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Series 38

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Mauro Pratesi.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 19-Jan-98Richard Basi48 - 29Marie Biggs74
Tue 20-Jan-98Richard Basi63 - 33Martin Hanna73
Wed 21-Jan-98Richard Basi33 - 64Sarah Gawor73
Thu 22-Jan-98Sarah Gawor47 - 57Ronald Allday71
Fri 23-Jan-98Ronald Allday52 - 62Jamie Jones73
Mon 26-Jan-98Jamie Jones43 - 51Terry Turner70
Tue 27-Jan-98Terry Turner42 - 36Margaret McCrirrick71
Wed 28-Jan-98Terry Turner54 - 41Chris Robson72
Thu 29-Jan-98Terry Turner50 - 59Gerry Pearce83
Fri 30-Jan-98Gerry Pearce47 - 21Bill Pretsell67
Mon 2-Feb-98Gerry Pearce56 - 33Paul Thompson75
Tue 3-Feb-98Gerry Pearce61 - 14Ellen Carruthers71
Wed 4-Feb-98Gerry Pearce59 - 41Peter Ritchie73
Thu 5-Feb-98Gerry Pearce75 - 65Shaun Peters85
Fri 6-Feb-98Gerry Pearce35 - 69Grace Nardone79
Mon 9-Feb-98Grace Nardone51 - 42Roy Seaman74
Tue 10-Feb-98Grace Nardone31 - 51Gary Davis72
Wed 11-Feb-98Gary Davis50 - 26Margaret Hill81
Thu 12-Feb-98Gary Davis68 - 31Dave Bonas74
Fri 13-Feb-98Gary Davis30 - 50Peter Moulding73
Mon 16-Feb-98Peter Moulding53 - 46Sally May73
Tue 17-Feb-98Peter Moulding54 - 38Brian Firth74
Wed 18-Feb-98Peter Moulding53 - 56Ruth Atkin75
Thu 19-Feb-98Ruth Atkin57 - 38Peter Lindeck75
Fri 20-Feb-98Ruth Atkin66 - 49Mary Kelleher71
Mon 23-Feb-98Ruth Atkin46 - 47Steve Fisher84
Tue 24-Feb-98Steve Fisher65 - 12Sam Twivy72
Wed 25-Feb-98Steve Fisher52 - 19Dorothy Baker74
Thu 26-Feb-98Steve Fisher64 - 66Keith Burton83
Fri 27-Feb-98Keith Burton57 - 24Andrew Stevens72
Mon 2-Mar-98Keith Burton51 - 50Brenda Shaw74
Tue 3-Mar-98Keith Burton61 - 26Eric Castle74
Wed 4-Mar-98Keith Burton68 - 34Davey Green73
Thu 5-Mar-98Keith Burton59 - 24Jane Colbourne69
Fri 6-Mar-98Keith Burton37 - 46Colin Campbell72
Mon 9-Mar-98Colin Campbell43 - 48Richard Perry72
Tue 10-Mar-98Richard Perry44 - 54Stan Hayward72
Wed 11-Mar-98Stan Hayward50 - 61Mona Mahoney83
Thu 12-Mar-98Mona Mahoney40 - 47Andrew Ford71
Fri 13-Mar-98Andrew Ford61 - 27Bill Richardson74
Mon 16-Mar-98Andrew Ford21 - 47Tracy Clarke71
Tue 17-Mar-98Tracy Clarke48 - 50Trevor Montague74
Wed 18-Mar-98Trevor Montague39 - 48Jim Gibson73
Thu 19-Mar-98Jim Gibson30 - 60Jean Gallacher86
Fri 20-Mar-98Jean Gallacher50 - 32Alex Davis72
Mon 23-Mar-98Jean Gallacher51 - 45Reg Pecry73
Tue 24-Mar-98Jean Gallacher35 - 59Pat Richards84
Wed 25-Mar-98Pat Richards51 - 61Phil Cooke75
Thu 26-Mar-98Phil Cooke55 - 42Harrison Clegg71
Fri 27-Mar-98Phil Cooke41 - 51Adele Colley72
Mon 30-Mar-98Adele Colley49 - 41Ted Cummings70
Tue 31-Mar-98Adele Colley31 - 52Robert Mill71
Wed 1-Apr-98Robert Mill52 - 62Eric Boland73
Thu 2-Apr-98Eric Boland37 - 45Liz Smith71
Fri 3-Apr-98Liz Smith36 - 49Alan Atkins73
Mon 6-Apr-98Alan Atkins55 - 48Brian Boonham71
Tue 7-Apr-98Alan Atkins40 - 50John Ashmore83
