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Series 44

Recappers for this series: Andrew Feist, Andy Wilson, Ian Volante, Innis Carson, James Robinson, Matthew Tassier, Mike Brown, Robert Baxter.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Tue 26-Dec-00Robert Roden35 - 42Dave Ryan72
Wed 27-Dec-00Dave Ryan45 - 47Colin Mackay74
Thu 28-Dec-00Colin Mackay41 - 48Avril Goodenough83
Fri 29-Dec-00Avril Goodenough53 - 61Dom Glennon74
Mon 1-Jan-01Dom Glennon46 - 28Frank Parsons84
Tue 2-Jan-01Dom Glennon61 - 40Josephine Keane76
Wed 3-Jan-01Dom Glennon57 - 62Richard Leaper76
Thu 4-Jan-01Richard Leaper58 - 61David Hoskisson72
Fri 5-Jan-01David Hoskisson70 - 23Heather Harvey74
Mon 8-Jan-01David Hoskisson61 - 44Thomas Bailey73
Tue 9-Jan-01David Hoskisson58 - 48Charlie Gardiner75
Wed 10-Jan-01David Hoskisson45 - 30David Watson74
Thu 11-Jan-01David Hoskisson60 - 24Darren Melling74
Fri 12-Jan-01David Hoskisson45 - 47Geoff Mundin96
Mon 15-Jan-01Geoff Mundin47 - 49Stuart Anderson73
Tue 16-Jan-01Stuart Anderson61 - 44Ginny Clark75
Wed 17-Jan-01Stuart Anderson41 - 57Bill Rennie68
Thu 18-Jan-01Bill Rennie48 - 40Maureen Thomas70
Fri 19-Jan-01Bill Rennie49 - 61Lou Marriott85
Mon 22-Jan-01Lou Marriott59 - 38Ray Lucas84
Tue 23-Jan-01Lou Marriott15 - 58Andy Porter85
Wed 24-Jan-01Andy Porter46 - 28Doug Barraclough71
Thu 25-Jan-01Andy Porter55 - 37Ian Linton75
Fri 26-Jan-01Andy Porter49 - 41Priscilla Chard73
Mon 29-Jan-01Andy Porter51 - 31Mark Jones72
Tue 30-Jan-01Andy Porter59 - 62Ian Mullen73
Wed 31-Jan-01Ian Mullen45 - 49Gill Hales95
Thu 1-Feb-01Gill Hales24 - 44Tim Robinson71
Fri 2-Feb-01Tim Robinson64 - 49Stephen Rosenthal81
Mon 5-Feb-01Tim Robinson49 - 35Lorraine Gordon74
Tue 6-Feb-01Tim Robinson70 - 39John Scott83
Wed 7-Feb-01Tim Robinson64 - 24Liane Robinson74
Thu 8-Feb-01Tim Robinson56 - 40Donald Mackay70
Fri 9-Feb-01Tim Robinson60 - 48Philip Butterworth74
Mon 12-Feb-01Tim Robinson44 - 60Ray McNamara74
Tue 13-Feb-01Ray McNamara48 - 49Nicola Smith73
Wed 14-Feb-01Nicola Smith63 - 58Daryl Brooks94
Thu 15-Feb-01Nicola Smith34 - 38Stephen Howe74
Fri 16-Feb-01Stephen Howe42 - 24Sandra Richards73
Mon 19-Feb-01Stephen Howe50 - 45Nick Evans74
Tue 20-Feb-01Stephen Howe53 - 54Elspeth Wilkes76
Wed 21-Feb-01Elspeth Wilkes43 - 29Peter Lovell71
Thu 22-Feb-01Elspeth Wilkes43 - 49Wilbur Notley71
Fri 23-Feb-01Wilbur Notley45 - 31Janet Egan83
Mon 26-Feb-01Wilbur Notley31 - 38Barrie Marsh73
Tue 27-Feb-01Barrie Marsh39 - 50Ralph Lubkowski75
Wed 28-Feb-01Ralph Lubkowski43 - 39Ita Moynihan73
Thu 1-Mar-01Ralph Lubkowski69 - 48Mansoor Undre84
Fri 2-Mar-01Ralph Lubkowski54 - 31Pippa Field76
Mon 5-Mar-01Ralph Lubkowski43 - 62Gordon Taylor71
Tue 6-Mar-01Gordon Taylor28 - 39Heather Jenkins81
Wed 7-Mar-01Heather Jenkins44 - 57Kevin McMahon74
Thu 8-Mar-01Kevin McMahon56 - 28Betty Whitear74
Fri 9-Mar-01Kevin McMahon52 - 29Brian Howard74
Mon 12-Mar-01Kevin McMahon70 - 60Gareth Fuller86
Tue 13-Mar-01Kevin McMahon63 - 25John Frankel75
Wed 14-Mar-01Kevin McMahon68 - 13Linda Clark73
Thu 15-Mar-01Kevin McMahon74 - 52Mark Sperinck84
Fri 16-Mar-01Kevin McMahon68 - 23Julie Devine73
Mon 19-Mar-01Neil Sparham62 - 30Roy Dennison76
Tue 20-Mar-01Neil Sparham35 - 44Stuart Wood73
Wed 21-Mar-01Stuart Wood48 - 44Debbie Parry84
Thu 22-Mar-01Stuart Wood51 - 46Ellen Bartlett73
