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Series 40

Recappers for this series: Clive Brooker, James Robinson, Mike Brown.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 28-Dec-98Glynn Leaney62 - 61Luke Living84
Tue 29-Dec-98Glynn Leaney55 - 34Liz Alsford70
Wed 30-Dec-98Dave Benham44 - 49Barry Landman73
Thu 31-Dec-98Barry Landman33 - 53Emma Brown84
Fri 1-Jan-99Emma Brown55 - 65Ted Smith83
Mon 4-Jan-99Ted Smith59 - 36Richard Benham73
Tue 5-Jan-99Ted Smith47 - 42Bridget Holroyd82
Wed 6-Jan-99Ted Smith41 - 51Tom Rock74
Thu 7-Jan-99Tom Rock51 - 22Janet Payne68
Fri 8-Jan-99Tom Rock31 - 40Andrew Thompson69
Mon 11-Jan-99Andrew Thompson52 - 59Michael Gildersleve74
Tue 12-Jan-99Michael Gildersleve54 - 40Sheila Davis83
Wed 13-Jan-99Michael Gildersleve48 - 33Jacqui Marshall72
Thu 14-Jan-99Michael Gildersleve35 - 54Geoff Wilson72
Fri 15-Jan-99Geoff Wilson29 - 61John Holton74
Mon 18-Jan-99John Holton48 - 40Theresa Clark70
Tue 19-Jan-99John Holton54 - 34Chris Hutchinson74
Wed 20-Jan-99John Holton35 - 30Sue Mills82
Thu 21-Jan-99John Holton34 - 70Terence English85
Fri 22-Jan-99Terence English54 - 19Charles Downs80
Mon 25-Jan-99Terence English45 - 33Tess Jones74
Tue 26-Jan-99Terence English52 - 51Nigel Fox84
Wed 27-Jan-99Terence English51 - 13David De Saxe73
Thu 28-Jan-99Terence English53 - 27Jean Lunn73
Fri 29-Jan-99Terence English46 - 73Barry Lyons85
Mon 1-Feb-99Barry Lyons61 - 24Kathryn Wilkie82
Tue 2-Feb-99Barry Lyons49 - 57Keith Kan87
Wed 3-Feb-99Keith Kan35 - 49Gill Russell Smith73
Thu 4-Feb-99Gill Russell Smith56 - 43James Illingworth73
Fri 5-Feb-99Gill Russell Smith21 - 61Pauline Latham72
Mon 8-Feb-99Pauline Latham55 - 26Pete Church82
Tue 9-Feb-99Pauline Latham42 - 45Lester Mak83
Wed 10-Feb-99Lester Mak15 - 43Jayne Parslow72
Thu 11-Feb-99Jayne Parslow32 - 45Alan Williams71
Fri 12-Feb-99Alan Williams48 - 20Lillias Thompson74
Mon 15-Feb-99Alan Williams38 - 44David Andrew82
Tue 16-Feb-99David Andrew45 - 23Harry Hulme73
Wed 17-Feb-99David Andrew51 - 47Maryse Sargent72
Thu 18-Feb-99David Andrew57 - 34Ian Knox70
Fri 19-Feb-99David Andrew51 - 56Ricky Cohen71
Mon 22-Feb-99Ricky Cohen46 - 26Sue Rose72
Tue 23-Feb-99Ricky Cohen69 - 35Raymond Devey73
Wed 24-Feb-99Ricky Cohen47 - 34Mary George74
Thu 25-Feb-99Rocky Cohen60 - 46Brian Bull92
Fri 26-Feb-99Ricky Cohen67 - 43Michael Rollings75
Mon 1-Mar-99Ricky Cohen45 - 49Jill Miller73
Tue 2-Mar-99Jill Miller38 - 55Christopher Russon73
Wed 3-Mar-99Christopher Russon43 - 42Dave Price70
Thu 4-Mar-99Christopher Russon43 - 21Steve Day75
Fri 5-Mar-99Christopher Russon55 - 29Ann Slee72
Mon 8-Mar-99Christopher Rasson39 - 52John Wright72
Tue 9-Mar-99John Wright41 - 58Stan Arnott73
Wed 10-Mar-99Stan Arnott61 - 41Phil O'Gorman75
Thu 11-Mar-99Stan Arnott59 - 41Sue Jackson70
Fri 12-Mar-99Stan Arnott49 - 43Steve Jacobs72
Mon 15-Mar-99Stan Arnott53 - 28Pamela Roberts73
Tue 16-Mar-99Stan Arnott28 - 40Ben Furness72
Wed 17-Mar-99Ben Furness27 - 53Andrew Booth73
Thu 18-Mar-99Andrew Booth39 - 32Aileen Bell71
Fri 19-Mar-99Andrew Booth25 - 45Mark Darch71
Mon 22-Mar-99Mark Darch71 - 33Jonathan Hancox83
Tue 23-Mar-99Mark Darch33 - 47Nancy Roberts73
Wed 24-Mar-99Nancy Roberts39 - 33George Lane70
Thu 25-Mar-99Nancy Roberts47 - 44Patricia Sly74
