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Series 41

Recappers for this series: Innis Carson, James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 28-Jun-99Bobby Johnson12 - 80Scott Mearns86
Tue 29-Jun-99Scott Mearns67 - 35Bill Rose72
Wed 30-Jun-99Scott Mearns76 - 39Sarah Houchin85
Thu 1-Jul-99Scott Mearns74 - 32Michael Forster78
Fri 2-Jul-99Scott Mearns55 - 43Gareth Mort72
Mon 5-Jul-99Scott Mearns63 - 14Tony Allen84
Tue 6-Jul-99Scott Mearns34 - 30William Brewer72
Wed 7-Jul-99Scott Mearns61 - 27Lesley Millar83
Thu 8-Jul-99Andy Conner40 - 50Kevill Davies71
Fri 9-Jul-99Kevill Davies20 - 59Kay Powick86
Mon 12-Jul-99Kay Powick71 - 53Derek Harrison83
Tue 13-Jul-99Kay Powick55 - 44Will Drever73
Wed 14-Jul-99Kay Powick52 - 18Marjorie Turner74
Thu 15-Jul-99Kay Powick45 - 41Alistair Macpherson80
Fri 16-Jul-99Kay Powick36 - 40Jack Waley-Cohen73
Mon 19-Jul-99Jack Waley-Cohen50 - 46Susan Priestley75
Tue 20-Jul-99Jack Waley-Cohen56 - 35Malcolm Roberts72
Wed 21-Jul-99Jack Waley-Cohen45 - 49Tricia Malone82
Tue 27-Jul-99Tricia Malone38 - 65Steve Way74
Thu 29-Jul-99Steve Way43 - 60Christopher Wade74
Fri 30-Jul-99Christopher Wade42 - 34Jill Strangward82
Mon 2-Aug-99Christopher Wade44 - 49Dennis Rashbrook83
Tue 3-Aug-99Dennis Raishbrook61 - 46Caroline Andrews92
Wed 4-Aug-99Dennis Raishbook39 - 69Graham Bucknall75
Tue 10-Aug-99Graham Bucknall59 - 25Yasmin Wells76
Wed 11-Aug-99Graham Bucknall60 - 39Miles Hudson74
Thu 12-Aug-99Graham Bucknall65 - 29Caroline Wheatley73
Fri 13-Aug-99Graham Bucknall37 - 60Barrie Debbage83
Mon 16-Aug-99Barrie Debbage46 - 36Iain Cadogan73
Tue 17-Aug-99Barrie Debbage29 - 51Angus Walker73
Wed 18-Aug-99Angus Walker36 - 59Rory Dunlop75
Tue 24-Aug-99Rory Dunlop59 - 50Alix Lee74
Wed 25-Aug-99Rory Dunlop57 - 33Corryne Robertson74
Thu 26-Aug-99Rory Dunlop62 - 38Gillian Wild84
Fri 27-Aug-99Rory Dunlop56 - 51Kristian Saether72
Mon 30-Aug-99Rory Dunlop60 - 38John Fairhurst75
Tue 31-Aug-99Rory Dunlop55 - 66Mickie O'Neill73
Wed 1-Sep-99Mickie O'Neill62 - 23Alistair Miller74
Thu 2-Sep-99Mickie O'Neill41 - 53Geraldine Curran69
Fri 3-Sep-99Geraldine Curran51 - 39Hilary Lawrence74
Mon 6-Sep-99Geraldine Curran54 - 35Denise Smith73
Tue 7-Sep-99Geraldine Curran45 - 53Susan Eardley94
Wed 8-Sep-99Susan Eardley27 - 40John Bolton72
Thu 9-Sep-99John Bolton43 - 54Angela Sheffield86
Fri 10-Sep-99Angela Sheffield39 - 27Bill Leslie73
Mon 13-Sep-99Angela Sheffield49 - 51Steve Clark75
Tue 14-Sep-99Steve Clark40 - 47Simon Cooper69
Wed 15-Sep-99Simon Cooper51 - 28Lisa Eyers84
Thu 16-Sep-99Simon Cooper69 - 55Niall Spooner-Harvey85
Fri 17-Sep-99Simon Cooper72 - 14Raymond Ogilvie73
Mon 20-Sep-99Simon Cooper65 - 43Ola Odutola73
Tue 21-Sep-99Simon Cooper61 - 37Lynne Savin-Smith73
Wed 22-Sep-99Simon Cooper55 - 31John Grisdale74
Thu 23-Sep-99Simon Cooper62 - 51Andrew Fenton84
Fri 24-Sep-99Jean O'Neill47 - 54Christine Silverwood73
Mon 27-Sep-99Christine Silverwood44 - 56Billy Davidson84
Tue 28-Sep-99Billy Davidson68 - 48Jacqui Darby75
Wed 29-Sep-99Billy Davidson47 - 54Tony Manwani72
Thu 30-Sep-99Tony Manwani56 - 43Julie Smithies74
