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Series 39

Recappers for this series: Charlie Reams, James Robinson, Joseph Krol, Mike Brown, Richard Priest, Robert Baxter.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 29-Jun-98Gillian Galek40 - 30Beverley Scott83
Tue 30-Jun-98Gillian Galek42 - 55Robert Muir73
Wed 1-Jul-98Robert Muir52 - 51Richard Frost73
Thu 2-Jul-98Robert Muir55 - 32Arthur Barrow84
Fri 3-Jul-98Robert Muir42 - 52Clive Freedman80
Mon 6-Jul-98Clive Freedman42 - 48Jackie Anderson83
Tue 7-Jul-98Jackie Anderson53 - 35Manda Osborne73
Wed 8-Jul-98Jackie Anderson50 - 37William Goram94
Thu 9-Jul-98Jackie Anderson38 - 59Steve Metcalf75
Fri 10-Jul-98Steve Metcalf61 - 6Bill Watson85
Mon 13-Jul-98Steve Metcalf34 - 69Simon Cobb86
Tue 14-Jul-98Simon Cobb65 - 50Vasudeo Joshi95
Wed 15-Jul-98Simon Cobb29 - 64Pat Peacock85
Thu 16-Jul-98Pat Peacock41 - 26Edward Doherty73
Fri 17-Jul-98Pat Peacock58 - 27Danny Sapsford84
Mon 20-Jul-98Pat Peacock57 - 35Colin Moore74
Tue 21-Jul-98Pat Peacock51 - 36Val Jamieson73
Wed 22-Jul-98Pat Peacock57 - 63John Deignan94
Thu 23-Jul-98John Deignan56 - 41Rhiannon Williams82
Fri 24-Jul-98John Deignan37 - 41Jennie Waite73
Mon 27-Jul-98Jennie Waite63 - 41John Jannaway84
Tue 28-Jul-98Jennie Waite59 - 49Bob Lansom70
Wed 29-Jul-98Jennie Waite40 - 49Brian Stewart72
Thu 30-Jul-98Brian Stewart50 - 48Alan Crabtree71
Fri 31-Jul-98Brian Stewart50 - 60Nick Buttle73
Mon 3-Aug-98Nick Buttle56 - 26Philip Wegener72
Tue 4-Aug-98Nick Buttle51 - 46Mike Moran73
Wed 5-Aug-98Nick Buttle51 - 41Shirley Wright83
Thu 6-Aug-98Nick Buttle57 - 32Ronald Hamblyn71
Fri 7-Aug-98Nick Buttle55 - 51Bob Berry71
Mon 10-Aug-98Nick Buttle44 - 45Andrew Lucas94
Tue 11-Aug-98Andrew Lucas48 - 23James Hendy76
Wed 12-Aug-98Andrew Lucas45 - 43Gwen Clark70
Thu 13-Aug-98Andrew Lucas72 - 34Brian Foreman96
Fri 14-Aug-98Andrew Lucas54 - 50Graham Highton73
Mon 17-Aug-98Andrew Lucas39 - 34Jean Jillings-Warner71
Tue 18-Aug-98Andrew Lucas54 - 58Douglas Smith73
Wed 19-Aug-98Douglas Smith36 - 52Iain Forbes74
Thu 20-Aug-98Iain Forbes25 - 50Zoran Blackie74
Fri 21-Aug-98Zoran Blackie32 - 55Vic Foster71
Mon 24-Aug-98Vic Foster65 - 45Chris Evans76
Tue 25-Aug-98Vic Foster59 - 38Alan Brindley74
Wed 26-Aug-98Vic Foster58 - 26June Salt74
Thu 27-Aug-98Vic Foster70 - 47Neil Chambers75
Fri 28-Aug-98Vic Foster49 - 42Jack Byrne81
Mon 31-Aug-98Vic Foster49 - 17Fiona Cuthbertson83
Tue 1-Sep-98Vic Foster43 - 46Alan Bailey74
Wed 2-Sep-98Alan Bailey38 - 48Mike Jones74
Thu 3-Sep-98Mike Jones54 - 43Alex Davis74
Fri 4-Sep-98Mike Jones51 - 40Junaid Mubeen70
Mon 7-Sep-98Mike Jones51 - 0Sylvia Pitman74
Tue 8-Sep-98Mike Jones32 - 50Neil Doherty71
Wed 9-Sep-98Neil Doherty25 - 18Bob Wright72
Thu 10-Sep-98Neil Doherty47 - 37Sandy Ferguson72
Fri 11-Sep-98Neil Doherty42 - 48Kate Ogilvie86
Mon 14-Sep-98Kate Ogilvie50 - 38Roy Smith74
Tue 15-Sep-98Kate Ogilvie64 - 42Phyllis Gilmour85
Wed 16-Sep-98Kate Ogilvie44 - 43John Saunders72
Thu 17-Sep-98Kate Ogilvie54 - 35Jane Gordon-Cumming75
Fri 18-Sep-98Kate Ogilvie54 - 35Declan Cahill73
Mon 21-Sep-98Kate Ogilvie53 - 30Mark Duffield83
Tue 22-Sep-98Kate Ogilvie50 - 44Steven Prior74
Wed 23-Sep-98Pat Magana27 - 68Alan Dyson73
Thu 24-Sep-98Alan Dyson39 - 46Peter Preston Igweke74
Fri 25-Sep-98Peter Preston Igweke45 - 56Vicky Smith75
