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Series 46

Recappers for this series: Andrew Feist, Andy Wilson, Ben Wilson, Charlie Reams, Howard Somerset, James Robinson, Mike Brown.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 24-Sep-01Ian McMenzie64 - 61Simon Pope123
Tue 25-Sep-01Ian McMenzie85 - 56Linda Smith128
Wed 26-Sep-01Ian McMenzie86 - 81David Whyte132
Thu 27-Sep-01Ian McMenzie106 - 70Fergus Murray153
Fri 28-Sep-01Ian McMenzie87 - 71Sam Chandler131
Mon 1-Oct-01Ian McMenzie83 - 55Craig Bromfield121
Tue 2-Oct-01Paul Booth38 - 94Ronald Holt122
Wed 3-Oct-01Ronald Holt84 - 68Daphne Champkins122
Thu 4-Oct-01Ronald Holt46 - 107Steve Sandalls130
Fri 5-Oct-01Steve Sandalls84 - 51Ted Beddard141
Mon 8-Oct-01Steve Sandalls109 - 70Paul Gardener118
Tue 9-Oct-01Steve Sandalls70 - 47Pat Barker128
Wed 10-Oct-01Steve Sandalls89 - 61Bruce Dick132
Thu 11-Oct-01Steve Sandalls66 - 70Diane Dootson123
Fri 12-Oct-01Diane Dootson44 - 121Simon Cartwright131
Mon 15-Oct-01Simon Cartwright91 - 49Carl Pilgrim126
Tue 16-Oct-01Simon Cartwright83 - 38Ian Williams119
Wed 17-Oct-01Simon Cartwright91 - 78Austen Allen120
Thu 18-Oct-01Simon Cartwright81 - 100Stefan Gatward154
Fri 19-Oct-01Stefan Gatward47 - 76Brian Capper132
Mon 22-Oct-01Brian Capper111 - 68Mairéad Cheallacháin151
Tue 23-Oct-01Brian Capper118 - 58Trevor Whitnall128
Wed 24-Oct-01Brian Capper94 - 60Ann Kemp141
Thu 25-Oct-01Brian Capper79 - 90Phil Wass143
Fri 26-Oct-01Phil Wass95 - 56Charles Brindley118
Mon 29-Oct-01Phil Wass93 - 59Phil Quirk143
Tue 30-Oct-01Phil Wass100 - 41Alison McKenzie130
Wed 31-Oct-01Phil Wass93 - 59Ed Schaffert143
Thu 1-Nov-01Phil Wass99 - 72Michael McDowell121
Fri 2-Nov-01Rosemarie Loveridge92 - 45Joe Marshall122
Mon 5-Nov-01Rosemarie Loveridge51 - 91Peter Wilson141
Tue 6-Nov-01Peter Wilson70 - 101Ben Wilson114
Wed 7-Nov-01Ben Wilson102 - 49Jeanette Littlejohn152
Thu 8-Nov-01Ben Wilson98 - 60Bob Bride121
Fri 9-Nov-01Ben Wilson90 - 80Mike Nicholson130
Mon 12-Nov-01Ben Wilson86 - 72Pearl Norman122
Tue 13-Nov-01Ben Wilson93 - 76John Hadley123
Wed 14-Nov-01Mike Barnard54 - 90Leon Pugh132
Thu 15-Nov-01Leon Pugh84 - 75Cathy Wright161
Fri 16-Nov-01Leon Pugh73 - 82Iain Wilson128
Mon 19-Nov-01Iain Wilson66 - 92Loz Sands124
Tue 20-Nov-01Loz Sands97 - 82Ray Gossington137
Wed 21-Nov-01Loz Sands80 - 64Ron Else121
Thu 22-Nov-01Loz Sands111 - 37Ena Clinton141
Fri 23-Nov-01Loz Sands86 - 65Richard Hewitt126
Mon 26-Nov-01Loz Sands103 - 55Steve Smith118
Tue 27-Nov-01Mark Roper99 - 72Maeve Mulryan122
Wed 28-Nov-01Mark Roper72 - 98Paul Ryan142
Thu 29-Nov-01Paul Ryan89 - 68Jeff Butcher124
Fri 30-Nov-01Paul Ryan96 - 86Andrew Clayton121
Mon 3-Dec-01Paul Ryan80 - 73Turlough McConnell118
Tue 4-Dec-01Paul Ryan101 - 65Mandy Buck131
Wed 5-Dec-01Paul Ryan95 - 57Eleanor Grafton120
Thu 6-Dec-01Tony Owen90 - 80Reg Jewitt132
Fri 7-Dec-01Tony Owen87 - 49Colleen Russ131
Mon 10-Dec-01Tony Owen42 - 87Nick Billington120
Tue 11-Dec-01Nick Billington75 - 99Jean Goodman123
Wed 12-Dec-01Jean Goodman89 - 99Donald Isles120
Thu 13-Dec-01Donald Isles88 - 72Michael Weekes119
Fri 14-Dec-01Donald Isles59 - 83Terence Carey119
Mon 17-Dec-01Ben Wilson83 - 68Simon Cartwright122
Tue 18-Dec-01Phil Wass80 - 99Brian Capper117
Wed 19-Dec-01Loz Sands66 - 82Steve Sandalls138
Thu 20-Dec-01Paul Ryan90 - 69Ian McMenzie123
Fri 21-Dec-01Paul Ryan80 - 101Ben Wilson131
Mon 24-Dec-01Brian Capper84 - 99Steve Sandalls142
Tue 25-Dec-01Steve Sandalls75 - 84Ben Wilson117

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