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Series 43

Recappers for this series: David Williams, Innis Carson, James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 26-Jun-00Bruce Lambert58 - 25Esther Middleton75
Tue 27-Jun-00Bruce Lambert28 - 62Bob Knape74
Wed 28-Jun-00Bob Knape46 - 49Frances Glassberg85
Tue 4-Jul-00Frances Glassberg42 - 55Jim Dry74
Wed 5-Jul-00Jim Dry49 - 64Jonathan Storey72
Thu 6-Jul-00Jonathan Storey70 - 23Bob Blackhurst74
Fri 7-Jul-00Jonathan Storey54 - 63Kate Ritchie80
Mon 10-Jul-00Kate Ritchie66 - 29John Payne72
Tue 11-Jul-00Kate Ritchie54 - 38Vi Robertson84
Wed 12-Jul-00Kate Ritchie63 - 21Roger Dentith72
Thu 13-Jul-00Kate Ritchie58 - 21Martin Bates84
Fri 14-Jul-00Kate Ritchie52 - 29Tony Ridge71
Mon 17-Jul-00Kate Ritchie29 - 65Daniel Burton70
Tue 18-Jul-00Daniel Burton38 - 43Melanie Beaumont68
Wed 19-Jul-00Melanie Beaumont42 - 37Lynette Grzonka72
Thu 20-Jul-00Melanie Beaumont49 - 60Graham Nash73
Fri 21-Jul-00Graham Nash55 - 26Bill Maskew83
Mon 24-Jul-00Graham Nash57 - 49Tony Long75
Fri 28-Jul-00Graham Nash63 - 36David Duncan73
Mon 31-Jul-00Graham Nash72 - 36Roger Robinson83
Tue 1-Aug-00Graham Nash46 - 5Sarah Newell71
Wed 2-Aug-00Graham Nash60 - 49Jason Campbell84
Tue 8-Aug-00Graham Nash52 - 22Jo Austin72
Wed 9-Aug-00David Ellis41 - 53Michael Sharman74
Thu 10-Aug-00Michael Sharman30 - 60Martin Craven73
Fri 11-Aug-00Martin Craven46 - 55Roger Perrin84
Tue 15-Aug-00Roger Perrin53 - 57Sheila Reid75
Wed 16-Aug-00Sheila Reid51 - 44Tony Seaman84
Tue 22-Aug-00Sheila Reid60 - 43Irene Daley74
Wed 23-Aug-00Sheila Reid41 - 67David Williams73
Thu 24-Aug-00David Williams78 - 29Tony McGill83
Fri 25-Aug-00David Williams72 - 41Alistair Littlewood81
Tue 29-Aug-00David Williams62 - 13Rose Agnew74
Wed 30-Aug-00David Williams69 - 42Marion Alexander71
Tue 5-Sep-00David Williams63 - 33Mike Pilkington81
Wed 6-Sep-00David Williams59 - 36Paul Coulson74
Thu 7-Sep-00David Williams65 - 41Mark Dermody73
Fri 8-Sep-00Sybil Thomson53 - 43Debbie Turnbull84
Mon 11-Sep-00Sybil Thomson46 - 30Anthony Smith72
Tue 12-Sep-00Sybil Thomson26 - 59Michele Blackman71
Wed 13-Sep-00Michele Blackman51 - 52David Healey76
Thu 14-Sep-00David Healey40 - 67Kris Jones72
Fri 15-Sep-00Kris Jones41 - 45Iain Macdonald73
Mon 18-Sep-00Iain Macdonald39 - 33Ann Masterson71
Tue 19-Sep-00Iain Macdonald57 - 47Elaine Beale95
Wed 20-Sep-00Iain Macdonald58 - 40James Kennedy74
Thu 21-Sep-00Iain Macdonald36 - 52Pat Byrne74
Fri 22-Sep-00Pat Byrne30 - 61Bernard Mitchell70
Mon 25-Sep-00Bernard Mitchell61 - 40Frank McDonnell83
Tue 26-Sep-00Bernard Mitchell47 - 60Sue Line74
Wed 27-Sep-00Sue Line27 - 66Clare Wright86
Thu 28-Sep-00Clare Wright52 - 36Bill Aitken73
Fri 29-Sep-00Clare Wright72 - 44Roger Smith85
Mon 2-Oct-00Clare Wright60 - 35Karen Storey73
Tue 3-Oct-00Clare Wright50 - 53Murray Cooper71
Wed 4-Oct-00Murray Cooper36 - 42John Thompson74
