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Series 31

Recappers for this series: Jacob Sutton, James Robinson.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 1-Jan-96Janet Wilding56 - 60Glyn Wigley84
Tue 2-Jan-96Dominic Moyes68 - 38Glyn Wigley74
Wed 3-Jan-96Dominic Moyes43 - 47Maria Thomson71
Thu 4-Jan-96Anthony Jenkin40 - 28Maria Thomson80
Fri 5-Jan-96Anthony Jenkin68 - 51Barbara Taylor69
Mon 8-Jan-96Anthony Jenkin62 - 42Ben Jeffrey73
Tue 9-Jan-96Anthony Jenkin64 - 48Shelagh Melville69
Wed 10-Jan-96Anthony Jenkin64 - 27David Bremner84
Thu 11-Jan-96Anthony Jenkin44 - 29Diane Simpkins70
Fri 12-Jan-96Anthony Jenkin59 - 31Nevil Malin73
Mon 15-Jan-96Anthony Jenkin58 - 26Angela Raker72
Tue 16-Jan-96David Benson50 - 33Barry Hussey73
Wed 17-Jan-96David Benson56 - 31Bill Williamson84
Thu 18-Jan-96David Benson55 - 52Carolyn Pearce71
Fri 19-Jan-96David Benson25 - 56Kenneth Michie87
Mon 22-Jan-96Bruce Lake31 - 50Kenneth Michie70
Tue 23-Jan-96Sean Carey55 - 65Kenneth Michie73
Wed 24-Jan-96Anne Hidden49 - 63Kenneth Michie70
Thu 25-Jan-96Steve Mintz41 - 60Kenneth Michie74
Fri 26-Jan-96Madeleine Evans54 - 44Kenneth Michie68
Mon 29-Jan-96Madeleine Evans47 - 37Alan Gillies74
Tue 30-Jan-96Madeleine Evans33 - 47Ralph Huckin73
Wed 31-Jan-96Sue Jones43 - 36Ralph Huckin74
Thu 1-Feb-96Sue Jones39 - 44Chris Lang68
Fri 2-Feb-96Richard Hayes53 - 51Chris Lang72
Mon 5-Feb-96Richard Hayes43 - 40Pat Wheeler68
Tue 6-Feb-96Richard Hayes23 - 52Brian Phillips74
Wed 7-Feb-96Seamus McAteer42 - 27Brian Phillips72
Thu 8-Feb-96Seamus McAteer54 - 17Clair Leadbeater69
Fri 9-Feb-96Seamus McAteer42 - 32Ronnie Lambert71
Mon 12-Feb-96Seamus McAteer41 - 62Steve Gruzd75
Tue 13-Feb-96Gail Hardman24 - 49Steve Gruzd70
Wed 14-Feb-96Bob Lynn53 - 47Steve Gruzd83
Thu 15-Feb-96Bob Lynn47 - 51Peter Burt82
Fri 16-Feb-96Patsy Watson54 - 64Peter Burt74
Mon 19-Feb-96Les Dodd46 - 74Peter Burt82
Tue 20-Feb-96Kevin Fisk51 - 44Peter Burt74
Wed 21-Feb-96Kevin Fisk47 - 39Joy Fieldman70
Thu 22-Feb-96Kevin Fisk48 - 37John McNally75
Fri 23-Feb-96Kevin Fisk44 - 48Bryan Darbey70
Mon 26-Feb-96Margaret Watson38 - 50Bryan Darbey72
Tue 27-Feb-96David Acton67 - 42Bryan Darbey70
Wed 28-Feb-96David Acton62 - 21John Shirreffs82
Thu 29-Feb-96David Acton47 - 40Joan Coker70
Fri 1-Mar-96David Acton81 - 8Peter Chamberlain83
Mon 4-Mar-96David Acton52 - 44Ed Barlow72
Tue 5-Mar-96David Acton52 - 31Liz Groombridge72
Wed 6-Mar-96David Acton70 - 35Paulinus Barnes72
Thu 7-Mar-96David Acton55 - 44Paul Parry73
Fri 8-Mar-96Philip Treloggan36 - 52Anne Bougourd71
Mon 11-Mar-96Fred Casely35 - 40Anne Bougourd73
Tue 12-Mar-96Michael Cartwright42 - 49Anne Bougourd71
Wed 13-Mar-96Rachael Stuart26 - 53Anne Bougourd68
Thu 14-Mar-96Chris Williams50 - 33Anne Bougourd83
Fri 15-Mar-96Chris Williams60 - 50George Law71
Mon 18-Mar-96Chris Williams66 - 32Allison Roberts71
Tue 19-Mar-96Chris Williams41 - 42David Ligat69
Wed 20-Mar-96Ged Coyle46 - 51David Ligat70
Thu 21-Mar-96Kevin Fisk36 - 63David Acton93
Fri 22-Mar-96Anthony Jenkin26 - 54Chris Williams72
Mon 25-Mar-96Peter Burt16 - 44Kenneth Michie73
Tue 26-Mar-96Glyn Wigley42 - 46Anne Bougourd72
Wed 27-Mar-96David Acton54 - 48Anne Bougourd74
Thu 28-Mar-96Chris Williams58 - 61Kenneth Michie70
Fri 29-Mar-96David Acton83 - 67Kenneth Michie127

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