Mon 28-Sep-98Vicky Smith56 - 40Rex Rowe73
Tue 29-Sep-98Vicky Smith54 - 42Brian Fell73
Wed 30-Sep-98Vicky Smith52 - 40George Griffiths77
Thu 1-Oct-98Vicky Smith41 - 26Rita Belding72
Fri 2-Oct-98Vicky Smith47 - 45Brian Binns74
Mon 5-Oct-98Vicky Smith40 - 45Sally Hutchings73
Tue 6-Oct-98Sally Hutchings49 - 47David Eccleshall84
Wed 7-Oct-98Sally Hutchings53 - 68Joe Bridal83
Thu 8-Oct-98Joe Bridal46 - 29Bill Briscoe75
Fri 9-Oct-98Joe Bridal52 - 41Colette Murphy94
Mon 12-Oct-98Joe Bridal50 - 49Ben McFarlane71
Tue 13-Oct-98Joe Bridal45 - 55Valerie Swanick73
Wed 14-Oct-98Valerie Swanick57 - 30Shanker Menon70
Thu 15-Oct-98Valerie Swanick60 - 42Graham Robertson74
Fri 16-Oct-98Valerie Swanick54 - 44Judith Turner83
Mon 19-Oct-98Valerie Swanick44 - 49Kenneth Horne73
Tue 20-Oct-98Kenneth Horne51 - 28Pauline Lennon81
Wed 21-Oct-98Kenneth Horne60 - 41Tony Browne72
Thu 22-Oct-98Kenneth Horne59 - 13Brian Plant75
Fri 23-Oct-98Kenneth Horne48 - 53Gill Scott94
Mon 26-Oct-98Gill Scott52 - 59Richard Saldanha73
Tue 27-Oct-98Richard Saldanha62 - 38John Coy84
Wed 28-Oct-98Richard Saldanha57 - 53Sara Macintosh71
Thu 29-Oct-98Richard Saldanha54 - 44Ross Mackenzie67
Fri 30-Oct-98Richard Saldanha50 - 32Brian Wright84
Mon 2-Nov-98Richard Saldanha73 - 39David Parfitt87
Tue 3-Nov-98Richard Saldanha41 - 58Richard Saddington63
Wed 4-Nov-98Richard Saddington34 - 48Clare Dobbs72
Thu 5-Nov-98Clare Dobbs60 - 33Ian Lightbody74
Fri 6-Nov-98Clare Dobbs54 - 50Anne Hughes76
Mon 9-Nov-98Clare Dobbs42 - 46Freddie Marshall69
Tue 10-Nov-98Freddie Marshall17 - 64Terry Knowles81
Wed 11-Nov-98Terry Knowles58 - 33Tony Guidoboni72
Thu 12-Nov-98Terry Knowles60 - 39Liz Annison71
Fri 13-Nov-98Terry Knowles72 - 35Quin Collier74
Mon 16-Nov-98Terry Knowles58 - 27John Docherty73
Tue 17-Nov-98Terry Knowles55 - 25Margaret Chester-Barnett72
Wed 18-Nov-98Terry Knowles71 - 38John Brady77
Thu 19-Nov-98Terry Knowles64 - 55Juliet Montague74
Fri 20-Nov-98William Reilly30 - 52Alan Sharland76
Mon 23-Nov-98Alan Sharland67 - 34Brian Bedford73
Tue 24-Nov-98Alan Sharland38 - 55Mark Jeary69
Wed 25-Nov-98Amanda Richards36 - 58Richard Max106
Wed 25-Nov-98Mark Jeary46 - 56Chris Diamond73
Thu 26-Nov-98Chris Diamond29 - 62Anne Haley73
Fri 27-Nov-98Anne Haley60 - 40Elsie Craw84
Mon 30-Nov-98Anne Haley52 - 50David Hart83
Tue 1-Dec-98Anne Haley43 - 58Phil Hunt72
Wed 2-Dec-98Phil Hunt60 - 55Claire O'Neil73
Thu 3-Dec-98Phil Hunt34 - 46Kate O'Connor66
Fri 4-Dec-98Kate O'Connor43 - 59Noel Godson74
Mon 7-Dec-98Noel Godson42 - 40Marc Hughes94
Tue 8-Dec-98Noel Godson57 - 47Susan Thompson70
Wed 9-Dec-98Noel Godson33 - 41Glynn Leaney72
Thu 10-Dec-98Glynn Leaney57 - 35Norman Humphries71
Fri 11-Dec-98Glynn Leaney45 - 38Mark Daulby72
Mon 14-Dec-98Glynn Leaney53 - 41Gerard McCarthy85
Tue 15-Dec-98Glynn Leaney45 - 43Clare Ockwell74
Wed 16-Dec-98Glynn Leaney47 - 44Andrew Slocombe85
Thu 17-Dec-98Terry Knowles65 - 33Val Swanick74
Fri 18-Dec-98Kate Ogilvie61 - 46Pat Peacock71
Mon 21-Dec-98Vic Foster36 - 46Andrew Lucas73
Tue 22-Dec-98Richard Saldanha63 - 55Nick Buttle72
Wed 23-Dec-98Terry Knowles41 - 51Richard Saldanha70
Thu 24-Dec-98Kate Ogilvie52 - 39Andrew Lucas83
Fri 25-Dec-98Kate Ogilvie83 - 81Richard Saldanha118

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