Thu 5-Oct-00John Thompson42 - 45Ben Ferry93
Fri 6-Oct-00Ben Ferry38 - 64Gordon Cusworth73
Mon 9-Oct-00Gordon Cusworth53 - 30Mary Bolton76
Tue 10-Oct-00Gordon Cusworth65 - 40Paul Wood82
Wed 11-Oct-00Gordon Cusworth61 - 21Fuad Ahmed74
Thu 12-Oct-00Gordon Cusworth43 - 69Audrey Clark85
Fri 13-Oct-00Audrey Clark45 - 52Bola Adelaja74
Mon 16-Oct-00Bola Adelaja71 - 38Irene Rhodes77
Tue 17-Oct-00Bola Adelaja38 - 51Colin Cameron71
Wed 18-Oct-00Colin Cameron34 - 16Kathleen Staines72
Thu 19-Oct-00Colin Cameron42 - 66Andrew Ferguson83
Fri 20-Oct-00Andrew Ferguson64 - 38Tony Brannan72
Mon 23-Oct-00Andrew Ferguson62 - 34Tony Fodder94
Tue 24-Oct-00Andrew Ferguson46 - 49Helen Smith71
Wed 25-Oct-00Helen Smith40 - 39Sue Row75
Thu 26-Oct-00Helen Smith25 - 38James Sheppard72
Fri 27-Oct-00James Sheppard70 - 60Linda Dawe75
Mon 30-Oct-00James Sheppard68 - 34Alf Harris70
Tue 31-Oct-00James Sheppard64 - 47Hemant Gujadhur73
Wed 1-Nov-00James Sheppard35 - 44Paul Ellis73
Thu 2-Nov-00Gyles Brandreth<br />Mark Nyman50 - 46Jo Brand<br />Damian Eadie73
Fri 3-Nov-00Paul Ellis29 - 48Mick Clithero71
Mon 6-Nov-00Mick Clithero58 - 60John Harrison75
Tue 7-Nov-00John Harrison71 - 53Sandeep Mazumder86
Wed 8-Nov-00John Harrison59 - 47Pat Arnold72
Thu 9-Nov-00John Harrison51 - 21Gerry Rae84
Fri 10-Nov-00John Harrison50 - 39Laura Harker72
Mon 13-Nov-00John Harrison46 - 36Jack Griffiths74
Tue 14-Nov-00John Harrison44 - 58Angus Cook72
Wed 15-Nov-00Angus Cook52 - 33Raff Flackett73
Thu 16-Nov-00Angus Cook56 - 42Peter Griffin86
Fri 17-Nov-00Angus Cook50 - 42Ray Patching83
Mon 20-Nov-00Angus Cook35 - 46Chris Connan72
Tue 21-Nov-00Chris Connan51 - 49Alison Padgett72
Wed 22-Nov-00Chris Connan44 - 42Peter Brierley76
Thu 23-Nov-00Chris Connan32 - 34John Barber73
Fri 24-Nov-00John Barber45 - 36Jack Sutherland85
Mon 27-Nov-00John Barber43 - 59Andrew Jackson71
Tue 28-Nov-00Andrew Jackson52 - 57Matthew Turner73
Wed 29-Nov-00Matthew Turner59 - 46Bob Ireland72
Thu 30-Nov-00Matthew Turner59 - 31Margaret Sherwin75
Fri 1-Dec-00Matthew Turner63 - 39Wayne Allen73
Mon 4-Dec-00Matthew Turner52 - 33Sarah Keane72
Tue 5-Dec-00Matthew Turner46 - 51Sid Sears75
Wed 6-Dec-00Sid Sears57 - 19Nicky Petrie71
Thu 7-Dec-00Sid Sears41 - 51Stephen Briggs75
Fri 8-Dec-00Stephen Briggs66 - 36Elsie Metcalfe73
Mon 11-Dec-00Stephen Briggs69 - 45Donald Lyons73
Tue 12-Dec-00Stephen Briggs45 - 55James Aukett73
Wed 13-Dec-00James Aukett50 - 51Gill Munro87
Thu 14-Dec-00Gill Munro42 - 55Robert Roden72
Fri 15-Dec-00David Williams62 - 46James Sheppard73
Mon 18-Dec-00Graham Nash60 - 50Gordon Cusworth84
Tue 19-Dec-00Kate Ritchie44 - 52Clare Wright82
Wed 20-Dec-00John Harrison45 - 55Matthew Turner68
Thu 21-Dec-00David Williams40 - 57Matthew Turner73
Fri 22-Dec-00Graham Nash70 - 53Clare Wright73
Mon 25-Dec-00Graham Nash89 - 69Matthew Turner128

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