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Series 28

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Johnny Canuck, Joseph Krol, Mike Brown.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 4-Jul-94Gareth Williams62 - 99Allan Saldanha129
Tue 5-Jul-94Sharon Bridge51 - 41Justin Parry73
Wed 6-Jul-94Sharon Bridge56 - 36Linda Harvey67
Thu 7-Jul-94Sharon Bridge55 - 44Dave Wheatley72
Fri 8-Jul-94Sharon Bridge59 - 24Annette Bennett70
Mon 11-Jul-94Sharon Bridge63 - 21Mike Brunt
Tue 12-Jul-94Emanuele 'Spud' Grillo43 - 42Anne Filer
Wed 13-Jul-94Emanuele Grillo31 - 59Damian Eadie70
Thu 14-Jul-94Richard Hendron46 - 63Damian Eadie73
Fri 15-Jul-94Jennifer Cook38 - 57Damian Eadie71
Mon 18-Jul-94Jenny Brannock Jones37 - 65Damian Eadie72
Tue 19-Jul-94Raymond Bernard47 - 51Damian Eadie72
Wed 20-Jul-94Eric Matthews44 - 52Damian Eadie72
Thu 21-Jul-94Suzanne Miles59 - 26Damian Eadie72
Fri 22-Jul-94Suzanne Miles58 - 50Steve Carter74
Mon 25-Jul-94Suzanne Miles68 - 47Feargal Delaney85
Tue 26-Jul-94Suzanne Miles46 - 32Judy Balls70
Wed 27-Jul-94Suzanne Miles61 - 51Kevin Holdstock73
Thu 28-Jul-94Suzanne Miles50 - 46Fred Teeling81
Fri 29-Jul-94Suzanne Miles67 - 45Joyce Macdonald73
Mon 1-Aug-94Suzanne Miles56 - 54Adam Sobey86
Tue 2-Aug-94Chris Hawkins59 - 13Carl Toon73
Wed 3-Aug-94Chris Hawkins69 - 37Jane Willis84
Thu 4-Aug-94Chris Hawkins55 - 52Frank Wharton85
Fri 5-Aug-94Chris Hawkins66 - 53Martin Howell98
Mon 8-Aug-94Chris Hawkins56 - 61Helen Wood75
Tue 9-Aug-94Alan Sheridan51 - 63Helen Wood74
Wed 10-Aug-94Wayne Kelly55 - 45Helen Wood83
Thu 11-Aug-94Wayne Kelly40 - 34Linda Allen68
Fri 12-Aug-94Wayne Kelly71 - 36Mike Salt88
Mon 15-Aug-94Wayne Kelly51 - 47John Arand72
Tue 16-Aug-94Wayne Kelly67 - 10Guy Wan Ali73
Wed 17-Aug-94Wayne Kelly67 - 21Michael How73
Thu 18-Aug-94June Stowe47 - 41Mary Brake74
Fri 19-Aug-94June Stowe37 - 29Kwaku Sapong69
Mon 22-Aug-94June Stowe51 - 53Andrew Wilson75
Tue 23-Aug-94Neal Gratton38 - 68Andrew Wilson83
Wed 24-Aug-94Colin Dickson40 - 42Andrew Wilson73
Thu 25-Aug-94Pat Sheridan30 - 55Andrew Wilson73
Fri 26-Aug-94Gregg Magee42 - 36Andrew Wilson68
Mon 29-Aug-94Gregg Magee59 - 42Eileen Farmer69
Tue 30-Aug-94Gregg Magee54 - 25Maurice Letts72
Wed 31-Aug-94Gregg Magee58 - 16Carol Evans71
Thu 1-Sep-94Gregg Magee42 - 55Adrian Cothard94
Fri 2-Sep-94Michael Rich56 - 24Adrian Cothard73
Mon 5-Sep-94Michael Rich37 - 61Nick Deller84
Tue 6-Sep-94Vera Horseman17 - 62Nick Deller69
Wed 7-Sep-94Ian Frost49 - 61Nick Deller75
Thu 8-Sep-94Dave Ledger39 - 35Nick Deller71
Fri 9-Sep-94Dave Ledger39 - 49Isabelle Heward75
Mon 12-Sep-94Paul Henderson50 - 54Isabelle Heward72
Tue 13-Sep-94Bryan Montgomery54 - 55Isabelle Heward74
Wed 14-Sep-94Hannah White47 - 50Isabelle Heward74
Thu 15-Sep-94Warwick Bassett29 - 47Isabelle Heward73
Fri 16-Sep-94Stewart Ivins17 - 58Isabelle Heward71
Mon 19-Sep-94Carole Rison59 - 40Isabelle Heward72
Tue 20-Sep-94Carole Rison28 - 53Ann Dowers79
Wed 21-Sep-94Bert Lowe25 - 46Ann Dowers69
Thu 22-Sep-94Andrew Wilson34 - 50Suzanne Miles69
Fri 23-Sep-94Chris Hawkins43 - 44Damian Eadie72
Mon 26-Sep-94Wayne Kelly59 - 46Isabelle Heward74
Tue 27-Sep-94Gregg Magee70 - 38Sharon Bridge74
Wed 28-Sep-94Wayne Kelly56 - 40Suzanne Miles71
Thu 29-Sep-94Gregg Magee37 - 59Damian Eadie89
Fri 30-Sep-94Wayne Kelly83 - 94Damian Eadie125
Sun 14-Jul-96Richard Hendron46 - 63Damian Eadie73

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