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Series 42

Recappers for this series: Adam Porter, Andy Wilson, Charlie Reams, Innis Carson, James Robinson, Jimmy Gough, Matthew Tassier, Richard Brittain, Robert Baxter.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 3-Jan-00Helen Wrigglesworth53 - 40Joanna Newman72
Tue 4-Jan-00Helen Wrigglesworth42 - 20Colin Sanders75
Wed 5-Jan-00Helen Wrigglesworth49 - 19Michael Heptinstall76
Thu 6-Jan-00Helen Wrigglesworth38 - 40Malcolm McInnes72
Fri 7-Jan-00Michael McInnes49 - 23Sandra Perrett84
Mon 10-Jan-00Michael McInnes22 - 49Alan Jenkins69
Tue 11-Jan-00Alan Jenkins50 - 36Pascal Richard74
Wed 12-Jan-00Alan Jenkins31 - 39Olive Morgan72
Thu 13-Jan-00Olive Morgan68 - 38Judy Meekings76
Fri 14-Jan-00Olive Morgan52 - 38Matthew Eagles72
Mon 17-Jan-00Olive Morgan27 - 34Brian Murray85
Tue 18-Jan-00Olive Morgan59 - 28Terence Skuse74
Wed 19-Jan-00Olive Morgan60 - 48Clare Cowan95
Thu 20-Jan-00Olive Morgan39 - 48John Snedden70
Fri 21-Jan-00John Sneddon80 - 38Amey Deshpande93
Mon 24-Jan-00John Sneddon58 - 26Peter Taylor70
Tue 25-Jan-00John Snedden51 - 33Simon Cluskey84
Wed 26-Jan-00John Sneddon45 - 60Joel Davey74
Thu 27-Jan-00Joel Davey41 - 43Peter Hindes71
Fri 28-Jan-00Peter Hindes56 - 26Gemma Barton82
Mon 31-Jan-00Peter Hindes49 - 59Michael Calder70
Tue 1-Feb-00Michael Calder64 - 40Carol Hogan74
Wed 2-Feb-00Michael Calder56 - 46Clarissa Caröe72
Thu 3-Feb-00Michael Calder50 - 46Gerry Ratzin84
Fri 4-Feb-00Michael Calder64 - 37Sue Meredith72
Mon 7-Feb-00Michael Calder54 - 49Daniel Green74
Tue 8-Feb-00Michael Calder58 - 32Marjorie Clark72
Wed 9-Feb-00Michael Calder57 - 47Andrew Hulme74
Thu 10-Feb-00Barbara Rogers58 - 43Steve Booth73
Fri 11-Feb-00Barbara Rogers30 - 65Daniel Vanniasingham73
Mon 14-Feb-00Daniel Vanniasingham53 - 58David Ballheimer83
Tue 15-Feb-00David Ballheimer55 - 15Janet Nettleship70
Wed 16-Feb-00David Ballheimer53 - 43Ravi Choudhary84
Thu 17-Feb-00David Ballheimer72 - 62Jason Witcher75
Fri 18-Feb-00David Ballheimer60 - 22Maureen Graham94
Mon 21-Feb-00David Ballheimer65 - 29Mark Stubberfield72
Tue 22-Feb-00David Ballheimer40 - 28Barbara Curr75
Wed 23-Feb-00David Ballheimer71 - 23Sue Downing73
Thu 24-Feb-00Helen Wrigglesworth43 - 54Andy Brown76
Fri 25-Feb-00Andy Brown57 - 26James McIntosh71
Mon 28-Feb-00Andy Brown46 - 33Tony Kershaw76
Tue 29-Feb-00Andy Brown70 - 60Barry Scaum72
Wed 1-Mar-00Andy Brown39 - 56Russell Gaines72
Thu 2-Mar-00Russell Gaines60 - 28Ken Glover65
Fri 3-Mar-00Russell Gaines59 - 29Nett Steinson72
Mon 6-Mar-00Russell Gaines59 - 30Eric Birtwell84
Tue 7-Mar-00Russell Gaines30 - 60Lisa Hermann74
Wed 8-Mar-00Lisa Hermann57 - 29Geoffrey Masters75
Thu 9-Mar-00Lisa Hermann64 - 29Hilary Shearer90
Fri 10-Mar-00Lisa Hermann49 - 59Dot Morris81
Mon 13-Mar-00Dot Morris31 - 28Les Gibbons72
Tue 14-Mar-00Dot Morris37 - 57Wil Ransome75
Wed 15-Mar-00Wil Ransome54 - 26Lynn McNichol74
Thu 16-Mar-00Wil Ransome42 - 40Derek Crawford83
Fri 17-Mar-00Wil Ransome39 - 48Terence O'Farrell84
Mon 20-Mar-00Terence O'Farrell63 - 43Melanie Brown85
Tue 21-Mar-00Terence O'Farrell48 - 33Ted Doggett76
Wed 22-Mar-00Terence O'Farrell71 - 22Gaynor Morgan75
