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Series 26

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Joseph Krol, Robert Baxter.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 5-Jul-93Lee Worth52 - 34Belinda Quffa69
Tue 6-Jul-93Lee Worth54 - 63Howard Whiteley76
Wed 7-Jul-93Howard Whiteley46 - 24Richard Manley70
Thu 8-Jul-93Howard Whiteley57 - 44Liz Collins81
Fri 9-Jul-93Howard Whiteley41 - 33Jack Jones72
Mon 12-Jul-93Russ Murch28 - 60Howard Whiteley74
Tue 13-Jul-93Chris Feetenby46 - 37Howard Whiteley73
Wed 14-Jul-93Chris Feetenby61 - 39John Catto72
Thu 15-Jul-93Chris Feetenby38 - 37Steven Draper84
Fri 16-Jul-93Chris Feetenby40 - 26Margaret Gateley73
Mon 19-Jul-93Chris Feetenby59 - 37Vic Price82
Tue 20-Jul-93Chris Feetenby43 - 57Paul Golder73
Wed 21-Jul-93Peggy Mills59 - 48Paul Golder96
Thu 22-Jul-93Peggy Mills43 - 40Peter O'Grady72
Fri 23-Jul-93Peggy Mills67 - 27Maisie Gladstone73
Mon 26-Jul-93Peggy Mills46 - 47John Howell68
Tue 27-Jul-93Ross Brennan37 - 53John Howell83
Wed 28-Jul-93Russ Shaw47 - 54John Howell82
Thu 29-Jul-93Val Frost64 - 47John Howell75
Fri 30-Jul-93Val Frost50 - 57Andy Bodle72
Mon 2-Aug-93Chris Churchill38 - 69Andy Bodle72
Tue 3-Aug-93Erica Philips33 - 60Andy Bodle75
Wed 4-Aug-93Joe Brown46 - 45Andy Bodle80
Thu 5-Aug-93Joe Brown53 - 56Alan Harwood73
Fri 6-Aug-93Wendy Crozier32 - 40Alan Harwood69
Mon 9-Aug-93Maurice Fine23 - 69Alan Harwood84
Tue 10-Aug-93Jeff Cummins18 - 50Alan Harwood75
Wed 11-Aug-93Eileen Stack64 - 40Alan Harwood82
Thu 12-Aug-93Eileen Stack43 - 50Alec Webb70
Fri 13-Aug-93Peter Aldous28 - 71Alec Webb83
Mon 16-Aug-93Theresa McKeown40 - 37Alec Webb71
Tue 17-Aug-93Theresa McKeown55 - 42Mick Gould83
Wed 18-Aug-93Theresa McKeown58 - 28Des Murray71
Thu 19-Aug-93Theresa McKeown45 - 41Margaret Irvine71
Fri 20-Aug-93Theresa McKeown38 - 39Peter Franklin70
Mon 23-Aug-93Chris Cresswell24 - 67Peter Franklin84
Tue 24-Aug-93Claire Abdy58 - 35Peter Franklin72
Wed 25-Aug-93Clarie Abdy42 - 33Simon Millard70
Thu 26-Aug-93Claire Abdy65 - 42James Pellow81
Fri 27-Aug-93Claire Abdy44 - 51Joan McLean69
Mon 30-Aug-93Andrew Perry50 - 42Joan McLean73
Tue 31-Aug-93Andrew Perry59 - 22John Sefton71
Wed 1-Sep-93Andrew Perry57 - 53Lynne Blackburn72
Thu 2-Sep-93Andrew Perry50 - 45Martin Howell74
Fri 3-Sep-93Andrew Perry65 - 28Richard Hamer73
Mon 6-Sep-93Andrew Perry40 - 28Marty Davis72
Tue 7-Sep-93Andrew Perry56 - 26John Hunt71
Wed 8-Sep-93Andrew Perry35 - 41Gary Thomson85
Thu 9-Sep-93Jane Atkins37 - 31Gary Thomson69
Fri 10-Sep-93Jane Atkins21 - 61Eugene McGoldrick82
Mon 13-Sep-93David Coan46 - 41Eugene McGoldrick70
Tue 14-Sep-93David Coan61 - 33Steve Perry75
Wed 15-Sep-93David Coan51 - 67Kathryn Barratt74
Thu 16-Sep-93Chris Mundell37 - 50Kathryn Barratt72
Fri 17-Sep-93William Elsom40 - 70Kathryn Barratt74
Mon 20-Sep-93Ann Turner45 - 68Kathryn Barratt72
Tue 21-Sep-93Gary Polhill43 - 31Kathryn Barratt82
Wed 22-Sep-93Gary Polhill44 - 47Darren Carter70
Thu 23-Sep-93Andrew Perry45 - 21Peggy Mills84
Fri 24-Sep-93Howard Whiteley37 - 58Andy Bodle75
Mon 27-Sep-93Chris Feetenby55 - 20Theresa McKeown74
Tue 28-Sep-93Kathryn Barratt45 - 49Alan Harwood83
Wed 29-Sep-93Andrew Perry59 - 53Alan Harwood73
Thu 30-Sep-93Chris Feetenby34 - 53Andy Bodle82
Fri 1-Oct-93Andy Bodle73 - 45Andrew Perry117

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