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Series 45

Recappers for this series: Charlie Reams, Innis Carson, Jack Hurst, James Robinson, Lesley Hines.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 2-Jul-01John Rawnsley61 - 37Len Lavelle85
Tue 3-Jul-01John Rawnsley38 - 34Michael Galgut84
Wed 4-Jul-01John Rawnsley65 - 41Mary Hains75
Tue 10-Jul-01John Rawnsley64 - 45Richard Turner85
Wed 11-Jul-01John Rawnsley41 - 21Alexander Duncan75
Thu 12-Jul-01John Rawnsley46 - 50Jim Hopkins74
Fri 13-Jul-01Jim Hopkins34 - 52Rita Bean72
Mon 16-Jul-01Rita Bean45 - 35Ian Pitkin72
Tue 17-Jul-01Rita Bean61 - 40Peter Farmer73
Wed 18-Jul-01Rita Bean57 - 46Alan Sagar84
Tue 24-Jul-01Rita Bean50 - 23James Carey86
Fri 27-Jul-01Rita Bean45 - 56Margaret Megeney73
Mon 30-Jul-01Margaret Megeney33 - 43Phil Bennett72
Tue 31-Jul-01Phil Bennett41 - 40Tom McCormack70
Wed 1-Aug-01Phil Bennett40 - 28Anne Docherty74
Tue 7-Aug-01Phil Bennett57 - 46David Royall76
Wed 8-Aug-01Phil Bennett59 - 27Geoff Young84
Thu 9-Aug-01Phil Bennett40 - 19Frank Welch72
Fri 10-Aug-01Phil Bennett41 - 50Brenda Dunn76
Mon 13-Aug-01Brenda Dunn41 - 57Craig Richardson76
Tue 14-Aug-01Craig Richardson33 - 31Edwin Mead75
Wed 15-Aug-01Craig Richardson53 - 40Bill Brakes85
Tue 21-Aug-01Craig Richardson62 - 21May Thomson84
Wed 22-Aug-01Craig Richardson53 - 24Susie Masun74
Tue 28-Aug-01Craig Richardson49 - 19Phil May73
Wed 29-Aug-01Craig Richardson45 - 46Neil Greenall104
Thu 30-Aug-01Neil Greenall5 - 69James Hankin82
Fri 31-Aug-01James Hawkin62 - 51Beverley Calder84
Mon 3-Sep-01James Hawkin44 - 33Jeff Evans74
Tue 4-Sep-01Jim Hankin44 - 50David Dorward80
Wed 5-Sep-01David Dorward41 - 50Mary Blair71
Thu 6-Sep-01Mary Blair44 - 31Ian Robertson94
Fri 7-Sep-01Mary Blair31 - 33Mac McDonald74
Mon 10-Sep-01Mac Macdonald46 - 55Geraldine Hylands86
Tue 11-Sep-01Geraldine Hylands36 - 22Geoff Clarke74
Wed 12-Sep-01Geraldine Hylands59 - 51Billy Armstrong73
Thu 13-Sep-01Geraldine Hylands55 - 45Charlie Neill76
Fri 14-Sep-01Geraldine Hylands45 - 16Sue Oldreive81
Mon 17-Sep-01Geraldine Hylands37 - 36Fred Clark72
Tue 18-Sep-01Geraldine Hylands68 - 44Mike Brown75
Wed 19-Sep-01John Rawnsley55 - 43Phil Bennett83
Thu 20-Sep-01Geraldine Hylands43 - 41Craig Richardson83
Fri 21-Sep-01Geraldine Hylands63 - 90John Rawnsley128

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