Fri 1-Oct-99Tony Manwani28 - 44Rob Watson72
Mon 4-Oct-99Rob Watson56 - 33Frances Dewar82
Tue 5-Oct-99Rob Watson37 - 67Gary Woodward74
Wed 6-Oct-99Gary Woodward60 - 44Debbie Jones72
Thu 7-Oct-99Gary Woodward60 - 22Brian Scobie74
Fri 8-Oct-99Gary Woodward67 - 34Patricia Corrigan83
Mon 11-Oct-99Gary Woodward65 - 47Jonathan Mearns73
Tue 12-Oct-99Gary Woodward48 - 42John Lawes73
Wed 13-Oct-99Gary Woodward51 - 55Edward Mundell71
Thu 14-Oct-99Edward Mundell42 - 54Alix Anderson70
Fri 15-Oct-99Alix Anderson56 - 46Mick Hoare74
Mon 18-Oct-99Alix Anderson52 - 59Dee Voce73
Tue 19-Oct-99Dee Voce60 - 39Chris Phipps84
Wed 20-Oct-99Dee Voce59 - 20Lewis Mackay71
Thu 21-Oct-99Dee Voce58 - 35Duncan Bloomfield81
Fri 22-Oct-99Dee Voce62 - 34Liz Ireland75
Mon 25-Oct-99Dee Voce58 - 62Sanjay Mazumder72
Tue 26-Oct-99Sanjay Mazumder58 - 40Jennie Booth85
Wed 27-Oct-99Sanjay Mazumder65 - 25Mark Murray73
Thu 28-Oct-99Sanjay Mazumder67 - 35John Blaker84
Fri 29-Oct-99Sanjay Mazumder62 - 40Lesley Sutton75
Mon 1-Nov-99Sanjay Mazumder56 - 28Ian Scott72
Tue 2-Nov-99Sanjay Mazumder49 - 24Andrea Bates67
Wed 3-Nov-99Sanjay Mazumder60 - 42Alan Hill83
Thu 4-Nov-99Anthony Moorhouse53 - 52Olive Martin72
Fri 5-Nov-99Anthony Moorhouse51 - 55Lucy Roberts73
Mon 8-Nov-99Lucy Roberts66 - 23Michael West73
Tue 9-Nov-99Lucy Roberts69 - 43Barry Soden73
Wed 10-Nov-99Lucy Roberts67 - 24Alison Mooney75
Thu 11-Nov-99Lucy Roberts82 - 46Derek Taylor88
Fri 12-Nov-99Lucy Roberts55 - 35Stanley Melrose75
Mon 15-Nov-99Lucy Roberts49 - 35Andrew Playle71
Tue 16-Nov-99Lucy Roberts61 - 44Elizabeth Evans71
Wed 17-Nov-99Margaret Foster47 - 37Jeremy Barton74
Thu 18-Nov-99Margaret Foster62 - 20Harry Driver72
Fri 19-Nov-99Margaret Foster69 - 31Steven Shepherd85
Mon 22-Nov-99Margaret Foster50 - 46Jackie Stevenson72
Tue 23-Nov-99Margaret Foster58 - 27Bill Malloy74
Wed 24-Nov-99Margaret Foster57 - 38Joan Tranter72
Thu 25-Nov-99Margaret Foster60 - 43Sheila Bailey74
Fri 26-Nov-99Margaret Foster45 - 44Neil Bird72
Mon 29-Nov-99Mandy Brazier50 - 56Perry Poole74
Tue 30-Nov-99Perry Poole48 - 69Melvin Hetherington72
Wed 1-Dec-99Melvin Hetherington61 - 31William Cussen82
Thu 2-Dec-99Melvin Hetherington58 - 36Steve Dannell83
Fri 3-Dec-99Melvin Hetherington45 - 34Richard Egerton72
Mon 6-Dec-99Melvin Hetherington62 - 40Derek Willan73
Tue 7-Dec-99Melvin Hetherington64 - 47Deborah Weddell77
Wed 8-Dec-99Melvin Hetherington61 - 37Arthur Cote84
Thu 9-Dec-99Melvin Hetherington58 - 48Carole Dunlop73
Fri 10-Dec-99Peter Goodwin43 - 52Muslim Salamat83
Mon 13-Dec-99Muslim Salamat37 - 39Lorraine Behrens83
Tue 14-Dec-99Lorraine Behrens31 - 38Duncan Kay72
Wed 15-Dec-99Duncan Kay31 - 57Howard Parker71
Thu 16-Dec-99Howard Parker30 - 42Helen Wrigglesworth83
Fri 17-Dec-99Scott Mearns59 - 48Rory Dunlop73
Mon 20-Dec-99Lucy Roberts46 - 53Gary Woodward74
Tue 21-Dec-99Simon Cooper57 - 40Margaret Foster83
Wed 22-Dec-99Sanjay Mazumder58 - 69Melvin Hetherington94
Thu 23-Dec-99Scott Mearns68 - 51Melvin Hetherington72
Fri 24-Dec-99Gary Woodward41 - 64Simon Cooper84
Sat 25-Dec-99Scott Mearns81 - 73Simon Cooper116

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