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Series 23

Recappers for this series: James Robinson, Robert Baxter.

Date Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Maximum
Mon 30-Dec-91Alan Harston54 - 33Diana White70
Tue 31-Dec-91Alan Harston52 - 24Stuart Torn73
Wed 1-Jan-92Alan Harston56 - 45Alan Benton74
Thu 2-Jan-92Alan Harston65 - 35Chris Cooper73
Fri 3-Jan-92Alan Harston52 - 56Glen Webb73
Mon 6-Jan-92Eric Emslie28 - 60Glen Webb75
Tue 7-Jan-92Romilly Stuart-Jervis60 - 50Glen Webb73
Wed 8-Jan-92Romilly Stuart-Jervis49 - 59Earl Aiken74
Thu 9-Jan-92Shirley Brown59 - 52Earl Aiken83
Fri 10-Jan-92Shirley Brown49 - 43Anthony Warm72
Mon 13-Jan-92Shirley Brown36 - 62Neil Rowley73
Tue 14-Jan-92Frank Richards39 - 49Neil Rowley72
Wed 15-Jan-92Fiona Keil25 - 58Neil Rowley82
Thu 16-Jan-92Dennis Edgson35 - 13Neil Rowley59
Fri 17-Jan-92Dennis Edgson46 - 52Paul Perriman76
Mon 20-Jan-92Steve Roper21 - 49Paul Perriman74
Tue 21-Jan-92Elsa Monteith30 - 64Paul Perriman80
Wed 22-Jan-92Keith Walmsley34 - 56Paul Perriman72
Thu 23-Jan-92Terry Kirk45 - 56Paul Perriman75
Fri 24-Jan-92Gerry Ziff38 - 68Paul Perriman76
Mon 27-Jan-92Davina Latham65 - 38Paul Perriman72
Tue 28-Jan-92Davina Latham42 - 36Vince Henderson72
Wed 29-Jan-92Davina Latham41 - 46Glenda Dickinson72
Thu 30-Jan-92Ivan Thomas68 - 45Glenda Dickinson72
Fri 31-Jan-92Ivan Thomas37 - 55Ella Bernard72
Mon 3-Feb-92Michael Woods51 - 45Ella Bernard74
Tue 4-Feb-92Michael Woods80 - 56Jacky Pett81
Wed 5-Feb-92Michael Woods58 - 28Patrick Riley84
Thu 6-Feb-92Michael Woods38 - 46Nick Atkinson74
Fri 7-Feb-92Phil Jordan48 - 20Nick Atkinson70
Mon 10-Feb-92Phil Jordan59 - 32Jenny Gardner73
Tue 11-Feb-92Phil Jordan61 - 35James Furnival72
Wed 12-Feb-92Phil Jordan53 - 44Anthony Annakin-Smith85
Thu 13-Feb-92Phil Jordan62 - 27Maureen Forrester83
Fri 14-Feb-92Phil Jordan62 - 49Simon Gillam84
Mon 17-Feb-92Phil Jordan37 - 24Alan Roberts75
Tue 18-Feb-92Phil Jordan43 - 30Frank Glover71
Wed 19-Feb-92John Cobb33 - 57Martyn Smith73
Thu 20-Feb-92Ken Tully37 - 24Martyn Smith70
Fri 21-Feb-92Ken Tully45 - 25Anne Miller67
Mon 24-Feb-92Ken Tully42 - 52Brad Marcus83
Tue 25-Feb-92Stephen McGeown52 - 24Brad Marcus74
Wed 26-Feb-92Stephen McGeown44 - 62Fiona Davies75
Thu 27-Feb-92Steve Bright45 - 53Fiona Davies74
Fri 28-Feb-92Daphne Chapple13 - 44Fiona Davies71
Mon 2-Mar-92Joe Brookstone43 - 65Fiona Davies72
Tue 3-Mar-92Fergus Sharp54 - 50Fiona Davies71
Wed 4-Mar-92Fergus Sharp39 - 42Rodney Crawshaw73
Thu 5-Mar-92Gill Mason35 - 45Rodney Crawshaw70
Fri 6-Mar-92Chris Eatough35 - 49Rodney Crawshaw68
Mon 9-Mar-92Gareth Williams57 - 34Rodney Crawshaw69
Tue 10-Mar-92Gareth Williams54 - 42Arthur Evans71
Wed 11-Mar-92Gareth Williams49 - 43Angela Burke71
Thu 12-Mar-92Gareth Williams42 - 29Ron Schofield72
Fri 13-Mar-92Gareth Williams57 - 15Eric Williams68
Mon 16-Mar-92Gareth Williams55 - 46Ole Pedersen82
Tue 17-Mar-92Gareth Williams59 - 29Graeme Thomas82
Wed 18-Mar-92Gareth Williams56 - 51Thomas Carolan75
Thu 19-Mar-92Gareth Williams69 - 36Glen Webb74
Fri 20-Mar-92Rodney Crawshaw37 - 63Phil Jordan76
Mon 23-Mar-92Neil Rowley49 - 55Paul Perriman73
Tue 24-Mar-92Alan Harston59 - 42Michael Woods72
Wed 25-Mar-92Alan Harston35 - 66Gareth Williams73
Thu 26-Mar-92Phil Jordan60 - 40Paul Perriman83
Fri 27-Mar-92Phil Jordan59 - 68Gareth Williams126

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