Fri 26-Mar-99Nancy Roberts50 - 44Hamish Williamson73
Mon 29-Mar-99Nancy Roberts43 - 31Philip Rees83
Tue 30-Mar-99Nancy Roberts55 - 41Alec Everitt72
Wed 31-Mar-99Nancy Roberts27 - 50Daniel Holloway72
Thu 1-Apr-99Daniel Holloway53 - 43Sylvia Walton73
Fri 2-Apr-99Daniel Holloway52 - 28Sefton Park74
Mon 5-Apr-99Daniel Holloway53 - 45Chris Kennedy73
Tue 6-Apr-99Daniel Holloway54 - 42Anne Langford83
Wed 7-Apr-99Daniel Holloway38 - 50David McCarron72
Thu 8-Apr-99David McCarron56 - 36Jane Taylor77
Fri 9-Apr-99David McCarron51 - 33Brian Hazlett70
Mon 12-Apr-99David McCarron47 - 42Connie Gittins82
Tue 13-Apr-99David McCarron28 - 47Robert Sell81
Wed 14-Apr-99Robert Sell38 - 42Jim Allen84
Thu 15-Apr-99Jim Allen50 - 46Elaine Grayson72
Fri 16-Apr-99Jim Allen41 - 37Perry Fung74
Mon 19-Apr-99Jim Allen50 - 57Dorian Jeffrey74
Tue 20-Apr-99Dorian Jeffrey57 - 55Tessa Phelan85
Wed 21-Apr-99Dorian Jeffrey24 - 55Carol Larkins72
Thu 22-Apr-99Carol Larkins38 - 23Ben Oliver74
Fri 23-Apr-99Carol Larkins34 - 65Stephen Dodds74
Mon 26-Apr-99Stephen Dodds45 - 27Helen George72
Tue 27-Apr-99Stephen Dodds56 - 21Andrew Wilson73
Wed 28-Apr-99Stephen Dodds63 - 33Jenny Williamson73
Thu 29-Apr-99Stephen Dodds52 - 62Keith Loveys74
Fri 30-Apr-99Keith Loveys66 - 36Marian Mosby82
Mon 3-May-99Keith Loveys56 - 64Colin Sinnett84
Tue 4-May-99Colin Sinnett32 - 51John Morrison73
Wed 5-May-99John Morrison52 - 33Catherine Dobson73
Thu 6-May-99John Morrison52 - 44Sridhar Narayan83
Fri 7-May-99John Morrison55 - 38Jackie Humphries80
Mon 10-May-99John Morrison60 - 41Cameron Johnson82
Tue 11-May-99John Morrison35 - 54Peter Hutchings75
Wed 12-May-99Peter Hutchings45 - 42May Smith72
Thu 13-May-99Peter Hutchings60 - 33Tom Read74
Fri 14-May-99Peter Hutchings59 - 34Jenny Shorley76
Mon 17-May-99Peter Hutchings73 - 38Humphrey Lewis74
Tue 18-May-99Peter Hutchings59 - 35Edward Bagshaw81
Wed 19-May-99Peter Hutchings51 - 43Dawn Medcalf73
Thu 20-May-99Peter Hutchings21 - 11Jimmy Neil76
Fri 21-May-99Phil Hazell23 - 69Susan Shilton74
Mon 24-May-99Susan Shilton70 - 17Andrew Murphy75
Tue 25-May-99Susan Shilton63 - 41Joan Trinder73
Wed 26-May-99Susan Shilton51 - 55Malcolm Seddons81
Thu 27-May-99Malcolm Seddons55 - 46James Squires71
Fri 28-May-99Malcolm Seddons46 - 44Gerald Knight73
Mon 31-May-99Malcolm Seddons43 - 58Pamela Roud74
Tue 1-Jun-99Pamela Roud50 - 32Chris Keeley83
Wed 2-Jun-99Pamela Roud50 - 38Alison Austin73
Thu 3-Jun-99Pamela Roud56 - 37Femi Awowade73
Fri 4-Jun-99Pamela Roud76 - 56Tracy Schneider86
Mon 7-Jun-99Pamela Roud69 - 52Lex Johnston73
Tue 8-Jun-99Pamela Roud50 - 51Paul Kerry95
Wed 9-Jun-99Paul Kerry45 - 40Becky Smithson72
Thu 10-Jun-99Paul Kerry48 - 27Joan Airey74
Fri 11-Jun-99Paul Kerry40 - 10Paul Servé-Wells70
Mon 14-Jun-99Paul Kerry53 - 43Peter Hazelwood75
Tue 15-Jun-99Paul Kerry44 - 46Bobby Johnson70
Wed 16-Jun-99Bobby Johnson54 - 35Marie Rocco83
Thu 17-Jun-99Peter Hutchings42 - 39Stan Arnott75
Fri 18-Jun-99Glynn Leaney60 - 29Nancy Roberts104
Mon 21-Jun-99Ricky Cohen65 - 75Terence English82
Tue 22-Jun-99Pamela Roud74 - 54Vicky Smith84
Wed 23-Jun-99Peter Hutchings30 - 67Terence English73
Thu 24-Jun-99Glynn Leaney49 - 40Pamela Roud73
Fri 25-Jun-99Glynn Leaney77 - 81Terence English118

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