17-Jan-02Chris Wills129 - 77April Carlin131
Fri 18-Jan-02Chris Wills103 - 47David Shaw120
Mon 21-Jan-02Chris Wills120 - 107Terry Rattle152
Tue 22-Jan-02Chris Wills103 - 48Len Barker139
Wed 23-Jan-02Chris Wills92 - 52Agnes Budis140
Thu 24-Jan-02Geoffrey Lawrence90 - 75Scott Hunter123
Fri 25-Jan-02Geoffrey Lawrence53 - 91Deanne Meeres129
Mon 28-Jan-02Deanne Meeres72 - 123Kevin Thurlow130
Tue 29-Jan-02Kevin Thurlow100 - 60Shelagh Addis132
Wed 30-Jan-02Kevin Thurlow113 - 64Norman Schofield122
Thu 31-Jan-02Kevin Thurlow75 - 57Sheila Riley119
Fri 1-Feb-02Kevin Thurlow78 - 68Philip Jarvis119
Mon 4-Feb-02Kevin Thurlow108 - 93Peter Lee122
Tue 5-Feb-02Kevin Thurlow72 - 51Jean Smith130
Wed 6-Feb-02Kevin Thurlow100 - 67Tony Painter121
Thu 7-Feb-02Maureen Taylor30 - 90David Franks131
Fri 8-Feb-02David Franks102 - 70Zena Gooding128
Mon 11-Feb-02David Franks90 - 38Virginia Fraser150
Tue 12-Feb-02David Franks95 - 56Jeremy Kimber120
Wed 13-Feb-02David Franks108 - 73Tony McManus118
Thu 14-Feb-02David Franks99 - 74Jillian Shorthose120
Fri 15-Feb-02David Franks91 - 25Julie Cotton119
Mon 18-Feb-02David Franks69 - 117Lee Hartley122
Tue 19-Feb-02Lee Hartley72 - 42Beryl Ridehalgh118
Wed 20-Feb-02Lee Hartley114 - 68Liz Roper129
Thu 21-Feb-02Lee Hartley117 - 54Peter Dimond121
Fri 22-Feb-02Lee Hartley93 - 46Andy Cooper120
Mon 25-Feb-02Lee Hartley93 - 50Jane Williams117
Tue 26-Feb-02Lee Hartley100 - 41Philip Whitehead123
Wed 27-Feb-02Lee Hartley105 - 42Bob Sainsbury129
Thu 28-Feb-02Terry Matthewman81 - 57Wendy Barker122
Fri 1-Mar-02Terry Matthewman78 - 85Brenda Jolley120
Mon 4-Mar-02Brenda Jolley95 - 47Janet Arnold128
Tue 5-Mar-02Brenda Jolley99 - 80Gillian Clements142
Wed 6-Mar-02Brenda Jolley101 - 64Michael Clewett117
Thu 7-Mar-02Brenda Jolley89 - 56Barbara Harris131
Fri 8-Mar-02Brenda Jolley77 - 45Robbie Robertson139
Mon 11-Mar-02Brenda Jolley85 - 69Peter Brinkley131
Tue 12-Mar-02Bruce Lambert26 - 45Perry Fung65
Wed 13-Mar-02Andrew Hulme66 - 44Amey Deshpande82
Thu 14-Mar-02Andrew Hulme53 - 41Perry Fung72
Fri 15-Mar-02Brenda Jolley87 - 69Geoff Baker133
Mon 18-Mar-02Stuart Robertshaw64 - 90Tony Harding119
Tue 19-Mar-02Tony Harding87 - 83Paul Burlinson129
Wed 20-Mar-02Tony Harding80 - 79Gordon Innes123
Thu 21-Mar-02Tony Harding86 - 53Hazel Mell121
Fri 22-Mar-02Tony Harding92 - 63Beryl Tuck143
Mon 25-Mar-02Tony Harding93 - 117Rupert Stokoe133
Tue 26-Mar-02Rupert Stokoe105 - 48Dennis Brown123
Wed 27-Mar-02Rupert Stokoe94 - 69Margaret Sambrooks129
Thu 28-Mar-02Rupert Stokoe82 - 60Alex Rossiter114
Fri 29-Mar-02Rupert Stokoe93 - 80Rebecca Pine125
Mon 1-Apr-02Rupert Stokoe86 - 47Judi Boutle119
Tue 2-Apr-02Rupert Stokoe97 - 80Joe Radcliffe131
Wed 3-Apr-02Rupert Stokoe102 - 88Julian Lyons143