Wed 8-Apr-98John Ashmore60 - 38Cath Paxton69
Thu 9-Apr-98John Ashmore59 - 36Harold Blythe80
Fri 10-Apr-98John Ashmore56 - 28John Williams69
Mon 13-Apr-98John Ashmore44 - 59Peter Malone74
Tue 14-Apr-98Peter Malone43 - 51Jean Patterson75
Wed 15-Apr-98Jean Patterson42 - 44John Jones83
Thu 16-Apr-98John Jones40 - 23Garry Mitchell73
Fri 17-Apr-98John Jones61 - 22Karla Parsons72
Mon 20-Apr-98John Jones20 - 62Alastair Armstrong72
Tue 21-Apr-98Alastair Armstrong52 - 40Chris Kenny82
Wed 22-Apr-98Alastair Armstrong44 - 43David Borlase73
Thu 23-Apr-98Alastair Armstrong29 - 51Angela Waller73
Fri 24-Apr-98Angela Waller55 - 46Alistair Houston76
Mon 27-Apr-98Angela Waller26 - 65Ged Hayes70
Tue 28-Apr-98Ged Hayes48 - 29Debbie Tomlinson75
Wed 29-Apr-98Ged Hayes48 - 46Paul James84
Thu 30-Apr-98Ged Hayes61 - 29Diane Lopian89
Fri 1-May-98Ged Hayes37 - 43Paul Miller73
Mon 4-May-98Paul Miller42 - 57Alan Reynolds83
Tue 5-May-98Alan Reynolds30 - 73Matthew Taylor81
Wed 6-May-98Matthew Taylor44 - 40Alan Viney73
Thu 7-May-98Matthew Taylor25 - 46Stuart McQuitty70
Fri 8-May-98Stuart McQuitty58 - 48Christine Livingstone69
Mon 11-May-98Stuart McQuitty49 - 17Stephen Webber71
Tue 12-May-98Stuart McQuitty47 - 51Chris Toyne74
Wed 13-May-98Chris Toyne60 - 51Richard Grant72
Thu 14-May-98Chris Toyne60 - 37Barbara Deane83
Fri 15-May-98Chris Toyne58 - 23Ian Buglass73
Mon 18-May-98Chris Toyne53 - 45Arthur Johnstone84
Tue 19-May-98Chris Toyne59 - 29Kim Steinberg73
Wed 20-May-98Chris Toyne55 - 51Maureen Chamberlain72
Thu 21-May-98Chris Toyne53 - 55James O'Rourke74
Fri 22-May-98James O'Rourke30 - 35Daniel Summers74
Mon 25-May-98Daniel Summers59 - 55Helen Ross75
Tue 26-May-98Daniel Summers24 - 53Chris Smith84
Wed 27-May-98Chris Smith45 - 56Jill Bright80
Thu 28-May-98Jill Bright81 - 38Wilma Anscombe94
Fri 29-May-98Jill Bright61 - 51Sam Essen73
Mon 1-Jun-98Jill Bright54 - 33Stephen Fyffe74
Tue 2-Jun-98Jill Bright56 - 53Kathy Walker74
Wed 3-Jun-98Jill Bright59 - 49Alasdair Dowling84
Thu 4-Jun-98Jill Bright50 - 55Kelvin Philpott81
Fri 5-Jun-98Kelvin Philpott40 - 59Martin Hoskins85
Mon 8-Jun-98Martin Hoskins46 - 26Janaki Mahadevan70
Tue 9-Jun-98Martin Hoskins31 - 39Alison Barnes74
Wed 10-Jun-98Alison Barnes53 - 46Bill Gardner73
Thu 11-Jun-98Alison Barnes46 - 32Graham Buckingham72
Fri 12-Jun-98Alison Barnes34 - 48Malcolm Nicholls69
Mon 15-Jun-98Malcolm Nicholls27 - 59John Holroyd75
Tue 16-Jun-98John Holroyd66 - 35Margaret Read74
Wed 17-Jun-98John Holroyd46 - 56Gillian Galek81
Thu 18-Jun-98Chris Toyne64 - 37Ruth Atkin71
Fri 19-Jun-98Jill Bright51 - 56Steve Fisher73
Mon 22-Jun-98Keith Burton49 - 25Ged Hayes71
Tue 23-Jun-98Gerry Pearce61 - 71John Ashmore82
Wed 24-Jun-98Chris Toyne40 - 55John Ashmore74
Thu 25-Jun-98Steve Fisher53 - 36Keith Burton84
Fri 26-Jun-98John Ashmore91 - 79Steve Fisher113

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