Thu 23-Mar-00Terence O'Farrell53 - 38Leon Farley84
Fri 24-Mar-00Terence O'Farrell45 - 38Neil McHale76
Mon 27-Mar-00Terence O'Farrell59 - 43Doris Perley74
Tue 28-Mar-00Terence O'Farrell48 - 39Don Johnston73
Wed 29-Mar-00Rachel Plumridge53 - 21Terry Willocks74
Thu 30-Mar-00Rachel Plumridge55 - 41John Rogers74
Fri 31-Mar-00Rachel Plumridge65 - 32Jack Kitchen80
Mon 3-Apr-00Rachel Plumridge47 - 51Haydn Thompson73
Tue 4-Apr-00Haydn Thompson27 - 36Margaret Shuttleworth73
Wed 5-Apr-00Margaret Shuttleworth42 - 34David Anderson72
Thu 6-Apr-00Margaret Shuttleworth43 - 49John Hastings75
Fri 7-Apr-00John Hastings50 - 29Sue Kennedy74
Mon 10-Apr-00John Hastings49 - 42Les Noble73
Tue 11-Apr-00John Hastings54 - 53Joan Bullock85
Wed 12-Apr-00John Hastings54 - 51Vic Fisk82
Thu 13-Apr-00John Hastings59 - 30Calum Pearson73
Fri 14-Apr-00John Hastings57 - 67Jane Wheeler71
Mon 17-Apr-00Jane Wheeler37 - 52Rodney Marrison75
Tue 18-Apr-00Rodney Marrison60 - 50Colin Northmore84
Wed 19-Apr-00Rodney Marrison48 - 44Ann Keelan75
Thu 20-Apr-00Rodney Marrison68 - 34Roger Allison72
Fri 21-Apr-00Rodney Marrison62 - 35Hugh McIver74
Mon 24-Apr-00Rodney Marrison61 - 34Bhavna Trivedi74
Tue 25-Apr-00Rodney Marrison59 - 40Gerry Doyle73
Wed 26-Apr-00Rodney Marrison45 - 58Denis Allan73
Thu 27-Apr-00Denis Allan69 - 29Sue Chatten76
Fri 28-Apr-00Denis Allan63 - 36Chris Manchester73
Mon 1-May-00Denis Allan49 - 48Jane Manning72
Tue 2-May-00Denis Allan42 - 60Graham Persson73
Wed 3-May-00Graham Persson51 - 49Daphne Barker73
Thu 4-May-00Graham Persson52 - 54Mick Dimaline74
Fri 5-May-00Mick Dimaline49 - 44Bill Semple74
Mon 8-May-00Mick Dimaline15 - 31David Evers92
Tue 9-May-00David Evers34 - 52Davina Forrester73
Wed 10-May-00Davina Forrester57 - 46Mark Labbett85
Thu 11-May-00Davina Forrester57 - 29John Barnes, Liverpool83
Fri 12-May-00Davina Forrester55 - 56Naomi Thorburn74
Mon 15-May-00Naomi Thorburn47 - 46Jeremy Rowe74
Tue 16-May-00Naomi Thorburn31 - 56Peter McGuigan74
Wed 17-May-00Peter McGuigan65 - 41Chris Harris73
Tue 23-May-00Peter McGuigan59 - 21Sara Lapalme74
Wed 24-May-00Peter McGuigan69 - 28Val Astles92
Thu 25-May-00Peter McGuigan31 - 49Mei Ling Simons72
Fri 26-May-00Mei Ling Simons53 - 52Colin Dunn73
Mon 29-May-00Mei Ling Simons54 - 57Jacqueline Carter75
Tue 30-May-00Jacqueline Carter62 - 57Eddy Ignace74
Wed 31-May-00Jacqueline Carter42 - 52Rhonda Bolton74
Thu 1-Jun-00Rhonda Bolton52 - 50Michael Balfour71
Fri 2-Jun-00Rhonda Bolton39 - 41Helena Winocour86
Mon 5-Jun-00Helena Winocour54 - 57Jim Ainsworth71
Tue 6-Jun-00Jim Ainsworth42 - 26Paul Beesley83
Wed 7-Jun-00Jim Ainsworth52 - 31Hilary Wignell89
Thu 8-Jun-00Jim Ainsworth53 - 51Neil Parrack75
Fri 9-Jun-00Jim Ainsworth57 - 28Chris Smith87
Mon 12-Jun-00David Ballheimer63 - 60Jim Ainsworth71
Tue 13-Jun-00Michael Calder55 - 29Helen Wrigglesworth95
Wed 14-Jun-00Terence O'Farrell63 - 42Olive Morgan74
Tue 20-Jun-00Rodney Marrison56 - 66John Hastings84
Wed 21-Jun-00David Ballheimer45 - 46John Hastings75
Thu 22-Jun-00Michael Calder55 - 40Terence O'Farrell72
Fri 23-Jun-00Michael Calder101 - 72John Hastings126

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