Thu 4-Apr-02Peter Coutts74 - 61Erica Hamer120
Fri 5-Apr-02Peter Coutts82 - 79Andrew Alden121
Mon 8-Apr-02Peter Coutts102 - 37Lee Fisher130
Tue 9-Apr-02Peter Coutts68 - 55Karen Meredith122
Wed 10-Apr-02Peter Coutts81 - 67Chris Young118
Thu 11-Apr-02Peter Coutts94 - 55Liz Johnson121
Fri 12-Apr-02Peter Coutts85 - 76Billy Whitehead141
Mon 15-Apr-02Peter Coutts76 - 78David Stainer131
Tue 16-Apr-02David Stainer100 - 73Leslie Ellison130
Wed 17-Apr-02David Stainer102 - 35Margaret Shephard127
Thu 18-Apr-02David Stainer100 - 39Sheila Mackay117
Fri 19-Apr-02David Stainer80 - 96Cyril Cohen117
Mon 22-Apr-02Cyril Cohen66 - 74Jim Page131
Tue 23-Apr-02Jim Page42 - 123Wendy Roe128
Wed 24-Apr-02Wendy Roe79 - 72Nick Morley121
Thu 25-Apr-02Wendy Roe96 - 56Alastair Smith126
Fri 26-Apr-02Wendy Roe93 - 67Gill Lyons143
Mon 29-Apr-02Wendy Roe103 - 68John Povey130
Tue 30-Apr-02Wendy Roe98 - 54Julie Bennett118
Wed 1-May-02Wendy Roe92 - 66Gerard Askins114
Thu 2-May-02Wendy Roe97 - 68Audrey Rumney131
Fri 3-May-02John Daly75 - 80Damian Cook118
Mon 6-May-02Damian Cook71 - 103Alistair Baker129
Tue 7-May-02Alistair Baker68 - 51Becca Dobson121
Wed 8-May-02Alistair Baker71 - 97Tony Lawford129
Thu 9-May-02Tony Lawford69 - 66Trevor Douglas120
Fri 10-May-02Tony Lawford76 - 98Mike Pullin131
Mon 13-May-02Mike Pullin92 - 49Peter Slack129
Tue 14-May-02Mike Pullin95 - 74Tudor Radcliffe135
Wed 15-May-02Mike Pullin88 - 41Christina Walmsley118
Tue 21-May-02Mike Pullin76 - 54Eric Grace118
Wed 22-May-02Mike Pullin89 - 53Alan Sowter142
Thu 23-May-02Mike Pullin114 - 61Gary Eaglestone132
Fri 24-May-02Mike Pullin104 - 58Andrew Griffiths133
Mon 27-May-02Susan Moore59 - 86Alan Swift126
Tue 28-May-02Alan Swift110 - 34Mary Duffy130
Wed 29-May-02Alan Swift80 - 94Alan Galt123
Thu 30-May-02Alan Galt93 - 88Barry Kibble124
Fri 31-May-02Alan Galt85 - 67Jane Kempton121
Mon 3-Jun-02Alan Galt35 - 103John Mitchell119
Tue 4-Jun-02John Mitchell92 - 39Tryphenia Barnes121
Wed 5-Jun-02John Mitchell92 - 83Steve Gamble111
Thu 6-Jun-02John Mitchell82 - 90Julia Wilkinson141
Fri 7-Jun-02Julia Wilkinson91 - 72David Coombs118
Mon 10-Jun-02Julia Wilkinson96 - 86Alan Cooper129
Tue 11-Jun-02Julia Wilkinson80 - 78Moira Bulcraig128
Wed 12-Jun-02Julia Wilkinson88 - 41Geoff Daniel133
Tue 18-Jun-02Julia Wilkinson96 - 35Shirley Light131
Wed 19-Jun-02Julia Wilkinson81 - 77Roger Johnson140
Thu 20-Jun-02Chris Wills110 - 86Brenda Jolley120
Fri 21-Jun-02Mike Pullin89 - 106Tom Hargreaves116
Mon 24-Jun-02Kevin Thurlow106 - 93Lee Hartley145
Tue 25-Jun-02Rupert Stokoe99 - 80Wendy Roe127
Wed 26-Jun-02Rupert Stokoe78 - 118Chris Wills130
Thu 27-Jun-02Kevin Thurlow93 - 109Tom Hargreaves120
Fri 28-Jun-02Tom Hargreaves67 - 110Chris Wills129

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