Fri 23-Mar-01Stuart Wood72 - 39John Davies85
Mon 26-Mar-01Stuart Wood49 - 43David Thornley71
Tue 27-Mar-01Stuart Wood54 - 48Terence Connolly74
Wed 28-Mar-01Stuart Wood45 - 34Jayanti Bailur72
Thu 29-Mar-01Stuart Wood38 - 52John Rainsden72
Fri 30-Mar-01John Rainsden48 - 30Carol Forde84
Mon 2-Apr-01John Rainsden56 - 29Dave Spall82
Tue 3-Apr-01John Rainsden45 - 37John Place84
Wed 4-Apr-01John Rainsden52 - 34Jacqui Baker73
Thu 5-Apr-01John Rainsden49 - 61Stan Airey72
Fri 6-Apr-01Stan Airey52 - 32Marje Ramson74
Mon 9-Apr-01Stan Airey48 - 52David Short72
Tue 10-Apr-01David Short62 - 44Ernie Hulme74
Wed 11-Apr-01David Short56 - 54Stephen Howe86
Thu 12-Apr-01David Short41 - 45Wendy Coy92
Fri 13-Apr-01Wendy Coy69 - 36Christine Bowyer76
Mon 16-Apr-01Wendy Coy26 - 55Neil Cycon86
Tue 17-Apr-01Neil Cycon64 - 32Sue Small85
Wed 18-Apr-01Neil Cynon47 - 42Pete Buss87
Thu 19-Apr-01Neil Cycon56 - 46Karen Kodish75
Fri 20-Apr-01Neil Cycon35 - 52Keith Edghill74
Mon 23-Apr-01Keith Edghill44 - 45Kenneth Bowers85
Tue 24-Apr-01Kenneth Bowers22 - 42Catherine Jones84
Wed 25-Apr-01Catherine Jones42 - 48Paul Hawkins74
Thu 26-Apr-01Paul Hawkins54 - 33Steve Balderstone73
Fri 27-Apr-01Paul Hawkins51 - 31Raymond Reece71
Mon 30-Apr-01Paul Hawkins53 - 45Dan Rutstein76
Tue 1-May-01Paul Hawkins55 - 30Simon Dolley75
Wed 2-May-01Paul Hawkins49 - 45Jennifer Hewitt71
Thu 3-May-01Paul Hawkins29 - 69Adrian D'Enrico72
Fri 4-May-01Adrian D'Enrico56 - 30Bill Aspinall74
Mon 7-May-01Adrian D'Enrico47 - 44Julie O'Sullivan70
Tue 8-May-01Adrian D'Enrico48 - 53Matthew Jenkins73
Wed 9-May-01Matthew Jenkins42 - 41James Stewart74
Thu 10-May-01Matthew Jenkins42 - 41Steve Leonard75
Fri 11-May-01Matthew Jenkins27 - 47Peter Wild72
Mon 14-May-01Peter Wild53 - 62Debbie Allen76
Tue 15-May-01Debbie Allen43 - 59Steve Foster83
Wed 16-May-01Steve Foster43 - 49Archie Webster73
Tue 22-May-01Archie Webster43 - 36Ian Rann80
Wed 23-May-01Archie Webster40 - 50Steph Hughes75
Thu 24-May-01Steph Hughes28 - 40David Whiteman73
Fri 25-May-01David Whiteman51 - 44Raymond Cohen72
Mon 28-May-01David Whiteman51 - 37David Foreman74
Tue 29-May-01David Whiteman41 - 54Alison Moore74
Wed 30-May-01Alison Moore39 - 35Lynn Barber73
Thu 31-May-01Alison Moore44 - 59Stuart Moore81
Fri 1-Jun-01Stuart Moore45 - 49Stevie Roberts86
Mon 4-Jun-01Stevie Roberts36 - 59Andrew Penfold73
Tue 5-Jun-01Andrew Penfold40 - 64John Hedges75
Wed 6-Jun-01John Hedges35 - 67David Roe89
Thu 7-Jun-01David Roe51 - 20Susan Kavanagh73
Fri 8-Jun-01David Roe67 - 41Brian Gentle82
Mon 11-Jun-01David Roe57 - 47Mike O'Rourke74
Tue 12-Jun-01David Roe54 - 39Jackie Wilcock73
Wed 13-Jun-01David Roe41 - 49Bruno Murray84
Thu 14-Jun-01Bruno Murray71 - 40Susan Wade73
Fri 15-Jun-01Bruno Murray40 - 23Leo Murray70
Mon 18-Jun-01Bruno Murray59 - 19Pat James72
Tue 19-Jun-01Bruno Murray37 - 40John Rawnsley70
Wed 20-Jun-01John Rawnsley54 - 10David Neale74
Thu 21-Jun-01Kevin McMahon45 - 50John Rainsden72
Fri 22-Jun-01Andy Porter51 - 61Tim Robinson81
Mon 25-Jun-01Stuart Wood60 - 36David Roe73
Tue 26-Jun-01David Hoskisson68 - 58Paul Hawkins74
Wed 27-Jun-01David Hoskisson27 - 39John Rainsden73
Thu 28-Jun-01Tim Robinson36 - 49Stuart Wood82
Fri 29-Jun-01John Rainsden48 - 59Stuart Wood127

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