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Series 32

Recappers for this series: James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 1-Jul-96Sue Byrne42 - 45David Ligat72
Tue 2-Jul-96Sheena Urquhart26 - 43David Ligat72
Wed 3-Jul-96Graeme Sugarman47 - 42David Ligat71
Thu 4-Jul-96Graeme Sugarman53 - 41Tracy Tepper74
Fri 5-Jul-96Graeme Sugarman41 - 33Tikanand Gujadhur83
Mon 8-Jul-96Graeme Sugarman67 - 57Donal McAnallen70
Tue 9-Jul-96Graeme Sugarman56 - 66Nan Packer82
Wed 10-Jul-96Hadley Cohen64 - 36Nan Packer74
Thu 11-Jul-96Hadley Cohen56 - 46Lou Munday74
Fri 12-Jul-96Hadley Cohen38 - 50Kim Poole73
Mon 15-Jul-96Martin Wright54 - 61Kim Poole86
Tue 16-Jul-96David Reid46 - 29Kim Poole71
Wed 17-Jul-96David Reid43 - 40Doreen Verrall74
Thu 18-Jul-96David Reid32 - 51Alan Lewis70
Fri 19-Jul-96Michael Hirst49 - 24Alan Lewis82
Mon 22-Jul-96Michael Hirst47 - 57Margaret Kearley69
Tue 23-Jul-96Paul Harper54 - 42Margaret Kearley69
Wed 24-Jul-96Paul Harper56 - 31Peter Wilcockson73
Thu 25-Jul-96Paul Harper56 - 32Hilary Hicklin71
Fri 26-Jul-96Paul Harper33 - 36Peter Cottee71
Mon 29-Jul-96Alan Sinclair49 - 36Peter Cottee72
Tue 30-Jul-96Alan Sinclair68 - 17Eileen Williams73
Wed 31-Jul-96Alan Sinclair54 - 47Stephen Cook74
Thu 1-Aug-96Alan Sinclair65 - 57Daniel Hodgin85
Fri 2-Aug-96Craig Douglas45 - 28Alan Sinclair85
Mon 5-Aug-96Craig Douglas54 - 45Lynne Parr75
Tue 6-Aug-96Craig Douglas62 - 44Steve Kay82
Wed 7-Aug-96Craig Douglas77 - 48Roy Senior84
Thu 8-Aug-96Craig Douglas48 - 56Satbir Gupta70
Fri 9-Aug-96Suzanne Dent23 - 56Satbir Gupta68
Mon 12-Aug-96Barry Prime40 - 60Satbir Gupta83
Tue 13-Aug-96Joan Livingston19 - 62Satbir Gupta82
Wed 14-Aug-96Simon Levy36 - 39Satbir Gupta71
Thu 15-Aug-96James Randall46 - 56Satbir Gupta69
Fri 16-Aug-96Steven Thomson17 - 73Satbir Gupta86
Mon 19-Aug-96Theo Crush14 - 70Satbir Gupta73
Tue 20-Aug-96Mike Llewellin58 - 54June Ruskin84
Wed 21-Aug-96Mike Llewellin40 - 37Lois Cornwall72
Thu 22-Aug-96Mike Llewellin24 - 69Marcus Hares76
Fri 23-Aug-96John Nield40 - 47Marcus Hares72
Mon 26-Aug-96Stephen Paver56 - 53Marcus Hares72
Tue 27-Aug-96Stephen Paver61 - 39Kath Hodgin71
Wed 28-Aug-96Stephen Paver42 - 37Guy Phethean72
Thu 29-Aug-96Stephen Paver35 - 60Nikki Needham74
Fri 30-Aug-96Peter Muddiman49 - 45Nikki Needham74
Mon 2-Sep-96Peter Muddiman29 - 68George Gruner82
Tue 3-Sep-96Jean Frost60 - 55George Gruner71
Wed 4-Sep-96Jean Frost40 - 51Peter Hibbitt83
Thu 5-Sep-96Richard Salmon28 - 51Peter Hibbitt73
Fri 6-Sep-96Julie Barlow66 - 39Peter Hibbitt84
Mon 9-Sep-96Julie Barlow30 - 48John Britten74
Tue 10-Sep-96Mark Tripp60 - 24John Britten70
Wed 11-Sep-96Mark Tripp45 - 23Bella Wilson72
Thu 12-Sep-96Mark Tripp50 - 41John Smith71
Fri 13-Sep-96Mark Tripp32 - 56Dennis Fearon71
Mon 16-Sep-96Joan Boardman30 - 58Dennis Fearon75
Tue 17-Sep-96Les Rendell35 - 52Dennis Fearon79
Wed 18-Sep-96Lou Brundell46 - 59Dennis Fearon76
Thu 19-Sep-96Satbir Gupta61 - 23Stephen Paver74
Fri 20-Sep-96Paul Harper30 - 61Craig Douglas74
Mon 23-Sep-96David Ligat37 - 45Alan Sinclair81
Tue 24-Sep-96Graeme Sugarman53 - 63Dennis Fearon70
Wed 25-Sep-96Satbir Gupta53 - 63Dennis Fearon73
Thu 26-Sep-96Alan Sinclair55 - 39Craig Douglas70
Fri 27-Sep-96Alan Sinclair78 - 73Dennis Fearon117

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